Do Arsenal fans simply not trust Arteta and Edu to get it right?

Do Arsenal supporters trust Arteta and Edu enough?

A lack of trust on Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Technical Director Edu Gaspar by the Arsenal fans was clearly visible on social media channels when the club missed out on Norwich City’s playmaker Emi Buendia.

While some said they were “embarrassed” at being beaten by a club who was not even a Premier League side two years ago, others condemned the lack of aggressiveness by the club.

But from where does this anger and frustration stems from? Under Arsene Wenger things were transparently different. There was a strange telepathic communication between the former manager and the club’s faithful.

The supporters knew that if they missed out on a particular signing, their legendary manager would either sign a very good alternative or unearth a gem who would gradually shoot up to prominence.

Arsenal were lucky to have a coach who already had a mental database of several players in Europe. However, same is not true of Mikel Arteta. He does not boast a “special eye” in terms of recruitment.

Arsenal is also the first managerial job of Mikel Arteta. Thus, there is no strong evidence to fall on that he can change things around.

Edu is also in a similar boat to Arteta if not the same. Although the Brazilian has previous work experience at Corinthians and the Brazil National team, the former Invincible had zero work experience in Europe before joining the Red and White.

Both are highly rated in the industry, but it is the uncertainty of how they deal with adversity is what make Arsenal fans anxious.

A big summer lie ahead, for the club as well as Arteta and Edu. Since the duo’s arrival, the football world (including Arsenal of course) has barely had any stability. But strong judgements, without any preconceived motion, will be made at the end of the transfer window and more importantly, during the course of next season.

If things go awry, the North London outfit might be forced to press the “Sack Arteta” button even before the halfway point of the season.

Serious questions would be asked if that happens, whether the club’s board were right to appoint an inexperienced coach at a massive club like Arsenal.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Some fans just can’t see beyond our bad season and some of them might think they’re smarter than our managers, as seen in their bad assessment on Xhaka. They must know that we shouldn’t start the new season with negativity, otherwise we’ll lose before the real battles

    1. Sounds like you are already making excuses if our season starts off badly?

      Would Xhaka make the starting 11 of Man City or Liverpool? If no, then we need to upgrade to reach that level

      1. True but without European football no player who’d start in those teams will come to Arsenal right now.
        So we have to find good players whose level currently is a notch below but could progress further once with us.
        Xhaka has been our best midfielder last season but he should only be #2 choice to partner Partey, not the 1st.

        1. I agree with you. xhaka didn’t do bad last season. How many midfielders did better than him. The fans need not to be too critical at time. From what I know the manager (Arteta) is not really our problem but the board (Kroenke) . Support the manager with funds to buy quality players and then judge/assess his performance after.

        2. Jordan Henderson any day. He’s a true captain and a fighter. Does his things with simplicity unlike Xhaka who puts us in many dangerous situations.

      2. PJ I’m not a Xhaka can but if Jordan Henderson can make the Liverpool team 11, then Xhaka can definitely make it. Tell me exactly what Henderson and Jorginho can do that Xhaka cannot do. Sometimes let’s analyze football without being biased. I remember how everyone criticize Henderson before kloop came to Liverpool, but kloop who is an intelligent coach knows how to play to his players strength.

        1. Who mentioned Jorginho? People on here are quite funny….you say someone isn’t the best and automatically what they hear is that you said he is bad. Where did I say Xhaka was a bad player?

          Klopp has Henderson in as a work horse, the guy has a huge engine. Can you honestly say Klopp would play Xhaka over Henderson because I can’t see it. Xhaka would not get near the Liverpool first 11 based on his intensity alone.

          To answer your question:

          Higher Intensity
          More versatile
          Better tackler
          Less likely to get a red card

        1. John I can assure you he will not answer that question. Sometimes some fans just types stuffs without even thinking it through, I asked one fan yesterday on a different article that who is the better footballer between Xhaka, henderson and Jorginho, but instead of giving me a straight answer he started talking how Liverpool are currently doing better than us.

          1. PJ I’m currently at work, and I started laughing when I saw your reply sir. You said “Klopp has Henderson in as a work horse, the guy has a huge engine” xhaka is one of the few players in the world who can play over 36 matches without getting injured and you are comparing his energy level with Henderson wow just wow. Only few players in the world has Xhaka energy and Henderson is definitely not one of them.

          2. @Lenohappy Hahahaha man I can’t believe what I’m reading.

            Yes Xhaka plays a lot of games because he rarely exerts himself or puts himself around the park, not too difficult then. I’m no Hendo fan but Henderson is the exact opposite on the pitch in terms of effort levels. If you can’t understand that then I don’t know man.

        2. Uhhh coz they don’t go for 4th rate footballers … he wouldn’t start for Brighton villa wolves Leeds … to name a bunch of teams the finished below … he’s obviously on the market … who’s rushing in for his services ? Not even the newly promoted … he’s championship level at best so let Maureen take him

          1. So Roma is championship team and mourinho is a small coach? It’s says all about your knowledge

          2. Complete hogwash.
            He’s miles above that level of clubs.
            At the very least, Xhaka would walk into the squads of most the best clubs on the planet (aside the top 3-4 ones) based on pure talent.
            He’s just at the age where he isn’t a good financial investment given the level of wages that a player of his level gets paid & his lack of resale value.
            Hell, even in a terrible season for Arsenal, he made the Premier League team of the year from the ranking of an independent organisation who has no interest in bigging him up & only looked at his stats & performances.

        3. It’s an opinion but if he’d make their starting 11 then surely if he’s only going for around 15mil they will try and sign him?

          Jon can you tell me why they wouldn’t sign him at such a good price if he’d get into their starting 11?

          1. Simply because of:
            1/ the players they already have under contract
            2/ the level of wages that comes with a player of his caliber
            3/ his age, which means he has little resale value.

            Clubs everywhere are constantly passing on players that could improve them because of these reasons.

      3. Why go for Neves if is no good to Wolves what makes you think he will be good for us

        1. The club had a poor season, that doesn’t the player bad?
          He has consistently been their best player alongside Jimenez, especially the previous seasons. : )

  2. Yash, weren’t you around in Arsene. Wenger’s latter years when he was famous for his recounts of all the great players, he had missed out on signing.
    However, Wenger had a lot of credit in the bank due to his earlier highly successful years.
    Trust must be earned and thus takes time to develop. As far as Arteta and Edu are concerned the jury is still out, in my opinion. The test will be in their ability to land the players they want, not players like Emi Buendia, who Arsenal may not have really wanted or valued at the price asked by Norwich City.
    If by the end of the transfer window they have competently addressed the obvious deficiencies in midfield (DM and ACM) and RB, they will have progressed in developing trust.

  3. I can trust Edu to perform on the transfer market.
    I hear Willian was more an “issue” coming from Raul’s relationship with that super agent Kia which would leave Gabriel/Partey as Edu’s actual Summer signings and these are great!

    Who I DON’T trust is Kroenke actually spending the money that we NEED to spend unfortunately… : /

    1. Willian was not a strange signing if you look from a high vantage point. A Premier League proven player who showed no signs of decline was a good deal! But for many reasons, things did not work out. My point: Criticizing Edu and Arteta for his signing is unfair.

      1. I beg to differ. I would have agreed with your point if it was a 1 year deal. To pay 250,000 per week to a 32 years old for three years is madness.

        1. With that kind of salary it is impossible to shop him out unless he wish so.

        2. With that age he can decline anytime and unfortunately for us he did so in the first season. What we have now is a squad player who is paid up obscene amount to make up numbers.

        3. He was never such a good player to be worth that amount per week even at his best. Signing fee or not it is still a huge amount to pay for literally nothing.

          1. Plus a signing on fee of £14m!!! All the management must have agreed on it so they are all responsible for this crazy deal.

        1. HH I always read how you keep saying Willian is on 250k, can you confirm that or is it just a guess.

          1. Hi Lenno. If I recall correctly this is the first time I have quoted the figure. I knew it was high but was not sure of the amount so I had to Google before writing that reply.

          2. Willian is on the 100k per week
            10 million signing on fee which I believe everyone adds on to his weekly wage .

        2. HH, am still waiting for article that will compare our starting 11 with other teams in top 4 this season, since you are of the opinion that our squad is good enough to be in top 4, I’ll expect this article from you

          1. I will not write such an article because I can’t say I am an expert in football technicalities. And I don’t think there is need for such an article. You measure the goodness of the squad by their performance and league position. I will say our squad is very good for finishing 8th considering they have been playing without a manager. Now imagine what they can achieve with a manger with sound tactics.

        3. I hope to be proven wrong but i don’t trust MA to identify the right players you need the guy is obsessed with getting players who can do everything this is unrealistic take the GK he should be a top shots stopper commanding in his box conceding few goals being good with his feet should be secondary if i were MA i would get
          -another GK well able to seriously compete even take Leno’s spot.
          -a RB in the mould of KT
          -no need for a new CB with Saliba and Mavros
          _a proper DM a la Kante protect our back 4 and play next to TP (who would be the link between defense and midfield unlike Ceballos Xhaka he is able to receive the ball from our CB’s even under pressure and with no or 1 touch max tl pass it to our creative midfielders like ESR ….and with no more tinkering CB’s we have the making of a very good defensive unit!
          -a CAM that would play mostly on the right side since ESR loves to drop on the left and play between lines they could even roam interchange.. depending then we have Saka Martinelli Pépé Laca Auba who could concentrate on attacking play there is enough goals among them but i would also get a target man as another option against teams parking the bus and if we sell say Willian Laca…replace them with younger players but still with experience I’m telling if well managed coached we don’t need to add too many quality players but of course it depends on the number if outgoings!
          1GK 1RB 1DM 1 CAM 1CF(target man) after that is getting the back ups /squad players accordingly.

      2. The signing itself made sense at the time is Willian was to be an experienced squad option only and not someone paid so much he “had to be used” week in week out.
        The insane wages that Raul allowed his agent mate to get were the huge issue.

        The early report of 100-110k a week would have been fine (the 3 years of the contract could have served as a form of “signing on fee” bonus) but there never was a justification to fork out closer to 200k a week.
        Hell, it sounds that this & the Pepe over inflated deal is why Raul got the boot.

  4. It baffles me why we keep questioning Arteta, and Edu in the transfer market, when they’ve performed very well overall in this area. Very good looking at it on its own, and a monstrous improvement in comparison to what we had in the past when AW/IG didn’t even bother assessing what the squad needed before each transfer window. We actually perform squad assessments now! We’re finally acting like a normal club now.

    They have got rid of a ton of deadwood, with more leaving this summer, Xhaka being the first to go by the looks of things. Impressive how many players will have left us in just a year and a half. Our weakest areas have been strengthened, and that will also continue this summer.

    Of course they haven’t got EVERY signing and sale right, but you won’t find a club that does. Overall, pretty good, and I feel this will be good transfer window as well.

    1. How much does Arteta pay you? Do you need an extra hand in your PR department? I am available and can do a good job with nominal fee.

    2. Xhaka didn’t do bad last season. How many midfielders did better than him. The fans need not to be too critical at time. From what I know the manager (Arteta) is not really our problem but the board (Kroenke) . Support the manager with funds to buy quality players and then judge/assess his performance after.

    3. You mean the deadwood that delivered top 4 FA cups European football to both AW and UE and MA his FA cup since he got rid of them and added his players things have been getting worse also i remember people blaming/accusing AW of being too tight ss for the reason for missing on targets but somehow now it is the board owners fault 🤔

    4. 3 signings Arteta made last summer

      Partey -now looks like prime Denilson

      Gabriel -looks shaky and nervous every time he touches the ball after a great first 4-5 games

      Willian -now turned into prime Iwobi

      He may have made some good signings but everyone of them as regressed to players that would struggle to get into championship teams

      2 of said above players made the top 10 dud signings of the season .

      1. @Dan kit

        The fact you’re claiming Party and Gabriel were poor signings is beyond ridiculous! As I keep saying, over, and over again, you are the master at making myself look like a joke!

        So obviously we need to sell those two then, and who’s next? Shall we sell Saka? Clearly he’s regressing under MA as well. Hahaha!

        No knowledge of football and Arsenal whatsoever! Classic troll.

        1. Yourself look like a joke I meant haha. Just conserving with you, and it brings my IQ down and ability to write !

          1. It’s probably better not to accuse someone of having a low IQ while having clear issues writing a couple of sentences without making a spelling mistake!

            We can clearly see who looks like a joke, matey. :’D

        2. Well mate did you read what I just wrote before once again you started trying to score points .
          Did you miss the bit where I said they were good signings .
          That’s the last time I converse with you now because your constant trying to be clever and score points .
          As for being a joke mate I think you need to look at all the comments am aimed at you daily .

          1. I saw what you wrote Dan, and like I said, no knowledge at all.

            It’s also funny you keep saying you won’t converse with me anymore, yet anytime I make a comment, guess what…there you are, replying like a prime troll!

          2. Like I’ve said before -your a nut job ,you have even started making up make believe conversations .
            You be you and I’ll be me and we don’t ever have to comment on each other’s posts again

      2. Dan – I don’t like where Partey and Gabriel are right now but I do think that they deserve a chance – a lot of players do take some time to adjust to Premier League.

        If next year’s performance is like this year, then yes they were not good signings.

        Willian was a weird one for me from the start – not taking the chance but the term of the contract.

        I really hope that Willian will serve as a good reminder not to offer large, long contracts to older players, something we have done a lot of over the past few years – with previous managers as well – it has been an Arsenal trend for quite a while now.

        1. Stewart @
          My post was misinterpreted,I said they was good signings but Arteta as made them worse ,no doubt they should come good but for me not under Arteta

  5. We the fans keep pointing accusing fingers at M. Arteta and Edu but it appears the blame should be channelled to the owners for their shroud penny pinching appoach. This state of affairs existed even during the Arsene Wenger era. We were made to understand that the new stadium will make us competitive with the likes of ManU and Chelsea. So what’s going on?

    1. It was meant to be but no one even the great Arsène couldn’t envisage billionnaires oligarchs States..buying the biggest English clubs you’re right transfers wise we had the ssme problems but i vlearly remember fans blaming Wenger for missing on our targets because according to some he was too tight or thought this was his money i guess it’s only fair to blame MA and Edu even though like with AW the budget was up to the owners and the reason why he had to sell our best players year in year out to pay for the stadium and buying new players albeit not as good

      1. I agree completely. What this great man had to sacrifice for the good of the club. And to see him insulted and unappreciated day in day out it makes me cry inside. It would have been better if it ended at that but to be told Arteta with no Europen football for the first time is doing a better job?

        Imagine how he would have felt selling RVP to our rivals knowing by giving him to them he just handed them the title. RVP who he had stuck with him for all those injuries, the best striker in the EPL at the time and our only chance of a having a shot at the title.

    2. Robert please look at these three financial aspects:
      1. How much Arsenal has spent in transfer windows over the last 5 seasons compared to competing clubs? The money has been made available; however it has not been spent wisely;
      2. How much Arsenal receives for its transfers out, compared to other clubs for comparable quality players?, and
      3. How many players at Arsenal are on wages of £100 million per week or more, compared to players at other clubs in the EPL?
      The Arsenal is not performing at a competitive level equating to the money spent. Eighth should be totally unsatisfactory to the owner for the funds expended.

  6. Time will tell us everything. I suppose we have to understand how many of us feel about the situation because we have not been making good progress for years. No point getting at each other!

    For now, I personally would love to be optimistic but struggle to get beyond my pessimistic way of thinking. I see other clubs looking very active with ambitious targets and yet I still don’t know who or what options Arsenal are considering?

    The owners and club have been very cagey with this type of thing which has led to quite a few dead-line day signings and panic buys over the years. Is it any wonder the faith has all but dried up in the Arsenal fan base?

    One thing is for sure. The club have a lot of convincing to do this summer. It’s early days though and I will try to be patient. However. If they don’t manage to strengthen this summer and start the season with a weaker squad than last season, I find it hard so see how MA or Edu can retain their positions at the club. Because this squad will be fighting relegation never mind mid table battles.

  7. If Arsenal were indeed considering Buendia, I certainly think they got it right.
    No way should we pay 40m for him in today’s market.

  8. I agree with OG above; for some fans Emi’s transfer to AV seems like some Neymar or Mbappe joining them. Fact that Emi wants to be a big fish in a small pond rather than swim in the larger seas. We need loyal players with good work rate to be among the elite and that Emi would have to contribute to that rather he prefers the comfort and safety of a mid table team. If he were so good, neither Spurs or LC or Pool came calling. Please do note rate Arteta for the sake of one championship player (costing 35M GBP!) when we have ESR, Pepe who can operate in similar areas.
    Also we are in this mess, becuase of who? The likes of Leno, Xhaka, Bellerin, Elneny, Laca, Willian(Luiz, Cabellos – thankfully we see no more of them in a red/white jersey) are the reason for our downfall. We are 8th due to them alone. Move them off, either we improve or worsen without them, but clinging on to them will keep us mid table as seen from the past two seasons.
    Arsene made n number of bad signings in his latter years, all is forgotten. Edu made one poor signing in Willian and all are on his back.
    Arsene sowed the seeds of mediocrity – years back he let go Mata, Jan Vertogans, Erikson, Kante, Cahill for some expensive mediocre flops, today we are reaping the friuts in 8th position.

    1. I don’t know why you people are querreling, the Truth is yes even if kroenke doesn’t spent, the little you have should be able to bring in a hopeful player, every season we have good players being relegated, why can’t you go for such players? Why can’t you change your styles of buying players? Yes i agree with you who posted this Edu and Arteta MUST take the blame or else let the board sack all the scouting team and employee new team.

    2. Loose Cannon well said. Everyone knows I still want arteta sacked but blaming edu just because of a single Willian mistake is stupid, willian signing was a no trainer, even Chelsea signed thiago Silva, man it’s signed cavani and both are older than Willian, no one could have predicted that Willian will be so bad.

  9. Why don’t we at least try to be honest about how we fans , virtually all fans everywhere behave?

    Is this right or is it wrong, I ask myself and then I supply the truthful answer , which is that it is the natural and normal condition of fans everywhere. Without it what would we talk about!

    We constantly look into every aspect of football but so very rarely into why WE behave as we do. To my mind, self analysis is far more important, if you REALLY want the proper truth.

    You have to have the ability to accept your own fallibility. It is called maturity, which does not always come with increased age and is out of reach of most of us, even we oldies in general!

    1. I completely agree with this. We as fans need reality check, those some understand this but still our emotions get better of us most time. We feel we pay the players and coaches so we deserve to question them going far as abusing, cursing them and even their families

      1. We do actually pay them. Stadium tickets, merchandise and TV subscriptions. Without those sources of revenue, footballers won’t be paid what they’re paid now

  10. It seems to me it is more fashionable to be negative about Arsenal than to be positive. This article is suggest that. The artible does not include any facts just some opinions from “glory hunter” or “Arsenal fans” social meda. I think Edu & Arteta are heading in the right direction. Give them a season & then we can start being true gooners. All this doom & gloom shoud be for the Spuds

  11. I beg to differ. I don’t need to be a manager to see when one is doing a horrible job like our manager. Just like I don’t have to be an actor to recognise a bad movie, a singer to recognise bad music or a writer to recognise bad book.

    Why when one criticise a manager (rightfully so) is accused of knowing more than the manager but when they use stats they are told to trust their eyes instead of stats?

    Can’t they trust their eyes and brains to recognise a bad manager also?

    Fans use emotions than logic most of the time that is why they will always defend who they like regardless of their performance.

    For example you have those who defend Wenger strongly (rightfully so) and those who defend Arteta stongly (questionably so).

    Now for the man of your intellect you would have noticed I said defend and not support. In my opinion supporting and defending are completely different things though sometime they may be used together.

    You have fans who support Arteta and hope he will come good (meaning they are accepting he is not there yet) and you have those who defend just for the heck of it. Scroll up and you are guaranteed to find one who say Arteta is doing a good job than the great Arsene and Emery when we just had the worst season in our history.

      1. Though I genuinely wish you well HH, and hope you stay fit, well and fulfilled, the problem we both share is that in virtually all our previous posts there is virtually no meeting of minds and so in depth discussion is pointless.

        I love to devate seriously with ANYONE with whom I share a basic philosophy of life, no matter how we may differ on this or that matter.

        But try as I might, I simply cannot find any ground that gives US worthwhile debate .This saddens me but it is my genuine opinion , so with regret I suggest we both accept our “fate” and leave it there.

        1. I have this very week come to that conclusion Jon, and will sadly (from my viewpoint anyway, as I thoroughly enjoyed joining in on J A) will be posting far less.

          My stance is this.

          It soon became obvious, that as part of a wider ranging plan (in terms of scope & duration) Mikel Arteta was going to be backed by the current regime come what may (bar relegation).

          I therefore chose (however frustrating and difficult at times) to throw my energy behind the man and focus on this summers activities not purely fixate on last years finishing position – which was of course unacceptable.

          For me, one pressing aspect of Arteta’s remit upon arrival has been executed i.e. the removal of disruptive, high earning, low returning players.

          Now I await the next phase.

          Given Arteta receives the required backing from the ownership (the main problem here) next season – no excuses, as simple as that.

          My parting shot is this.
          For me, we clearly have a pre / post invincible divide on here, who see things very differently.

          I align with the J A users who realise there was an Arsenal Football Club before 2004.

          Keep up the good fight Jon !

          1. A fair question don’t take this personally, this is not the first time I have seen this; a person threatening to quit or quitting the site altogether because he is not agreeing or like what others are saying.

            Why is this? Should people who disagree with you also quit the site? Isn’t this in essence wanting people to post what one wants to hear?

            Where then is the freedom of speech and right of opinions come into play here?

            When the site has a global reach you are going to have a lot of opinions that disagree with you. Perhaps if some of us will understand this reality we might be less inclined to treat the site like a gentlemen club.

            I have nothing against you AJ just a fair question in case I have missed something.

          2. AJ So cathartic to read a post by a more mature in age and outlook fan who understands only too well that AFC neither began nor ended with AW.

            That a number of our fans ,mostly younger ones, seem strongly to EXPECT that our future and present should be as glorious as WeNGERS FIRST DECADE, is IMO, so immature and plain wrong as to make sensible debate with those fans a pointless excercise.

          3. @AJ
            I always enjoy reading your posts and understand your point of view
            For a generation of Arsenal supporters who mostly only knew a top4 finish, they are going through a very unpleasant shock right now. Us oldies are generally more pragmatic having witnessed the club’s mixed fortunes for over 50 years or more.

          4. HH it is not a matter of people like AJ “threatening” to leave Just Arsenal, it’s just that you get to a point, where you start to realise that you waste a lot of time being on here, without anything appearing to change.
            I like AJ, jon fox, ken1945, Loose Cannon, Phil and others remember the long history of the Arsenal pre Arsene Wenger. Good times and bad.
            Even in the bad times, Arsenal was a well run club and players, win, lose or draw played for the badge.
            As someone who has played and coached a number of sports, I can’t fathom or stand the poor mentality of the Club over the last few seasons.
            As someone who has managed multi million dollar businesses and individual projects, I am amazed at how poorly Arsenal is run in staff selection and player and financial asset management.
            As for many of the supporters, who take their time to post on Just Arsenal, I am disappointed in how many show so little knowledge of the history and achievements of this great Club, the current player deficiencies and the players out there available to address those deficiencies.

          5. Thank you OG for your reply and it has helped me to further understand the issue. Understanding others is a huge leap towards understanding yourself and vice versa is true.

            Like I said before I like your posts even those I disagree with because they are clearly from a person of a sound mind.

            On the issue of understanding history I think it is better to encourage someone to try and learn it (as you usually do) instead of let’s say demeaning him for not knowing it.

    1. Last season was not the worst in the history of our Club.Before you make assertions , you ought to make sure of the facts otherwise you lose credibility.

        1. Hi H H

          Apologies, there is no reply button against your post above, so I’ve come in here.

          No offence taken, and certainly none meant.

          My post above was a “general” reply to Jon’s comment, and not aimed solely at yourself in any way.

          In fact I recall you and I had a good debate just a week or so ago, in which we were never going to agree but we went back and forth.

          Freedom of speech is an absolute right on here (within site rules), so I of course have no argument with that.

          Sometimes I just feel comments could framed in a which would seem to invite open debate a little more – the bedrock of an excellent site such as Just Arsenal.

          I freely admit to losing my rag on here yesterday, in response to an attempt at being ridiculed.

          Not good.

          Some you can banter / debate with, others not.

          Just time for me to be a little more selective perhaps – and I m sure some feel the same about my postings.

          We build a picture of people we have never, or are likely, to meet – that’s human nature.

          At the end of the day we all have one wish – to get our Arsenal back !

          I feel the “Arteta debate” in particular is one that has generated much passion amongst fans, not only on J A but across the board, and I have said my piece and wish to concentrate on the now.

          I’m going to keep a keen eye on our summer dealings, and see how the side takes shape for next seasons challenges.

          You take care now.

          A J

          1. AJ
            I stepped back for a few weeks and now only engage with certain posters. Enjoy your summer and hope to read more from you come the business end of the transfer window and at the start of next season

          2. Thank you for your kind reply AJ. No offense taken and I understand you were not aiming at me. I was curious of what you have said because it is something I have seen before and not only here on JA.

            These online forums as well as being for discussions are also good places to learn the psychology of a human being. Especially since we are coming from different parts of the globe and with different cultures and outlook.

            For example if someone is aggressive or rude in his comments I will be aggressive and rude also and then observe their reaction. Are they going to understand their behaviour or are they going to assume the role of the victim?

            It is interesting to me psychologically. I find a lot of people still do not understand what online life truly is.

            “We build a picture of people we have never, or are likely, to meet – that’s human nature” –

            I like this point because this along with my personal rule to never reveal anything about myself in online communities unless it is necessary to do so have made me successfully separate my online life and real life. So in essence it is nearly impossible for me to get hurt by something said by someone who don’t know who I am, where I come from, how I look like etc.

            In case that happens then it will be sorely because of something I have said not because of who I am. So I have to accept the part I played in being hurt and move on from it.

            Hopefully we will get back on track next season so that there won’t be division. When there is no division there is no disagreement and everyone is happy.

            Wishing you all the best.

  12. Whatever happened to patience and trust! Most of the stories in the media about signings are pure speculation so fans should stop all the ‘knee jerk’ reactions and allow Edu and MA to do their jobs. We have to accept this is a long term project and it may take some time otherwise we’ll never start moving forward again as a club.

  13. If Edu & Arteta have no strong interest in a player then they should not even make an attempt at making an offer. Doing so risk dragging AFC name into the mud.

    Personally I will never bet a penny on Edu & Arteta coming good in this summer. They are confused pair with no direction.

    1. I’d disagree with that.
      If you don’t talk/negotiate you can’t ever find great deals?

      If anything, we should just not let ourselves get over-excited by transfer rumours.
      Which is hard to do, I know. :p

    2. Abul, Edu, Richard Garlick and Arteta have to chase out potential players to suit the “Arsenal project”. They hopefully know the type of player they want to fill the deficient positions and the valuation they have on him.
      The case of Emi Buendia may be that if they went for him and made a bid, their valuation may not be as much as the selling club wants. In addition, as appears to be the case with Buendia, the structure of payments offered by Arsenal may not be acceptable.
      In addition players/selling agents/managers may drop Arsenal’s name as an interested buyer to increase the price, when Arsenal has no interest at all in fact. That is why in every transfer window the media connects Arsenal and to be fair, other clubs to every available player.
      One has to separate the media talk from reality. It is always best to wait to the end of the window and see if we get what we need. Bissouma, Pereira, Ogana anyone?

  14. Every players have a price tag, whether a team that is in need of a player is playing European football or not. Man City were not playing European football in the past but the moment the owner step in, they started pumping money into the club, first by buying the very best from premier league club like arsenal and co. Arsenal is a very big club, any footballer agent that want to get buyer for his client just link him to arsenal, he will get buyer for him. Our owner and board needs to spend that money to get arsenal back. There are good super quality players out there that arsenal can buy now whether they are playing in Europe or not. If arsenal want to buy Grealish and other good players, just pay for that price. Aston villa can never say No but Edu, Arteta and owner want a very cheap less quality players to be in top four or thinking of winning champions league like Arteta mentality . Arsenal owner needs to change now.

    1. You can’t spend what you don’t have. Clubs tried that like Leeds United and dropped down the divisions for a while. No club is too big not to financially fail.

  15. I have zero faith in them. Why? Because of their non-existent experience.

    It’s like Ceballos recently said of Arteta:

    “In a few years he will one of the best managers”

    How many years do we have to sacrifice for his professional development? Will we be battling relegation by that time?

  16. Don’t know why people are upset about Buendia not coming to Arsenal. Media always mentioning his 15 goals in the Championship predominantly from the right wing and Pepe was getting slated for getting 16 goals in the Prem against much better opposition! No big teams scrambled for the signature of Buendia when Norwich got relegated. We already have players that can interchange on the wings, it’s down the centre that we are weak. Strengthen the middle of the park and become less predictable when attacking. We also need proven players now like Bissouma that can withstand the pace and physicality of the Prem and no signings that need time to settle but instead give some game time to players like Balogun & Saliba.

  17. Some Arsenal fans here are hell so so Funny!!
    Anytime we want to sell a Low performance player, they rush to start defending d player..😏😏
    N they have bashed the player alongside others in the past..😒😒
    Xhaka is who I am referring to..Hw can any fan compare him to Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson??
    Henderson is a workhorse!! Runs 90 mins, passes d ball quickly, links up with his teammates n shoots brilliantly+he never fouls others in doing all of diz!!
    So hw can you compare this seasoned n capable midfielder to Mr Static Xhaka who can’t move..
    A poor player who plays as if Chains are tied to his Legs..
    May God save some Arsenal fans from girlish sentiments n feelings for specific players..

  18. It’s on Arteta and Edu now. All the hype surrounding their “project” they sold to the board and we hear how excited we should be.

    Sorry but I haven’t seen much from them to believe in. They wanted Bellerin to stay, how did that work out? Willian signing? Leno over Emi? Bringing Ceballos back for 2nd year?

    Now it’s gone from “trust the process” (which has been nothing short of regression) to “the project.”

    Classic misdirection; tricks for kids. Ignore the regression over the last 2 years; forget 8th place finish and no European games.

    Meanwhile Leicester showing us how it’s done. We should have raided their scouts by now.

    1. Their bullshit project relied heavily on making it in EL at least. Without it, the peoject is done.

      We’ll see another change upstairs this winter, mark my words.

      Only a manager like Bielsa fits the budget of kse and its cashcow called Arsynaaaahl. Yeee-haaaw!

  19. Edu is a gofer of Kroenke and Arteta is directed by Edu.
    Edu and Arteta are NOT collaborators att all.

    I shall not expect them to do things right.

    My two cent! unless the club collectively shows character and splash out £300-400 for 4-6 top players (half of them from EPL), they will not do things right

    1. “Arteta is directed by Edu.”
      What do you mean?
      Neither is the boss of the other in the club’s organigram?

    2. kats, a well directed £120 million would be a step in the right direction; forget about £300-400 million.

  20. The only way they will get acceptance during this window is to please the supporters. There is still one player who could light up Arsenal. A lot better than Buendia, and could be bought for less at the moment……..NABIL FEKIR. Extraordinarily skilful and can play at fast pace. No brainer.

  21. The question asked here is rather problematic as both MA and the Arsenal fans can be counterproductive. MA is immature and the fans are fickle. MA will tinker around like Pep and do the craziest things like misuse and under use Pepe; and base decisions on how much energy the player uses or his attitude. Nothing in life is that simple. Most people I know who are wrong are strong. Talent, attitude, timing, mood and health are just some of the factors that determine the output of players. Managers are supposed to make talented players perform – not damage their self-esteem. I watched how Pepe was treated and I said to my friends – another Ozil level abuse brewing. Thank God he was allowed to play due to desperation. The fans of Arsenal need to know the game and be less narrowed-minded. They do not understand marketing and simple matters related to propaganda or manipulation. I read people have all kinds of debate about Ozil on this platform and I rarely enter because it is too lacking of information. Ozil has the record chance creation per game at Arsenal but the lowest production in his career. In summary, we are the poorest he has had to play with. It implies that he worked harder for us than at Madrid. With CR7 he had fun (over 33% clear chance to assist conversion) – at Arsenal (less than 10%). Only Giroud and Sanchez were exceptions to the rule. The gave him 15-20% returns at their peak. The worst game I saw was 9 clear chance and 0 returns. Ozil ran 9 km (2nd longest distance covered in the game) and he was blamed for Arsenal losing 3 to 1. When Ozil was given the stupid contract I thought disaster: if he cannot make this dead donkey called Arsenal tick in full bloom, how is he going to do it when he is going over the hill? And the Arsenal executives hang him out to dry…and the fans pretended it was their money and had him for breakfast. So he left Arsenal depressed.

    So MA and the fans put in one question is simply genius. I cannot say who should have faith in whom. They are both problematic!


  22. If we base the future on what both Arteta and Edu have done this particular season then anybody would realise a lot would have to change to create an improvement. That is a logical thought process. Of course they may suddenly improve, we desperately want that, but it’s hope and not based either present fact or even wisdom. Of course we have to hope Edu and Arteta succeed, but it’s just hope, the last thing left in Pandora’s Box. The Kroenke’s could/should have sacked them but they didn’t so even I must hope, hope, hope. So far I don’t trust them, but maybe……….

  23. I really do think that we need to see what happens before the summer window closes.

    There is a lot of angst about Bundeia but a lot of us were pretty skeptical about him. He has played well in championship but not PL. This was a bit of a gamble, and with other interested parties the price may have been too high. Hindsight may show that we did not miss a thing.

    I take all of the commentary on offers and counter offers with a grain of salt. A lot of this angst was because of Martinez and the fact that it was Aston Villa – we may be analysing based on pride and not on the data right now.

  24. you can see by the business that is being done now that a lot of people are being pretty careful and there isn’t a clear picture on valuation. We may well be laughing at Villa in the near-term.

    What was peanuts two years ago may now be reasonable market price.

    This is not a one year project by any stretch.

    1. Dumb & Dumber project depends on EL/UCL money to work. Without it, it’s bust. Mark my words, they’re gone in January, with Arsenal trailing between 7th and 12th.

  25. Well the Dynamic Duo sold Martinez bought Leno and Runnasson and now will probably sell both I rest my case

  26. Treatment of young players in last season and the signings they made last transfer window only these two were incharge is enough of an evidence that both are incapable. One is hell bent of bringing every retired Brazilian to the club while other has just not a clue about what his best team is and who he needs to play. I have no expectations for Arsenal to do good next season as well and that is down to these two clowns. Call me negative but that’s the reality , to be optimistic has to be based on something if it’s not then it’s just delusional and stubborness. We still don’t know our best eleven, we don’t have an identity when we play, we don’t have any particular style of play and seem to plans when plan A does not work. On top of that our manager’s extreme ego to bench players or send them in loan if he does not like what they say or do even if it not damaging to club and his tactical experimentation in big crucial games. May I remind ppl who still backing these two to do wonders and calling other negative that they are the same lot who bought over the hill Willian, not Arsenal level Cedric, avg Mari, signed Cebollos on loan again. Our manage has the tendency to make good established player struggle like Auba, Partey even Willian was not that bad but then his pro fan base gives these players blame and want the club to sell them instead of sacking their dear manager.

  27. I’m sorry to say but in short I have no great ‘faith’ in either MA or Edu.

    Neither have set the world alight with their results or performance and I do question whether giving two key roles to pretty inexperienced old boys of the club is the wisest move. I know it is cheap and that probably why they sit where they sit..

    That’s the problem, everything is done on the cheap and without proper investment you don’t get the standard being lifted..

    If you Pay peanuts you get monkeys..Stans happy with monkeys because Arsenal is just a billionaires giro cheque for him. Some nice passive income without investment or much effort.

    Whilst this remains (Kroenke at the helm). We will always be also rans and perpetual under achievers.

    Sorry it’s not a more rosey outlook but it’s based on history and repeated inadequacies, not blind faith.

  28. I want to see more faith in Arsenal’s youth and available transfer funds spent wisely to address areas of deficiency. Why does Joe Willock score 8 goals in 15 games playing under Steve Bruce at Newcastle United, more goals than Arsenal’s combined midfield has scored in two seasons? Why can Leicester City, Brighton & Hove Albion, Southampton, Brighton, Lille and LB Leipzig pick up good players for low fees, whereas Arsenal only appears to know about them when they have made it?

  29. The most important signing for Arsenal would be LUIS CAMPOS.
    He went to Monaco, built a team, made the Club a fortune from selling on players and won the title, then moved on.
    He then went to Lille, built a team, made the Club a fortune from player sales and won the title last year and has now moved on.
    Luis Campos is now looking for his next project, so let’s hope it’s The Arsenal.

    1. Agreed! People like Ocampos, Rangnick, Sven etc are important people in the board who connect football and business very well. Hopefully we get that blessing here at Arsenal, and particularly the recruitment policies of ours.

  30. At this point, I feel the coming transfer window is very pivotal for both our club and manager. So I would reserve my judgement after the window has ended. As right now we have mixed results from this double act. They have done well to identify our weaknesses and try to get it covered with either signings or loans but over a period of one year, some have not worked out as well as hoped(Partey). The loan outs of our players have been really successful and it also remains to be seen how MA and Edu have plans for the returning players to maximise their effectiveness. Right now I am pretty much on the middle of hope and optimistic/confident lane, hopefully will remain there after the window ends.

    1. Sid, don’t worry about Thomas Partey; class is permanent once he adapts with a full preseason and stays injury free.

  31. More than new signings, bit concerned about their man management. They seem to be not mature enough to use players who don’t agree with them. AM for example can be a good Utility player covering many positions. Guendouzi is talented & upgrade on Ceballos.Both at no additional cost!! But they can’t make use of them. Partey was expensive & better options were available in England at that time. And this whole goal keeper mess starting from selling your best

  32. Frankly I don’t trust in either Arteta or Edu.The former is a poor man manager,is skittish as far as his tactical plans are concerned and hasn’t made the most of the resources which he has.
    Edu on the other hand has shown himself to be easily manipulated by the so-called “Super Agents” and is obviously not well respected by other Clubs in either England and Europe.
    That said…as things stand they have the full backing of the Owners and we are,therefore,stuck with them…Hopefully they might now finally learn from their mistakes …as they have plainly run out of “chances”.
    First and foremost they must rid the Club of its “deadwood” and bring in as much money as they can as quickly as possible.
    There are currently a surfeit of players being ejected from their respective Clubs…throughout Europe… as surplus to requirement.This means that getting £15-£20 here and there for the likes of Torreira,AMN,Guendouzi and Bellerin will be nigh on impossible.
    Arsenal Management MUST get rid…and if that means getting less that is ideal then that has to be accepted.We simply cannot have a large group of players moping around Colney undermining the rest of the Squad as Ozil did last Season.Neither should we simply loan out these players…where we are part paying their salaries…as this is a similar waste of resource.
    At the same time Edu and Arteta should have a defined plan with regards to the proposed Squad make-up for next Season..which again means being proactive and not sweating over the “small stuff”…
    It will be interesting to watch developments and hopefully be pleased with the outcome???!!

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