Do Arsenal fans miss watching two games a week?

Breaks between games are good but an emptiness is apparent!

As nice as it is that Arsenal are getting a bit of a break in between games to recover and be fit and firing for the next one, I find myself at a loss waiting for the next Arsenal game to come around.

It feels like a Catch 22 situation. We moan at times when there’s lots of fixtures and competitions going on and we don’t always have enough time to recover in between games, and we suffer with injuries because of it, and we moan at times when there’s a big break between game because we miss Arsenal.

I guess it’s because of our love and passion for the club that when you are so used to seeing it week in week out or every three of four days, it becomes a bit of an emptiness in your life when there’s a wider break and you’re at a loss of what to do with yourself.

Well that’s how it feels for me.

It’s all well and good we still have football to watch but it’s just not the same when it’s not your team.

Unless of course it’s Spurs and they are losing – that’s always nice to see.

But if we end up finishing in fourth or even a little higher, I guess we can’t and won’t be complaining and as I have said before, if you want to be the best you have to be prepared and be able to play the best and be present in every competition that is available to you.

Arsenal shouldn’t get too used to the long breaks between games though and will need to be able to learn to manage every competition and every match in the best way possible, if they want to win everything or near to everything each season.

But for now I guess we can enjoy the breaks and prepare as best we can for each game, with the hope that everything falls in our favour and we get that all important Champions League spot come the end of the season!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman

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  1. I don’t like mid week games at all. I prefer a full week to fully digest the weekend game then prepare for the next game. But then I am not a real “fan” of cup football even CL. The other cup competitons like most International football qualfiers are usually ridiculous miss matches until the semis. Even the World Cup is usually dull. Above all I like games with historic rivalries especially derbies. For me the season is way too long. I have long touted a 28 game season with two ten team conferences one north one south with a North v South winner final format running from late February through to late September.Then a series of Internationals based on historic rivalries. Then players and fans can all enjoy a free Xmas/New Year holiday avoiding the worst winter months.

    1. I sued to love the WC but now I barely watch it. The qualifying is unwatchable with respect to the number of meaningless games and the level of play is now far below the top European teams IMO.

      I also wish CL football would go back to only include the national champions. But that will never happen with the current greed for profit overriding long term health of the sport.

      1. Agree with you about the CL, it should be for League winners only, in it’s present form it is a diluted Superleague. How can they call it a Champions League when the team finishing 4th are in it. As you say it’s pure greed.

    2. An interesting take on things FF.

      I do not share your views, except on the WC, which I will once again be shunning, IF it even goes ahead at all- I hope it does not, as it is corrupt- though I CAN APPRECIATE YOUR STANCE and easily understand where you are coming from.

  2. World cup does’nt seem dull to me especially at the knockout stages.i must admit i’m not a fan of cup games too.

  3. For me, there is way too much football and meaningless football. So I can not say I have missed non PL games.

    I do think if we qualify for the CL or EL we will have a very thin squad to deal with the demands this would bring. Nowadays one really needs nearly two competitive squads to compete in the CL and PL. Take away our starting 11 and we are left with quite a thin squad IMO. The only two positions we are halfway decent in terms of backup are left-back and right-back. We would definitely need Saliba to add some depth to the CBs but midfield and striker at the moment looks paper thin in terms of depth.

  4. Yes

    I like to watch The Arsenal as often as possible

    Certainly missed not being in the FA Cup this week but I haven’t missed European games as much as I thought I might

    Not to say I don’t want them next season though!

  5. Yes Shenel, it is indede quite klikelt hat those fans who have no life interests ourtside Arsenal and their family, MAY WELL miss seeingonly one of our games a week. Sorry but true to admit that my busy heart does not and never will bleed for those fans whose non Arsenal lives are so empty.

    I reserve my pity and deep sorrow for those in this world who are going through real and agonising trauma, even as I write this relatively unimportant post!

  6. I think the question that should be asked is, shouldn’t AFC be higher up the table, since they aren’t bogged down with other cup games?
    Leicester comes to mind…IJS

  7. Of course we miss watching 2 games a week WHO wouldn’t. It means that you are successful and playing lucrative European football. All real fans want their team playing the big games as much as possible. A bit of a silly question really, its also ruining our club slowly, not playing twice a week!!!!!

  8. Personally I don’t think I could take 2 games a week ATM .
    I crave the times where we would see fantastic football with world class players playing week in week out against the European elite .
    As it stands with this team and the football on show one game is plenty for me to digest at this current time .
    One thing I will be looking forward to is the return of masters football which apparently is making a comeback in July .

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