Do Arsenal have a BIG problem with Alexis goal drought?

Just like last season, Arsenal have not started our Premier League campaign very well and are in danger of being cut too far adrift of the pace setters. And if we do not really get into top gear until around halfway through the season, again like last year, it will leave us too much to do.

One of the few very positive things for Arsenal in the first half of last season was our new signing Alexis Sanchez, as the Chilean kept us going almost on his own and won us games and points that we certainly would not have had without him.

That is why I am really starting to worry for the Gunners, because Alexis is not the same player and his goal drought is becoming a grave concern. His last Gunners goal was in the FA cup final and although he scored for Chile during the recent international break, his sharpness in front of goal has not been there for his club.

That was starkly highlighted in the game at Chelsea because he had a great chance to equalise and we might even have escaped the nightmare day with a point. You feel that he would have finished it last season, so what is holding him back this time.

Is it a similar sort of tournament hangover as we saw from Ozil and Mertesacker? Is it simply that he needs to get off the mark to settle him down and start the goals flowing? Whatever the issue is, and there certainly is one, we need it to be sorted out pretty damn quick.

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  1. yes, its a problem. last year he was hauling AFC by himself. he’ll come good though. Coq missing is the bigger problem: a complete negligence by wenger to not have a substitute DM.

    1. I think we need a new manager who picks players for the job needed not for his idea of how the game should be played. Ozil Gazola Sanches Giroud they are individual type players, hence they don’t really play together Sanches did nothing keeps loosing the ball, Ozil does bits and pieces. Oxy Walcott Coquelin Monreal give more to the teams performance and are team players. There are lots of players out there that could benifit Arsenal but Wenger only looks for that little bit to his wheel, but his wheel is now outdated We need it sorted by end of season. CB

  2. Honestly I think Sanchez is absolutely exhausted and he hasn’t looked himself since the second half of last season. I think it is fair to say he is experiencing some heavy fatigue and that is a MAJOR concern as far as our trophy aspirations are concerned.

    This is where I take issue with our lack of transfer activity as well as Wegner’s man management. For a squad of Arsenal’s stature there is zero reason to have to rely on Sanchez so much so that we ran him into the ground. Now is when he should have been allowed to come back fresh and fit for the Chelsea game but due to our lack of quality options he is being pushed further into the red. When I saw him tamely hit that shot at Begovic I saw a tired Sanchez.

    The real concern is that the games now come hard and fast, we already faced an uphill task with Bayern in our group further compounded by our loss to Zagreb. Dropped a major opportunity to finish Chelsea off and close the gap on City to 3 points and Coquelin is injured.

    Suddenly the landscape of our squad looks a whole lot different and it is COMPLETELY MIND BOGGLING we took no steps to address this in signing if not players for the first XI players for depth at least

  3. Also uncononfirmed reports that Coquelin is out for a month

    Games he’d miss:

    Spurs (away)
    Leicester (away)
    Olympiakos (Home)
    United (Home)
    Watford (away)

    1. Don’t worry Arteta can play his part in those games haha.
      We are already getting weaker and weaker as the season goes on

  4. lol who saw this coming? Coquelin injured,no cover, no fresh spark on the bench, no focal point in attack. I cant believe im saying this but i would rather we get into Europa, so unfair and so disappointing to the fans who pay hard earned money to watch this. LEt me tell you what follows:
    1. have an inconsistent season and finish 3rd
    2. make it through the knockout round and lose
    3. have a super end of season with great results
    4. repeat for 2017

    Loyalty will keep me with our club but i am so dissapointed.

    1. No focal point? Theo has looked solid as a ST he can be prolific he just needs a consistent run as our forward

      1. In the Chelsea game Walcott was not much of an issue. Mourinho played a high line with Zouma and Cahill and played Walcott offside most of the time. He wasn’t much of a threat. He had 2 decent chances, 1 he shot straight at Begovic the other Zouma stopped in it’s tracks.

        Both Sanchez and Ramsey had better chances

  5. Le coq injured?what a surprise. Wenger should be sacked for incompetence.Everyone and his uncle new we needed an additional class DM. Of course you wouldn’t find one when you leave it as late as Wenger does. We have needed that reinforcement for years. Time for him to go.

  6. IMO Wenger has allowed Alexis to run himself into the ground. He`s a young man full of energy and ambition who hasn`t learned to pace himself, that`s Wenger`s job. Chances are he`ll never recover his earlier form. Coquelin out for a month? Make that December. If they`re not injured they`re suspended. Now Arsene you have no choice but to rotate. Spurs and Leicester will be rubbing their hands together. Next League win could well be Watford.

  7. Sanchez probably needs some time on the bench to recharge. Unfortunately we don’t have to many options to rotate. An early recall for Silva maybe?

  8. Yes it is a big concern because last season we would have finished 8th without the goals of Sanchez.

    Giroud is going through a Fernando Torres period.

    Walcott won’t score because he needs to be on the wing to do that regularly and besides he will be out injured until May withing the next few weeks.

    Coquelin before his emergence as a regular last season was always a sick note of Walcott proportions, both for the reserves and whenever he broke into the first team before. I was surprised he remained injury free until the end of the season but I was always expecting him to be out soon. It looks like he has returned back to the Coquelin I’ve monitored for years.

    We basically have no goals coming until Wenger starts managing the team competently. He can start by putting Walcott back on the wing. Against last seasons strongest defence, it is complete negligence to put the inexperienced Walott as a striker instead of the heavy 6’5 experienced Striker Giroud. The very least the Frenchman can hold up the ball and pass it to others with a scoring chance. Also he is a player who can be crossed to from both wingers and both full backs. Crossing a ball to Walcott is like doing the crossbar challenge while an opposition player is snapping at your heels.

    For the first time for years, I feel we are in a very bad situation in which Wenger has NOTHING to pull from the hat.

    90% of the problem this season is having Walcott up front as a striker and giving him an extended run while we keep taking heavy hits. The damage from the heavy hits is serious but not a crisis, but it will be if Walcott plays another 5 games as a striker. We’ll be out the League Cup, bottom of our Champions League group and about 7 more points behind the current league leader.

    Walcott being played as a striker is pathetic. The player himself admitted two weeks ago on his twitter account his best postion is a right sided forward.

    Mourinho is actually coaching our first team with his post match talk. He has taught our players, “If Costa winds up the players and the players react, then the players are stupid.” Le Professor? Didn’t tell the players this. Played Wacott up front, had Ozil out of position when Walcott was available for his best positon and Giroud was available as striker. More like Le Joq.

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