Do Arsenal fans believe we are real contenders now after Liverpool draw?

On a great day of entertaining football, Arsenal managed to extend their unbeaten run against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, who many believe are one of the main contenders for the Premier League title. So does our draw mean that we are now in that elite group?

Unai Emery believes we are getting closer. “The first thing is that the Premier League is the first competition for us because it is giving us the big regularity in the season. 38 matches.” he said. “It’s very important when you play against City and Chelsea or against Liverpool. If you win, it’s better, but a lot of matches are very important because three points is the same against Liverpool or against Crystal Palace. Today is one test, how we are against one team, after City, after Chelsea, maybe today we were more near with our performance. But also, we need the regularity of every match and the next match against Wolverhampton here, is the same. Another important game.”

Liverpool are a very good team, but we not only matched them yesterday, we controlled the game for long periods ending up with over 60% possession. We had as many shots (on and off-target) as the Reds and to be fair, i thought a draw was a fair result in the end.

We also have to remember that Liverpool are unbeaten so far this season, and the only points they lost were in draws against Chelsea, Man City and now us. Does that mean we really can consider ourselves one of the Top Four teams once again, and real challengers for the Premier League title?

Sam P


  1. Peterhos says:

    The answers to the questions are firstly, yes, we may well end up in 4th considering the improved permances, but to the second question we must answer ‘no’. Put simply, if you are going to win this league you have to draw with or beat all your rivals, and it is a long time since we felt confident of beating a top team. My guess is 4th if Spurs fade a little, otherwise 5th. Even so, we seem to be on the up after 10 frustrating years.

  2. AndersS says:

    The game showed we are really improving. But let’s not get ahead ourselves. We are in with a real chance of top 4, but we need more improvement to be title contenders.
    Let’s see how it looks after December.
    But it was great to see how we played yesterday. So much better organized and with so much more purpose against a top 6 team, than we have seen years.

  3. Babasola says:

    Liverpool could’ve been our b*tch yday
    I believe they were lucky to get a draw
    Our team is not as full of options as the other big teams
    Our Manager has to be really tactical and understand his team and players very well for now till we can get in better players for more options
    Chelsea are in top gear with Hazard, without him, they would still beat at least 15 teams
    Same with Man City and Liverpool
    But We and Tottenham have some players that if they don’t start or play in their best position – a team we could’ve have thrashed ends up getting a draw, i.e :Crystal Palace and YES Liverpool, we were easily better than them

    1. Declan says:

      Good game and we played well but as for them being our bitches, are you forgetting they had a perfectly good goal disallowed for offside which wasn’t offside? If it wasn’t for our defence, which is the best we’ve seen them defend this season, and most of last, we may have lost 3-1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking us, we played the best this season so far but don’t go over the top with “ we were easily better than them”!

      1. @DECLAN
        Lost 3-1?
        just because they have a goal disallowed? sometimes in a game it s when you take a goal that you have a good reaction. So don t let that disallowed goal tell you that we would have lost.
        What about AUBA AND LACA first half chances??

  4. Gavana says:

    For us to get top four must beat both Spurs and Man United coz they’re our direct rivals for that position.

    1. Patrick_G says:

      Good point Gavana, I will also put Chelsea in that list because their defense is not the best as well, certainly not on the level of City.

      So I will say if we can at least win all our home games against those 3 and draw away from home that will be great.

      But all wins will be a bonus 🙂


  5. classygunner says:

    Dear fellow Arsenal fans, do you realize that with a little luck we could have beaten both Chelsea and Liverpool? I am really excited about this Arsenal team eventhough they are a work in progress

    1. Godswill says:

      Same thinking

  6. Sue says:

    We are no longer the pushover everyone expects… and huge credit to Unai for that!! He is top notch!
    We can cause an upset yes… we managed to keep Mane, Firmino & Salah quiet last night!!
    I honestly think we’ll get back into the top 4 this season…. Happy bloody days ? COYG

  7. I think we will make it into the top 4 this year. It will be difficult but we are showing a good fighting spirit. If not this year then certainly the next. What I wonder is if we do indeed make it into the top 4 at the end of the season, whether we will push for the league title the following year or it will just be top 4 battle every year. Personally, I had had enough of that nonsense with the previous manager and I don’t think I have the interest to do it again with Emery.

    1. Phil says:

      QD-I’m not agreeing with you on this (which is unusual for me).You start the season aiming to be Champions of your own country.Arsene Wenger was ridiculed when he said his famous comment “A Top 4 position is like winning a trophy”.But it’s most likely the only thing he was right on in the last 10 years of his job.I was asked the other day what it’s like playing and travelling to Second Division European Games in the Europa League after season upon season of Champions League Football.Its tough to take when you consider we thought it was our right to be in that Competition every season.Wenger prioritised the Premiership over every trophy and was right to do so.Emery will do the same I’m sure.
      If our Manager secures us a Fourth place position this season he will have achieved two thing.1) He will have achieved what his realistic aim was before the start of the season and 2)He will have over achieved with the players available to him in this squad.
      Off Topic I know but
      1)How well is Rob Holding playing at the moment.He is even making Mustafi look decent
      2)How good is the atmosphere at the Emirates after the past few years of toxic rants
      3)Our Manager is proving himself to be a very very good choice.He has united the fans AND players in a few months.

      1. Phil says:

        4)Does Aaron Ramsey seriously believe he is needed in our team?He only came on to give us fresh legs.That will teach him to try and take on a Manager who really does know a players worth.

        1. I hope you are right, it would be great if we started challenging for the premier league again. Last few years with the previous manager were so frustrating! Every season felt like it was over even before it started. As for Ramsey best he asks Emery to use him as a CM he isn’t cutting it at CAM. I wonder where he’ll go Liverpool got Keita and OX, Chelsea Jorginho and Barkley, Man utd got Pogba, Herrera and Fred. I don’t see him displacing any of those he’ll have to go abroad. Should have just renewed but it’s good he didn’t he’s not world-class.

  8. Lupe says:

    We aren’t contenders for the title yet, but with smart signings next summer, we could challenge next season. Imagine if we get a defender like van dijk, a right winger and a younger right back to replace lichtsteiner, we could really go for the title.

  9. Godswill says:

    I tell you that we are a top team. I did not even think of Liverpool beating us but beating them 3-1.
    It could have happened. We did not manage to get a draw but got a draw because we did not take our chances. Had it been that HB is good with his left leg he could have scored.
    We are improving and we almost know our first 11 now after that game.

  10. McLovin says:

    Lets not act like Pool didnt squander any chances! Draw was fair result.

    We need to learn how to bury our few chances because we wont have many against top 6 teams.

    I hope we get a new player in January, a defender preferrably.

  11. Goonerboi says:

    Not this season unfortunately we definitely have the spin of a very good team but we’d need to purchase 3 TOP class players to be considered genuine threats. A top Class versatile attacker that specialises in wing play but can play 10. This player should said raise the levels of Iwobi, Nelson and one of ozil/myhki (with one of them being shipped out). One CM that is also versatile who can play any central midfield position (aka carzola replacement) and last but not least one CB that would walk into any defense in the league (koscielny replacement).

    Selling Ramsey, welbeck, myhki, Mustafis, elneny, koscielny, jenkinson should generate around 80m

    Plus 70m budget. 150m is definitely enough for sven to find TOP quality players.

    Bellerin Manolas Sokratis kolsinac
    Xhaka Torreira Thiago
    PEA Laca Martial

    Squad: Cech, Nelson, AMN, Ozil, Guendozi, Holding, Lichsteiner, iwobi, mavropanos, monreal, nketiah/maybe keep welbeck

    That’s a contenders team

    1. Chabaloah says:

      I agree with most of what you say bar the part of a winger/10 who would replace either Mihki or Ozil. Iwobi is a 10 who is pushed out wide because of his ability to dribble and run but it’s well documented he’s better in the middle.

      Ramsey won’t be sold but will go on a free so that’s 20-40mil out of that budget. Same for Kosch, Jenkinson and probably Welbeck too. Why would they agree to be sold if they can walk into a team without signing on fees? Jenkinson maybe but I can’t see that happening to Welbeck who’s 27 going on 28 to agree to be sold.

      A winger who can beat a player is sorely needed and someway able to play Auba and Laca up top would be fantastic. There is a way but I think Emery wants to get their discipline in different spaces so they can understand one another more.

      Having to defend in tight spaces, hug the line, look for movement only comes in certain positions and the work rate of playing on a wing pushes your fitness. Let’s wait and find out

      1. Goonerboi says:

        Yeah just realised half of those guys are out of contrac so that kills that idea.. I’d be real disappointed if we didn’t invest in the squad next season especially if Emery has shown that he has maxed out the potential of this squad. We’re so close to being a complete team. Just one or two real good windows and we can definitely challenge. Youngsters are looking real good too

  12. gotanidea says:

    No. Arsenal gain more possession because Liverpool played with counter-attacks

    Most Arsenal’s shots went directly towards Liverpool’s GK, whereas two of Liverpool’s shots hit the bar. Imagine if those two shots didn’t hit the bar, the match could end up differently

    To be a contender, Arsenal have to have players that can break the opponent’s defense with their runs like Salah and Mane. Unfortunately only Iwobi is willing to challenge the opponents like that and our through balls become dull when facing a tough competitor like Liverpool

    1. David Rusa says:

      I have remarked elsewhere that Gotanidea is a disciple of Paul Merson and I think he has just confirmed that. I won’t use the hard language that Jon Fox used against him. However Gotanidea can be a bit annoying. Look at his argument “Most Arsenal’s shots went directly towards Liverpool’s GK, whereas two of Liverpool’s shots hit the bar. Imagine if those two shots didn’t hit the bar, the match could end up differently.” Let me also put it differently and say that imagine all those shots had eluded the keeper the game would have been different. I have in mind Mikhitaryan’s header which had eluded the Liverpool keeper only to go wide of the goal. That is what is called perverted logic. Unfortunately Gotanidea seems to have much of that and he openly expresses it.

      1. Ingleby says:

        Yep. The entire ‘hit the woodwork’ thing is ludicrous. Quite simply it missed. Doesn’t matter if it bounced off two posts and the bar or ended in Row Z – it didn’t go into an empty space between the bar and posts so it missed. Simple!

      2. jon fox says:

        David, “hard language” as you call it – I call it plain speaking – is the only method of making this total idiot question himself. I doubt he is a true Gooner at all. HE SEEMS TO BE THE SELF STYLED PRESIDENT OF THE iWOBI FAN CLUB AS HE CANNOT BIDE ANYONE EVER CRITICISING HIS HERO. Most on here are now converted to Iwobi fans, as am I, but he is not my special hero with his picture on my bedroom wall. I support the whole club more than just the team and more than just ANY one player, however talented that player be. Got an idea seems to be a maverick who delights in seeing everything differently to normal thinking fans. Is he even a real Gooner at all? I have my doubts!

    2. Bobby says:

      They had the whole wide post to aim at but they choose to aim at the tiny bar or maybe that is the best they could do ?! Arsenal had a better game yesterday if you want to be honest with yourself but it does not imply that we are better than Liverpool but they are not better by a mile as was suggested before the match. Everybody said it was going to be our true test after 11 straight wins and now we pass with flying colors.. some people still do not want to give us credit.. common mates!!

  13. Musdon says:

    Leno, quite good with his feet, helped Arsenal maintain control of the game. Some errors in judgement, and perhaps could and should have done better for the goal.

    Holding. A colossal presence. Surely, must now be part of the English set up. Great performance.
    Mustafi. Much improved performance. Couldn’t fault him. another colossal presence in the defense. Sokratis must be wondering if he’d ever be back to the first team anytime soon.

    Belerin. Superb, defensively and attacking.
    Kolasinac. A good outlet on the left seeing as Aubameyang was never going to beat his man.

    Xhaka. Great performance that may never be appreciated until replays are seen.
    Toreira. Can’t overflog his importance to the team. How would the team thrive without him.
    Aubameyang. Combined well with Ozil, lacazette and Mkhitaryan. But was never going to beat his man.
    Ozil. Did his part in pressing and maintaining arsenals superiority all match long.
    Mkhitaryan. defended well when need, combined well with those around, but the feeling is he can and should be doing better.
    Lacazette. well taken goal.

    iwobi. took the fight to the opposition straight away and produced the assist for a well deserved goal.

  14. Goonster says:

    I noe believe we are contenders for the Top 2 all down to Top 4. I cannot see us competing against City right now because we still have big problems at the back. In each game we give away at least 2 clear goal scoring chances to team, against mid table clubs and top clubs we keep conceding clear cut chances.

    I think we will be there abouts. The team still needs reinforcements. I am confident that we will be competing for the title next season if we are to go by anything Emery has showed so far with our current weak disjointed team.

  15. nikhilesh says:

    Credit to carcedo and build too

    1. nikhilesh says:


  16. Pires says:

    No, but defnitly progressing and heading into the right direction.

  17. Robin Vanpayslip - Milner, this is your tape says:

    The Emirates was buzzing yesterday. The atmosphere was great.

    Can’t really be contenders. I think we are some way off that. But the quick progress in going from pushovers to having some back bone has been amazing. I am very sure that last season we would have lost the games against Palace and LFC. But we stayed in the game for both. We definitely have the foundations to go in the right direction.

    1. Babasola says:

      VERY SURE ???
      We beat Crystal Palace Home & Away last season, 4-2 & 5-1 (I believe)
      And it was 2-2 (or was it 3-3) against Liverpool at the Emirates last season
      Wenger’s team just lacked hunger & competitiveness, which is the ingredient for consistency
      And he wasn’t technical enough too
      Even yday Auba wasn’t happy to be substitute just tried to contain it
      But Wenger – he would remove Laca, continuously for no real reason – even in matches where he was our only glimmer

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        So what if we beat Palace twice last year? I’m talking about the actual game this season. We were obviously tired anx had to hang in. It was a much more spirited performance compared to last seasons games when we struggled.

        The difference is clear to see.

  18. Kiwi Gooner since 1977 says:

    A contender? No, not yet. But, we’ve certainly improved since Arsene left (and I loved Arsene). We’re up against an imperious and petro dollar-fueled Man City and an increasingly-desperate Liverpool, who have just paid world record prices for a goalkeeper and a defender. Man Utd can’t stay shit forever, either, with their tradition of buying trophies. It’s gonna be very tough to win that title, in the next few years, because the resources of our rivals dwarf ours. But, I’ll still be expecting us to win it very year, as I have done for the past 41 years 😉

  19. ozziegunner says:

    It is still a long way to go to the end of the season and as stated by Unai Emery, Arsenal have to take it one game at a time. If Arsenal can keep improving on the defence as shown in the Liverpool game, then top 4 is possible. The return to the squad of the injured defenders will help; as will potential transfers in during the January transfer window, particularly a tall commanding CB.
    I would like to see Unai Emery try a 4-4-2, as Lacazette and Aubameyang have the potential to overwelm most opposition CB’s.
    The most impressive performances for me were from Arsenal’s mid field of Torreira, Xhaka and Ozil with even Mhikataryan working hard, who totally outplayed Liverpool’s mid field. Hopefully they can play this well consistantly. I was disappointed Iwobi didn’t start.

    1. Yes, I think too maybe it would be a masterstroke trying both Laca and Auba upfront. It would leave us vulnerable at the center though with either of Ozil or Xhaka having to be sacrificed for Torreira. Or maybe play Auba and Laca, then sub one of them revert back to 4-2-3-1 and play Ozil. Ozil is on 350K a week so I suppose Emery will be hard pressed by the board to fit him in the line up every week.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        QD, I was thinking of a midfield diamond, with Ozil at the top behind the strikers, Torreira at the base and Xhaka and Iwobi, AMN or Welbeck on each side. Without the ball the two wide midfielders can drop back with Torreira to shield the back four.

    2. Bobby says:

      you just said Micky had a good game and he played in place of Iwobi so why were you still disappointed ?!

  20. Babasola says:

    Right now, in the team, everyone knows u will be substituted if u not playing well enough
    Be u Ozil or Auba
    And with a very good performance u can earn urself a starting spot, next match
    That’s opposite of Wenger’s, where some pple will start no matter their performance, some will never be substituted, some will even be substituted even if it was vivid that they are the best performer on the pitch
    AND PARDON ME TO HIGHLIGHT THAT a particular match where we played without Ozil we scored 5 Goals and mind u, it wasn’t an easy match – it was the type of match Ozil will go hiding as Fulham were really tight and tough on us but we were too lethal
    With Iwobi, we create easy chances almost every attack, even if the opposition is packing the bus
    Yday we also did without him but cos it was an open game, Liverpool’s an attacking team so are we
    The type of match for Ozil, but these type of open matches are very few in the EPL

    1. Phil says:

      So that’s decided then is it?We might as well sell him then.Shall we keep Ramsey instead?Or who do we buy to replace him?With what budget?And will he be a proven international class World Cup winning playmaker?
      So your logic is that as we beat Fulham so convincingly without Ozil we don’t need him.If you actually watched that game you will have seen that the first half was very even.It was only when we scored our third goal that the game opened up.That game was not as easy as you suggest.
      So you obviously want Ozil out.Tell me who you intend to play in his place and why you feel it will improve us.

      1. Babasola says:

        Notice that I said the Fulham match was a tight and tough match
        In tight, rough, getting kicked by opponent matches Ozil will chicken-out so he would have been a minus 1
        I would prefer we replace Ramsey with a better 10 or Winger
        But notice that Ramsey thrived in the Fulham match with a Goal and an assist
        Ramsey’s football ain’t fine – Some team ain’t coming too allow a fine gameplay, let Ramsey go roughen it up with them
        We would always be the better performer against Tottenham – Ozil or Ramsey ?
        If u’re true to itself it Ramsey, cos it’s a match the requires fighting not sexy footballer
        So let’s us the Fighter we have whose football ain’t sexy but his tenacity will match the doggedness we already know the opposition would be bringing

    2. Midkemma says:

      Something tells me you are not a fan of Ozil…
      That’s fine, idiots don’t really get Ozil and more than one idiot has bashed the genius, he has needed teammates who help him excel and he is starting to get that with Torreira and Guendouzi.

      Not all of Germany’s games was open so your analys is far from correct, if you was right about Ozil then how has he lifted the WC? How was he such an important part, winning the Germany national team player of the year 5 times?

      Hmmm, teammates and tactics…
      Something we have with Emery…

      Do you see the idiocracy?
      Or do I need to spell it out letter by letter?

  21. Babasola says:

    – Chelsea
    – Tottenham (all Derby’s: Crystal Palace, West Ham)
    – Man Utd
    – Watford
    – Southampton

    – Man City
    – Liverpool
    – Bournemouth
    – Leicester

    – Huddersfield (only)

    – Everton
    – Fulham
    – Wolverhampton
    – Brighton
    – Burnley
    – Newcastle
    – Cardiff

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah I’m sure Emery will take this on board.I honestly thought I had heard it all over Ozil but you have now taken the biscuit.You still haven’t answered who you would replace him with have you or are you ducking out of that one.
      And just to show you how much Ozil is missed take note of these
      Chelsea Away-Ozil very tightly marked.Others were not and found more space.As soon as Ozil was replaced Arsenal lost all control in midfield and were toothless in attack.Coincidence?
      Palace Away-Ozil very tightly marked.Othets were not and found more space.As soon as Ozil was replaced Arsenal lost all control in midfield and were toothless in attack.Coincidence?
      There is more to football than just crashing into tackles and running around like a headless chicken or are you not aware of this.
      Don’t forget to answer the questions.You seem to have a lot to say so let us know WHO and HOW we replace Ozil.

      1. Babasola says:

        Tightly Marked ?
        It’s like saying the Liverpool defender that shoved Mhki off the ball when he was thru on goal marked him tightly
        Tightly Marked ? Ozil ?
        Ozil leaves the ball on any slight seemingly challenge
        Ozil, Mhki, it’s so easy to dispossess them, no defender needs to tightly mark them
        U use tightly mark, I use “Hide”
        He goes lost – he’s not tightly marked, he cannot participate in games that are tough and rough
        Notice I listed numerous matches he would be useful
        I’m not saying we should replace him but his Manager should be able to preempt oppositions that will play Warfare Football and know Ozil is not suited for those games
        He can come on when the defenders have started to wear out
        And we have players that can wear out stubborn opponents – Torreira, Laca, Ramsey, Auba & Bellerin (if there’s space to keeping running), Monreal (always an attacking threat)
        Its just understanding your players and your opposition and what they’ll be bringing

        1. Babasola says:

          We were toothless all 90 Mins in Crystal Palace match
          We never controlled them for 1 sec
          We scored a freekick and scrapped the other
          The team has a Spirited fight in them and that was what saw us through the Crystal Palace game
          Our football didn’t flow from the beginning to the end
          And Unai never saw Ozil trying, so pulled him off
          Ozil wasn’t at fault in that game
          Unai didn’t get his tactics
          While their Winger (Zaha) was causing all sorts of problems
          Ours was being played out of position and was zero with Auba not a player that beats his marker with ball to feet

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Ozil, worked hard for the team against Liverpool, yet people argue he doesn’t turn up in big games. He is often double teamed and fouled due to the opposition recognizing the threat he is.

          2. Babasola says:

            He fares well in open games where the opposition is not out to Kick pple about.

          3. Phil says:

            Your argument makes no sense.Ozil is not a tackler.We know that.He is a playmaker.To get the best from him he must be played in the No10 role which Emery has only done in the last three games.His workrate i# far better than is often thought.If he was hiding every game as you imply do you seriously believe Emery would be picking him let alone making him Captain of the side?So for a hard taskmaster as Emery is you obviously believe You Know better than him do you?Whether you care to admit it or not Mesut Ozil is by far and away the best footballer we have.I accept he is not always effective but that has been the case with quite a few players this season.Iwobi has impressed everyone this season and for that the credit goes to both the player and the Manager.He started against West Ham this season and was replaced at half time.Why?Because he had a stinker.It ways not that he didn’t try it was just not happening for him.
            You obviously do not rate Ozil but that is on you.Emery is slowly changing the team into his own with the players he has inherited.zFFS the guy has performed miracles by making even Mustafi and Xhaka look decent.
            But YOU obviously know best.

          4. Babasola says:

            It’s not that I don’t rate him
            He’s the only real 10 we have
            Just as Iwobi is the only Winger we have (bar Nelson on loan)
            That doesn’t make Iwobi the best Winger in the league nor does it mean we cannot improve on him
            True Ozil plays better as the playmaker
            But u just don’t want to accept that some oppositions will come with gameplans that will stifle a playmaker
            If that be the case we still have other players to go toe-to-toe with them
            As good as Auba is, if an opponent packs the bus and plays with an organized defence that allows no space he will become ineffective
            But Laca while still strive in such situations and can even score with his head if we become restrained to just crossing, which Auba can’t
            As good as some players are they still some limitations

          5. Babasola says:

            Some 10’s cannot be stifled,
            We can start with Cazorla (if a playmaker)
            Even Rosicky
            David Silva
            Younger Iniesta
            Younger Fabregas
            These guys can offer other things if u don’t give the room to look out for a pass
            Liverpool dont play with a 10, Man Utd doesn’t (in short all Mourinho’s team)
            We can play without a 10 whenever need be

          6. Phil says:

            Listen-why would any Manager not want all his best players on the pitch no matter what team we are playing in the Premiere League?There are no easy games.Did you even watch how hard and determined we had to play at Cardiff and they are down already.It is nonsense to suggest you take out your best player and only No10 in certain games.No Manager would do this.Rest occasionally yes.But pull Ozil out of certain games because you feel he wouldn’t be effective?That is just not going to happen.In tight games against the top 10 sides your better players are the ones who make the difference.Lacazette was kept fairly quiet yesterday but did Emery decide he should be replaced with Welbeck?What Emery did was change things to make something happen when we needed it.
            I and many others have commented on his improved work rate since Emery came in.He is no doubt trying to adapt to the change in tactics.Butvto bench him in certain games just will not happen

          7. Babasola says:

            Lacazette was never kept quiet yday
            Do u realize a lot of teams in the world don’t play with a 10 anymore

          8. Phil says:

            You are trying to justify yourself and not making any more sense then you did earlier.
            So let’s say Emery goes with Iwobi Lacazette and Aubameyang up top and Torreira next to Xhaka in central midfield.We have Mhkitaryan Ramsey and AMN who play but not one of them ihas the quality of Ozil and are unable to give us the creativity.I can assure you Ozil will always play when fit as we are not as good when he isn’t in the side.And before you harp on about the Fulham game let’s just remember who they are and where they are.

          9. Babasola says:

            Who created yday’s goal was it Ozil?
            Wait …
            We squandered so many chances yday too, which was from Ozil’s craft?
            Not that he didn’t play well yday – he made our football flow
            But that we won’t create without him is a Wenger-Era thinking
            That a player is supreme and untouchable is not an Unai philosophy, if u not delivering, u will sit
            Under Conte Chelsea won the league without a 10, same as under Mourinho
            Some matches won’t need a 10, especially if that 10 is not adjustable to physicality
            U obviously believe he’s
            What I like about him is that he can chip in with a goal if seeking out passes ain’t going his way – that means another sort-of creator most be available
            That presently is Iwobi

          10. Babasola says:

            We all have the Players we love
            Mine is Iwobi (partly cos I’m Nigerian and partly cos he’s on form)
            But against Crystal Palace I was screaming for Unai to move him to the left or just “REMOVE HIM” for someone who can contribute from the right (funny enough Ozil is best from center but not bad from the right compared to Iwobi)
            We’ve got to accept that for some reasons some players will just not be cut-out for some matches
            We’re playing Tottenham soon
            Left to me – I’ll start Ramsey
            We don’t need to wait and see Ozil stifled-out b4 we substitute him for someone else
            We already know that’s what will happen
            The Spuds will show no mercy
            We must bring our grits

    2. Midkemma says:

      Urghhh, such stupidity.
      When you going to learn about football and stop playing FM2018?

      1. Phil says:

        We started Ramsey as a 10 and played Ozil wide to accommodate him and what did he do?Nothing.And YOU would have him in the team over Ozil?Seriously?
        Ramsey is finished and has been for years.But YOU would have him as our playmaker despite him having a free role and doing NOTHING

  22. Nothing Changed says:

    This game showed me we reduced the gap to the top of the table teams. To play Liverpool the way we did gives hope for the future. It also shows that we can realistically dream of a top 4 finish. Asking us to win the PL this season is not realistic IMO.

    But, WOW what a job this manager had done in such a short period of time. Beats my most optimistic expectations.

  23. Bobby says:

    Can anybody tell me what Paul Merson thinks now ?! he was pretty sure we will get whacked by Liverpool but I though we had the better stats from the game ?!

  24. Midkemma says:

    I said in another thread that I think we can be contenders.
    We need to remember that to win the EPL then you need the element of luck on your side…

    We are playing well with Emery after a short period and I can imagine it only getting better before the season ends, it isn’t like we have peaked with Emery yet is it???

    As for people saying we will need time for Emery to buy players he wants, seriously, STFU with that BS.
    We need a top CB do we? Mustafi and Holding done well against Liverpool though and this is after a short period of time being trained by a manager and coaches who know how to defend…

    Before any of you write Arsenal off, take a step back, look at what Emery is doing then smile at the improvements he is making without needing to sign a whole new squad. We do have Jan around the corner and who knows what will happen then, maybe other teams improve more and ruin our chances or we might find a gem or two which helps the push…

  25. jon fox says:

    Simple answer to the article question posed. REALISTS THINK WE CANNOT WIN THE TITLE THIS SEASON. FANTASISTS DO. TWAS EVER THUS! We played really well yesterday but next week, like the Palace game a week ago, is another day. I hope for top four. Hope, please note, not confidently expect. Nuances and shades of grey are common in reality land. Fantasists ignore them.

    1. kofi ken says:

      well said Jon. I agree with you.

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