Do Arsenal fans need to be patient with Lacazette?

With Arsenal facing our London rivals and the current Premier League title holders Chelsea in China today, most Arsenal fans will expect to see the new striker signing Alexandre Lacazette in the starting line-up and probably in the centre forward position that he used to occupy for Lyon.

We will be hoping to see him score again as well, because after he found the back of the net just 15 minutes into his Arsenal debut against Sydney FC, the new Gunner has drawn a blank in his next two matches and after Arsene Wenger broke the club’s transfer record to sign him this summer we really want to see Lacazette settle in and start to bang in the goals on a regular basis.

However, another recruit from the French Ligue 1, Robert Pires, who now works as a coach for Arsenal, thinks we fans may need to have a little patience with the new forward, a BBC report explains. Pires knows from his own experience that English football is different to that played in France and it took him a good few months to adapt, but he does think that Lacazette will turn out to be a good addition for the Gunners.

He said, “I think he’ll be a success. But maybe he will need time to adapt.

“He is a good striker who has scored a lot of goals with Lyon. Of course it will be very difficult in the beginning because when you play in France and move to England it is not the same, it is very aggressive.

“Maybe he will need time for the adaptation but everyone around him is very important, especially the French connection.

“But to make the adaption, to find the rhythm and the tempo, for me it took six or seven months. It was very tough, for me it was the aggression and intensity.”

I am not so sure I agree with Pires because Lacazette is already known for his work rate and tenacity and should be more suited to the English game. We could certainly do with him having an impact from the start because Arsenal cannot afford to wait six months for Lacazette to find his feet if we are to have a chance of this season’s EPL trophy.



  1. muff d... says:

    yes we do
    lyon was his boyhood club -its all he knows
    completely different league plus his build is smaller than the average
    must be patient
    it would help if we had other goalscorers so not everything rests on him – let him adjust accordingly

    im late on this but wtf with all this alexis stuff..
    all summer this has gone on .
    im a huge fan ..but this is wearing thin ..beyond that hes pissing me off now

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

      For me it’s becoming a bit disrespectful. May be it isn’t this way but it’s sounding more and more arrogance and a general show of being bigger than the club.

      1. Skills1000 says:

        Exactly my thought. Sanchez was not that prolific when he was at Barca. No player is bigger than the club. Europa league is not a death sentence. Hazard, Costa, Fabregas, Pedro all playes for Chelsea last season. Wenger should be plain. Sell Sanchez if he does not sign the contract. We will adjust. Once we sort out our defense, we will be dine. Athletico Madrid over the years sold Aguero, Falcao, Costa and they moved on. They are still strong. No player is bigger than the club. Sanchez and his agent are holding this great club to ransom.This Sanchez issue will be a big distraction throughout the summer. Wenger should address it now. Other players will step up.

  2. Simon says:

    The EPL is no where near as ‘tuff’ as it use to be – physically I mean.

    So I think transition not as big as use to be. Just better opponents every week is biggest difference.

    I’m confident he will do well. I also hope play Giroud in games.

    Our opponents, form etc should decide team selection every game

  3. jonestown says:

    Of course we need to be patient but of course we won’t be! We don’t have to think too far back to when Alexis joined and there were loads of people on here who said he wasn’t the answer to our striker problem. Probably the same people who now think he is irreplaceable. He only became a goal every other game (0.49) striker at Arsenal – he certainly wasn’t that before. AL will improve under AW, I’m pretty certain of that.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    The problem is fans love to make comparison with Fifa 17

    In Fifa 17, players do not need time to adapt

    In reality, players are humans and they do need time to adapt plus other potential issues

    Fifa vs Reality

  5. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Yes we do. A lot of players that have come to Arsenal from abroad have struggled. I remember Bergkamp took a while as did Henry. It’s even tougher nowadays because being a lone striker is a tough gig as the player is all about scoring but this adds extra responsibilities.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:


    And Lacazette may get frustrated at first because he is used to scoring lots of goals and may find it difficult at first in a new league

    But I have belief in him. He will hopefully scoring goals soon

  7. Adajim says:

    No one is saying he should not adapt, of course it’s a new league, new country, new team, he has the whole preseason to adapt but as soon as epl start I don’t expect him to ask for time anymore. He is a big player, we paid big for his services he has to deliver. He needs to show us why he is better than OG or DW

  8. John0711 says:

    Sky sports

    PSG to offer 35m for Sanchez
    Sanchez wants 500,000 a week in wages

    We should NOT sell him for anywhere near that fee

    1. Darwin says:

      Not denying or anything, but recently I have found BBC news source more reliable as compared to Sky Sports sources. Don’t know if it’s just me. Somehow they are feeding into more rumors rather than being source oriented.

  9. Timilehin says:

    We have to have patience truly but the thing is as an Arsenal fan i can tell you that a lot of us have run out of patience. The last time we won the league was in 2004.. I can only But hope that lacazette can adapt quickly so we can be true contenders for the league.. ☺☺

  10. Skills1000 says:

    I think Wenger should sell Sanchez. Him and his agent are deperately looking for a new club. 50m pound to PSG. If Sanchez is made to stay, he wont renew his contract. Would go on a free. We need committed and dedicated players. AOC and Sanchez should sign the contract. Arsenal should not pay sanchez 350K per week. And loosing him for free is bad business.

  11. Tom Enias says:

    Its just a matter of time we need to be patient at least we know what he is capable of doing.

  12. JustJoy says:

    Being patient for more than a decade is not easy.

  13. gunnerman8701 says:

    Our biggest problem at this point is the middle of the park. Chelsea keeps getting big strong guys to play there, we don’t and get bullied.

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