Do Arsenal fans really care that Sven Mislintat is leaving?

Who Cares???? by Dan Smith

It shows how low the feeling is among Arsenal fans that Sven Mislintat leaving in February should make headlines. Let’s be honest how many of us knew employees behind the scenes 10 years ago? We must be one of the few groups of supporters who worry about this kind of thing. Put it this way, there is so much I would change about how our club is run, who’s in the recruitment team isn’t top of my priorities.

Maybe Gooners wanted to believe that the German was going to change things, but I have always maintained about this ‘Cycle of Change’ that things change but stay the same. You can be the best in the world at finding talent, but it counts for nothing if your employer refuses to spend any money.

While it’s nice to hear someone have the ambition to suggest the likes of Dembele as targets, simple research would have shown our owner won’t do that type of deal. Yes, Sven has a reputation for finding gems who turn into superstars but let’s be honest Arsene Wenger was doing that for decades. He would buy Vieira, Anelka, Touré, Ljungberg, etc for a few million and win titles with them. Once Stan Kroenke became a shareholder, that knowledge of world football was a model to make income. Massive profits were made on the likes of Fabregas, Nasri, VanPersie, etc.

In other words, if the job criteria is finding value then it really doesn’t matter who’s scouting who. As for this idea we now have more aggressive negotiators, how many weeks now have we been haggling with Barcelona for one of their cast offs?

There are different ideas as to why Sven is leaving so soon, with most sources suggesting he feels undermined by the current set up, but it’s more likely that after just 14 months he sees the role as a waste of time. Like most of us, you want to make a difference at your work place, you want to be proud of the job you do, you set yourself targets. If he knows he can get the same job elsewhere, why work with your hands tied behind your back? He’s being chased by the likes of Bayern Munich, so he has no need to put himself through the embarrassment of trying to buy with no money. You don’t try and buy a 100,000 Ferrari for 500 quid! You disagree with the price and walk out but you don’t try and barter? Imagine that’s your job specification when the selling club know you are rich.

You do wonder if 14 months ago he was led to believe finances were okay. Maybe like us he’s wondering how the 7th most valuable club in the world can only do loan deals this month? Credit to him for not taking the easy option.
Recruiting for the Gunners must be the easiest gig in the game. You get well paid for doing nothing because your boss is ordering you not to do nothing. You may just as well stay at home in January. You can’t be judged on your signings because you will barely make any.

As hard as it is for fans, it must be hard for players and staff as well? They must want the club to move forward. The difference is that Sven can shake his head, shrug his shoulders and go elsewhere. We have the emotional bond where we stick around, we can’t walk away.

Overmars might return as Director of Football. But sorry, I really don’t care whose job it is to buy players on the scrap heap.

Dan Smith


  1. Jerkinson will excel under Emery…..he is a more natural right back than Niles and Leichteiner should be as far from even the bench as possible.

        1. Wenger made Belerin a right back in the first place from a winger he was. He has had his best season under Wenger, after displacing Debuchy. What is it Emery has done to Belerin? If anything, he owes his career as a defender to Wenger. Enough of this revisionism.

      1. I’ve prob watched every min he has played for Arsenal.
        I would agree, Jenks to improve, like he stepped up when covering Sagna. I watched every min of that and he progressed with game time and confidence, until it was ripped away when Wenger put Sagna straight back into the starting lineup.

        How many times have you watched him play?

        1. Everything he played for the 1st team.
          So you honestly think he can replace Bellerin and we can reach top 4 with him in starting 11?

  2. And I am not bothered about Sven Mislintat leaving. If we can get the right players for Emery’s system, we will challenge the other big boys for the title big time.

  3. He left Dortmund and they’re doing fine, top of the bundesliga I believe! I’m not for anyone but the manager identifying players anyway… Sven could scout 10 players and none of them could possibly work in Emery’s system! Let the coaches and boss find the players that they believe can fit into our system.. buvac was supposed to be the drive behind Liverpool’s improvement yet him leaving hasn’t affected them at all.. in fact they’re even better! He’s leaving so let’s put it to bed bigger men have left we’re still standing.

    1. You are right

      Dortmund flourish with their young players and Arsenal had better focus on the youth as well

        1. John, you surely can’t expect the coach with his day to day commitment to the team, has the time to scout prospective players. I agree that the coach should have the final say on who is contracted, given that he has to incorporate them into the team. However the scout has the important role of identifying prospective talent and bringing them to the club’s attention.
          Mislintat will be missed, but the interesting thing he doesn’t have a job to go to at present.

      1. He’s not god! There’s other talent spotters out there.. if hes so amazing he would have chosen a bigger club than Arsenal to go to in the first place. If Sven is as good a people say then Wenger must be the Godfather look at the talent he spotted and developed

        1. “if hes so amazing he would have chosen a bigger club than Arsenal to go to in the first place. ” So what you’re saying is that literally every single person working for a club that is at Arsenals level or below couldn’t possibly be excellent at their job, otherwise they would be working for Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG or Juventus? What a genuinely stupid thing to say.

          1. Nothing stupid about it! And there’s nothing excellent the way Arsenal are run Incase you hadn’t noticed. Sven Mislintat identified some good signings nothing that is out of this world they’ve been good not great.. Wenger on the other hand brought in much better players Overmars and Petit in his first season ( although you probably weren’t even born then) does he get recognised as a genius scout? Not in the slightest… And you got no proof whatsoever that Sven was excellent at his job unless you know something we all don’t! Arsenal are bigger than any one man And thats my opinion so if you don’t like it don’t comment little boy!

            1. John, to follow your argument, Wenger had contacts in Europe, articularly France when French football was strengthening and British clubs were more UK centric.
              Wenger then ran into the same problem being faced by Arsenal still; no money to follow through on the scouting to negotiation and to sign contracts. Wenger has always quoted the list of “players he almost signed”.
              One can understand Sven Mislintat leaving if he thought he was wasting his time scouting players, that Arsenal had no money to sign.

              1. I do agree about Wenger having contact and using them, it is smart to use your experience to the best of your capability and I don’t begrudge Sven for using his knowledge to help us… afterall, that knowledge wasn’t built up with us so it was bound to have foreign elements.

                I wonder if it was the money or backing that was a bigger influence, while you have claimed it to be funds, I will point to Gazidis leaving and Sven not having the same support he had when Gazidis was here.

                Does Sven want to be blamed for poor signings by the Arsenal supporters when he isn’t the one doing them?

                When Wenger had the support of Dein then we could compete with the best to get players, we beat Real Madrid to get Pires. We spent a few million below the UK record to get TH14. We acted like a big club and the manager was backed.

                As soon as Gazidis came in and Wenger lost that support then look at the decline we went through… and who was blamed for it all? Wenger.

                Sven doesn’t have the support of Raul like he did from Gazidis. Not like Arsenal supporters will consider all options before jumping on a moan.

                Who would want to stay somewhere and have their reputation dragged through the mud?

                1. Midkemma, no doubt about it; David Dein was the greatest loss to Arsenal since Herbert Chapman died in the job.

      2. Bravo Lanesra,
        this forum, more and more is covered by giberish opinions of very young fans who spent more times playing FIFA then watching a real game.

        1. That is rubbish! If you were a regular you would know that we usually have meaningful discussions from wizened and intelligent fans from every walk of life. Stupidity is rarely sanctioned…

          1. Agreed! Ironic really that perhaps the most stupid post in recent times should come from someone moaning about how stupid he considers many others. Wrongly too, let it be said! There will always be a few fools, wherever human activity is found, BUT we have a great number of regular contributors who thoroughly know their onions and who can express them well . Some people get off on challenging the “many, rather than the individual” so that their silly criticism cannot be directly answered and challenged by any ONE actual person. Someone, in fact, much brighter and who can verbally slaughter them. It is how cowards behave!

          2. You are Admin and it is ok that you are defending clicks… and everybodys right to say what they want. Thats cool but when
            some of them cover 70% of the forum thread then it is my right to say my opinion and that some of them are really more in FIFA then in real football. I never though they are stupid just young.
            But Dan Smith can really make “rubbish” article, oh yes he can!

            1. “… your opinion.”
              So you are in a position to judge other people’s writing are you? Can you send us some of your articles then so we can compare?

              1. Gotta ya Admin! 🙂
                You won’t understand them cos they are not in english, and I think I can say that now cos most of the fans won’t read this thread anymore…
                I have three books published and I was an editor of couple of magazines in Croatia.
                So when I tell you they are “rubbish” they are.

                1. Lol. Okay you’re a writer in Croatia and you should be proud of that. But I have been writing articles for justarsenal for ten years at a rate of 5_10 every single day usually. I have received thousands of articles requesting publication on justarsenal and I can tell you that Dan always comes up with interesting and different articles and has done for the last couple of years. Read all of them then tell me he’s a bad writer okay?

                  1. You asked me if he is a bad writer. I have never said that, just that his article is… using your expressions “rubbish”
                    For me bad journalism is also when the subject and point you make in it are “rubbish”.
                    I think that Kronke with Raul and Unai are making London version of Sevilla, and I dnt like that.
                    I would rather have version of Borussia Dortmund, the club which I was always putting close to Arsenal values of finding great talent and try to make a great team.
                    Not disrespect to Sevilla but I was hoping that we can go thrue transition faster but Kronke likes it slow.
                    Although maybe it has to go this way, and then in two years Unai will be sacked and new Wenger will come? 😉

              2. Well said! If he had the courage to match his stupidity in volume, he would try penning one. He just gets off on criticising en masse, rather than specifically disagreeing with any one particular post. I repeat that this action is how cowards behave. And a COWARD IS WHAT HE CLEARLY IS.

    2. Hi John.
      I get what you are saying about style of play and I am kinda surprised I have not read more people highlight this.

      If we look at the type of wingers Sven was looking at then consider the type of wide forwards Raul has pushed for, most famous player is Neymar who isn’t a winger like Dembele was on the left.

      Emery doesn’t appear to want wingers, he wants wide forwards and looking at Emeryball, he doesn’t appear to encourage the wide players to stay wide, instead they cut in and overlap the CF to be secondary strikers themselves.

      I do feel Sven players are more ideally suited to sitting back more and hitting on counters while Raul is backing a more proactive style that wins the ball back sooner and keeps the pressure high up the field.

  4. I don’t believe that Mislintat clashed with Emery and Sanllehi, but I think Bayern made a very good offer for him and he wants to settle down in his home country

    The January transfer window is not good to make big signings, hence I also don’t believe that Mislintat has problems with Arsenal’s transfer policy. The other clubs usually do not purchase expensive players in January as well, except the Aubameyang deal last season

    His departure is a pity, but I bet there is another pair of “diamond eyes” out there

    1. “His departure is a pity, but I bet there is another pair of “diamond eyes” out there”

      Well said gotanidea 🙂

      I also take this partially as Raul fighting for the power at Arsenal, Raul and Sven were kinda on par with each other when Gazidis was here, at least from what I could tell. If Raul is going to be the head guy now that Gazidis left then he is responsible for Arsenal and this includes our style of play.

      If Sven wants players that fit style B but Raul wants Arsenal to fit style A then we need a change, if we wish to keep harmony and get all our staff working on the same objective then either Sven or Raul will need to leave.

  5. Another opinion of DS which is writen just to spark a debate or I can not believe that Dan or anybody else really dsnt care that Mislintat is leaving?!

    I believed in Sven much more then Unai. I though coaches/managers will come and go, but head of recruitment stays at the club and delivers new, not expensive but great players…
    In this Mislintat is one of the best there is!
    He is leaving the club after 14 months.
    This is very very bad bad bad bad bad…
    …and who will replace Bellerin?

    obviously spanish influence wins in Arsenal, and from my point of view I would rather have Mislintat

    1. I wanted Sven to do well with us, from what we read, Sven seemed like a good bet.
      Is Sven the only one who can find bargains?

      Then there’s the style of Arsenal, if Sven and Raul have different opinions on how our style should be then that can cause a clash in the type of players the team will want/need.

      If Raul wants style A, hires and backs a manager for that style yet the recruitment is buying players for style B then where do you think the problem will come from?

      1. Torreira and Guendouzi and Auba and… can play style A and B.
        Its just a power play of spanish group right now, and it is sad that they did not find a common language or Sven is levaing cos lack of funds?!
        Both ways is very very bad for the club.

        1. I never said what either styles are, you claiming they can do both is just you being biased and refusing to accept that different styles may require different style of players.

          I never knew Vinai Venkatesham is Spanish… He is one of the two people that replaced Gazidis, Raul is more football while Vinai is more business. Quick lookup and I see he was born in India… Kinda blows for your Spanish conspiracy theory.

          Funnily enough, people do draw upon experiences they have had and if they have largely been in Spain then they will looks towards what worked well for them previously, this could very well appear to be Spanish influenced but for me it is just the individuals drawing upon their experience.

          Raul is part of the Spanish group you have moaned about yet by reports, he is wanting Pavon who is not Spanish. What Raul does have is experience in that market.

          Could you please not insinuate that the Spanish members of Arsenal are corrupt and harmful to the club? It is harsh to tarnish a whole nation due to your deluded thinking.

            1. I would be interested in who Monaco has.

              MBappe, Lemar, Fabinho, Mendy, Silva, Bakayoko, Martial, Rodriguez…

              Sorry, you was saying Sven is the best? Can I see the measuring stick you are using or is he the best cause you like him?

  6. I’m surprised by the amount of press coverage this story has received, not only on Arsenal news sites, but general sports media. It’s either a very slow January, story-wise, or if you feel a bit paranoid, an example of how the media like to forecast the impending demise of our beloved club.

    1. Are you that James that used to call for Wenger’s sack like 8/9 yrs ago? If you are, then I must say you really do have foresight. You saw what nobody could see back then. You were attacked by everybody and I salute you for your defiance and courage back then.

  7. Head of Arsenal affairs SPANIARD
    Head coach SPANIARD
    Player coming in SPANIARD
    It’s the beginning of the Spanish rule
    A turn around from the Germans
    Mislintat out
    Ozil bench to go
    Mustafi bench
    Per Mert catching a basketball game.
    A new era indeed

    1. Oh well, seeing that you believe the Spanish Inquisition” has taken over Darren Burgess and Shad Forsythe, two of the best in the physical performance area, better start looking for new jobs, as they are Australian.
      Like Sven Mislintat, neither will have difficulty gaining employment.

      1. ozziegunner, off topic, but I have replied to your last post regarding UE and his abilities regarding big players.
        If you have time, would like your response, as I’m enjoying our little debate on the subject.

        This Spanish debate is nonsense by the way, although I wouldn’t mind having a Spanish defensive coach who doesn’t chew gum on our hitlist.

        Sven has gone to join the parade of ex’s, so let’s get on with it, because who ever is appointed will still have to work under kronkies selfish money spinning regime.

        1. ken, always the optimist, I hope that with Arsenal now having 4 fit CB’s to mentor, Steve Bould can now be more than a walking (“bench sitting”) billboard for Wrigley’s.
          BTW I think I have responded; thanks I enjoy intelligent discussion also.

  8. I think it’s more about the situation, than the person. Arsenal just looks a mess of a club off the pitch at the moment.

  9. Structure is key going forward.

    Coherence from the top to bottom.

    We have entered a new period. We sat for years in a legacy management structure.

    Now we are also starting to see the leaders emerging in the club (Raul for example).

    For me? It’s about the collective contribution than a single man (Example – Sven).

    The conflict is good and bad, but it will only show it’s possible fruits later.

    We need to have a management team but also a leader for that management team. Wenger and Ivan never worked well together compared to David Dein.

    So i just hope that we can have a management team who can make decisions in best interest of the team on the pitch and coach.

    If the energy is flowing right through the club and brings the success we expect, then we wouldn’t be complaining.

    Seems like Raul is a man who is not hiding away. He also said most of the business will take place in the summer. Which makes sense that his team up stairs will change in February so they can get ready for that transfer window.

    There is so much questions and uncertainty at Arsenal right now, but we all can just hope for the best.


  10. This it was yesterday that I was saying that Sven loss is painful but when we think about it, Sven isn’t the only one who has found gems and Sven has been our head of recruitment for when we signed Mkhi, Sokratis, Lich… While I love to see Sokratis celebrate a tackle like he scored a goal, he has no pace to play the high line and he has been part of our def issues. Mkhi… Failed to live up to hype, he did do better under Wenger than Emery but that is no surprise. Lich… OMG what a nightmare!

    While Sven did find Torreira and Guendouzi along with Mavrop who are three promising players, I feel he has done a 50/50 job with us overall, if he was staying then I’d back him to improve on his record with us… If he leaves then we can find someone equally good.

    Lastly, please remember this fellow gooners, Sven was the one who pushed for Auba when we all was screaming out for a top CB. Part of the reason we have so little funds is because of Sven. While we are all enjoying Auba on our side, he is not a VVD who will sort our def out…

    1. Midkemma, Arsenal cried out for dependable strikers since Van Persie left. Now we have Aubameyang and Lacazette at relative bargain prices, but pay two midfielders Ozil and Mhikataryan far more than they are worth, such that there is no money to pay for any players Mislintat may scout, including defenders.
      Typical Arsenal no matter who is in charge; always 3 to 4 players short of a team to challenge!

      1. “Mhikataryan far more than they are worth, such that there is no money to pay for any players Mislintat may scout, including defenders.”

        Sven was head of recruitment for Mkhi. Wenger wanted Martial. Gazidis backed Sven.

        Later Mkhi was used in the PR to help convince Auba to join Arsenal… Almost as if the wage Mkhi is on, is being paid just to get Auba.

        Then there is Lich on what… 90k a week? Sven was head of recruitment during that transfer as well.

        I am not saying it was all good or all bad, nobody is perfect and I do not begrudge imperfections, I feel it is just right to acknowledge the whole. That is the good and bad.

        If you wish to ignore select parts then fine, I was saying that good and bad happened and I even said that for me, Sven has done a 50/50 job. He done some good and I praise his good work.

        You claiming Sven had no money for a CB is kinda foolish as we had funds to make a record signing in Auba and then the summer after, we got Sokratis, we overspent on Lich wage, Sven got his pick of GK over who Emery wanted (An ex player).

        Sven had funds in the summer and the Jan prior, it is this window that funds appear to either be dry or withheld.

  11. Apparently we’re getting Monchi (Emerys former colleague). This sounds like a great move. He found multiple gems and more importantly hell find players that fit emerys style better. Good move imo. Best of luck to Sven

  12. This is hard to take for a number of reasons. When he arrived, he came with the change slogan, Arsenal are gearing up, etc etc. We had the A team, the new regime. It came after Gazidas talked utter BS about us targeting the worlds elite, they lied to us. Now they sack the man that lied to us, so what, it was his fault, but he’s not here now and he was the one who broke our promise. So we get over it, we haven’t got enough money to target the elite, to rival the elite. But we have brought someone in who is going to try and get us those players before they become elite. …Is now gone, right after we hired our A team, wtf is going on at the Arsenal. We are a mess, all this on top of an absent Scrooge Mc-couldn’t-give-a-f.

    I believe Emery and Sven had different ideas on targets, and Raul sided with Emery, probably no common ground in the middle. Also, targeting a director of football was a ploy for Emery and Raul to get someone in who will listen to their input more. Not hiring Sven for the role was basically signing his death warrant.

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