Do Arsenal have any chance at all against Leicester next week?

Arsenal’s turmoil continues, and after two home draws against Crystal Palace and Wolves, they now have a daunting trip away to in-form Leicester City next weekend. Everyone seems to be assuming that this could be Emery’s last-chance saloon as a defeat could see us drop further even away from the Top Four positions.

Leicester won away at Crystal Palace last night (a team we couldn’t beat at home), which makes it four straight wins in a row in the League, after losing narrowly to Liverpool. In the process they have scored 15 goals and only conceded 3, and it has shot them up to 3rd in the table, so now both they and Chelsea are 6 points clear of the Gunners.

If the Foxes beat us on Saturday, and Chelsea beat Palace at home, we will already be 9 points behind the Top Four, and even worse, Sheffield United, Bournemouth and Brighton will all have the chance to leapfrog us in the table.

And who would bet on Arsenal to suddenly get a win at the King Power Stadium, knowing we are winless in our last 4 away games. Not even our own Ian Wright fancies our chances, after Jamie Vardy scored yet again last night to put him top of the Golden Boot stakes with 10 goals in the 11 League games played so far. “Vardy’s record against the top four as well, so this Leicester team can be looking forward to playing in games like this because they know they can win them,” Wright said in the Leicester Mercury. “They’ll be giving the top boys a real chasing as well because they’ve got so much quality.”

As you can see, it is very difficult to have any confidence in our chances, although the one crumb of comfort we can hold on to is that when Leicester City won the EPL a few years ago, Arsenal beat them home and away…



  1. Honestly, with this current form they are in and we are in, I easily see a home win for Leicester. We ain’t even good away from home. Most of us will be hoping for a draw… Looking for where to get motivation at the moment

  2. Just how is Arsenal going to win Leceister City with U.Emery as coach. Emery didn’t win a single away game in his last season in Spain. He had the luxury of best players in PSG to win; but in Arsenal 4 draws in last away games. Emery is leading Arsenal no where. I am cautiously optimistic; Arsenal would be lucky to get a point against a good Leceister City team come Saturday.

  3. Don’t think we’ll even nick a draw at the king power. How did we miss out on Soyuncu only to end up with a wrestler? Socratis keeps giving me nightmares and I’m sure Vardy and co will be kicking their lips at facing our porous defense on Saturday. Surely this is the end of Mr good ebening?

  4. No.

    Leicester has scored 27 and conceded 8. So they’ve scored more than Pool and conceded less.

    We? We’ve scored 16 and conceded 15.

    Rodgers is doing things right, Emery is clowning the results.

    We will lose 2-0 or 3-0.

  5. Last season we lost 3-0… Maddison diving & getting AMN sent off didn’t help…
    Vardy is bang in form.. Tielemans is too… actually, they’re all playing well.. Us, on the other hand… 😟
    Don’t we concede a penalty every 3 or 4 games? Next week is the one, surely… we don’t do clean sheets… I’m dreading it, especially seeing Vardy score a worldy, then go and wind the travelling fans up…

    1. Hey sue it’s Monday I have long week actually the whole month has been worse everyday waking up and it’s arsenal and Emery headlines and he even has the guts to say everything worked out tactically on Sunday!! I mean he should be raging for dropped points at home.

      1. Hi Kenya! Nothing to cheer about, hey?! It’s getting worse by the day…..
        I’m amazed at his reaction… it’s like he doesn’t want to win! ☹
        If I was him, I’d be going mental, almost bursting a blood vessel mental!!

      2. Please remember, Emery’s mentality is to be the “best of the rest”, or put it bluntly – the best also-ran. This is understandable from his upbringing in Spain where teams besides RM and Barca do not aim for the championship.

        His priority is “not to lose” instead of “to win”.

        So, he always set up to counter-attack.
        So, he is happy with a draw (a tactical masterclass that avoided losing).

        Keep Emery or not is a decision based on our ambition for Arsenal.

      3. Kenya you don’t understand why he said that. What it simply means is that the players are doing what he told them to do. Now what does this mean? It means the problem is not from the players but from the tactics. Look how easy it was for Watford to come against us, see how many shots the got against us. Emery’s tactical set up makes it very easy for teams to attack us. Even if u look at his face you would see that he wasn’t angry with the players because they did exactly what he asked them to do. That’s why he looks so clueless every time. Because his tactical approach isn’t working and he has no idea on what else to do. Before Auba usually came to his rescue but that is not happening anymore

  6. Leicester have better players than us in most positions and play quick passing aggressive attacking football. In Vardy they have a goal scoring machine we were close to signing a few years ago and a proper centre half in Soyuncu who we looked at last year but balked at the price, £19 million ffs! He’s now rated as one of the best central defenders in the league. Mid table here we come. Emery out.

    1. Well, Arsenal has equally good if not better players in most positions than Leicester. Just compare the number of senior internationals, and the total value of the players.

      But as a team? They are much much better as a team.

  7. Leicester is one of the toughest teams in the PL. Vardy is on fire

    In current form my answer is NO especially if we start any of these players Sokratis, Mustafi, Chambers (at RB), Niles, Xhaka, Ozil

    This is the team we should start against Leicester for any chance

    For Vitoria SC

  8. If we win at Leicester under Emery, I would put that down as a bigger shock than Norwich beating City. Not only have we been absolutely woeful this season, I would say we have been one of the luckiest teams in the league. There has been some shocking VAR decisions, that have cost us dearly, but when we consider the amount of chances opposing teams are having, I would say we’re lucky to have as many points as we do, because teams are not taking the abundance of chances they’re getting.

    Looking at the league games:

    Newcastle (a) 0-1 – Not a great performance, but we just about deserved the win.

    Burnley (h) 2-1 – Very poor in defense, but a lot better attack. Win was just about fair.

    Liverpool (a) 3-1 – Performance not too bad. Defeat was down to Luiz, Emery not reacting to the 2nd goal, and some poor finishing. Defeat was fair.

    Spurs (h) 2-2 – Draw was fair on reflection. They dominated the 1st half, we dominated the 2nd half. But Spurs should have buried the game at half-time, given the chances they had. A 2 goal lead isn’t safe (as Arsenal constantly prove), but 3 or 4 goals is very hard to peg back.

    Watford (a) 2-2 – Absolutely shocking collapse in the 2nd half. Watford should have comfortably on this. 1 point lost.

    Villa (h) 3-2 – Villa were bossing us even before AMN got sent off, and are probably still in shock how they didn’t even get a point! Another awful performance, despite the great comeback. Villa should have easily won this. 3 points lost.

    Man U (a) 1-1 – Poor performance yet again, in an even contest. Draw was fair.

    Bournemouth (h) 1-0 – Horrible performance! Bournemouth comfortably deserved a draw at the very least. 2 points lost.

    Sheff U (a) 1-0 – On clear cut chances, one could argue we deserved at least a draw. VAR denied us a blatant pen, and Pepe missed an absolute sitter. But it was yet another shocker of a performance, that deserved nothing based on that. Win was about fair them.

    Palace (h) 2-2 – Another shocking VAR call, but another shocking performance from us. Draw was about fair.

    Wolves (h) 1-1 – I have only seen the highlights thus far, so I’m not in a position to alter the result. My opinion is only based on the reports from the game. Not a great performance, and we’re still giving up far to many shots.

    Current position:

    5th – 17pts

    Revised position:

    15/16/17th (depending on goal difference) – 11pts

    VAR has played a crucial part, but overall, I think my revised results are fair, and still on the conservative side. I think we’re very lucky to not be in a relegation battle at the moment.

  9. Now is not the time knee jerk into experiments with ex playing heroes who haven’t got managerial experience.
    If you can get him,Brendan Rogers is the obvious choice .
    Jose Mourinhio is another good choice,these men know how to deal with the whole job.

  10. We will draw our europa match on thursday and lost 0-3 to Licester. We dnt have coach,the sooner the clown leaves the better

  11. From what I’ve seen of both sides this season,I cannot see us winning at Leicester who are a very well balanced side.If Socratis and Luis are selected, we have absolutely no chance.Over to you Mr.Emery.

  12. We are sure gonna lost at the kings power stadium considering our current form and our away record .

    Emery’s clueless decisions and team selection is anither factor that will deny us a chance of running home with a draw.

    Emery has to go.
    The earlier the better.

  13. Declan Leicester have no better players they have a better coach. Give Emery that Leicester team and they are in a relagation battle!

  14. Have a chance with this team.

    Bell. Chambers. Holding Tierney
    Gudenz. Torrer
    Pepe. Auba/lacca. Martinelle

  15. The past belong to the past,this present floppy arsenal team can not beat the high flying leicester team.I am very disappointed with Emery Unai,he is not near whom we think he is,i think it is time he quit.

  16. Of course, we have a chance to beat Leicester. In the PL any team can beat any other team.

    However, is it likely we will beat Leicester? No not at all IMO.

    I am so numbed by our current situation that I don’t think a defeat would surprise or hurt me. It is the board’s inactivity that hurts most. The utter stupidity that suggests Emery deserves more time and is moving in the right direction. The willingness to go 9 points out of 4th place. The willingness to throw this season away. Those are the things that frustrate, not a loss to Leicester.

  17. Can’t we just bring arsene Wenger back and take arteta as assistant who will take over from Wenger at the end of the season. That will be a safe bet. Arsene Wenger will steady the ship while arteta is preparing to take over at the start of a new season.

  18. Let’s get real here, Leicester has a coach who has a game tactic and entertaining football, knows how to pick his team against Emery incapable to do so & offers nothing.

    We have one of EPL best squad,full of talents, but a coach who can’t put right team on pitch!

    We will win or at least draw with the right team on or lose. I heard Emery has another month to get it right.

    I just don’t get how no one in this club, press and pundits have not pointed that in big articles: the man can’t pick right team for every single EPL game so far.

    For Europa & cups, he doesn’t have t pick, plays ones who didn’t in EPL. And we win!

    How come no one tells Emery that Chambers must be played in front of CBs in order to secure that danger zone of ours?

    To keep saying our CBs are scary and shaky does not solve nor helps move forward, but propose a solution does.

    Once Chambers is locking that area, midfield is free to focus going forward and not defend and run all over, lost & pissed all game long.

    We then can control midfield, who can be focus on playing forward & feed Auba & co…

    That’s all this idiotic coach needs to do, then it is many options.

    Niles/torreira Willock/Xhaka/Gendouzi
    Laca Auba

    Like a 442 but also be 433 as below.

    Chambers Willock
    Pepe Laca Auba

    Chambers covering CBs with a Willock who can also run forward.

    As long as Chambers covers CBs, we have lots of option upon opponents & game plan…

    Just seems that this coach can’t get it right and has loads of difficulties to adapt to EPL. It is board’s wrong casting from start, Emery is miles away from Arsenal football style, he is defensive minded, we are total opposite all the way to our academy’s youth.

    Kroenke is a low life, doesn’t respect EPL, fans, football nor anyone but money.

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