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Do Arsenal fans agree that Welbeck is ahead of Alexis Sanchez now?

When I ash you whether you agree with the former Arsenal and Scotland striker Charlie Nicholas about Danny Welbeck being ahead of Alexis Sanchez in the pecking order at Arsenal at the minute, I must point out that the football pudit does mean assuming both players are match fit, because the England international is currently nursing a groin injury and is not due to be back in Arsenal colours until after the international break.

Barring another injury to our Chile international then Alexis should be fully match fit as well by then, so it will be interesting to see what Arsenal team Arsene Wenger goes for to face the trip To Watford in our first game back. Nicholas has told Sky Sports that he thinks it should be Welbeck who gets the nod at the moment, judging by their current form and impact in the team.

Wellbz has started the new season well, scoring three goals already but also offering a lot more in terms of pace, movement and sheer work rate, while there are questions about the commitment of his Chilean teammate.

The former Gunner said, “Playing against Chelsea last weekend, you knew Welbeck had to start in front of Sanchez.

“At the moment Alexis Sanchez doesn’t fit in. Sanchez is the best player on his day but at the moment if Welbeck was fit, he starts.

“Yes he is because of his pace and his movement. He’s not the most natural finisher, and he will frustrate the life out of a lot of people but he stretches defences with his pace and movement every day of the week.

“That’s why he played him at Chelsea. There was a reason behind it. He scored two goals the previous weekend and his pace and movement helped Alexandre Lacazette, who is a proven No 9. We just don’t know how committed Sanchez is since his move to Manchester City collapsed.

“The options Arsenal require up front are pace and movement and Welbeck gives you that. If it’s Welbeck up closer to Lacazette and then Welbeck on the left then so be it.”

Mentioning Lacazette does raise a point as well, because Wenger needs to get his summer signing firing and showing the finishing power that caused the boss to make him our club record transfer and maybe that does mean Welbeck is the better option alongside him.

Nicholas went even further by suggesting that Arsenal might not even miss Alexis and the other contract rebel Mesut Ozil too much if they leave as many Arsenal transfer rumours would have you believe.

He said, “If Arsenal were to let Sanchez and Ozil go, of course they would lose a lot of talent, but is it replaceable? Of course it is. Alex Iwobi, Reiss Nelson and the other youngster have got the potential to come in.

“It’s not as good as the two superstars but there are no guarantees for any footballer. If you are not doing the business in the big games, then you can be put on the bench.

“The Chelsea game was an eye opener,” he added. “It was the best most balanced performance Arsenal have had in a long time. We’ve been waiting for a long time to see a performance like that and it was without Sanchez and Ozil starting.

“It’s about playing with a bit of discipline. Iwobi didn’t play the game he usually likes to play but he was disciplined. He had to do the hard yards and that’s what Arsenal haven’t been doing with the superstars in the team. Players have to adjust to what the demands are in certain big games.”

What do you make of these comments Gooners?


16 thoughts on “Do Arsenal fans agree that Welbeck is ahead of Alexis Sanchez now?

  1. Declan

    Welbz scares the life out of defenders with his pace and movement but unlike Alexis is not a natural goal scorer.

  2. Goonerboy

    Is he saying this because Sanchez wants out or what??
    Cos on a normal day, Welbeck can’t be ahead of Sanchez as he is not reliable enough fitness wise and quality wise…

    I just find it very surprising that the always fit Sanchez is not 100% fit even at this stage of the season…

  3. Jack reacher

    Play players that will play for our crest , Chelsea game proved that and just put out them, I said in summer arsenal want dries mertens and got nothing but thumps down I’ve got fantastic source was told arsenal will get him next summer but only stop is we gotta get bk in champions league we need go on run next few woks and we need beat Everton which is our next real tough fix, just look at da ox it’s a mistake he went apparently he promised he’s girl that he go Liverpool that why he took pay cut well grass is not always greener we need play same as at Chelsea and keep winning and get buzz really going let’s beat wba and I’d play jack for da game we don’t need Cdm for wba at home let’s get goals lacasette get couple

  4. citrenoogeht

    The Sanchez saga reminds me of the children’s fairy by Hans Christian Andersen called the Emperor’s new clothes. We can all see it but it seems that some of us are afraid to call it out for what it is.

    Undoubtedly Sanchez is top quality player but for sometime (even during the end of last season) Sanchez’s form has dipped and has not been a team player. He seems to hold on to the ball too long, has been guilty of giving away possession on many occasions and apparently plays with a chip on his shoulder.

    Welbeck brings lots of endeavour but lacks top class quality. The ultimate question is, should we indulge Sanchez, who at times shows signs that he has not bonded with the rest of the team and appears to be above correction or should we go for the holistic approach of improving the team even though it may mean benching some of our star players such as Ozil and Sanchez?

  5. Nothing changed

    This is such nonsense IMO. If Welbeck is ahead of Sanchez, not selling Sanchez looks even dumber. The only reason to forgo 60 million by not selling Sanchez would be to play Sanchez every game, not bench him and play him a few minutes per game.

  6. Uzi Ozil

    On a good day, Sanchez is ahead of Welbeck.

    But I m gutted with Welbeck injury simply because He was scoring goals and playing with determination for the team although he misses some Essy goals and they can be annoying.

    Sanchez on the other hand seem to not play for the team at the moment. Sanchez isn’t fit. That’s weird. We are talking about a fighter here.

    If He can professional and plays well then we will enjoy a trio of Sanchez lacazette and Ozil in the mix. That looks good on paper but…………

    Anyway, we just can’t afford to drop points tomorrow.. .

  7. Liam

    Welbeck is the calibre of player we need to get used to so yes he’s ahead of Sanchez. The fact we even consider Welbeck in our starting 11 just shows how far we have fallen, what top side would he get in realistically? Ozil and Sanchez will leave at the end of the season and it will defiantly be to greener pasture’s. Then what quality do we have ? The two new signings that it and whats going to stop them leaving? Kosielny will be 32 and his Achilles is knackered. Santi’s career is more or less over and Cech is also declining Monreal may favour a return to Spain. Mustafi may consider leaving again so next season our squad could be the below with a transfer kitty of around 80 million. Does that fill you with CONFIDENCE????
    Cech Ospina
    holding kosielny chambers
    Sead Bellerin
    Xhaka Ramsey Wilshere Coq
    Walcott Iwobi Nelson
    Giroud Laca Welbeck

  8. waal2waal

    i think (yes) welbeck is always ahead of a striker that wants away: he’s in a win win situation at arsenal welbeck is part of our plans whether Alexis stays or he goes. Loyalty will eventually pay dividends when we establish greater stability by replenishing the team.

    it’s worth bering in mind we heard it that we can play ridiculous fee for one player so moving forward we do have to prove we meet the asking price with future attempts to bring ‘new faces’ to the side. Welbeck and Giroud guarantee there’s option in offence at this club. Danny remains as a youthful and loyal talisman (while the want-aways are slower to present us their cards).

        1. Nothing changed

          So then you agree we should have sold Sanchez this summer (and Ozil as well)?

          These two players going to Manchester for free will be a terrible blow to our moral and already low standing in the football world of aspiring top clubs.

          1. waal2waal

            @Nothings Changed – sorry i missed your reply: i’d say No, i was relieved the 2 of them remained – at least until JAN – by which time we have to have sourced their replacements. Yes it’s a blow alright …a blow we’ll have to survive.

  9. Twig

    Sanchez and Ozil will be gone. Probably by January. Giving them automatic starts will not make them stay. If I was Wenger I’ll give a Wilshere a run in that number 10 role.

  10. ruelando

    I would rather see a Welbeck who will fight for this team, than players who are thinking about a new team and paycheck. i would start an Akpom and iwobi with Laca, Akpom is hungry and would give his all, is about time he his given a chance in this team and iwobi is working hard.

    Yes it would be stupid not to play Sanchez and even Ozil, but it is even stupider if we play them and then lose them January, in the first place both players should not be here, if you not signing a contract you should be sold as quickly as possible.

    If you in a relationship and your woman of man says they can not continue in the said relationship because their goals and your goals or not on the similar path are you going to jeopardize your sanity because he or she is an attractive, impressive and affluent man or woman, nothing is worth your sanity, because with sanity comes happiness.

    Many of fans are just starting to realise the countless issues which arise with not selling Sanchez and Ozil over the transfer period gone. I am just hoping that Welbeck returns soon to continue working with Laca

  11. JJPawn


    If Welbeck is fit, his natural role is running in from wide spaces with the ball, either driving down the wing for a cross or cutting into the top end of the box for a shot at goal or pass. Ramsey is also better off running in from wider areas and controlling the ball. That leaves Sanchez and Ozil to play off each other, and Lacazette being able to snipe.

    The back three can be best protected with a strong middle and front.

    There can be different players in this system:

    And with Giroud:

    There is a lot of flexibility with three at the back. However, I wish Wenger would use Sead in the middle, as then the middle would be secure.

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