Do Arsenal fans really care about ‘warning’ over Ramsey?

It was just a few short years ago when many Arsenal fans, myself included, believed that the Gunners would have gone on to lift the Premier League trophy if it was not for injury problems hitting our squad at just the wrong time, especially the loss of the Wales international midfield star Aaron Ramsey.

It had taken the Welshman some time to fully regain his fitness, form and confidence after that potentially career ending tackle from the Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross but this was the season when Rambo really hit top gear. He was winning the Premier League player of the month regularly, scoring plenty of goals including some real crackers and the Gunners were almost always clear at the top of the league table.

Then on Boxing Day Ramsey picked up a muscle problem in his thigh and was not seen for Arsenal again until almost four months later, buy which time our challenge for the EPL trophy was gone and we ended up finishing in fourth place. He did help us to end the long trophy drought with an extra time winner in the FA cup final but you could not help but think what might have been had he not been injured or had only been out for a short spell.

All this seems a distant memory now and although I have long championed the 26-year old I would not be too bothered if he does not play for Arsenal; again this season, so poor have his performances been. With that in mind I find it hard to be too worried about the so-called ‘warning’ issued by the former Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas in Metro about us losing Ramsey in the transfer market if Mesut Ozil decides to stay.

He said, ‘If Ozil signs, he [Ramsey] will go.

‘Because he plays that role, Cazorila is coming back next season [even though] he’s getting on in years.

‘Where’s he going to fit in?’

There is always the chance that Ramsey might rediscover that form of the 2013-14 season but then again he might not. I would rather have Jack Wilshere back at Arsenal to be honest, so do we care if Ozil signing a new contract would see Ramsey leave?



  1. Midkemma says:

    This might be a reason to give Ozil 300k a week instead of just over 200k! XD

    I used to defend Ramsey a lot and point to that season, saying if Ramsey can have a leader next to him who can control him and get him back defending then he could refind that form…

    Too late now. He has got a level of arrogance that NB52 had, it is too high and his potential has been hurt from it. He doesn’t put enough effort into getting back and defend and leaves us exposed, it is also harder to win the ball back when the other CM is left alone and that puts more pressure on the defence.

    I want to see him sold now, I would prefer the Ox to be given CM time instead of Ramsey and see if Ox will keep a level head and work hard. Heck I would prefer to see M-Niles in CM than Ramsey!

    Sell Ramsey, please!!!
    We need CM who will get back and defend while also smart at getting forward. Who can say Ramsey does those well now or for the past couple seasons?

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Don’t you want wenger sold as well?

      1. Midkemma says:

        Article about Ramsey, I could do an essay about Wenger if you want XD lol

  2. WC says:

    Santi is too injury prone at his age and Ramsey isn’t as good as he had hoped. He’s not a bad player but not world class either. Both Santi and Rambo can go, I wouldn’t even be mad if Ozil left and we got someone who was more consistent and ready to fight because Ozil sure isn’t

    1. Midkemma says:

      Don’t sell Santi 🙁
      He may not be able to play every game now on but we need quality in depth and Cazorla is pure quality, kids can learn from him and he is a damned good role model to have at the club, we can afford to have Cazorla as a squad player if we cleared out some of the deadwood.

      Cazorla is a smart player and one of the players I like to see on the ball when we have to hold a lead, he could be a super sub in that aspect… CM players should be running around a lot to support their team and fresh legs of Cazorla quality can help win points.

      Maybe I am a bit sentimental over Cazorla but he is such a joy to watch when fit, reminds me of Rosicky a bit like that, a joy to watch and proud they wear our badge.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Choice between Ramsey and Ozil?

    Hmmm let me think lol

    No contest even when Ozil is playing poorly hes better than Ramsey

  4. Red Dawn says:

    Ramsey has a 30% shot accuracy and averages 0.14 key passes per game so that is one key pass every 7.14 games and no goals scored.
    In all competitions including internationals he has created 6 goals – 4 of them were for Wales so that says it all about where his priorities lie.
    I would be delighted if he were to be sold.
    Trouble is, there are a lot of players like Ramsey at the club…

    1. Midkemma says:

      Some of them are on low contracts as well so there is hope we see the back of them soon…
      I agree, we do have a few who have failed to reach their potential 🙁

      As much as I support Wenger, I will hold my hands up when I think he (Wenger) is at fault, I do believe his idea on wages do nothing to help our players mature and if anything encourages them to grow as mercenaries.

      This is why we need someone on the board to take over business aspects.

      No manager should have that say, it can lead to poor wage structure and a waste of funds, I don’t care what manager we get next… Wages should be a board thing with input from manager.

  5. RSH says:

    Ozil, Ramsey are both players that don’t step up. Ozil at least has the talent though and is actually capable of hitting form. Ramsey hasn’t hit form in 2-3 seasons and it’s not down to injuries. He has to be one of our worst midfield options at this point. I don’t get why the club should bend to Ozil’s will though, because honestly, he’s not as great as he makes himself out to be. Sanchez remains the only true top class player at Arsenal.

    1. Twig says:

      Sanchez and Santi Cazooorlaaaaaa

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Spurs win big even without Kane (their top scorer)
    Can you imagine what we would be like if we had lost Alexis for the season?

    14 points behind Spurs (Spurs finally finish ahead of us in style)
    21 points behind Chelsea

    Also points from matches in hand don’t count unless you win them

    Ugh…worst season of my life

  7. Twig says:

    “Do Arsenal fans really care about ‘warning’ over Ramsey?”

    Not me. You?

  8. stubill says:

    Where’s the warning, it’s just another pundits opinion.

    Rather than call it a warning, I’d prefer it to be a promise.

  9. Nebsy says:

    I don’t think Arsenal fans care much about Ramsey anymore.
    He had one amazing season he’ll never repeat, as he’s been an utter liability since then and was before.
    They should have sold him to Uefalona when they had a chance.

  10. frank says:

    Ramsey is a victim of Wengers formation and playing players out of position. If I was Ramsey I would be asking to leave.

  11. Gooner Craig says:

    I’ve always liked Rambo and hope that with a new manager and/or a different formation, like 433? Then hopefully he’d be able to have more freedom and perform better? But maybe I’m just too senimental/biased lol but last 2-3 seasons he’s just been an utter liability!!! Last season he couldn’t step up when Santi got injured! And he’s never had the discipline! And what has he actually done this season?? What is his best attribute? I don’t think he has one lol if he stays then he has to step up but if he goes then don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya ??‍♂️

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