Do Arsenal fans really want Luiz to stay? We need to be ruthless…

Why were Arsenal begging Luiz to stay? by Konstantin Mitov
The summer transfer window is ever closer lovely Arsenal people and it is most needed. A new central midfielder, a right back, a new keeper and a striker is the bare minimum I would say.
For a large number of the Wenger years a technically gifted player, with good ball control was deemed an “Arsenal” type player. Today, easy errors is the only quality I can attribute as typical to our players.
It’s a massive summer for Edu and Arteta. The word “ruthless” is carelessly thrown around and one player departure was already announced. David Luiz asked to leave Arsenal. We begged him to STAY is what the media suggests.
We’ve heard he is a leader on and off the pitch. He’s won everything and he’s the one ball playing CB we had – I get all that. But at 34, famous for having a mistake in him, he is hardly the future of our defence is he? Why are we begging him to stay?
We have William Saliba rocking it in France. Will we finally give him a chance or we will ignore one of the best regarded young CB’s in Europe for Arteta’s Ego?
Remember Edu and Mikel signed off Willian, gave Auba 350k, signed Ceballos again, cast out Saliba, signed Luiz on a second deal, sold Martinelli and signed Runnarson and so on.
I’ve lost trust in those people to take us forward. The rumours say we want to sell Willock. His stats in a poor Newcastle side are better than Odegaard’s for example. Why couldn’t we squeeze out those numbers out of him?
Because we’ve clearly gotten the best out of the side, as Mikel said, like we have from Saliba… and turned a squad that finished 1 point off the top 4 into a mid-table team.
Sadly Arteta is here to stay and we’ll have to wait for the summer to pan out to see how it goes.
I just wish we were (and are) ruthless to the right people.
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  1. we have several young CB’s, Luiz has been injured frequently now. And obviously not the type of leader that is making the difference we need either. Full of good games and awful moments. Move on, please.

    1. as an experience squad cb to provide leadership and guidance to the young players

      but if hes injury prone then there is no point extending his contract

  2. In my opinion, Arteta should be moved on, Arsenal is way to big for a rookie coach and again, his ego is destroying the team.

  3. I want him to stay, because I’m not convinced with Magalhaes, Mari, Saliba and especially with Mavropanos that couldn’t even handle Benteke. However, I bet we’ll still use a two-CB formation, so we just need maximum five CBs

    Nevertheless, I’m glad Arsenal are willing to gamble on the younger CBs next season

      1. April 21, 2019, Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace

        Some fans can’t remember our players’ performance and can’t even analyze the game properly

  4. It’s pretty telling that Arteta’s biggest cheerleader is the one that wants out, after being begged by the spice boys. The seasoned players can see right through Arteta, it really is no coincidence that the majority of our seniors underperformed this season. Arteta has been saved by the kids, I don’t know why he doesn’t realize this and just focus on the kids and bin the seniors since the kids will run through brick walls.

    I’ve seen reports stating a cb is a priority signing. We have Holding on a new contract, saliba a very expensive investment that needs to be integrated and value extracted , chambers, mavropanos, Gabriel and Mari. Why do we need another CB?? This pep wannabe thinks hoarding players will have him earn plaudits such as pep for having “2 first elevens that can challenge for top4”, only he’s building 2 first elevens to fight for midtable.

  5. The question is if Arsenal want to improve or not. If we’re satisfied with the level we are playing on at the moment, keep all senior and second rate players and continue as usual. Say what you want, we have 25 BIG points down to relegation – and only 28 points up to the title.

  6. Get Luiz out of our club. This guy’s ball playing abilities is what has got him far in his career and I can’t fault him for that but he’s never been a reliable defender so we should let him go or even if he stays he should not be a starter in the team. I saw people hate on Kos and Luiz is not better than Koscielny who goes in my book as one of the most underrated defenders. I am not against the signing of another CB because I don’t think we have the quality needed to take us to the top but our current defenders at their highest potential are not average. I will be happy if we can get in one CB this window.

  7. Ornstein stated we hadn’t offered a new deal..
    I can understand why some of the fan base wanted him to stay though… but we move on

  8. Every player has their day and although I wouldn’t class him as deadwood (because apart from a few hiccups he has been good) he would as likely become so next season. He came across as a good guy and I wish him well

  9. Assuming we will be out of Europe next year – the first time in 25 years – and fighting to regain top 4, there will be a dire need for leaders on and off the pitch. Luiz has his faults, but we could always turn to him on big occasions. Saliba is good, Mavropanos seems promising, but relying on young, unproven players – in a crisis year – to me, seems crazy. Luiz should be offered a contract for another year, at least; this is the most prudent decision.

  10. Opinions are looking to have appeared divided on here in the debate as to whether if it will be wise and profitable to Arsenal to keep David Luiz for another season by giving him another contract deal renewal or not.

    But I must say, for his professionalism showing and top notch performance in matches for Arsenal this season whenever he has played for the club, but save, the on the field errors that he has committed for Arsenal which cost them some points in PL.

    But nevertheless and notwithstanding, this is not mediocrity by me. However, I am among the Gooners who want to see him stay at our club but as a bit part player next season. And afterwards move to the senior team coaching role at the club. But this is my personal opinion. Which doesn’t mean it should be the club position on David Luiz.

    Joseph Willock who rarely gets game playing time at his Arsenal club was sent out on loan to Newcastle last winter window to improved on his game playing and return to Arsenal in the summer. But has he not improved on his game while playing for Newcastle for the half of this season he’s been with them? Yesterday he missed a penalty for Newcastle but scored a goal later for them in their home lost match to Man City in the PL. But why should Arsenal sell their improving Willock in the summer? To use the fund they will get from his sale to sign a better that him midfielder for Arsenal? If not or if Arsenal are not sure the player they want to sign to replace Willock will be better than him, let the club i.e. Arteta keeps Willock at the club in the summer.

    Saliba will return to Arsenal in the summer from his last winter loan moved to Lille to be integrated fully into the first team next summer. And stay for goods at the club if he performed to the required top level in games for Arsenal next season I would opin.

    But Arsenal will have to replaced Bellerin with a top notch class right full back if they sell him next summer as being rumoured in the media they could offload him next summer window.

    And it has been widely agreed within the Gooners circle that Arsenal should sign a new top quality grade left back next summer window. Who will serve as cover and option to the top quality Tierney in the team.

    The probability is Arsenal will likely sell Lacazette and Nketiah next summer window. And replace one of the duo strikers with a new 30 goals plus per season top League goals scorer striker next summer window having probably replaced one of the duo with their extending of Balogun’s contract deal at the club as Arteta may have looked set to fully integrate him into his first team squad next season I would think.

    1. Whether you are for him staying or against is one thing but MA favours him, if he stays he won’t be a bit part player it’s that simple

  11. Doesn’t matter, Luiz and Arsenal have decided mutually to part ways. So he won’t be here next season.

  12. If it’s true that Luiz and Arsenal have mutually agreed to part ways, then there is no problem there. As both Arsenal and Luiz will move on at the end of this season’s campaign..

    For, it has been said that at Arsenal, player leaves player comes and Arsenal FC remains. Therefore, Arsenal will start planning for their defence personnel for next season’s campaign without David Luiz in their plans. One man’s poison could be another man’s food. So up to you then Williams Saliba to prove that adage as a reality in your playing career at Arsenal as from next season. But if M Arteta will agree to play you as his chosen replacement to Luiz.

    1. Saka > Willian
      ESR > Odegaard
      Willock > Ceballos
      Martinelli > Willian

      Based off performances this year our young players have shined more than players that cost club valuable funds.

      It would be foolish and wasteful to buy another CB when we could have the answer already.

      Saliba and Mavroporas could deliver for us and establish themselves in the squad.

      Imagine not giving Willock, Saliba, Mavroporas, and Nelson ANY chance, yet giving a free pass to a manager underperforming and looking worse than last year?

      Trust the process

      1. ESR > Odegaard and Wilock > Cebollos not true. Odegaard is more complete player and ahead of ESE interms of experience as well. Remember he just joined us on loan in January, playing in first time in EPL that’s a big change so I think he has done very well based on how even the most big players struggle in their first season. Cebollos again although not a world beater by any means but still better then willock. I actually think Arsenal should cash in on him, Eddies, AMN and Nelson. I don’t think these lads are going to ever make it in a big club.

      2. Agree on Saliba and Mavroponas. Atleast definitely Saliba, guy is very good and can form an amazing partnership with Gabi for years to come.

  13. With five centre halves already on Arsenal’s books, wasting time and money on Luiz is idiotic. There are bigger issues, starting with making sure that ESR signs long term and is not carpet bagged by the likes of Chelsea or Manchester City. Are we really such a nothing club to let that happen?

  14. Sold Martinelli? I don’t think so! It depends which report you believe as to whether we begged Luiz to stay or refused to re-sign him. He’s probably better off gone as we have a decent enough roster of central defenders including the returning loanees.

  15. The problem is Holding and Mari are worse than Luiz and so is Gabriel however he has the potential to change that. Next season I would risk it, buy Max Aaron and stick him with Saliba and Mavranpos and Tierney and see what happens. Buy Bissouma and play him in front of the defence with Partey. Get Aouar/Grealish and play him with Saka and ESR and spend the rest on Icardi or Lukaku. Get rid of Luiz, Willian, Niles,Willock, Torriera, Nelson, Bellerin, Laccazette, Nkeitah and Guendouzi to fund it.

  16. Congrats to Leicester..
    Shows what can be achieved with investment, a caring owner/s with a vision and a manager with a clear and uncomplicated way of getting players to play for him..

    Premier league and fa cup now for Leicester in this decade and finishing above us in the table.

    Shame on Chelsea VAR decision though 😉 would not be a happy bunny if we lost because of that decision.

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