Do Arsenal fans want us to join a ‘European Super League’? (Poll)

It is being mooted that Arsenal are being included in secret talks to form a breakaway ‘European Super League’ with the biggest teams from Spain, Italy, France and Germany. There are supposedly five Premier League teams with Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City joining Arsenal, while only six European teams (so far) included. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan are the main contenders.

Also, according to Untold Arsenal, there will be an additional set of guest clubs seemingly elected each year based on performance within their own national league: Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille, Internazionale and Roma fall into this category, thus making a league of 16 teams.

So this could be the founding League if these rumours come to fruition (by country)

England: (5) Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City

Spain: (3) Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid.

Germany: (2) Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund.

Italy: (4) Juventus, AC Milan, Internazionale, Roma.

France: (2) Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille.

I can’t imagine what teams like Sevilla, Napoli or even Tottenham are thinking about this idea, would they be consigned to obscurity despite their successes over the years? Would this mean that Arsenal would have two teams, one for Europe and one for UK? Or would the five big teams be thrown out of the Premier League altogether?

So many questions……

So what is your gut reaction? Should we or shouldn’t we?

Should Arsenal join a 'European Super League'?

  • No (53%, 192 Votes)
  • Yes (32%, 118 Votes)
  • Not sure (15%, 54 Votes)

Total Voters: 364

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  1. If Arsenal join the super league they will be there just to make up the nos
    just like in the cl.If there is no investment in the team; ie top guys forget it.
    The US owner will be there just to get the money and by golly astronomical sums.
    It will be the death of football all over Europe.
    If the football authorities really want to level the playing field,they shd implement the
    financial fair play rules,no ifs and buts.
    Alternatively they can make it mandatory for each senior team to have at least 4/5/6
    home grown players.In the early 90s they had such a system but I believe it was scrapped
    because of opposition from the rich clubs. UEFA must show they are in control
    and wont be cowed by the Euro soccer elite.

  2. I can see why this is very interesting from one aspect. One could argue that a lot of the leagues have become very boring, what with PSG, Juventus, Bayern and either one of Barcelona, or Real, winning their respective domestic leagues EVERY year! But as a fan of the EPL (which is the most entertaining league in the world, by some distance), a break away super league would be catastrophic!

    I am not sure on the format, but if it’s a league of 16 teams, then that’s 30 games (home and away), and a hell of a lot of travelling. On top of that, EVERY GAME will be a huge spectacle, high intensity, and energy sapping. So any team competing would either have to leave their respective domestic league altogether, or play their reserves. Either way, it completely devalues the domestic leagues.

    I am against this. Anything that threatens the integrity of the domestic league, should never be considered. Spanish clubs have recently done a deal to play domestic games in the U.S. and Canada, which I think is a disgrace, and completely threatens the integrity of La Liga. Could you imagine having to go all the way to China, or America to watch Arsenal play a competitive game? It’s as expensive enough as it is to travel, and pay for a ticket, let alone booking time off from work, to go half way around the world to watch them play.

    What with pre-season friendlies, and European games, there’s enough globalisation for me. The only solution for expanding this, whilst keeping our domestic leagues intact, would be turning the CL into a global tournament?

    Could you imagine seeing the fixture list for a new season, and seeing no Utd, City, Liverpool, Chelsea? Very scary!

    1. but you will see games featuring the top 20 teams in Europe every week

      say Arsenal vs PSG

      or Chelsea vs Barcelona

  3. It just shows how much value is placed on the Premiership and it’s TOP CLUBS (No SPUDS????).But what makes our league more competitive is the intensity that they do not have in ANY other European League.Cardiff City aye bottom of the table and will be relegated of which there is no doubt.But they will NEVER roll over for anyone,especially at home.No other country has this.And what would happen to the TV revenue if we leave?Thats what all these clubs want-a slice of the money that’s in this country.There is a reason Sky pay the biggest money to the Premiership and that’s because every other nation watches OUR LEAGUE.

  4. it is good if top teams play top teams every week

    would you rather see Arsenal vs Milan


    Arsenal vs Wigan?

    1. Arsenal v Wigan with all the tradition of clubs who thrive on true support from local community.
      I couldn’t care less about so-called super-league ideas. They are purely a means by which TV companies and international investors will hijack the ordinary fans game and hawk it around the world. Kroenke & co will be just as happy to have Arsenal v Milan in Malaysia and to hell with the club’s local fans.

      1. Me too-Wigan every day.Arsenal are ENGLISH.We are not EUROPEAN.We do not need this.As much as I enjoy following Arsenal away in Europe I would not want to have to do this every other game.Arsenals next Away game is Bournemouth in three weeks.Then we have Spuds at home followed by Manure Away on a Wednesday evening.I guarantee every seat is sold at Old Trafford.Would this be the same for Milan Away?There is only so far the pound will go.It would be very very difficult for fans to follow the Away games.
        And what happens to our youth policy.If Arsenal pull out of the Premiership do you believe we will still be able to play in THEIR YOUTH LEAGUES?And League Cup?.And FA Cup?
        Why would the Club want this?This is just hard up and heavily in debt European Clubs desperate to get in extra revenue.This League will NEVER happen

        1. Agreed. I honestly think I would completely lose interest and resort to watching DVDs and my old football programmes and annuals for ‘relevant’ football.

  5. Yes but I’m not sure we deserve to be in it. We haven’t won the PL in 14 years. Never won the CL.
    Liverpool, Chelsea, United have all won CL
    City, Chelsea, United have won the PL more than once in the last 15 years.

    I guess all the FA Cups count for something and at least we have won the PL albeit a long time ago
    We are still one of the richest clubs too
    We are more deserving than Spurs anyway

    But right now I’m focused on us winning a trophy and finishing in the top 4 this season
    I want us to be back in the CL next season

    1. I believe the qualification criteria for this league is not performance per se, but fan base. Despite arsenal not having won the epl or cl in the last 14 years, it’s fanbase is still much greater even compared to Liverpool and Mancity. For instance, I really doubt if there’s a die hard spuds fan outside Europe!! This European Super League, if formed, will be purely because of the money the individual teams will bring

  6. Arsenal will be in it just to make up the nos with no realistic of ever winning it.
    It would be the death of soccer all over Europe.
    This just shows the greed of the rich clubs and it could backfire.
    The top players will demand a lings ransom and could in theory
    ultimately bankrupt the clubs.
    It may not happen but with ever increasing wages you never know.

  7. After we have made our team win the title and won at least one UCL (like Chelsea) we can start talking about supporting Super league.

    1. I agree. As it stands Tottenham have knocked us out of the top 4 while Man utd are now only 3 points behind! That draw versus Palace was very damaging. Hopefully City beats utd or draws with them and Palace forces a draw with the spuds. Hope we will be back in the top 4 by the time the international break starts again. I also hope the top 3 start actually losing games otherwise they will break away completely and leave only fourth for us, Spurs and utd.

  8. Can’t see it happening, not as reported anyway. It’s been talked about many times before, well over 10 years ago and the Prem League just upped the prize money and nothing changed. All teams have signed up to the Prem League until 2021 and won’t break that agreement. Anyway, I don’t believe fans want to see Barca, Real or PSG regularly but thrive on Arse v spurs, Man U, City, Chelsea etc. It’s about “local/UK” rivalry and that’s why crowds for Prem games are far bigger than for Europa/ Champs League. Trust me, it will not happen.

  9. I love Arsenal and its very gratifying, when we are currently not quite amongst the European elite, to be included in discussions about a superleague. But here’s the problem as I see it. We all seem to agree that the EPL is the best league in the world, so if we take MC, MU, CH, LFC & AFC out, our awesome league is no more. Be careful what you wish for! This wonderful local league has to stand for more than an elitist money grab.

  10. Here’s the thing: The EPL is the king of football. No other league in the world comes even close to garnering the same kind of hysteria or emotion the EPL does. If the big five teams in the EPL refuse to join the proposed super league, it will fizzle out. I live in Zambia and frankly I don’t give a rat’s behind about any of the other leagues because I find them very staid and not as innervating as the EPL. You may criticise the stoicism and other aspects of the British but when it comes to soccer (football for those purists) and the Landrover, they’ve got the battens nailed down proper, guvnor. But these EPL teams should be wary of killing their home league in the interest of big money payouts.

  11. We have to be in it because we can’t afford a super league being formed and being successful without us being part of it. Whether a super league is a good idea or not we have to be part of the process and the discussions.

  12. No, definitely not.

    We’d leave the Football Association, so no battling for, or taking part in Europe (cups), no FA Cup, no Carabao Cup no Charity Shield, playing in a league with no promotion or relegation, all so people who have no real interest in football, can make themselves even richer.

    Let’s not forget the fans, it would just about kill of away support, how many people have the money, or time to travel around Europe every other week, and frankly, I think people would get bored very quickly once the novelty wears off, if that happens and the Super League stops making buckets full of money, what then, go back to the FA, cap in hand and ask to be let back in, if I were them I’d tell us to sod off.

    This is an English club, playing in the most competitive league in the world, and the oldest domestic cup competition in the world, and that’s how it should remain.

  13. Apart from the 53% sensible fans who said no to a super league, the other 47% of either yes, or don’t know , must be off their heads. This corporate and money driven mad idea will surely be the death of football as we know it, were it not for one safeguard, which is this: It is NOT going to ever happen. Bigger authorities at government level and UEFA level will ensure it does not get off the ground. It is a potty, unthought out idea to enrich the many snake owners, like ours, at the expense of us fans and the sport itself. More potty by far even than the stupid but less harmful 39th game which has died a thankful death. We fans will never support it en masse and ultimately that fact will be brought home to the rapacious financial snakes who want to personally enrich themselves form this idiocy. But I repeat , it has not a ghost of a prayer of happening. So relax, unless you are among the daft 47 % who need your head examining. If I were that thick I would be seriously worried , But I am not!

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