Do Arsenal fans deserve ANOTHER year of this?

Luck? Responsibility? Excuses? It’s Judgement Time Arsene… by KM

Hi Guys. I’m back here on JustArsenal once again because I’m related to Arsenal, not because they pay me 8 millions a year to do nothing, but because as every die-hard fan of the club I feel like something isn’t right. And I take the sucker punches at work and I open Skysports to see Wenger’s interview after the game and I’m shocked.

It’s not like the performance wasn’t bad enough, the post-match press conference was worse. Did Wenger look to you like a man who took to heart what happened? Not to me it didn’t. He said, he is “responsible for the squad selection”. No way Arsene, I call you on the phone before the game to give you the line up!

We all know who is responsible for all this. “With great power comes great responsibility” said uncle Ben to Peter Parker. But what does responsibility mean? If you break something at the store, you pay for it. What exactly will Wenger pay for that defeat? A fine? The tickets for all those Arsenal fans that had to suffer this? The most expensive tickets in the world – need I remind you of that.

Jose Mourinho is an ass, but he’s spot on that Wenger is the only manager that is safe no matter what. He is practically not responsible for anything, because in football when you don’t get the results, you get the sack. It’s been a lot of years now. Almost 20. 6 FA cups and 3 league titles, with 7 of those major trophies dating back to 10 years or more.

Let’s take a look at a few things our side is missing. Physical presence. We are one of the shortest sides in the league in average height. We couldn’t throw balls into the box, because nobody has a chance to reach them, but still we scored a header (tells you something about Olympiacos’ defense), but every set piece was almost a goal.

How long has that been? It’s at least 5 years since we cannot deal with set pieces. How much more time do we give Arsene to figure this out? Another 5 years? Why did Arsene get a 3 year deal for winning the FA cup? He has at least one more guaranteed year after this one, but I really don’t think the Arsenal fans deserve another year of what they’ve already seen in the past 10.

Next up is the so called possession football. So we had lots of the ball and so what? We have it in most of our games but we have no idea what to do with it. Alexis was passing past 3 players alone and there’s nobody in sight, so he just whips it and hopes for the best. Alexis must be thinking “what the hell am I doing here?”.

Squad depth is another thing you have to ask Arsene about. We had only Campbell and Ramsey on the bench. Not to mention the fact that they entered the game late, what happened to the rest?

The medical staff needs to be replaced from top to bottom. We forced Rosicky to stay and why? To have him injured or just keep him on the training ground? Welbeck is injured for like forever and so is Jack Wilshere. Diaby could’ve been the next Vieira but we ruined him.

Tactical (un)awareness is another issue. Yesterday we had players on the ball looking for a pass and nobody available. Instead we had other players sitting a yard off the guy with the ball and we’re chasing a game 1:2 down.

The goalkeeper and ambition. “This is a must win game” Wenger said. If so, why would you leave Cech on the bench? If he cannot play, why did he play against Leicester and why was he on the bench yesterday? This is not about if he cannot make a mistake, but about the fact that you say ‘I have to win this one’, yet we’re not putting our first choice goalkeeper and arguably our best midfielder?

So after bad fitness, lack of physical presence, bad tactics, lack of ambition and zero responsibility, and of course the bad luck that’s always with Arsenal, we come back to the transfers. David Moyes signed only Fellaini and United finished 7th. Mourinho didn’t sign too many players and Chelsea are champions in shambles. Even Barcelona who won the treble last year brought in Arda Turan and that guy from Sevilla.

Bayern Munich brought in players and they are absolutely rocking the football stage. Only the great Arsene Wenger decided not to sign a single outfield player. The AKBs are sitting in the shadows right now. Waiting for the first win against a terrible side to spring back to Arsene’s defense.

The reality check is already here, it’s not yet to come, it’s already passed and the red lights are blinking and the alarms are ringing and Arsene sits pretty with a pile of cash next to him doing nothing.

Arsene got booed off at Stoke and at WBA there was a “Thanks for the memories Arsene, but it’s time to say goodbye” banner which is so spot on right now. We’re slowly turning into what Liverpool are. A shadow of a once great side.

I come out with a plea to the fans. The people that deep down in their hearts know that Wenger is washed up, and if we want to move forward we need change. We have to do something. Make #WengerOut the word. Put pressure. Do not get blinded by one result.

If we want real change, a win against Man United shouldn’t be enough to fool us, because the mistakes of West Ham, Zagreb, Chelsea and Olympiacos would repeat themselves again and again and again. The fans were pretty quiet yesterday, but should be really loud in their wish to get Wenger out.

We have waited long enough. Those problems do not date from yesterday and ultimately the fans are the football clubs. No fans, no money, no football. We can make a change. Because if we don’t we’ll be waiting forever for some sort of god to make a change in the board and assign someone who can sack Wenger.

Otherwise we can be silent and just enjoy more of the same.


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  1. Do Arsenal fans deserve ANOTHER year of this? No

    Will Arsenal fans get ANOTHER year of this? Yessssssssss!!!!

    I really do see things changing anytime soon at the club, only when Wenger himself decides to leave or retire. There is No way in hell the board can suck Arsene and there is NO way in hell Arsene can all of a sudden change and become that fresh tactical genius, who puts the funs first and has hunger to win trophies that we want.

    Its going to be a long season mates, buckle up and seek for a physiologist if you cant handle pressure or else you risk turning into a junkie!!!!

    1. Opps I meant Psychologist and not physiologist. But what the hell this is Arsenal you might need both to be on a safe mind. Throw in a Bishop too as you might need to repent on a regular basis due to all the cursing.

      Jokes aside wishing Kos a quick recovery.

  2. Worst thing about it is some players can’t be dropped because there isn’t a replacement, or replacement is injured.

    Fighters, Leaders, Winners.

    How many players at Arsenal can you associate with any of these three qualities if not all three? Not even 5.

      1. I believe Wenger has remained Arsenal’s manager a couple of years too long. It would have been great to step down while the ovationiss still high. That’s what Sir Alex did…and his record will not be broken in a while.
        Wenger has given us a new stadium and a couple of trophies…but at the moment, he is tarnishing the record. I would have loved if he could win the EPL and or the UCL this year,…then step down.
        But with what we sesee, that’s not happening. So for the good of the club…#WengerOut.
        Spread the word.

  3. I don’t get what’s wrong with you. Seriously, you guys remember the years before 2006? Or even after? And back then we had players. Not sure anyone except Sanchez would fit in those teams. You forgot that we got mauled so many times and sometimes losing against teams like Lens. Inter, Milan gave us such hidings we would not even spoke about the next day.
    Arsenal and European competitions are not a match made in heaven. Quite the opposite.
    Personally I am not really phased about this after we lost in Zagreb because we were never to finish 1st in this group. Have you guys seen Bayern? I am not even sure there’s any team capable of beating them right now. So, probably second place is there to fight for but what’s the point if you’re drawn against Real? It doesn’t even need to be Real. Atletico, Roma, Juventus, Sevilla etc. All these teams can beat us in Europe. I am just setting the expectation straight in case you guys didn’t set it after the draw. There’s no way in hell we can advance round of 16th when the objective is to qualify in the groups. Seriously. Quit dreaming.

    1. Have you read the above? This is what we call an argument. You can counter it by bringing yet another one at the table, you know, words put together logically.
      Can you do that?

      1. The way of football team managing and buying strategies have changed a lot since 2006. We didn’t change. And we didn’t buy enough (don’t tell me we buy enough this summer with 200 million, no bullshxt).

        We deserve this ending. And for you, you better shut up and pray for not losing too many games before the next transfer window opens.

        Our die hard Wenger fans.

        1. Is it? Then how comes that there are still the same teams winning UCL? And where did Arsenal had 200 mil to spend on transfer because the financial balance show 200 mil as turnover. You do understand that, do you?

    2. @soopa this @budd guy is a comedian. Him and Hafiz are like matter and anti matter. just let them cancel out eachother.
      I bet if Wenger was Bayern’s manager, he wouldn’t have bought Costa. When asked he would’ve said ‘no we have ribery and robben.’

      1. Only that they did not had Ribery or Robben, eh? Both of them were injured with estimated date of return well into the season. Not a really good example anymore, eh?

    3. I remember us beating Parma in the final of a European Cup. We also have reached several European finals we hardly have been poor before 1996. But all English sides struggled to get up to European Standard in the beginning. So your argument lacks credibility.

      Going out early will cost us financially, approximately 1M per round there after. So the board really does not want to go out in the group stage.

      It’s so time for Klopp I am getting bored even writing this anymore.

      1. You think we are there for the money UEFA pays or for the sponsorship money. As for us beating Parma it is unfortunately in a competition which does not exist anymore. We have lost all finals we’ve been in (basically three against Zaragoza, Galatasary and Barcelona). All of the hurt because we were the better team

        1. Are you sure that Barcelona was worse than us? You must be day dreaming.

          Stop fooling around and fooling us.

          You should have shut up and dream of your current best Arsenal team beating all the other teams and get the league and EPL titles.

          1. That day Barcelona was worse than us. Ffs, we took the lead with 10 men. Have you seen the game? Zaragoza scored a blinder in the dying seconds and Galatasaray beat us at penalties. Now those were upsets.

            1. How come we became 10 men in that match? We would have been down 0-1 if we didn’t commit that foul. My memory of that match was way better than you think.

              You must be blind way before that match.

              If we were better teams, we should have scored and should have won. Instead of excuses after excuses.

              You are heavily influenced by your lover Arsene……king of losers

              1. Hahaha, funny how you can predict the alternate future. Here’s what I say : I believe Etoó would have missed a sitter. How about that?

      2. The group stage money is 1 milion per win thus maximum 6 milions before tax. You tghink Arsenal is in there for this amount of money? The big money come from actually being in the group stage thru sponsorship money. Right there there’s easy 50 million for a club like Arsenal. So the money is made already when the club is placed for the group stage.
        If Wenger has objectives (and he has) then main ones are top 4 and UCL groups stage and everything else is an added bonus. Yes, it is an invitation to complacency but this is why I say for years now: if you sack only Wenger the storm will wipe out everything because guess what, board will ask the same from the new manager. But is Klopp able to deliver the same within the borders imposed by Gazidis & Kroenke? Think again. Wenger was there, he knows the drill.
        Now, if we really want a club change the whole staff (bar Forsythe) must be sacked, board, everyone. Firing only Wenger is going to make us at the same level with the Spuds.

    4. Is what you do called brawling? Because I see only incomplete sentences and punctuation signs. Can you actually produce something really, but really, useful in a discussion? I know is a rhetoric question but I have faith in you. One day you will be able to produce someting we can all be proud of. Don’t give up!

      1. I thought you disappeared together with joxh37 already…..our die hard arsane fan.

        I thought you have dug yourself a hole and hide already.

        How many more games do you want us lose before the first half of this season?

        People won’t CARE about the fuxking good last half of the season.

        1. Why would I do that? Of course I am an Arsene fan, he’s part of Arsenal. We can be upset with them but in the end they are Arsenal, the club I love. The fact you say I am Arsene’s fan is not an insult as you probably think.

          1. I thought you just love the senile incompetent manager. That’s it.

            He was a good manager. But already passed his prime.

            He is more of a joke now. Only blind and brainless people would support him.

            1. Love is a bit of a stretch. I admire him and respect him. A club legend whose statue will be there above your head to remind you are much, much smaller than him. He is a joke in your eyes maybe, don’t generalize here because you do not represent the absolute truth. I guess that makes me blind but is funny how you talk about brain when you don’t show signs of acquiring such device through the years.

  4. Also to be fair. Do Alexis, Ozil, Koscielny, Cazorla, Walcott deserve another year of this?

    How many more years will they put up with this?

    They could leave like Nasri, Sagna, RVP etc.

    1. People have the nerve to blame the likes of RVP,Fabregas etc for ditching us but in reality they worked with Wenger day in day out and they could see the man has no ambition to achieve even Vieria left in 05 when he saw we weren’t competing in Europe!

      1. And why not? They went for the big money. If we had the money and willing to spend them probably we could have bought earlier.
        Players mentioned above are also part of the problem. It is really disturbing to concede a 3rd goal when Alexis and Ozil were still celebrating the equalizer. That is the picture of the evening for me. I don’t know what’s wrong with our players let alone the coaching staff.

          1. I haven’t seen you around when we took Community Shield earlier this year. What happened to you? Change of mind?

      1. Yes. We were the best in the second half of last season. We won the second half league title already.

        Who fuxking remember…..apart from you.

          1. That’s just what you and joxh37 said before. We have won the league title (second half) last season already.

            I still remember this. Do you?

            By the way where the hxll is joxh37…..haven’t seen him for ages?

            Fear of facing the reality?

  5. I’m glad I didn’t watch the game. Instead I watched Bender and kramer bossing the midfield against Barcelona. I can’t believe Its become so easy for me to predict which games we are going to lose. Boring Boring Arsene Wenger.

  6. No one walks out on the income that Arsene Wenger enjoys so while he’s making money for the shareholders they won’t sack im.
    I’m afraid us gooners will have to suffer until his contract runs out.

  7. we have a very incompetent person for a manager.Even if we manage to get the better of manure due to their open play and weaker defence .problems will keep on recurring again if they are not resolved.Why on earth should we keep amanager for over 20 years this is just not right he should have been gone by 2006 and dont get me started on alex ferguson coz he backed his long stay by results trophies and right attitude

  8. Cant wenger even take a look at a great manager like klopp.When he saw he wasnt the person to take dortmund foward any more he kindly resigned.but mr bean here would like to take centre stage of everything that is happening at arsenal.Arsenal fans surely dont deserve another sight of this. Its time for petitions #wenger out . this needs to be passed in parliament and discussed by the board

  9. The manager is being the scapegoat again! This is about the board, Kroenke to be specific. If you guys want arsenal football club to change we need to get that man out of the emirates, plain and simple. I watch american football and his team “the st.louis rams” haven’t won the league since the kurt warner days in 2000 or 2001 i don’t remember exactly but that’s how long ago it was. I think he also owns a hockey team which hasn’t won the league also in a very long time.

    His philosophy is about profit not trophies, he doesn’t care for that at all, he is american. Arsenal fans need to boycott games, protest and put pressure on the club to get rid of that guy or else it will be all the same week in and week out.

    1. @Dennis
      Kroenke being American has zero to do with his ideology. He’s a Capitalist, first and foremost…

  10. Budd, do you think anything is wrong at Arsenal? Who do you think should be primarily blamed and how do you think the problems we have can be fixed?

  11. Konstantin, you have the exclusive right to worry when results aren’t going well for the Gunners on the field of play. e.g. Yesterday’s result in our Ucl home game against Olympiacos was unfavourable for all of us Gooners, and it is a cause for serious concern. But there is hope for a tree that has dried up. Because by the cent of water, it will bud and brings forth boughs. Talkless of Arsenal that are not dried, but are still alive and living well. Konstatain, I want you to know that the bad result we suffered yesterday at the hands of Olympiacos is temporary. Better days are in store for us to bring them out and use them as we like. Zagreb & Olympiacos have had their first laugh over us. But he who laughs last, laugh the best laugh. And Arsenal will laugh that best laugh as I believe the Gunners will unfailingly qualify for the Ucl knock stages and go ahead to lift the giant trophy itself. Let me remind you of my belief that I have on Arsenal this season. Arsenal will undoubtedly win the fifthruple this season, out of which they’ve already won the Charity Shield, leaving them with the remain 4 titles to conclude the winnings. And lastly for now, Arsenal will resoundingly beat Man Utd on Sunday. Don’t forget for that big game, the Boss made 5 changes to his side that beat Leicester City last Saturday, of which we are all guilty as we demanded the Boss should do a rotation of his Gunners for our Ucl game against Olympiacos to enhance our beating Man Utd. Right? So, we shouldn’t make U-turn and start abusing the Boss as for listening to us.

    1. ??? What?…. Lifting a big trophy? ???
      And winning all of them? ???

      There is no chance of that happening ,
      All the while you have a hole in your arse ???

  12. Konstantin aka The Biggest Wenger Hater is back… Dude, CHILL!!! It was clear from the start of the UCL campaign that Wenger doesn’t care much about it. And why should he? Him, us, and everyone else including my neighbor’s dog understands that we’re still light years behind the likes of Barca, RM, and Bayern. So he did what a good manager is supposed to do – rotated our players with the intent of making sure our key guys are well rested before the Chelsea and ManU games. I repeat, his focus and EPL title push, not UCL at the moment. And how about somebody else takes an effin responsibility for the losses, like players themselves for example? Giroud should’ve known better not to get sent off in the first game, and yesterday the only gripe that I have is that Ospina started ahead of Cech. BUT… we still should’ve beaten both Zagreb and Olympiakos. So how about people take those hate glasses off, and judge the team and our manager objectively rather than based on a couple of bad results. We’re still in the mix for the EPL crown, and still in both FA Cup, and CoC campaigns. Man City are dropping points left and right, Chelsea are a mess, so I say if we beat ManU this coming weekend, things are not as bad as they seem.

  13. all arsenal fans can write the familiar script of our season..beat united, go on an amaizing run of winning games,beat bayern home and away,declare ourselves the best team in europe,march comes and we get eliminated in all competitions, probably win the fa cup..alot of regrets about games we should have won..arsene destroys our hopes in the transfer market..continue the cycle

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