Do Arsenal fans believe again after roasting the Spuds?

I reckon that every Arsenal fan will be enjoying their Sunday dinner a bit more than usual this week, especially those of us set for a traditional English with plenty of potatoes, because the Gunners certainly roasted and mashed the spuds from down the road yesterday.

However, are we just going to enjoy this brief moment in the sun after a first win over the north London rivals for some time, or do we think that this result and the performance that earned it shows that Arsenal can wrestle back and keep the dominance over Tottenham that we have enjoyed for so long?

Has beating Spurs yesterday given back to you Arsenal fans out there the belief that Arsene Wenger and the current squad of players can defy the critics and mount a serious title challenge this season?

I think it should have, especially with the manner that Arsenal achieved this crucial three points. TV pundits like Gary Neville and Graeme Souness, who are usually highly critical of our team and club heaped praise on Arsenal this week and suggesting that we are better than we have been for many years.

If they feel that the current Gunners side can do things right, shouldn’t we Arsenal fans share some of that belief?



  1. AndersS says:

    The win against Spurs was great. Not only because it was a very important win, but also because it was achieved in a very promising way.
    But, we are 6’th in the PL, because we have also had too many of the familiar useless performances. So there is a long way to go. I will keep my fingers crossed, but I don’t think we can take it for granted, that we have turned a corner, and from now on the only way is up. We need much more, and we can hope.

  2. Durand says:

    Well done to our boys and well done to Wenger.
    Everyone played great, no passengers, and wanted it more than spuds. They had an air of arrogance about them, which we are usually guilty of. Masterful by our players and manager, please rinse and repeat.

    That being said, we have long way to reach level of city at the moment.

    Title chase? I’m nowhere convinced we’re ready.
    Top 4? Possible and achievable, but depends if we continue to show up like that game.
    Definitely makes things interesting.

    OT. Read Arsenal tapping up Luis Enrique (ex barca mgr) to succeed Wenger? Anyone else heard or read? Or did i fall for fake news?

    1. jon fox says:

      I’d happily have my Aunt Gladys as mamager, rather than Wenger!

  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Okay enough already.
    Just a win over spurs and between yesterday and today you guys have posted up to ten articles talking bout the match alone and our win.
    I’m not a pessimist, I jumped up, celebrated our goals n I’m Happy.
    But can we just stop already??
    That match is “One” out of the very important matches we’ll have to win this season so what’s with the exaggeration?
    I’m hoping we go on from here back to winning ways and having a long run.
    But enough already, it was a Derby match not a UCL final.
    Keep talking about it and as usual we all start thinking we are back into the PL race.
    Now let’s just focus on beating Burnley away.

    I bet tomorrow we’ll still get another post about this match

  4. Salmonella says:

    “Do Arsenal fans believe again after roasting the Spuds?”
    Answer- I don’t ( but don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every bit of the victory)
    I believed in the team when we defeated Bayern, Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea at home but what happened next needs no explanation.
    I will only believe when we are consistent enough & put in spirited performances week in week out.

  5. Godswil says:

    One game many topics for discussion.
    It shows everybody is always happy with a win.
    Hope the players and Arsene know this.

  6. Ivan says:

    It is simple. If the manager and players perform in every game like they did yesterday then whilst it is too late to win the title pretty much all fans would be happy.
    The concern that we all have is that we have seen this before with our manager organising the team well and the players putting a shift in and we get a good result. Then for too many years now the manager then goes back to his old ways and the players for the most part just stroll about not caring and we find we can only beat the bottom half of the table teams (as we have seen this season).
    So only time tells. We as fans will be very happy if Wenger and Co all earn their massive salaries but if not then we will ask for big changes as for me all the past years goodwill has been used.

    1. jon fox says:

      Ivan. I love realists , like you!

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