Do Arsenal fans feel anger or sadness? Or just disappointed?

The logical thing happened and Arsenal were deservedly beaten by Konstantin Mitov
I’m amazed lovely Arsenal people, by the amount of Arsenal fans believing football is a irrational game where it doesn’t matter how many bad decisions you take, you can just win.
I predicted this season would be tough and Arteta would be sacked by Christmas, and he just couldn’t wait for game 1 to prove me right. I’ve spent numerous articles trying to explain why that is and at this point I feel all the energy towards Arsenal could just be spent better on something else.
I am happy I’m touring Europe and I didn’t get to watch the game. There was nothing to be excited about. We spent 50 million pounds on a CB and conceded two goals, and of course we couldn’t score.
If I tell you my honest opinion about these Arsenal players, board and staff, they’d forbid me from watching a football game forever, but in short, I wouldn’t miss one of them.
Auba and Laca should both be sold. I guess it’s my fault that we start the season unprepared again and having no striker. It’s just beyond unacceptable that we don’t have even one ready.
Odegaard? We had him last season and what did we do? We’re in for him, cause he’s cheaper than Maddison. Pathetic again, but we had him last year and we still finished 8th.
Even Harry Potter won’t fix this mess by waving his magic wand. It’s a problem that goes right down from Stan Kroenke at the top, to all the fans who keep believing in this rotten manager and system.

It’s hard to even say what I feel. You would normally call it disappointment, but it’s hard when you expect it. It’s mostly a bit of anger and then just sadness.

I hope you feel better though.

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  1. Dan kit says:

    Are we allowed to feel all 3 or do we have to pick just one ,if so I would like to phone a friend ,maybe Barry but he’s probably still in bed with a hangover .

    1. GunneRay says:


    2. Ozziegunner says:

      👍 👍 Dan, maybe we have to rank our feelings #1 through to #3?

      1. Admin Pat says:

        Is it too late to add “frustrated” to the list?

    3. Pat Morris says:

      Think everyone here is missing the point, issue is not artery it is owners and edu.

      Where is the 200M that Kroenke supposedly was committed to providing for an overhaul this season, and bluntly WTF is edu still getting paid for, his role is to provide the team with required players as arteta asks for!

      1. Boni says:

        This is just we lost reasons well known. Dont demonize our players how many other teams lost?

      2. Thomo says:

        Pat Morris, arteta was given money he decided to spend £50m on a central defender, its not how much you have its how you spend it

  2. GunneRay says:

    How about numb?

    That’s how I feel. It’s the fact my worse fears came true. That for all the usual rhetoric that came from MA’s lips after a disastrous season we still started the new season with pretty much what we has last season anyway!

    No matter who he signs now, I still feel he is the problem. He’s taking the team in a direction that no one wants but he is too blind to it. We could spend £200 million more but I’m not so sure it would matter?

    As much as I want to believe, I just can’t. Nothing is changing. Especially for the better!

    1. Marge says:

      My sentiments exactly. It wouldn’t matter who he signs, it would be same old sluggish team, they still played the same way they played last season. All ball to Tierney, Spam crosses. Readable, Predictable and not fast enough.
      This Arsenal is massively under coached

  3. fairfan says:

    Arteta willl be very happy now.
    Fan expectations are at their lowest point for 25 years.
    The team no longer has to compete for the title or even 2nd 3rd or 4th.
    Now for weak Arsenal fans top 6 will be seen as a “great success”.
    Beat Chelsea next PL game and it will be like the secod coming.
    All is forgiven.
    4th place is still the minimum requirement

    1. Sir Michael says:

      fairfan We have NO chance of finishing fourth from what I seen last night we will be lucky to finish 8th

      1. Mduduzi says:

        Sir Michael you are spot on infect we will be fighting for relegation this season after what I saw last night

        1. Thomo says:

          We will be the biggest club in the championship

      2. Highbury44 says:

        We have no chance of even8th.If you can’t defend and can’t score ,there is only one place you end up.The relegation zone.

    2. Biscuitbum says:

      Top 4. Are you sure? Even the fabulous Spurs, with or without Kane, aren’t expecting to achieve that. Personally I would take top 6 all day given the predicament we are in now. Given that NONE of Kroenke’s sporting enterprises is ever successful, even that would be a minor achievement.

  4. gotanidea says:

    We’ve bought a premium short CB, so we might have to assign him to a different position if required. I thought Arsenal have learned a lot from having a premium short CB like Mustafi

    About our senior CFs, I’m afraid we can only sell them with huge discounts. Signing Odegaard will increase our tactical flexibility, but it shouldn’t be our main priority

    Brentford’s CF could man-handle our CBs, whereas our CF obviously couldn’t. We won’t win if we keep losing the duels in the front line and in set-pieces, so Arsenal have to move faster in the transfer window

    1. Nero says:

      You like talking speaking too much unesecary rubbish… Every team knows arsenal are insistent on passing from thr back, with slow players like xaka etc who are not good enough… So all you need do is press them and they will mske mistakes.. Thats all stop all this annoying analysis.. Ivan toney of Brentford said tgat what the coach told them, so hush mr man, stop annoying us further,

      Arteta is clueless, all he knows is you must pass from the back, thats why when leno gets the ball opposite teams camp in arsenal box 18,because that all they have been told to do pass from the back.. And how many times has this lead to goals?.. Arteta so clueless that he has no other ideas apart from pass from the back and hopr for the best, that he wants to spend 30 million on a keeper, as back up, why? Because the keeper can pass from. The back, enough of this your noise please.

      1. Nero says:

        Also notice, when opposition teams, keeper is with the ball, arsenal players are clueless as to what to do…,but when leno is with the ball all opponents know what to do?…am not sure you know… So ill tell you.. They camp around leno and force errors.. The they insist on this same folly now and always..

        Stop your so called analysis, simply arteta has no game plan,

        Arteta tactics

        1. Mukaddas yakubu akata says:

          I am really appreciated with your analysis you are among the best arsenal fan’s that know what is happening with the team

        2. Yinka ola says:

          Nero please stop fiddling with xhaka. You are entitled to your opinion and I freely express mine saying that Dhaka is part of solution to the teams problems as long as he has others to complement him. He is a damn good player. If you watch Man united, they have severally quick and exceptionally talented player in their line up. This is what arsenal need to do to be competitive. RB, CAM, ATTACK AND RW. Allows xhaka to flourish. Same way you can’t ask Harry Kane to play as a central defender.

      2. gotanidea says:

        Just wanna convey a constructive comment, instead of expressing my anger or insulting other people

        We all know that Arteta would likely not survive if he loses three of our first five EPL games, so no need to waste our breath

        About building from the back, Arsenal have to do it as a top team. If our current players can’t do it, they’re simply unfit to play with high level football

        However, I believe some Gooners want an instant result, so those types of fans had better ask for someone like Ranieri. He’ll make a new system based on our players’ abilities, but I won’t watch a Simeone-type of negative football

        1. Pepe says:

          If you can watch Arteta’s football then you can watch 100’s of simeone
          And guess what he is the Spanish champion

        2. Nero says:

          You’re still talking nonsense..

          Why must arsenal pass from the back?.. Does Madrid do that? Hiw many top teams do it? Barca only.. But with great players.. You really have no ideas.. In life you, only attain to the pinaacle being you.. Stop being a fake wannabe.. “as a top team arsenal must pass from the back”.. Trash.. Because we accumulate points we accumulate from passing from im the back?

          You’re clueless and like writing English.. English isn’t a sign of intelligence, its a language.. You said we bought a short center back.. When we had long metersacker.. How many balls was he able to head? End of your point my man, you like areta have no clue, just sign language and noise.. Wenger played tika taka, how many passes from the back, made him concede goals?

        3. Kaycee says:

          Sorry to ask? Is Arteta football a positive style of football

        4. Highbury44 says:

          Why do we have to play out from the back?Is that a guarantee to score a goal? Of course not.To me it doesn’t matter how you play as long as you score

        5. Davi says:

          I don’t get that mindset wrt Simeone. If we developed a playing style that was defensively-minded but meant we were consistently and convincingly winning matches, I’d enjoy it just as much as anything else.

          To be honest, I find the idea that we have to be super exciting to watch to be something that actually holds us back; let’s get back to winning first (fans should always be happy of we win, right?), and let others worry about aesthetics.

        6. Marge says:

          Arsenal needs a grinder, a winner to turn this Attitude, Inability to fight And Fortune. Simeone or Conte might be the best for the job

        7. Bluedabadee says:


          The idea that securing a tall and strong CF will improve the team is a delusional one. Here is why:

          Arteta insists on playing out from the back. How then would he make use of an imposing CF? – I can tell you now that he would struggle to even do that.

          How do I know? – Simple, it’s because he’s proven himself incapable of bringing the best out of the players he currently has.

          Stiff as a board manager.

          Arteta tactics

      3. siamois says:

        Spot on!they know our players have been instructed to play from the back no matter what to stop it high press like I said before we’ve been found out we are so predictable get close to Xhaka put him under pressure he is bound to make a mistake.

        1. towny254 says:

          siamois It is not the players it’s the system Arteta wants to play, and our players cannot play that system it is that simple

      4. kori says:

        well said. we pass from the back without any precision. I think artetas plan is to not score goals but to become king of the managers when passing out from the back. at present he is really a pauper at passing out from the back. I was hoping for something new from arteta this season, but this garbage that I am watching makes my stomach turn. first match but #artetaout.

    2. Cliff says:

      Well spoken.
      I am wondering if we are a football club or an academy judging by yesterdays team.This team is just uncompetitive, how come all our players,are short and weak?
      Then we want to add Odegard to our height less team.This is just madness.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Thanks bro. I believe Arsenal want to have a beautiful football identity, as a top team. Hence we’ve been collecting small creative players since the Invincibles’ era

        We also conceded many goals from set-pieces and counter-attacks in Wenger’s time. The trend continues with Arteta, so Arsenal have to use a different approach and start injecting some physicalities into the team

        1. Pepe says:

          Do you know how many players Arteta have signed
          Was he blind to player height
          I can not believe how people think Ben white is better than Saliba and we even paid 50m for him
          Chambers, Mari, xhaka, sambi even Leno these players are not midgets it’s just like of good training and assigning the right players for the right responsibility

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            He doesn’t like dealing with players taller than him, younger than him,……..

    3. Kenya 001 says:

      Not sure how I feel a bit of both! Raging ,
      resigned,or should I say I just feel like the Arsenal performance! Confused

    4. Gunner22 says:

      Misplaced piorities my friend! Tall CB, short CB, fat CB, thin CB, left foot CB, right foot CB, in any case with any CB we would be a goal or two down because we are Arsenal and we have the Art(eta) of letting goals in by the hook or crook. Had we to invest that 52 grand + 10 more we could have an outstanding MF player to aid the strikers. Can we not score even a single goal against the new comers? Hope Aug 21st takes more than the usual time as I dread to see what Lukaku would do to our back line. If this is our performance, very soon our London derbys would be with QPR or Millwall.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Some fans here are screaming for a new creative CAM or no 10, so please watch this excellent documentary from Deutsche Welle Kick-off and listen to what Joachim Low/ Jurgen Klopp said about that type of player:

        I agree with them, that a hardworking presser like Smith-Rowe is better for the team

        About the Chelsea game, Havertz would likely be dominant against White in the air. If Lukaku is fit, he’d likely eat both our CBs alive

        1. Pepe says:

          Who cares about some ghost documentary on YouTube

          1. Nero says:

            Don’t Mind that got no idea guy.. He likes to sound intelligent by writing lots of unnecessary English.., am annoyed hes just compounding it… He claims ben white is bla bla, he can’t head, meaning we should have signed a tall center back… He clueless as to how poor metersacker was in heading the ball.. Even as a giant.. They guy should stop annoying us further

        2. Fat one says:

          The German way of playing football has nothing to do with the English way,aside Ozil Germany has never had any number 10 that can create magic or give that beautiful pass
          So just give it up

      2. Anni Jimmy Joshua says:

        Scary I must say

    5. Sylva says:

      Some of your analysis are quite correct. But like I also said in my previous comment “does Arteta/Arsenal coach and Edu really knows WHAT PLAYER they NEED to solve the team’s problem. Yes we bought Lokonga for the future instead allowing M.Niles to improve and develop in midfield.. Players bought for the future won’t win you matches in EPL. We needed Tarvas as back up for Thieney and that’s good. But if you ask me, we don’t need B. White badly bcos without him we were 3rd best defensively last season. So, we could have kept W.Saliba. The money spent on Lokonga and White could have been used for a towering CF & AM or quality DM. And a find a way to sell A. Lacazette even if at discounted price.
      Edu & Arteta decision making in the
      transfer market is somehow not notch. And Arsena as a club don’t seem ambitious enough.. Teams with top4 as a target don’t tolerate failure from their coach and their activities in the market is on point.

  5. DaJuhi says:

    Don’t feel anything anymore.

    > finish 8th and as 15th least creative team
    >Spend 75£ millions on defensive players
    >Get immediately beaten 2-0 by promoted team with 2 shots on target

    Genius Arteta and Edu.

    1. TexMex says:

      Best post of the day. Just really trying not to feel anything anymore. Shutting Arsenal out of my mind for even 1 hour is relaxing. Watched ManU v Leeds just now…we are so in trouble. Could spend quite a large amount of the year in the relegation zone. When you have an owner worth $7B, why hire a hack? JMO.

      I do like one of the posters nickname for Arteta…El Pundit…curious on his nickname for Edu??

  6. Kasaz says:

    We can say utterly gutted. Wasted my rume last night. If we continue like this .I am sure by December we will surely be relegation contenders.
    Some one at the club must take responsibility .
    Fans should start boycotting everything from matches to merchandise .
    There should be a revolt outside Emirates
    I will stop watching arsenal from today .
    Could not sleep last night .
    Broke my window pane .
    Was about to smash my tv when the second goal went in .

    1. GunneRay says:

      Man, you got issues!

    2. jon fox says:

      Kasaz, Imagine publicly admitting that you have such issues in your life! I’d seek help and quickly too, if I were you.

    3. Sue says:

      Not worth trashing your house over, Kasaz!

    4. TexMex says:

      Kazaz, you have no issues. I’m with you. Wait for months for something different, and then something the same arrives. Arms in the air….but don’t smash the TV…window panes are OK, but avoid TV’s.

  7. Lenohappy says:

    Have been waiting to see Thirdman and Jon fox post. I hope they are well.

    1. jon fox says:

      Then scroll down son and learn something true!

    2. jon fox says:

      Then scroll further down and learn something profoundly true.

    3. Kenya 001 says:

      Yeah guess they are bidding their time and come out Abit cool and relaxed to analyze better. Whatever happened to the kroenke out! Leno?

  8. Sean Williams says:

    I first felt, with the youngsters playing, I would accept a poor result, but the style of play was clearly disfunctional, Arteta is living in Arteta World, and that is his own lost fantasy world. He really has no idea, pursuing the same losing methods, tactics and style of play that haunted us last season. He should fall on his sword or be sacked by the next game.

    1. Cliff says:

      Any successful team needs a mix of talent, experience,physical presence, agility and leadership. We are in big trouble if our only weapon is the young lads we fielded yesterday, I can bet we will never win a premier league match with such a team.

      1. SueP says:

        Quite agree and they wouldn’t all ordinarily be in the starting 11. It was a team you may have put out for the Carabao Cup rather than a tricky fixture away to newly promoted Brentford in front of a buzzing full house for the first time for ages.
        A lot of ping pong football and poor defensive work.
        Much work to do and a quick return to fitness is required for those out injured or sick. Arteta’s time is now in the balance. I certainly supported him as we all knew he was the ‘rookie’ but that no longer applies. I’ll see how the window pans out and the return of senior players before casting my judgement later in the year but it’s not looking good

        So my reaction was ‘unsurprised’ albeit very disappointed

  9. Andrew Banks says:

    The money is there. I don’t blame Kroenke. Shocking management and poor purchases. How on earth did we get Xhaka back…and with a pay rise. He is terrible and always has been. We had the chance to get rid of him and someone was actually going to pay us! Auba and Laca, at least they had the courtesy to pull a sickie. As for Odergaard he is very very ordinary, just as Ceballos was. Why would we pay anything for him. Reasonable squad player at best. Arteta will be gone before the end,of October, but will anyone decent come to Arsenal?

    1. GunneRay says:

      You have to blame Koenke because he hired someone who has never managed a team at this level before. Someone unproven. Except for a seat at the side of a great manager, Guadiola, what has he done?

      Sometimes you get what you pay for!

  10. Nero says:

    Arsenal is too big forr arteta..

    Its all his fault… He may be intelligent.. I don’t know, but one thing is certain, he doesn’t have a mind of his own, hes too interested being like pep, than being anything else, whicg is folly.

    Its his fault Martinez left and that back up from. Brighton too left.. Why? Pep uses one keeper in all competitions ie his first choice, this limits chances for the 2nd choice.. Martinez saw this and knew if he was 2nd to leno, he wont get game time.. So did Macey.. I mean this isnt a sensible route.. Because how do you tgen develop the 2nd choice, no other coaches uses this approach but pep, and his wannabe.. And now leno is second to useless leaving arsenal in a rut.

    Arsenal has always had excellent and excess midfielders, arteta sold gueundozi, blanked out, nathan miles, emptied the midfield… And didn’t replace, see what happened yesterday.. You’re midfield is light.. The first big signing is a center back.. Even as at that ben white could have played midfield and allow holding to play temporarily.. He also extended xaka contract…

    Laca and auba arent sick.. Its just Wenger/Ferguson tactics when they don’t want to play a player.. Watch and see, these guys are big names that give confidence to their teams and make opposition more cautious.. Brentford wont have been that confident with at least one of those guys available.. Arteta goofed.. Hes too proud and high handed for such an underachiver.. See the little time hes spent at arsenal number of players hes had issues with.. He needs to go, it will be hard for him to get another job.. After this watch and see.

    He doesn’t have much to offer,
    Ivan toney was asked yesterday, what their coach asked them to do.. He said every one knows arsenal play from the back and if you press them they make mistakes… Thats exactly what happened and thats exactly what teams used to beat arsenal every now and again… Arteta is clueless.. Apart from this passing from the back, he has no other idea or tactics.. And hes soo bent on his clueless ways that he wants to spend 30 million on on a backup keeper because the keeper can pass from. The back..

    Edu is also at fault.. Right from last season.. Arsenal has always had creative midfielders issues.. Till tomorrow this issue is uet to be resolved.. Arteta needs to go.. His ridden his luck enough.

    Leno is lower club Quality
    Pepe is useless outside the box 18
    How does chambers start over soares..?
    Xaka needs to go
    Lokonga isn’t ready, hes ok though
    Why cant arteta trust miles in the midfielder, is lokonga better?

    Only players on that picth were saka, esr, Tierney

    1. Cliff says:

      You couldn’t have put it any better Nero.This is purely artetas mistake,he has been using this players the entire pre-season.If he wanted them out he should have been very clear instead waiting for the season to start and then unbalance the team like what he did yesterday.
      This is so childish and embarrassing to the arsenal.

  11. indian gooner says:

    First we have to change our manager and edu because these people doesn’t know how to run a club like arsenal stature. We need experienced manager to boost the current player’s confidence. Right now its all doom and gloom for the players even if we signed messi arteta will transform him to a looser, look at Tierney and martinelli there enthusiasm is disappearing from their face

    1. Chris says:

      Arteta does not know who to play period he lacks football knowledge should be sacked asap rather go for a manager who has won trophies this is a useless manager

  12. Wolfgang says:

    This passing game is slow and gives defenders time to regroup.Thats why when the gunn ers
    were in the box,it was very crowded.
    Ieno was held when the bees were taking a corner kick and goal given.
    Why didnt MD blow and disallowed the goal.Tv cameras showed Leno being impeded.What were the var guys doing?

  13. Dan kit says:

    Just watched post match interview with Arteta and when asked if Laca and Auba will be fit for Chelsea all he said was “I don’t know “
    Maybe they are off from his face because no information was given on their illnesses and if it’s just stomach bug or cold then they should be clearly back in 9days ,if it was covid that would have been reported and in the news .

    1 game into the season and it’s already gone tits up .

    1. TexMex says:

      Growing up in Wisconsin milking cows daily, much appreciated on the “tits up” comment. Second best comment of the day!!

  14. Felix says:

    I am really disappointed with Arteta recruitment staff, our previous mistakes still are happening now. Modern football has changed ,you have to invest more in proven players and staff. Arteta was overhyped only cuz he worked under pep,in two seasons. He has no what it takes to return the golden days of Arsenal. Chelsea had to do away with Lampard, the Fruits of this decision known to everyone.

    1. LtDan says:

      Anger, Sadness or Disappointed?

      Anger and disappointed for me. No sadness as we don’t deserve any sympathy. We are creators of our own downfall.

      The abundance of piss poor players that we have is not the sign of a good team. We couldn’t beat Hibs or Rangers and now we looked stupid against Brentford.

      Same players doing the same thing. Pepe running up his own arse. Leno putting his own defenders in danger. Xhaka always electing for a sideways pass. The ball becoming like a hot potato if the game gets too frenetic.!!! I believe that’s why we buy slow, sloth like players because we don’t know how to play with any gusto anymore. We deliberately try to slow the game down by trying to keep possession in a hope that we can carve out one good looking move that might lead to a goal. As soon as it’s a fast paced, robust and pressured game…the same players I mentioned and others are all at sea.

      We’ve got a couple that relish a real football game and don’t mind a good fight ie Saka, ESR, Lacazette. As for the rest, they’re happy with what they’re instructed to do. It’s easy work and some good money too.

      The majority of this team has to go and the idiotic methodology that we employ has to now be dropped. We’ve persisted with it for too long now and Arsenal, like the rest of the premiership have to evolve and cope with the rigours of real world football, not fantasy!

  15. jon fox says:

    KONSTANTIN! The ultimate doom monger and what was so telling to me was that he was “happy he did not watch the game”(meaning on TV I assume, as he was touring).

    A supporter who is “happy not to watch the game” does not exist, but a mere “fan” does exist!
    There is a world of difference between supporters and mere self proclaimed “fans “!

    SUPPORTERS PLAY A KEY ROLE IN OUR CLUB AND ARE PART OF IT BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT. Mere fans, on the other hand, believe they are more entitled than the club and moan , endlessly , when they do not get all they want.

    I found this article a sickening charade from a non supporter who just happens to be a mere fan to be honest!

    Real thinkers easily recognise the important and vital difference between the two words ; supporter and fan!

    As evidence for this statement I offer the thought that the word “fanboy” is often used as a derogatory call but I have never heard any one scorned as a “mere” supporter boy(or girl) as it is widely recognised that a supporter is REAL, while a mere fan, such as KONSTANTIN and his ilk, are not necessarily so.

    1. GunneRay says:

      And yet, most fans (of any type) feel exactly the same as Konstantin!

      1. Pepe says:

        Again he manages to dulge commenting on the game or his idol Arteta
        Choses to hide behind supporters and fans when no one actually wants to know
        The mood of 75% of the fans are the same and you can barely see a happy fan nowadays and there is a reason for that

    2. jon fox says:

      As an adjunct to my above comment specifically about Konstantin, so many esp younger Gooners, simply fail to comprehend how often their own precise words reveal so much about them.

      People such as I ,AND THERE ARE MANY OF US, on here and all around, closely study how we humans react and how we speak and how our own WORDS, actions and deeds reveal so much truth about US as a person. This applies equally to me as it does to all of us!

      Worth thinking about, IF you wish to hide the real you for any reason. Perhaps because deep down you are unhappy with what you really amount to as a person ?

      1. Pepe says:

        So in present condition since we are too be supporters we should be clapping for the rubbish we witnessed yesterday and support a project that is clearly going south….
        The club and it’s management have given the fans so many reasons to feel which ever thing they feel be it sad or disappointed….
        You can’t beat a child and tell him not to cry no matter the amount of love and support shown
        For every action there is a reaction
        I can’t understand the message you are trying to pass
        We are all here because of our love for the club please don’t twist words to make yourself look like you are more of a supporter than everyone else..

        1. Dan kit says:

          Everyone else non supporters then go’s about his daily business slagging off half the players at the club .
          Surely a real supporter would support everyone at the club jonny boy ,or is it just when it suits you .

          1. Highbury Hero says:

            Daily business 😂😂😂 that is a good one.

        2. jon fox says:

          Pepe but you are not SUPPPORTERS, merely fans .

          You have totally failed to grasp the basic point of my post , despite it being written lucidly and clearly.

          I realise English is not your first language though, which probably explains why you “can’t understand the message” .

          1. Adiva says:

            You are an English man who lives in England and support the club.. Can you please tell us the last time you support the club with your money or presence. I have read the feeling of many fans Like Sue, Ken and rest who does the above and their feelings is exactly like mine who lives in overseas. Can you then say Sue is not a supporter

      2. Sean Williams says:

        Over large Jon Fox ego.

    3. ArsenalGR says:

      Hey Jon Fox, it’s not a psychology session in here, keep your ill thought comments for yourself. Having not already had a stroke at your age watching Arsenal the last 15 years, and instead trying to shame real Arsenal fans/supporters, shows your true character. If you can support all these atrocities going on at Arsenal FC the last couple of decades, then be my guest and call yourself “a true supporter”.

      PS. English is not my native language either, does this make me less of an Arsenal supporter to you?

      1. David says:

        It’s unfortunately clear that you and some others here have failed to grasp Jon’s perspective on the original “article”.
        Resorting to rants and insults does not change this.
        In this case his points are well made and it is difficult to disagree.
        It is worth noting that at this point both “fans”and “supporters” would probably agree that Arsenal need reinforcements.

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          When it comes to football a fan and a supporter is exactly the same thing. I won’t dive deep into this topic today but I will in the near future.

          Mr Fox has been going on about a fan, a supporter and a loyalist in a very weak and shallow thinking just to fulfill his daily need of keeping others down.

          So how being a supporter according to that shallow view change the performance we witnessed last night?

        2. jon fox says:

          Thank you David for having the nous, language skill and open mind to understand the concept about how we human are, that I WAS ATTEMPTING to convey to those with closed minds and scornful attitudes.
          I ought not to waste my time, but then I come across a wise and thinking person like you and am motivated to continue. So, again I thank you and most sincerely.

          BTW, I have never once argued that we need no reiforcements. We ALL know we do and badly too.

          It is so frustrating and dishonest when certain fans put their own and deliberately wrong meaning on those unambiguous words that I choose so very carefully.

      2. jon fox says:

        THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG! All humans behave as we do – you and me included -for psychological reasons. If you knew even the first thing about human behaviour, or had long studied it, as I HAVE, you would not have written as you did in that oh so mistaken way.

        There have by the way been no “atrocities going on at Arenal FC”!
        Atrocities are bombings etc, wilful murder, and unspeakable crimes against humanity.

        We are talking about a mere football club.So some perspective, please!

        I will ignore your implied insult in the PS last line!

        1. ArsenalGR says:

          Yeah, maybe the word “atrocities” was not the best one on this situation. I haven’t been studying your language lately.
          Nevertheless, in order to describe the situation at Arsenal the last decade or so, one doesn’t need to speak your language perfect. It’s profound that Arsenal is going from bad to worse.

          You may find the way your talking to others on this forum fine, please take notice though that it’s long started to be tyring and offensive to others.
          Your age should drive you to keep a low profile, instead of coming into conflict every other day.
          Cause at the end of the day, despite your grown age, you may get blocked from this site, if you keep provoking or insulting others.
          Greetings from Germany

          1. s6man says:

            you chose your words very eloquently and you said what needed to be said nobody is above anybody else we are all equal. there is no reason to discriminate between age race or intelligence as long as people give their views in a respectful manner as you have. there is no need to try and bully people to their beliefs and thank you .greetings from England

    4. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      like I said before, Jon, how quickly you seem to forget…why did WE rail so vehemently against the abject “settling” of our absentee landlord and when Wenger went all Santos and Kallstrom on us, if we were just going to simply accept managerial mediocrity in the here and now…you do realize that Xhaka is likely going to be a central figure in our squad moving forward and was ACTUALLY wearing the armband again, don’t you? now, in regards to this latter fact, if this was Wenger, I wouldn’t be so worried, as during his post-Dein reign the armband was functionally a kiss of death, but who knows with this manager-in-training

      1. jon fox says:

        TRVL, I have no idea why you choose to insult my mental faculties by saying “I seem to forget”. Where Arsenal is concerned I FORGET hardly anything and I expect you do not forget either.

        Frankly though, I fail to take your actual point in this post clearly.

        .What are you actually saying, in plain English please?

        I understand that you are asking me if I understand that XHAKA WIL BE STAYING AROUND.
        Yes I do understand THAT comment, as English is easy to understand for me, when it is correctly used, as it was in THAT section of your post.

        1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

          of course I was just being facetious, which I’m sure you were well-aware…as you know, there are seminal points in the history of each individual club where it’s imperative that the supporters call upon the powers that be, by whatever “reasonable” means, to no longer placate to the problematic whims of the hired help

          this type of irresponsible behaviour is infinitely more likely to arise and proliferate in a situation where those within ownership act in a largely indifferent manner, such as is the case in North London…this dynamic is even more debilitating, as I’m sure you would agree, when this indifference is accompanied by a glaring lack of proper investment, which was the case, until this off-season, considering our completed transfer and speculative bids…so whereas, under the normal set of circumstances, I would heap considerable blame on the owner for not backing the manager, I’m infinitely more concerned about what said manager might do with these typically non-existent funds

          the fact that further missteps by this manager, if they were to go unchecked, could negatively impact this club for the foreseeable future, simply can’t be ignored, which is why you should never attempt to quell the concerns of the fanbase, regardless if you don’t like the particular tone and/or tenor, unless it crosses obvious legal lines or embraces the absurdly you don’t need to join the choir, but you likewise shouldn’t try to bully them out of the church

          1. jon fox says:

            TRVL interesting to note how you chose to use convoluted language in this post specifically to me, INSTEAD of your more usual normal language style.

            I of course realise why you felt the need to do so, though with a sigh!!

  16. Felix says:

    We have been reduced to the laughing stock each day. We are ashamed to introducing ourselves as Arsenal fans wherever we are. Maybe the Kroenke and his shareholders are still comfortable in the business but Arsenal fanbase is declining. By December we will be fighting for relegation with Edu gaspar and Arteta on the helm at the Emirates. We need a coach who knows what it means getting 3 to 4 wins consecutively. Those stupid excuses can’t bore Fruit anymore. #Conte please save us.

  17. Kawer says:

    Same old story, the club is declining every season, I looked at the Arsenal squad yesterday, they presented a mid table club squad, surely something has to be done or else within three to four seasons We play in championship

  18. Stephanie says:

    All 3

  19. FingersFurnell says:

    Oh well, I guess we aren’t going to emulate the 04 Invincibles then!

    We were beaten by the better side last night, I was obviously disappointed but not shocked, I thought we could get a draw there but it wasn’t to be

    I don’t think we conceded playing out from the back?

    I agree with Wolfgang that Leno was fouled for their second goal but Saka should have tracked the scorer and Tierney should have been stronger on the back stick, but it didn’t really matter, it was never going to be nil nil, if you don’t score you can’t expect a result, that was the frustrating part for me

    ESR looked classy on the ball and drove forward really well but still work in progress when it comes to end product at the moment unfortunately

    I thought Sambi’s Arsenal League debut was as good as White’s was poor

    As I say disappointing and frustrating but it doesn’t change my view that we will have a decent season and this team and Manager will come good

    Onwards and upwards, come on you Gunners

  20. Muganga Phillip says:

    The problem is not Arteta the problem with arsenal is Stan kroenke. Arteta is the owner of the team he’s neither in charge of funds or the boss. stan kroenke is arsena problem

    1. kori says:

      We blame Kroenke too much, he isn’t the one who decide which area to fix in the team. other teams have less budget and does far better with player recruitment with it. it’s all edu and arteta.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Reggie says:

      The problem falls clearly and squarely at Artetas door.

  21. Sue says:

    We looked nervous and didn’t appear ready, despite having played 6 games in pre-season!
    I guess I’m thankful it’s only the first game – plenty of time to address those issues. But as MA is already under immense pressure, we really couldn’t afford a slow start. Last night won’t have done our confidence any good..
    The whole league will have watched (maybe laughed?) and will know to get at us, put us under pressure and we’ll buckle! So nothing has changed in that respect.
    Injuries and illnesses really haven’t helped (it never rains but it pours on planet Arsenal) but I shouldn’t take anything away from TF and Brentford; they were fantastic! What I’d give for us to put in a performance like that!
    So, yes, it’s safe to say I’m feeling rather disappointed (but not surprised) this morning… and am not looking forward to playing Big Rom and the Chavs!

    Come on footballing gods, give us a break! We’ve been through more than enough lately! 🥺

    1. Trig says:

      Sue this is the longest post I have seen from you… You must be gutted

      1. Sue says:

        👍(longest to the shortest 🤣)

    2. Logic says:

      Yeah, such along comment sue. Things are really looking bad lol!. Most of us are in the same boat with you. Only positive thing I can see coming out of this season is our youngsters will get more experience and mature.

      1. Sue says:

        Very true, Logic

    3. VasC says:

      You’ve hit the sweet spot, Sue! The “pre-season” games.

      How any of our starting XI and the subs were with us through-out the pre-season?

      Ben White – No.
      Martinelli – No.
      Saka – No.
      Xhaka – No.

      The team was picked without care because we thought it was only Brentford. Could we have started Nelson with Martinelli on the bench? Probably. Could we have ignored the price tag and started Ben White on the bench and played Holding instead? Probably. We just failed to give Brentford the due respect and paid the price for our negligence.

      1. David says:

        You are probably right that Arsenal were not sufficiently well prepared for this match.
        Unfortunately, we are still scrabbling around with regards to signings and offloads.
        However, some of your “solutions” are questionable and simply highlight the difficulties the manager faces.
        Nelson? Really?
        As for Holding, there were fitness concerns already. Also, he’s hardly VVD.

        1. VasC says:

          I agree with your views about my “questionable” solutions and I’ll explain why I made them.

          Last time I checked, Martinelli is a forward and not a “true” winger. Unlike Martinelli, who was never with the squad for pre-season, Nelson was involved in the pre-season games. Plus, Nelson is a “true” winger by trade.

          Normally, in any crucial game, it’s wise to play the best tested XI and not put a player who’s new in the squad, lacking a proper pre-season with the existing squad.

          Holding is no VVD. Agreed. But, it was MA who gave him his new contract and didn’t sell / loan him in this summer window. If Holding is not trusted by MA to start when the need arises, why keep him around in the squad in the first place. Your suggestion that Holding is not fit to start and yet fit enough to make the bench is laughable.

          Managers are paid to make the calls regarding team selection. Had the team won the game, nobody will be questioning his selections. Sadly, it didn’t.

          Notice, why I didn’t question the selection of ASL. Because, he spent quality time with the current squad in the pre-season and he must be more familiar about his new teammates and their style of play than, let’s say, Ben White.

          1. David says:

            Still not convinced by these arguments. They are clearly based on hindsight analysis and even then there are issues.
            *Martinelli has played this role for Arsenal and Brazil so it is not a new role for him
            *Nelson has rarely been convincing and did nothing when he came on to suggest he should have started
            *It is not “laughable” for a player to be able to make the bench but not be risked to start
            Any decision is a judgement call of course. In my view the manager had to make some difficult calls. Although, there were possible alternatives there is little to suggest that these would have made Arsenal a better team on the day.

      2. Sue says:

        I’d have been anxious had we started Holding over White!!
        Tbh, I don’t think there was a great deal we could’ve done – except turn up, which would’ve been nice 🤣
        Our squad depth isn’t great..
        One thing I observed from last season (& possibly 7 (?) before that) is we always have someone who plays absolute pants.. Chambers hands down last night, who will it be against the Chavs?! Take your pick!!

        1. VasC says:

          I’ll reserve my pick until the starting XI is officially out, Sue!

          Who’d have thought that two senior players will be out SICK(???) a couple of hours before kick-off???

    4. Ozziegunner says:

      Sue, Villarreal with that “poor failure of a manager” Unai Emery held Chelsea to a 2:2 draw, so one would expect Arsenal under Mikel Arteta, to at least do as well.
      Like you it is impossible to be confident given Aubameyang and Lacazette won’t be playing again. Hope springs eternal!

      1. Sue says:

        He’s proving the doubters wrong, Ozzie!!

  22. Noble corleone says:

    Pain in the arsenal

  23. Shakir says:

    Brentford deserved the win but i hope we can come back stronger.

    My problem is with the goals, how are those goals given.First goal the ball went out and the second leno was fouled

  24. RW1 says:

    Tiernay was the only consistently decent player on the pitch .. smith Rowe did some nice things in patches and lukonga looked promising … the rest was shambolic or worse … for those like myself who have been warning since December that the writing is on the wall with arteta and in big capital letters the current state of affairs is saddening but not surprising… what happens in next 4 weeks will determine whether we continue our decade long descent or show any signs of revival .. but what is for sure arteta can’t do the latter and fans need to get real on this before it’s too late … of course the bunch doesn’t stop with him … metaphorically and literally

  25. Blackszykowsky #003 says:

    Though I want Arteta gone, Arsenal will never win on a friday. Mark my words #arteta out, #edu out #kroenke out!

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      Especially Friday the 13th!!!

  26. Otile Fred says:

    As for me, I don’t even know what I feel. I am jealous of Chelsea and their coach. Tuchel transformed Chelsea with the same players and won the CL. I crave for a coach like that but the mighty Arsenal will never sack a poor performing coach until it’s three years. Waste.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Tuchel underperformed Emery at PSG, yet Emery was sacked by Arsenal, rather than supporting him with discipline and transfers.

      1. Sid says:

        Not so sure Ozzie. For a cclub like PSG, merely winning domestic trophies or having a high win percentage is one of the usual things on board. Tuchel nearly gave them the CL. So he didnt in the true sense underperform Emery.
        Although wholeheartedly agreed with your notion that UE should have been better supported.

  27. Twinlights says:

    I’m beginning to think Arteta’s stubbornness is leading him astray.

    Ditch this sideways passing game, man!

    Can’t see him here by January if he dosen’t change tact.

  28. VasC says:

    “Tiernay was the only consistently decent player on the pitch”(sic)

    Consistent – YES.
    Decent – YES.
    Attack 10/10
    Defence -10/10 (minus 10)

    Tierney abandoned his post and left the defence totally exposed to Brentford attack. Most of their best attacking moves came down through our left side.

    Will I pick Tierney for the next match, if it is up to me? Absolutely YES! But, I’ll tell him to fulfill his defensive responsibilities first and foremost, before going further forward to support our attack.

    1. VasC says:

      Meant to be a reply to @RW1

    2. guy says:

      Vasc been saying for a season that we have to pick Tierney but he is a very poor defender. We forgave Bellerin that fault for years, I hope we can knock this out of him or we will always be in trouble on the left of defence. Having said that he is no worse than Chambers, Mari and Leno. What a shambles for White to land in.

      1. VasC says:

        I guess, the only way moving forward is to revert to a back three, if we need to get the best out of KT. I rate him very highly, both, as a person and a player. I guess we must adapt our game play to suit his strengths than the other way around. Based on what I’ve read elsewhere about Ben White being only good at a back three, this system will get the best out of two players who are regarded as the building blocks for the future. We’ll get to know that in the next few games.

  29. Adajim says:

    After yesterday game I feel for MA and I think if I were him I’ll leave arsenal ASAP. It’s obvious this team doesn’t have the capacity to play what he is trying to play and though he is trying to change the tiki taka culture to aggressive passing tactics, the players are really not interested in leaving there comfort zone of one touch pass to pressing and we don’t have the right too.

    So many might argue ‘ why not play to the strength of your players’?
    But playing to the strength of our players means we are going back to arsenal of those days where we creates and score goals at the same time conceded a lot.
    Don’t get me wrong we still concede stupid goals but in reality it’s because we are trying to adapt to the new system but finding it had to

    1. guy says:

      Hi Ada – He’s stubborn and one dimensional but the thought of resigning must have crossed his mind last night.

      1. Reggie says:

        Are you two thinking straight? I dont see any aggressive passing at all, its all slow and deliberate, often passing on giving a killer pass to pass sideways. And Arteta will never resign he will have to be sacked.

    2. Ozziegunner says:

      Adajim, the number one responsibility for any manager, whether it be football or business, is to maximise the performance of the assets at your disposal.
      Arteta is failing in that responsibility. Once he realized his players (how many has he brought in or retained on new contracts?) did “not have the capacity to play what he is trying to play”, it is up to Arteta to restructure the playing style to optimise the “capacities” of the players he has in the squad. Also, Arteta is supposed to be able to coach!

  30. Nino says:

    Arsen Wenger time I used to enjoy watching arsenal play even sometimes we do lose to our oppositions… but I won’t be angry because I enjoy football with good plan & good direction but now i pay to watch pepe & Xhaka to be sincere this 2 player can’t see shirt in liecester city … some people were busy saying that our players were too young last night.. but they are have forgotten that in Ajax is only young boys play in that team ….is not matter of young boys the issue there is how u organized the boys….
    arsenal need a Coach yes we don’t have a Coach and again we don’t have Wengers like mane .. sterling…gnabry … Neymar…Coman …chisea..richalison..insane…son .. Wengers who can cut and shot …we use to have them before like Walcott. Sanchez. But now nor one can do that in our team..even our left Wengers like Pepe he’s not good enough to play in arsenal team ….so in conclusion we need a new coach MA is not a Coach

  31. Sean M says:

    I’ve resisted and challenged calls to sack Arteta since he arrived. I still believe that any manager needs to be given sufficient time to stamp the team with their own ideas, but I find myself agreeing with the bulk of the fanbase now. Unless something miraculously changes, his days are numbers.

    We have a top 6 squad but these tactics aren’t Arsenal. They’re slow, boring, predictable and ineffective. Get the ball out wide, pack the box, defence clears the ball, clench bums while a counter attack is mounted, repeat.

    I’m not Arteta out yet, but I’m very close.

    1. guy says:

      You’re a few matches behind me I think Sean. I switched sides last night. Everything he could get wrong he did. Smart people learn from their mistakes. Arteta simply digs his heels in, defends his approach and repeats them. He pays lip service to it all being down to him, while cleverly referring to the players not doing what he is training them to do.
      Far from being a cutting edge, evolutionary coach, he is the exact opposite. He has the stubbornness and fanaticism of Bielsa with the tactical acumen of Ossie Ardiles.

  32. OnceGreat says:

    Not surprised, not sad, not disappointed. What we saw yesterday was Arteta through and through. If the board don’t see relegation as an opportunity, they should sack Fraudteta and Edon’t as early as last night. I’m pretty sure MA WILL get us relegated if he stays past December.

  33. Fat one says:

    When arsenal concedes a goal the fans has always blamed Leno and this started when Martinez left Arsenal.
    How can someone blame a keeper for those two goals yesterday,are you blind or you just hate the guy,I hope he leaves Arsenal because he can do better than this shitty club

    1. Angus says:

      Best thing about this is most of them had Leno as one of our best players prior to Martinez having his breakout. Fickle.

  34. jamdownyouth says:

    There need to be serious and constant demonstrations to get out the Kronkes or I can see this club remain in he relegation zone for a long time. Arteta seems to be out of his depth, as no one can tell me that Brentford are a better team than Arsenal. I expect them to sign one additional player but that will not solve the problems. These owners have ripped the soul out of the club and have made making money the dole priority.

  35. NY_Gunner says:

    “Indifference” Because, I seen it coming…😕

  36. Gainsy73 says:

    Brentford played well but didn’t take all the chances they had, Chelsea & Man City will & i dread to think what the score line of those games are going to be
    Why buy White who is excellent in a back 3 & play him in a back 4? Why is Chambers in the team over Cedric? Pepe plays much better with him behind him & is a proper right back, Tierney was basically playing left wing last night as the amount of times Brentford were attacking down that side & there was no sign of him as he was still upfront from the last failed attack, if Saka had been on from the start he could have concentrated on defending but is being asked to do too much when he isn’t there
    So i come to Xhaka, how is he in the team? how is he still here? how the hell was he captain last night? just give him to Roma for free & be done with it
    As for Arteta your time is up mister, trouble is who is available to replace him atm? & who would want to replace him as we are a shambles & need to find a new direction & fast or i dread to think what our league position could be come next May

  37. Adeyemi says:

    No matter what the manager or the director of football did without result on the field it is nonsense. what happened yesterday was a disgrace. I am one of those who did not complain about our poor performance during pre-season matches because I wanted to rate the team base on real game and with what I saw yesterday our performance was terrible I don’t see us competing for a better position on the table, and the blame should go to the manager he keeps on making errors upon error every time with players recruitments and selling. I believe he should go now. I can categorically state it here that the present Arsenal football management don’t know how to sign player they don’t know how to spot a good player it is not all about money alone but about having a good eye for a better player that can improve the team. Going by the players Mikel Arteta has signed since he joined the club as a coach except few, we can all see that he doesn’t know anything about player equipment, and his football tactics is so poor, boring and weak

  38. ThirdManJW says:

    Don’t really feel anything about Arsenal anymore, and haven’t done for a good 8 years or so. Same old same old!

  39. Vithal says:

    Before the match I didn’t feel like we will win but still was hoping & praying. It is difficult to understand what is wrong with the team, players or manager or entire management?
    But something needs to change & change quickly .. it doesn’t look like adding 1 or 2 players is going to change it. I like many felt in the last 2 years of Wenger era that he should leave but it is now obvious that he was one man show & after let club can not recruit right person at any level..players or management structure

  40. Cuppers says:

    Two words Antonio Conte,if you want to sort this mess out once and for all you get a proven modern day manager, you know he will want to spend the next transfer window, but if you got him in now he might be able to bring in enough influence to intice the right players for this window and install confidence and most importantly experience and good proven modern day tactics .The guys a proven winner and will not tolerate any laziness and players will have to to play for the shirt.We all know he would’nt be here for long term, but could be enough to rejuvenate us back to ARSENAL,people say he would not come,but if we’re serious then we have to approach him whiles he available, turned down Spurs, but who knows this could the right time,now or never.

    1. jon fox says:

      Regretfully, you are fooling yourself if you believe, as you seem to , that there is ANY chance at all of such a manager agreeing to work under Kroenke! NO widely acclaimed world class manager would dream ot taking over this poisoned chalice.
      That is simple reality , either accept it, or continue to dream, as you prefer.

    2. Angus says:

      Rumour designed to wind up the Arsenal fan base as per usual for the media. He left Inter because they are selling with no funds, he’s not joining the Valenica of England in Arsenal. Worst job in football in terms of expectation vs reality, fan base that thinks they should of been title challengers yesterday without the finances to back it.

  41. Biscuitbum says:

    This morning, the sky was blue, the day was warm, and with my dogs at the beach cafe enjoying a coffee and a bacon roll with friends, I was able to reflect that there are more important things than football. Now I’m back home and it’s clouded over, and once more I’m annoyed at our performance. I must admit that prior to the game, not being too concerned at the absence of Auba and Lacazette, as it would mean Arteta would have to Martinelli and possibly Balogun. Is there a sneaking feeling we may have seen the last of our under-performing pair? Not if our efforts to offload our existing deadwood are anything to go by.

    1. Sue says:

      What a lovely morning! I suggest you do that more often; your dogs will take your mind off all things Arsenal! Mine does 🙂

    2. jon fox says:

      Your lovely first sentence is what life should be about! Id concentrate on repeating that were I you.
      As for me, I much love dogs and walk them very often. I am addicted to football, despite a deep loathing of virtually everything that surrounds it.

      That includes the effect it has on me and on others and the cheating, corrupt admin and the scandalous wages all round (in the top level).

      I fervently wish I could kick this diseased habit, to be perfectly honest! I would love not to be a fan any more. I do not specifically refer to JUST our club but to the whole rotten to the core thing.

      The WHOLESOME AND HEALTHY game I fell in love with over 60 years ago has long died and been replaced with things that surround the actual game, that are corrupt and evil.


    3. Ozziegunner says:

      Biscuitbum, emigrate to Australia, except at the moment with lock down I can’t go for a coffee or the beach!
      But a small inconvenience to stay safe.

    4. Angus says:

      Did you ever consider you were wrong about Auba/Laca vs Martinelli/Balogun? Based on the performance that has to be a consideration. In the 1st half they broke down the majority of our attacks. The perception that they are top talents who aren’t ready yet just may be true?

      1. David says:

        There are those who have cautioned against the unrealistic expectations of the younger strikers.
        As you can see when the suggested options don’t work in practice many fans simply say it’s the manager’s fault.

  42. Iwa T says:

    Just wish we are not the bottom one when Christmas comes…
    It seems Arteta knows nothing about his players… White is beatened in the air, martinelli and saka are not ready. Pepe and chambers have no connection. In the middle, what role were assigned to xhaka and lokonga…

  43. JW says:

    What I find the most disturbing thing this week is the disappearance of Holding, with rumours of him possibly going to Newcastle.

    Then Lacazette and Auba are suddenly both ill and unavailable for the first game.

    We know Lacazette is available for transfer, then I read that Abua may now be up for sale too.

    Has there been a mutiny at the Emirates. Maybe the players have been reading most of our comments about the comedy team of Edu and Arteta.

    Still, I am almost positive Arsenal will get a draw with either Chelsea or Man City, and it will be all quiet on the Emirates front until the end of the transfer window. when we will all bemoan the desperation buys the gruesome twosome make.

    1. Angus says:

      Yeah there has been a mutiny that is why Smith-Rowe/Tierney extended their contract because of the mutiny going on. The mutiny is being led based on your comments by two of the players most of keep saying need to be dropped. Makes total sense. Talk about fan fiction.

  44. Angus says:

    Judging on some comments happiness is what a lot are feeling because they wanted to be proved right above all else. A quick glance at the comments during the last game particularly 2nd half when we literally camped in the Brentford half until the 2nd goal indicate this (when I mentioned this after the game they all claimed it was bs suggest some need to rewatch the 2nd half.) They were gleefully declaring Arteta this Arteta that whilst we were camped in their half. If you do not see something wrong with that you need help. Our supporters were busy slating the manager whilst we dominated the opposition we were losing too, clearly showing their priority was being right not the team.

    Before the game multiple comments were if we win its because Arteta was forced into Martinelli/Balogun so he’d of got no credit even if we did win but still his fault when we lose. Balogun was awful and Martinelli wasn’t that much better but then it was Artetas tactics. If you wanted those guys to start, own it when then perform badly. Selection in particular not selecting Martinelli has been the main rally call against Arteta yet you were spectacularly wrong and just go oh well Arteta out.

    The negative hyperbole surrounding the club this preseason was insane and the amount of so called fans who wanted a loss is embarassing. I have faith in Arteta but if results don’t match I’ll swallow it and admit I wrong. If we beat Chelsea at the weekend everyone will say it’s fluke etc. that is problem. Arteta could win 8 in a row and you’d still say he was lucky.

    1. Angus says:

      Will add if we wanted to challenge for top 4 Brentford is a game we need to be winning, no excuses. I’m not speaking on the result but the attitude of fans just never seen anything like it. I think we have the 5th (maybe 6th) best squad in the league. Suspect some when seeing me bang on about 24 2nd best form (25 3rd now btw) think that i thought we were the 2nd best team in the league, no. Just when a manger has been outperforming his squad for 24 games you give him time. I shouldn’t even need to say that but because that 24 run was steady without a long winning streak (a higher chance of being accurate btw) people initially ignored it and when pointed out blew it off. There were caveats to that 24 certain underlying stats still were not great in that run.

      Actually think we have better depth than Liverpool just that their 1st choices are miles clear. Liverpools 2nd team for the record is this:
      Oxlade-Keita-Curtis Jones
      It’s not rocket science what Liverpool did they focused on the 1st team as they didn’t have the money and Milner in particular (who most on here did not want when available free) covered multiple depth issues for them. They were not unlucky with injuries last year it just finally happened.

      1. Angus says:

        To my Liverpool comments we’re not miles away from going on a progression like they did, the youthful core of our team is promising looking 4 years in advance. Look at United they were useless, manager was useless and Bruno comes in now they are nothing but positive coverage. Margins are small at this level, remember that. Doesn’t take a lot to push you over the top or to fall behind.

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