Do Arsenal fans really ‘hate’ Troy Deeney?

Troy Deeney has claimed that Arsenal fans hate him in an interview this week, but he insists his criticisms of the team were not meant to be personal.

The Watford striker has famously claimed that our club has ‘no cojones’, leading to a series of reactions from our club fans and players alike.

Deeney has moved to claim that he was just being critical of the state of our club and playing squad, and meant nothing personal, claiming he is quick to praise where it is due.

“Arsenal people hate me but it is what it is,” Deeney said.

“The reason me and someone like DT get on, or me and Robbie or me and Troopz, is because I’m not saying Arsenal are crap, or these players are not good enough. I’m literally going, ‘my opinion on it is this, this and this’ and they would go, ‘yeah, I can see that’.

“Even when Arsenal are good I’ll be like, ‘my man was sick, you know’.

“Saka at left-back, he’s a proper player. I’m not just going, ‘oh, you lost, haha’. Bro, Watford lose more than most.”

Arsenal fan TV have given our clubs fans a bad name in recent seasons, although the circus around their show has died down over the past year or so, and Deeney’s allegiance with them will not have helped things.

I’m not sure I would go as far as to say that I hate Deeney however, despite his previous outlandish comments, but those words most certainly have increased the rivalry between us and Watford in recent seasons.

Do you hate Deeney? Was he wrong to claim our side played with ‘no cojones’ previously?


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  1. ken1945 says:

    Who cares what he says? He’ll be playing championship football next season, with any luck!!!

  2. Robert Acedius says:

    I love mr Deeney for what he did on the 29th of february this historical year, the third goal against Liverpool in “The Murder at the Vicarage” did it all. After that goal Pool were beaten. And how. That was great, Troy. Just great. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  3. Sue says:

    He’s vile…

  4. Timmy says:

    Troy Feeney is one player I hated!! He is so bullish and stupid. He doesn’t behave as a professional football player. Always wanting to put the other player health at risk by fowling him with . . though I thank Watford for thrashing Liverpool at least to keep my PRIDE as INVINCIBLE.
    Nonetheless Watford with be relegated and Trooy Feeney will be playing in the lower Championship

    1. Sue says:

      Yes, especially being in prison for kicking someone in the head!!

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