Would Arsenal fans prefer Oxlade-Chamberlain to be sold to Chelsea or Liverpool?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are right and our England international Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is determined to move to another club, the fact we could get over £30 million for him now instead of losing him for nothing in a year will persuade Arsene Wenger and the board to accept his departure.

We may still have some say in the matter even so. Arsenal do not have to sell after all so if Wenger would prefer to see the player not sign for a particular club he could block it. The problem there is that both of the clubs being linked with the 24-year old are direct Premier League rivals, so which of Liverpool and Chelsea would we prefer to sell to?

You would have to say that Chelsea are the more fancied of the two teams for this season’s EPL title and we do not really want to help them, but would Chamberlain really give them a big boost? If the reports about his reasons for leaving being unhappy in the new wing back role he might struggle at Stamford Bridge, where they have very strong players like Hazard, Moses and Pedro further forward.

You could also be a bit more negative and say that Liverpool are bigger rivals to Arsenal, maybe not for the title but for the top four and a Champions League place and so it would make more sense to sell to Chelsea than the Scousers. After the defeat at Anfield it is hard for Arsenal fans to even consider us as tile challengers but maybe it also muddied the waters further by suggesting the Liverpool could be up for the title and Chelsea the top four.

What do you guys think?

Sam P.


  1. Finding Dory says:

    Sell him to a contending team so he can drag them down As well.

    1. Dalinho says:

      Up the hammers! I mean gunners! Lol

    2. McLovin says:

      Contending team for us would be… Stoke, WBA, Everton..?

      I said some weeks ago when Everton were linked with a £30 million bid for Welbeck that SELL SELL SELL but I got thumbed down because people thought he was a great squad player. Seriously. £30 millions for a SQUAD player who needs 10 chances to convert one? Pfffft.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I have been saying for ages that Welbeck isn’t a good enough footballer, he is a fantastic athlete but he a poor footballer. He will have moments of brilliance because he is such a fantastic athlete (when fit) but he has always failed to consistently produce and IMO always will at such high levels.

    3. Tas says:

      Defenaitly Chelsea because Klop will turn him in to a great player where at Chelsea if you don’t perform your a bench warmer or loaned out

  2. Godfirst says:

    That Ox should be distanced from Arsenal as soon as possible! I say sell him to Liverpool!!!!

  3. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    this is starting to feel stupid, what difference does it make? just sell him to he highest bidder.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, and use the money to buy another player that wants to struggle with Arsenal. With the current situation, I think only desperate players would be willing to come to Arsenal.

      1. AB says:

        Agreed, useless article. Instead of criticizing wenger, the author is trying to change the topic. Wenger lovers acknowledge that he has screwed our beloved club along with his bosses.

        1. mikki says:

          The players are not the problem but Wenger yet they want to sweep the true of the matter under the carpet…no signing,no competition in the team,and u want ox to stay or Sanchez, when they know full well that if they remain with arsenal for the next 20yrs nothing to show for it….I believe some of us are used to this arsenal failure mentality and taking excuses… We fans must say the true all the time,is a combine fight if we want arsenal to move forward,we fans can’t be divided or be against each other or sweep the truth under the carpet….

  4. Viera Lyn says:

    I like to think of myself as a fairly rational individual, which is why what has and is going on at Arsenal confounds me…little wonder people have gone so far as to suggest that Wenger is actually sabotaging the club…one only needs to look at our starting 11 to stoke the flames of conspiracy…just think of the perceived importance of this game, considering the loss to Stoke, the historically significance of the two teams involved, the controversy that swirled around our two meetings last season, the proximity to the closing of the window and the general disdain being directed towards the manager once again…how is it even possible that you wouldn’t come to Anfield with all guns blazing…not a single shot on target, with the back-up keeper in no less…where were the new signings? with an international break on the horizon, Sanchez starting and the way that Liverpool attack with width and pace, how could this particular starting 11 be chosen to play this formation on this given day…what gives? was he trying to scold the fans for not bending the knee anymore? was he showcasing several players to potential suitors? was he trying to make Sanchez look the fool with no service and Welbeck leading the line? or simply trying to prove us all wrong again by showing that he could play just about anybody anywhere and win a game on the road against a top opponent; something he hasn’t done in quite some time…regardless of the reasons, there is simply no excuse for the goings-on at this club…unfortunately it’s unlikely that any real change will come without a dedicated effort on the part of those that feed the beast…our absentee landlord doesn’t invest his own money into this club, so in order to force out Kroenke, Wenger and whatever other vermin currently haunt our hallowed halls we need to hit him where it really hurts…continually filling “his” stadium and the constant buying of endless merchandise, like one of the 58 different jerseys available over the last few years, makes us the greatest enablers of all time…have we no self-respect? have we no spines? can we not band together once again and rid ourselves of this terrible plague that has consumed this club for too long? think about it…these fat cats have us fighting with each other and all the while they simply bank our money and turn a blind eye…face it this story is going to end badly, how badly is up to us…we can wait it out and hope for the best, like our flailing leader, or use whatever logical and rational means available to help bring about change sooner rather then later

  5. Jibs says:

    I didn’t get this sudden urge by many fans to hold on to the ox like he’s the future saviour of this club. He can beat his man. And what else after that? He’s put together a string of decent performances for an off form team. Where will he challenge at Liverpool, especially if coutinho stays? Chelsea might be a better option but again he’s got players ahead of him. Both teams have weak benches, and that’s where I imagine he’ll be. He’s 24, English and thinks he’s better than this club. 40 mil, I’d take that all day.

  6. Zimbo says:

    I don’t care where he goes, better yet, send him on loan to either of the two teams.

  7. adajim says:

    Have been saying this, and will continue to say it. Wilshire, Ramsey, bellerin, coq has all had their 1season magic at least, ox has never and will never has any better season here. Yes he can run and dribble but that is where it all end. No end product 9 EPL goals in 6 seasons and some people are saying he should be given more time. 30m is too much for him if u ask me

  8. I'm tired of this mess says:

    Would Arsenal fans prefer Arsene Wenger to be sold to Chelsea or Liverpool?

  9. justforlaugh says:

    It doesnt matter anymore. Just sell to the highest bidder and use the money to rebuild the squad. Preferably rebuild by anyone other than Wenger.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Imagine if Wenger had Dein getting the transfers done, his targets was nice but AFC failed to get 2 out of 3, this is Gazidis area.

      Mbappe feels like a joke, RM came in and we all knew the outcome of doom and gloom, wasn’t like that when Dein was doing the transfers.

      Wenger was at fault for the team selection/pos against pool but Gazidis is the CEO, the CEO is the one who deals with the clubs finances, he deals with the transfers and he will hire the next manager.

      I would like a better tactical manager than Wenger but I do not believe Gazidis will hire that type, he will hire a yes man who can make profit like Wenger has done, he will want to show his boss that he is doing a good job even though he is an incompetent fool, worse than Wenger.

      I am not #WengerIn or #WengerOut.
      I am an Arsenal supporter, that simple.

  10. Twig says:

    Sell him to Monaco in exchange for Mbappe 🙂

  11. GB says:

    Sell him to spuds for all I care.

  12. COYG_CA says:

    Who gives a $hit . . .

  13. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    I think we should also sell sanchez while we at it, I got nothing but love for the man but we obviously don’t nee him anymore as we are not going anywhere or expecting anything this season so while lose 70m( though out of spite for wenger and the board I won’t mind) along with anybody else wanting to jump ship. thanks for the good memories as well as the bad ones, u guys should go do what is best for you and your family.

  14. Arsenal4Life says:

    Sell him to chelsea I, sell alexis also! There are a lot of player who should go. Also we should play 433 or 4231 or even 442 again with this team. Also we need players who have power and can run the whole game like Emre Can and Mane… but Wenger and the board wont see this

  15. Quantic Dream says:

    Sell him for 30M. Also sell Sanchez 50-70M, Mustafi 30M, Ozil 30M, Welbeck 20M, Walcott 20M. Total rebuilding kitty will be around 180-200M! We can buy Mbappe, Van dyke, lemar.

    1. Midkemma says:

      That would be a dream, I can not imagine it happening with Gazidis as CEO though 🙁
      He doesn’t have the ambition that Dein had :'(

      I do hope that AFC are trying for VVD and Lemar still though, VVD cost can be covered by Ox and Mustafi sales if sold at £35 mil each, allows for a instant £70 mil bid for VVD… So many of us supporters can see it that it makes it more frustrating.

      What bugs me is seeing how UTD earn £71 million a year more than us in sponsorship deals, they earn that because they buy players that gets the fans excited and then the fans invest in buying stuff with those players names on. Since SAF left they haven’t been the big team they use to be but yet they still have the talent behind the scenes to get the best business they can.

      That is the price of VVD…

  16. Scubagooner says:

    Sell to anyone. I agree with selling all before the contracts are up. We may need to build as others have done before from the youth. I doubt we will be able to buy before the window ends. Write off the season as developing the youth. Start next season with a large kitty.

  17. Raj says:

    Sell whoever wants to leave . So that board gets to make more money. We are not going to buy Lemar or Van Dijk. Who would want to come to Arsenal in this state. Expecting couple of panic buys and then same BS reason about not enough quality in market and market is too costly.
    Wenger and Board are the reason we are in this state. When David Dein left he wanted to sell the club to someone who would inject money and make us debt free and compete for title.But the board didn’t want that they wanted to make Arsenal their golden egg laying duck ,so they got in a businessman like Stan who cares less about football and more about money. Only way this ordeal can end is if Stan and the money hungry board are removed or they leave us. To be able to do that Arsenal should start making less profits out of ticket sales and merchandise sales. Guys, how can we do this?

  18. Sue says:

    After we rolled over & were mauled once again yesterday i cant see any top player like Mbappe wanting to sign for us! Still surprised that Lacazette did!!

  19. Mikekobi says:

    Who cares where OX want to go or which team we need to sell him to, if you want u can sell him to man.u,just sell him all i care, we need to bring in new players that are determined to help our club, just simple as that.
    As for Sanchez we need to sell him as well doesn’t matter we sell him to man city, cus we r not contending for anything.

  20. dutchy says:

    Please sell our British core we put on a poster few years back. They are our backbone, made of pudding.

  21. Aleku says:

    At this moment whether Sanchez leaves for free doeznt really matter. We as funs wont benefit from that money any way. Only 3m will be spent on a weird player if we are lucky

  22. Marty says:

    What does it matter who we sell him to, shouldn’t worry about that, if he wants out just get rid of him…..

  23. Gelz says:

    Sell him to who evers bench he wants to keep warm, he’s not going to be a starter for either of them.

  24. Tatek Girma says:

    Sell him to any of them as soon as possible. Because we don’t need to see our lovely club going down any more due such unhappy players. All of them have to be cleared out soon for the sake our dignity. Life will continue in the club with out them as no body is above the club. This rigid old man philosophy is taking our club down to the bottom. Enough is enough.

  25. Tatek Girma says:

    Too many unhappy and uninterested players are available in the club. Please clear them with out hesitation as enough time has been given to them. They are costing us and taking the club down.

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