Do Arsenal fans REALLY care if Wenger lied or not?

Arsene Wenger denied yesterday the suggestions from the football media that the Arsenal boss may have been telling porkies when he said in the press conference on the Friday before the transfer window closed that he expected Danny Welbeck to be back in training after the international break.

Is it just me, or is there a mountain being made out of a molehill here? `Premier League manager does not tell the truth in press conference´ has for me about the same ring as `burglar breaks into house´ or `fat person eats big dinner´.

Since when do we expect football managers to tell all to the media? And when it comes to transfer deals, Wenger and many other managers have a lot of form. Wenger insists that he did not know about Welbeck needing surgery on that Friday morning and the implication in the media is that he was trying to con us fans into thinking that was why he did not sign a striker.

But Wenger has told us over and over again why he didn´t sign any more players and he also claimed that he found out the bad news on Welbeck on the Friday evening. That still left almost four days for a panic buy, so if he was lying he could have done it a lot better.

We can still be angry with Wenger´s transfer decisions but if we are going to be angry about him possibly lying, then we might as well give up on football.

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  1. Quotes from yesterday…

    The Analyzer (Professional AKB) on Wayne Rooney: Giroud is as good as Wayne Rooney. Cue in bogus statistics.

    Lionel Messi (WORLD’S BEST PLAYER and possibly the games greatest ever) on Rooney: Wayne Rooney is for me a once in a generation player. One of those special players, who is not comparable to any other,”…”There are many special players, but Rooney has exceptional quality and technical ability as well as being one of the strongest players I have faced with an exceptional work rate. There is nobody like him”.

    K-ool’s verdict: Lionel Messi proves again why AKB’s are so f**ked in the head.
    Thank you. Reporting live….K-ool. ?

    1. I thought what you cared for are goals from strikers not what people say about them. Messi said the same thing about Theo Walcot when he was left out of the 2010 World Cup squad. During that time you all here were calling for Theo to be sold because he is crap but Messi thought Theo was an exceptional player who could change a game any time. A few days ago Anelka described Olivier as a very good striker and commended Wenger for not buying another striker. Surprisingly you threw brick bats at him. The only reason you agree with Messi is that his statements agree with your views otherwise you would have flattened him with insults.

      The Messi-Anelka comments are the reason qualitative data is regarded as incapable of generalization. It is too subjective. Messi could have made those remarks out of professional courtesy having been asked a direct question by a journalist on a matter he has no in depth knowledge about. If my memory serves me well Messi faced Rooney like four times in his whole career. In those matches Man United were horrible, so his claim that every time he played against Rooney the latter exhibited exceptional quality is questionable.

      Qualitative data aside, quantitative data that matter for a striker show no difference between Rooney and Giroud. If you decide to disagree with that data that is your problem but that is what it is. Put differently Rooney will not improve Arsenal should he be brought in to replace Giroud, and that is the bottom line of my argument. Case rested.

  2. The man doesn’t even try hard with his excuses anymore like a guilty man saying no comment to the cops.

    1. @irishgunnerThat’s what happens when you spend too much time at snoop’s crib. lol
      In all seriousness though, don’t you think its the journalists fault? they keep asking him the same questions expecting a different answer.

        1. I think we’ll have no choice if we get a couple of injuries. he didn’t impress last year but we’re not exactly prolific at the moment so we might as well.

      1. Think it’s 50_50 man. They do always ask the same questions but the same problems are never resolved. Problems that seem obvious to everyone else fans reporters ect

  3. Arsenal is a club on the decline and it’s a fact.the obvious truth is that we can no longer scare anyone with a dead snake!!!why is it that we cannot compete with manure,shitty and chelshit in the tranfer window if we’re indeed a big club???successes of the past decades is what we think will make us great forever???how cld city ernormously expand their stadium and enjoy success and we give such as an excuse for more than a decade??? This club is a joke!!!

    1. What a ludicrous statement. Maybe you should go look up the word decline because you obviously have no idea what it means.

      1. Spot on my reply below did link properly but I agree. AFC I Felice is a fact? Not when you actual look atvthe facts objectively.

    2. AFC on the decline is a Fact? What fact?? Looking at record over last 2 seasons verse previous 8 seasons is facts which does notnindicate a decline. Improved Quality of players on the pitch is a fact. What are yours? We didn’t buy an out field player?? Really??

  4. Kloop to come in as number 2 for the next 18 months just to see how things work at arsenal because we don’t want another man united situation do we or a Liverpool. Mr s bold well put him in charge of the kids as I can’t see what the hell he is doing there. This plan would work big time. Can you see this happening? No Liverpool will take kloop and we will end up with some half wit manager. Mr AW would have been fired from any other club for what he has done this year
    If anyone puts a thumbs down well you don’t no football. I want our team to win things not 4place win win. But the yank just don’t want to put his hand in his pocket. AW upstairs bringing young talent through kloop at the helm think this is a good match day

    1. Do u really believe Kloop’s agent would negotiate with AFC to come as No2? I mustn’t know anything about football then because I can’t see it. He would only accept top job.

  5. media have had a thing for wenger for some time.
    every issue becomes a crisis,
    there trynna to divide an conquer.

    well f*ck u, we stand as one

    1. Yes it’s the media’s fault we have only one fit recognised striker despite players like benteke and berahino being available.
      It’s hard to ignore negligence by a manager paid 8 million a year and such pathetic excuses such as there is no one good out there. That’s what you have scouts for and a big transfer budget.
      Do you really think such lame excuses would be acceptable at another big club.? Only if he was then successful else he’d be sacked for not doing his job. But at AFC it’s not only OK to fail it’s OK not to even try and that’s the real problem here.

  6. Well it depends how much you are into Wenger. When you adore this men to the core then whatever he does, you need to love him, bec you know, the Wengerit in you tells you so.

    If you have any sense left in the brain, then you will realise that people actually make mistakes and often lie to cover their mistakes. Wenger is making many mistakes, and he uses his brain work to delude the less fortunate people who lack reason into thinking that whatever he does, he does he knows best, which itself is a pointless thing even to say.

  7. Wenger will leave in 2017 the fans have had enough and will force it . Even many AKB will change their mind by then and will want change. Wenger has run out of chances. The media won’t leave him alone because they are starting to hear the crys of many. Reminds me of godfafi before take down

  8. Wenger has lost form we should send him on loan to a championship club so that he proves himself…i would personaly recomend Bolton mayb it suits his transfr policy 😀

  9. @Tindan2 the word decline according to my english teacher has 3 diff meanings one of which is “a gradual and continous loss of strenghs,numbers,quality or value”and to me arsenal fits here in every aspect…plus am not english of which i doubt you’re(must be a pathetic one if indeed you’re). Have a life bro instead of engaging me in semantics!

    1. We haven’t lost team value in the last two years, we haven’t gotten weaker in the last two seasons, we haven’t finished further down the table in the last two seasons, we haven’t replaced players with worse players in the last two seasons, we haven’t gotten more injuries than usual, we haven’t been kicked out of the CL any earlier than usual, and we haven’t spent less than usual but we have won two FA cups. So basically, nothing has declined at all.

      The engaging in semantics expression doesn’t actually apply in this case but I’m sure you were just grasping at insults after calling me pathetic.

    1. Why do people love Klopp so much? I guess he built a decent team but weren’t they sh@t when he stepped down?

  10. You guys, i just want to give you my openioun about Klopp.

    Klopp is a man who made an inferiour Dortmund into a great club. Dortmund was fighting the relegation for many years before he came to work with them. He was a man who made a name for him self with Mainz, got them up on the bundesliga and then he made the move to the Bvb taking some players with him.

    The Bvb would never ever fire Klopp if it wasnt for himself wanting to leavie the club. He has the same status at the Bvb like Wenger at Arsenal. But seeing that he could not motivate the club any further, he left with his head up.

    You guys say but Wenger had also to fight the likes of City and co. But i do say that there is a mayor diff between the clubs in England and Bayern. Bayern is the boss in the leauge and there is not a not a real rival in the leauge. Whenever one shows up, they go there and buy all of their players away. And the thing is, the players in the leauge all want to play for this club alone.

    At the time we started to sell players, we had others ready to stepp up, we had biger fundation of players. Dortmund had nothing. They lost good players for free. Just imagine Wenger losing Henry to manure for Free, or Veira to manure for a joke price of 30mil.

    Klopp is competend manager who knows how to win, without asking to have much. You simple need to give him the tools to make the team click. Wenger has all the tools and possibilties but he refuses to use them.

    I respect Klopp bec is very genuine and a true champion. I disslike Wenger bec is to smart then every one else leading Arsenal. He is to powerfull and has zero drive in him to take this team any further. He has turned into a curse, and Arsenal will never win anything mayor under his time at Arsenal again.

    I cant wait for the time he has enugh and leaves this club. The moment he goes, Stan is going to be on the hit list very bad. The future is cnfusing. Till good times, enjoy seeing other team play for glory, and Arsenal play for cash.

  11. Lying is necessary.
    Every summer the players
    promise the EPl – ECL.
    knowing this is extremely
    unlikely to be achieved
    but the fans want to be lied to.
    Loopy Lord Harry says
    we have 200 mill to spend.
    CEO Gazidis says we can pay Rooney 200k.
    then says winning is not essential.
    Owner Silent Stan knows nothing about football
    but knows ea lot about making money
    The board say “we rubber stamp the lies.
    The club prefers to pay injury wrecks and pensioners
    because big stars are hard to handle.
    Arsenal fans lie to themselves all the time to justify
    11 years with out the title, its a comforting bubble.
    “Winning clubs are fake, their fans plastic
    their managers idiots they play crap football”.
    But Arsenal have all football genius’s, play the best football
    and the fans are superior to all others.
    Arsenal are not alone in seeking comfort bubble sanctuary.
    Accrington Stanley would have won 9 EPL titles in
    the last decade but since the mines closed it’s been tough.

  12. Kempinski, Arsenal are not on the decline but on the up in the last 2 years trophy wise. And are not a joke but very serious pros. Enh? Bob, lying is not an issue here, but beating Stoke to all the 3 points on Saturday is the matter we must all wait for it to happen. Amen?

  13. Away on company conference but logged on to see Wenger’s press conference and can now bodily proclaim to anyone who wishes to hear that this man is an idiot! Official!!!

  14. If you watch the Interview with Wenger you can see he is trying very hard not to burst out laughing. Laughing at the Arsenal Fan’s once again and he will do it again and again as long as he is in charge at Arsenal. He look’s so smug, he knew Welbeck had a bad injury he has a big staff who inform him about everything that happens at the club. WENGER OUT NOW.

  15. When will you guys stop complaining? İt’s no longer a JUSTARSENALNEWS site,but JUSTARSENENEWS site, with ADMİN leading the line. 10 days after the window closed and transfer rumors still exist here.

    We have performed poorly in the last 4 games,but no single article on this site which try to analyse the games and players’ contribution. Bring on articles abt how some partnership would work and others fail…create some interesting articles,which will raise enjoyable conversation (not wenger out,wenger in consersations) and please stop this copy pasting from metro and mirror rumor zone.

    İ think @ Uche and @ Galen,should write more articles for this site… and those others with the ability. Help our ADMİN guys, we are an ARSENAL FAMİLY.

  16. If you made up a white lie for suppressing price for transfer of striker, that’s still not too bad.

    He did NOTHING!! That’s a shame and is very very BAD.

    Well, you may well say that world class strikers won’t come to this Arsenal team without much ambition.

    There are some hard core Wenger fans who still support him and enjoy the mickey mouse FA cup and 4th place, and the invincible season many many years ago…..wonder if they will wake up some day.

  17. Where are those fools, the Wenger we Trust, they will continue lie for you and collect your money, go and pay for stupid ticket money again

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