Do Arsenal fans agree with Arteta’s style of man management?

Do you Like Arteta’s Man Management Style? by Dan our captain has just had to be dropped for disciplinary reasons suggests Arteta still has work to do to create the environment he wants.

If, like me, you grew up with Arsene Wenger, Arteta’s strictness takes some getting used to. Mr. Wenger would protect his players in public. He would deny seeing even the most blatant of indiscretions. He would give a talent numerous opportunities.

As a result very few speak badly about working with him, many credit him for their success, some even refer to him as father figure. When there were issues Mr. Wenger trusted his players to sort out the problem, encouraging debate to intelligently find solutions.

Arteta has only been a manager for 15 months yet has already done the opposite to all of these points. Instead of teaching a player new skills he will give up on them if he feels they don’t do what he requires. He will say if he thinks a player has let the team down. As the weekend also proved, he won’t turn a blind eye no matter how big a star you are.

Many questioned Mr. Wenger’s approaches in his first year in English Football, when he was altering catering and the training schedule.He went on to become the most successful manager in our history.

Arteta clearly has the trust to make similar choices. Not just to coach the players but put his own imprint into the whole running of the club.

It’s currently not working, but to build a house it takes a brick at a time. Sunday was Arteta putting down another layer.

Do you agree with Arteta’s man management style?

Dan Smith

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  1. Tactically I am not a fan but his disciplinary stance is spot on.
    The club is bigger than any of these primadonas who concentrate more on posting on social media than playing and respecting the club that gives them their crazy salaries.

  2. As I described in a previous post, certain “man management” issues needed addressing at our place – this being long overdue.

    I personally believe Unai Emery tried to get to grips with such matters , but was to a certain degree “thrown under the bus”.

    Mikel Arteta will be unflinching in his efforts to get our attitude back on track.

    We have seen evidence of this already.

    Although the last trance of departures have to be based mainly on footballing reasons, I think the dressing room may be a little less “problematical” going forward.

    1. AJ, What bliss to read such sound sense, even though not shared by some, quite a few actually, on JA!

      I, of couse, echo your every word and was someone who long despaired at the constant excuses AW made for lazy and non committed players. Also for plain useless ones, esp in so called “defence”!

      This has now with MA, at long last and many years too late, stopped. Thank goodness, as its been long overdue.

      1. Wenger didn’t always give people chances.
        I seem to remember that young Korean lad (I forget his name) showing some promise in his first couple of games. He then disappeared off the radar totally.
        Always wondered what the story behind that was.

    2. Those man management issues delivered champions league revenue and entertainment consistently while challenging for the title in other seasons.

      Any upgrade to those issues should’ve improved the results and league position.

      Our current state shows if those issues were even present in the first place have been added to instead of being addressed.

      I would rather have issues and finish in the top 4 than having the issues addressed and stuck on 10th.

      The only thing that matters in football is results otherwise why are we even watching?

      Arteta haven’t addressed a thing. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      1. The first thing that you have to do is take a deep look at our squad now, please tell me where is it anywhere near the class of Wenger’s era? Exactly, we had an overflow of creativity in the squad, now we have Jack diddly🤷🏾‍♂️ even with Wenger we started coming 5th and 6th because as everyone realized that same soft mentality that Arsene grew the club up with wasn’t cutting it anymore. A lot of our good players that left, left for those reasons, the club’s mentality wasn’t a winning mentality anymore, people would joke about after losing a game etc. There are sooo many factors into why we aren’t where we used to be and blaming it on simply man management just isn’t right🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. To me he has done a significant job, gone are the days when so called top six come and clobber us like amateurs .we loose the games with dignity scoreline

  4. I do agree with strong discipline as long as it it is equal and fair and shared amongst all players and the squad. For the early part of Arteta’s reign his different treatment of different players disturbed me. If he is learning to be equal and fair, and is changing through experience and human ethics then I will change my view and support him. The answer remains to be seen. Whether it’s football or daily life……….. ethics, equality and fairness come first

  5. I like Guardiola’s ruthlessness and Arteta definitely follows his footsteps. Some fans wanted Guardiola to replace Wenger and they’d be shocked since Guardiola is even harsher than Arteta

    We can’t always cuddle the superstars because some of them have bad attitude. Klopp is another tough one and look what he’s done to transform Liverpool

      1. Soccer stars are not always the best behaved kids and coaches need to learn how to handle those egos without affecting performance.
        We can’t be tops on discipline and be forever stuck in mid table.
        We are not a Boy Scouts club.
        We need to be back in the Champions League.
        Guenduzi, Xhaka, Saliba Ozil and now our captain sidelined.
        The coach had better deliver on results on the field soon or it will be Arteta Out soon.

        1. Hey Eddie, We already have an Eddie. Could you add an initial or something so we can differentiate please?

      2. Well a picture of aubameyang and arteta together, you don’t have to be sherlock Holmes to realise what you’re getting at my dear Watson

    1. I’d have thought the reason is obvious! Because for too many years, til MA came, discipline was virtually non existent and it is a constasnt necessity, never to be relaxed or dissed by unrealistic fans who neither undertand it nor even see how vital it is and always will be.

      We need more discussion about all pulling TOGETHER for the team , NOT less as you appear to advocate!

  6. We have improved drastically against the so called top six teams in the league. We just have to cut down on our own errors against the smaller teams or mid table teams where we draw or lose games where we are in control.

    Arteta man management will only improved as well but so far I have been impressed. Will he get better at it? Yes.. Is he On track? I say yes…

    I feel if given time, Arteta will continue to improve this team and take us to where we belong.. is the time and patience I don’t know he will get from us fans when things aint going on well…

    Imagine losing to spurs after dropping Aubamenyang… the negativity on this sight will be so much…

  7. Benching auba made me think of fergie. Anyone on this site knows im not artetas biggest fan but credit where credit is due. It takes balls to bench the highest payed player and arguably the best player.

    Special treatment never works out and punishment should not be reserved for non “special” players.

    Good on arsenal keep this up arteta and get us disciplined and respecting the club and fans

  8. You have young players who need to feel loved,valued and protected hence the wenger father figure. It clearly benefited players like fabregas

    BUT you also have players like guendouzi who clearly needs a strict coach to temper their idiotic behaviour.

  9. His management is as board, and what we see over a year; all wrong, guessing. Forced to play right players as Rowe benched til everyone injured

    Keeps playing LW where he cant perform, nor used to ever. Instead to play him center or RW he scored so much in Dortmund from, close to nox, rushing into it….

    He switches Saka from his prefered LW, on the right, burries Auba on left all season long Our golden boot and Europe top 5 striker bevame useless and lost. Comes late at game!

    So, no, management is not about being a mean school teacher with grown men who have proven to be talents for years,.

    He is there learning how to become a coach, should be doing elswhere as a top legend is doing as we speak, winning League not losing a game: Steben Gerrard

    He is not even feeling ready to step to Reds, in a year or so after keeping results positive!

    He cant manage himself, how czn he manage such a club. Ful’ of ego, imposing Luiz Ceballos Willian he picked; just to show world hr was right and decifdes who he plays; we and players can all shut up!

    He think he is Guardiola, trying to act as him, but it is not about him playing a game, but for players to play it.

    We are 10th in league, been cruising between 13 and 10 all season!…

    This board is causing this, look how Chelsea’s board reacted to be 5tj in December!

  10. If arteta can minimize his usual mistakes like favouring some underperforming players&making the wrong substitutions,he will succeed at arsenal&i realy want him to succeed,believe me

  11. He can manage anyway he wants as long as he delivers. The likes of Ferguson and Guardiola ruthlessness is backed up by trophies. And also they didn’t become ruthless early in their careers but after they had made a name for themselves from delivering trophies after trophies big and small ones.

    I will not support any management style that delivered the worst results in the history but if he wins the EL his management is not to be questioned rather praised. If he is knocked out then his management is a spectacular failure.

    1. Agreed ,it’s all about results ,if his management style brings trophies then that’s fine if it does not then bye bye

    2. At Hero, Pep had problems with Ronaldinho and Yaya Toure in his first season as Barca manager…Pep has been ruthlessness from day one of his managerial career, Same with Alex Ferguson

      1. I don’t know about Ferguson earlier days but regarding Pep, okay he was ruthless and won all trophies there was to win so that justifies his ruthlessness.

        What justification is Arteta’s ruthlessness?

        1. As a Coach/Manager without been ruthless you cant achieve anything in football..maybe you’re too young to understand that

          1. And yet we are being told that one of our previous managers wasn’t ruthless, let the players get away with anything and never saw anything…. while winning trophies and finishing in top four!!!
            How did HE do it?
            By the way, backing MA 100%

  12. Dan
    I’d agree that Wenger protected his players in public. Asked if the likes of Pires had dived or Vieira had made a crunching foul, the usual response was… “I didn’t see it”

  13. To me there is not much worse than badly behaved children growing up to being badly behaved adults.

    I’d expect a teacher to control the class and the same applies to Arteta and the squad of players that he is coaching. A smart Alec in the classroom spoils it for the majority and the same applies at Arsenal. The likes of Guendouzi can easily spur the atmosphere within the squad and that doesn’t help togetherness

  14. The guy is absolutely on the money when it comes to man management.
    He might get a few tactical situations wrong but on this “No nonsense” attitude he is more than 80% spot on.

    Some of us have been crying out for a disciplinarian like Arteta. Wenger just killed the whole discipline by the time he left. Left us with primadonna, overhyped, overpaid, overrated, underperforming and over pampered players with stinking attitudes and mentality.

    I thought Emery would do what Arteta is doing. But he just couldn’t implement his “Non Negotiable” stance.

    We really needed a dictator for a bit in order to combat the nonchalant Wenger daze we were under.

    1. Goonster, it seems you got what you asked for, so let’s see what happens at the end of the season with regards to trophies, placings and European football shall we?

  15. I’ll try again

    A badly behaved child in the classroom is disruptive to the majority who want to learn. The same applies to an adult who by this point in their life should be able to behave. I’ve said this before that there is to me, at least, a unity within the team which has improved dramatically since the exodus in January.

    1. An old teacher is said (it may be true or not) to have tolerated that child who disrupted others to learn. In time of this old teacher the class used to pass at least with the minimum marks at their worst.

      A new teacher has come and is praised to have tamed that disruptive child yet the class now has more disruptive children than before and they are failing their exams way off from even the acceptable marks.


      1. If the teacher has tamed the disruptive child why there is increase of disruptive children than the time of that old wise teacher?

      3. If the thinking above is wrong and the class is more peaceful now because the disruptive one has been tamed, why are the children failing? Shouldn’t they be passing with flying colours now that they can learn in peace?

      Or it may just be the new teacher is good at taming but don’t actually know how to teach?

      1. I see the point you are making HH and it makes a good story

        It then depends if you believe that Arteta is a wise teacher or not? I do and if he has had to be a disciplinarian to achieve the current team spirit then well done him. It wasn’t just a single disruptive influence that he had to deal with – it was several.

        1. Whatever he is good at it has to reflect in results otherwise it should not be called good.

          Obviously there is going to be opposing views if he is the right man for the job until either he is fired and prove doubters right or what people are praising him for will translate into good results and in the process repay the faith of those who see he is going in the right direction while proving them right at the same time.

          Personally the only thing that will change my mind is if he wins the EL or finish in the top 4. All the things people are praising him to have improved are null and void for one reason and one reason only, his predecessors did better than him while they were neither appreciated nor given a gift basket full of wrapped and fancy coloured excuses.

          1. Hi HH
            I can quite understand why you think that only a top4 or the EL will suffice, but I can only go back to the state the club was in at the end of Emery’s tenure.

            However, I do think that AW was appreciated for a lot of years and largely brought in the players of his choice. Emery was at the mercy of Raul bringing in the players and that didn’t end well for either, but most damning for Emery was that he lost the respect of his players

            Where I differ with you is what I expect from Arteta at the end of the season. A trophy or top4 for you, but a real, tangible improvement that should be the springboard for a real challenge next year is my expectation. If that is not achieved then Arteta’s position would be in jeopardy. I believe him to be a capable man, at the beginning of his career in management. The list of managerial failures is long and some of them still get employed in the EPL, so I certainly don’t see Arteta as a failure so far.

          2. I’m with you, HH. MA is godlike to some, not for me. But if we go onto win the EL, I may think differently 😂
            Our record in Europe stinks, so to win that would be amazing!! Fingers crossed!

          3. I completely get your point SueP. If he is still there next season then at least we should see what you have said in your last paragraph.

            “a real, tangible improvement that should be the springboard for a real challenge next year is my expectation.”

          4. Sue that will be amazing indeed! A Europe trophy and the return to Champions League, who can say no to that?

  16. It’s a breath of fresh air! Whether you like it or not, a strong disciplinarian was badly needed at Arsenal.

    Arteta probably only comes across overly harsh because things had gone so soft at Arsenal. What I also like about him is his humility. All managers make mistakes, but not all admit to them, but Arteta has done.

  17. Alex Ferguson has been mentioned on this thread a few times.

    Let’s not “air brush” history here.

    Read on ;

    ” 3 years of excuses and it’s still crap… ta ra Fergie” read the banner held aloft as Manchester United fell to a home defeat to Crystal Palace in December 1989.

    That loss was part of a calamitous 11-match winless league run that stretched from November to February, ratcheting up the pressure on manager Alex Ferguson.

    The Scot had shone as Aberdeen manager but big spending had yet to bring results following his arrival at Old Trafford in 1986.

    United slumped home in 13th place in the First Division during the 1989-90 season, but the FA Cup brought some much-needed respite – and provided the catalyst to an unprecedented era of success.”

    Ferguson did not win his 1st trophy at Manchester United for 4 years !

    I would wager they were so very glad they never sacked him after season one !

    Perhaps a more balanced yardstick measuring Arteta’s 1st months should be used.

    Also Pep Guardiola gets named checked.

    Man’ City finished Pep’s first season trophy less.

    Yes his road map to success was quicker than Ferguson’s – nothing to do with the mega-backing the man received to implement his vision at the Etihad.

    We have Mr Kroenke – nuff said !!!!

    Mikel Arteta has been Arsenal manager for 15 months, inheriting a squad in total disarray.

    Is our current league standing acceptable …. NO !

    Will Arteta be given time in the hot seat – YES !

    I could not care much less about the inaccurate Ferguson, Guardiola etc comparisons.

    I for one hope Mikel Arteta makes a success of his tenure as 1st team manager at our great club – particularly if he is backed to assemble a true Arteta team !

  18. 5 Leadership Qualities of Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Why was Alex Ferguson a good leader and how has his management skills brought so many trophies? We will explore his leadership style, qualities, and 5 key principles every aspiring leader can use.

    #1 – Discipline and Focus.

    #2 – The Power of Confidence.

    #3 – Competition Makes Real Leaders Focus.

    #4 – Build For The Future.

    #5 – Being Resilient is Important.

    Recognise any of the above taking shape at our place ?

    But they should of course have sacked him in year one !

  19. Arteta has his favourites Luis and Xhaka between have made mistakes that have cost us games yet they still play, none seem to be droppable which is double standards as far as I am concerned. Leno another one who makes countless errors yet Arteta deem him before Martinez who would have made a huge difference, so I am not convinced yet by Areta

  20. Yep I do believe in him because he cares the team more than a player who things he can do anything without boundaries and that’s the most stupidity I can imagine to kill the team’s mentality towards the other players respectively.
    Players should fear and feel the power of their Boss.

  21. Why coming late , Auba is full of disappointments, He is one of the laziest players we still have on the pitch, u can just see how he played olympiacos at home , what kind of striker is that brothers? He doesn’t have the zeal to play for the team and arteta must react to that quickly be4 Auba puts Artetas job in doubt u can’t play for a team which fights like that and intentionally mis goals of that nature , give martineli playing time , cos there is no defender wants to play martineli, he will put u in panic all the time and also getting cards but Auba is just smiling even if the situation is tarf

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