Do Arsenal fans really care which country our new scoring sensation will choose?

Arsenal wonderkid can choose to play for three countries, do we really care who he picks? by Martin

Arsenal teenager Folarin Balogun is fast becoming one of the most talked about youngsters in the game, he is scoring for fun in the youth team knocking in 22 goals in 23 appearances and even Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is raving about him and it now seems that international managers are waiting to see which country he decides to play for.

First. let’s see what he personally had to say on the subject.

“I haven’t yet declared who I will commit to internationally,” He told “I was born in New York, so can play for the USA. My parents were born in Nigeria and I have been in England since I was two years old, so I can play for both those countries too!

“I have several youth caps playing for England and I enjoy their style of play which is similar to Arsenal’s.

“I will be discussing matters with my parents and will then decide.”

Now, in the headline of this piece I ask, do we really care? I do not think we do really.

If Balogun plumps for Nigeria we no longer have to worry about him leaving us in the middle of winter to play in the African Nations Cup because it is played in the summer and there is a high chance he will be with some Arsenal teammates when he joins up with them, Alex Iwobi as an example.

There is nothing wrong with the USA either, they are a professional set up with good facilities and there is no reason why his game will not be helped playing for the Americans either.

Of course, England is one of the best setups in international football, he will learn a lot playing for the Three Lions and again, he will be with club teammates.

The bottom line is that it really makes no difference to us as a club, you could argue that one has a better medical set up in case of injuries or you could argue one will advance his footballing experience better but who really knows, there are simply too many variables to make a sensible judgement.

For me, whichever one makes him the happiest is the one he should go for, we do not want a player leaving for international duty and coming back all miserable?



  1. I’d rather have him playing games for Arsenal every week and developing his talent. Nobody really cares about which country he will choose at this point. He’s young and a bit inexperienced at the top level. I’m sure he will delay making that choice for as long as possible.

  2. 11 days to go… to make matters worse, I couldn’t get tickets for the Palace game earlier ? so am going to have to try the ticket exchange!
    Daily cannon have said about all the Arsenal related programmes on Sky throughout the day & night to get us through these barren weeks ?
    I wonder if the game in Dubai will be on Arsenal player?? These international breaks get worse I swear…….

  3. What a weird article. The writer says he doesnt care which international team Balogun chooses but asks if we care and then goes some way to persuade us we shouldn’t care. Sorry but I can’t get my head around this at all. I know nothing is going on due to the bloody internationals but what’s Martin’s next article going to be? Should Auba wear red underpants? Does Laca like porridge? Is there life on Mars? Wtf!………

    1. @Declan, your comment got me LMAO. Leno decided not to out on glove for next match, whike Gouendozi choose to cut his air for the next match. ?

      1. I hope Guendouzi has a “hair cut” as it willl improve his vision, reduce the “air” resistance when he runs and will make it more difficult for opponents to pull.

    2. Declan, I would like to shake your hand and possibly the “article” writers throat too. These “type of nonsensical and saying nothing articles” SHOULD have no place on a fine site, where almost all of us have intelligence and good points of views to share. If an article has nothing to say, then why on Earth do they bother writing! Irritating and immature, beyond words When you npoint out the clear truth they get angry. The solution is in their own hands though; think of something to actually SAY and then and ONLY then, write about it.

  4. Folarin is Nigerian and should represent Naija. All this talks of being eligible to play for other countries is nonsense. Nigeria ?? ??

    1. Its not as though you couldn’t do with some good players is it?This kid is just that-A KID-But would probably just walk straight into the Nigerian team.
      And he most certainly IS NOT NIGERIAN
      He was born in NEW YORK which is in the USA.That makes him AMERICAN.
      He said he will discuss the issue with his parents.If they truly love their son and want the best for him they will say “Don’t whatever you do play for Nigeria.If you do you will end up in the same squad as that failure who used to play (not very well either) for Arsenal and now plays for Brentford.”?
      You play for England,you play for USA or you will be disowned by your family.Do not disgrace yourself and family by playing for Nigeria with that Iwobi.It will ruin your career,credibility and family honour.”
      Or something like that anyway………

      1. Your negativity towards Iwobi is really getting old. We know he’s average, and we know TH14 absolutely adores him, he’s allowed to have a favourite player! Get over it, you’re just making yourself look petty and childish. Focus your energy towards something more productive maybe? Like supporting your favourite? Instead of constantly bashing your least favourite, we get it already…

        1. Why did Declan Rice chose to play for England over the Republic Of Ireland?It was because he did not want to play International Football with Champuonship Level players.He chose the more difficult option where he will face fiercer competition for squad and team places.In other words he challenged himself and the belief he holds in his abilities.
          Says it all that Iwobi chose Nigeria.And now I’m expected not to comment when someone expects an AMERICAN to chose to play his football for Nigeria who are not even as good as the USA let alone England.
          It says EVERYTHING about Declan Rice.Will no doubt become a top player.Iwobi??? Chose the easier option after representing England at youth levels I believe.
          And did you happen to see the assist by Reiss Nelson for the U21’s last night?Full of PACE,SKILL,DETERMINATION and DECISION MAKING.
          And you question why I believe Iwobi will end up at a Brentford Level Club?

          1. Iwobi chose Nigeria because he is Nigerian. He can never be an Englishman just because he was born there or merely leaving there. How does a black man look in the mirror and say I’m Chinese because I was born in Ghanzhou? Lmao ? How crazy is that? Or say I’m English because ived lived there 10 years? ?

            In 1996 the English team was nowhere near as talented as the famous Nigerian Dream Team I that ruled the football world. We have taken a dip recently but like every great footballing nation, we’ll bounce back up given that countries like England stop POACHING Nigerian talents like Folarin, Bukayo Saka and the rest of them.

            The stupid eligibility rule should be abolished and let’s see how good the

            1. Nigerian Dream Team.Who were they?And who exactly called them this?I don’t follow International Football that much but I really am struggling to recall ANY Nigerian Dream Team.Or was it in your own dreams?

      2. Phil You are in danger of being thought to have a personal agenda against the willing, though far from wonderful Iwobi. I had an agenda against WALCOTT AND THAT WAS BECAUSE I BELIEVE ALL LAZY PLAYERS HARM OUR CLUB AND OUR SPORT. This can never be levelled at Iwobi though, hence my suspicion of something perhaps more sinister in your comments about him.

        1. Or perhaps phil and the quite a few others just don’t rate him .you talk about Walcott ,so now compare their stats ,they both played as wingers (different sides yes )google -compare stats -easy -done …now what do you see ?
          Iwobis numbers don’t lie ,they are pathetic if we are being honest .
          Now Walcott who I didn’t rate, atleast had numbers to back up some of his play .
          So no I don’t see agenda all I see is a supporter of who sees a player who is not good enough to wear an arsenal shirt .

          1. Jon-I have a right to reply to a fellow poster who shoves Iwobi down our throats at every opportunity if I disagree.
            Don’t forget this is from someone who demanded Iwobi starts taking penalties after Auba’s miss at Wembley on the back of him scoring the deciding spot kick in a PRE SEASON FRIENDLY.
            So I will continue my defence of all things Arsenal against anyone I disagree with.Just the same as you do when continually suggesting Ozil is such a lazy work shy player when statistics AND results suggest otherwise.

            1. Phil, A question fo you. Do you, hand on heart, HONESTLY believe OZIL works regularly hard enough?

              1. I believe he works hard for the position he plays.His body language is awful and he is guilty of lacking in defensive duties.But that does not make him a lazy player in my mind.I would rather see our playmaker strolling around looking for space for himself to get on the ball than running 50 yards to steam into a tackle.Especially when nobody has ever taught him how to tackle.
                JF-Ozil divides opinion and I absolutely agree he is frustrating.But never doubt his work rate and love of playing for Arsenal.The player has had to adapt and has not entirely convinced.But Emery must shoulder some blame for this too

          2. Xxnofx, You may (or may not) be under the false impression that I rate Iwobi as a player. I don’t much rate him tbh , but I do at least appreciate that he gives his all, limited though that be. Compared to Walcott who had far more natural talent, I would pick Iwobi all day long, because without a fighting nature and workrate no player can ever be good enough at our expected top level. And IWOBI has IMPROVED since last season, though has far to go yet. I suffered Walcott for a full decade, even though I clearly saw after a mere handful of games that he lacked character, bigtime.

      3. The only people who should play for England are English people. First of all does Folarin Balogun sound like Will Smith Or Mike Parker to you eh Phil? That is purely a Yoruba name which is an ethnic group in Nigeria NOT USA. Both parents are of Nigerian decent and simply because he was born in New York doesn’t make him any less Nigerian.

        The English FA should really be ASHAMED of themselves with this constant act of POACHING young talents from different nationalities and BRAINWASHING them into representing England. This should be ILLEGAL and the sooner it is condemned by FIFA, the better for football.

        1. Okay now I am seriously worried about you……
          He was born in USA and has played for Arsenal for over ten years but you think he is Nigerian? You need to get a life and let people decide their own lives for themselves…

          1. His father and mother are Nigerians. His ancestors are Nigerians, what makes him American or an Englishman? Oh yes like you said he lived there for over 10 years.. Hooray!!

            1. He was BORN IN AMERICA.That makes him AMERICAN.His parents might have been born on planet DoDo and he will still be American.

  5. Surely you’d want him playing for England?

    Biggest national team out of those countries so better for his progression – he’d be around top quality players and learning with them.

    You’d also expect the English national teams to have better communication with English clubs than USA or Nigeria would.

    Must say I’ve never heard of him.

    1. What about Gabriel Agnonlahor? How did choosing England pan out for his progression and overall development?

  6. Blimey! The kid is hardly out of nappies and we are already discussing which country he may one day represent. Talk about putting the cart before the horse! Let the kid learn to walk before he runs , PLEASE! This sort of silly hype does no one ANY favours, least of all him. On a technical point, he was born in USA so really is American, but that is for HIM not any of us to decide, IN GOOD TIME! Which means NOT NOW!!! Perspective PLEASE!

    I should also mention that top level football is littered with players who scored a goal per game in youth level but went on to disappear without trace. I realise this sober minded comment will not please the hype lovers on here, but it needs saying!

  7. @phil calm down with your heavy smoke hatred, England success in youth level recently were based on foreigners in the team, so is France in the world cup. Abeg use your kidneys.

    1. What on gods earth are you words meant to mean?Please tell me who the foreign players are playing in our England youth teams.i bet there are NONE.Do you seriously believe England as a country struggle to get young Englishmen to represent them at international level?Off course they don’t.We are blessed with unbelievable young talent in this country which is shown by our success in the recent years.
      It’s the players who “could” play for England at full international level but choose not to who are the ones who realise their talent just isn’t good enough so go to play for third rate countries instead.
      Sums it up nicely.
      And I’ve just looked at the French squad that won the World Cup last year.How many of those are not French?
      The qualification rules are quite simple.You can play for your country of birth.Or your parents country of birth.Or your grandparents country of birth.
      To me you play for the country you were born in.Patrick Vieira came from Senegal but chose not to represent his country of birth because he knew how good a player he was and refused to play for yet another third world country with a third rate football team.Who could blame him.

      1. Phil, you most certainly believe your ignorance is a virtue…

        “Iwobi Nigeria sums it up nicely”

        If you could get off your high horse for a quick minute then you’ll realize that Iwobi chose family. He chose Nigeria because of what it means to his family, Nigeria is his place of birth, he has an uncle who is a legend for the Nigerian national team and he decided to follow in his footsteps.

        I wish it was as black and white as you portray it to be, but it’s not. Yes, he may no longer be as massively talented as kids his age in the England youth setup (even though he made several appearances for the team), and the English national team might be quite a long shot for him but his family history trumps all that tosh you’ve been spewing about why he chose Nigeria. Ross Barkley, Ademola Look man, Bamidele Alli and Tammy Abraham were all eligible to play for Nigeria but they all chose their place of birth.

    2. ????? What on Earth are you trying to communcate? Kidneys? On a football site? Surely you need a medical site!

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