Do Arsenal have bigger issues than Chelsea to overcome?

After an almost picture perfect pre-season that saw Arsenal win all of our games, scoring 15 goals and conceding just once, adding the Asia Cup, Emirates Cup and Community Shield to the trophy cabinet and lifting the long curse that Jose Mourinho has had over Arsene Wenger, it is hardly surprising that confidence is high with the Gunners.

Not just with us fans either, because the bookies have shortened our odds on winning the Premier League. At the same time they have lengthened the odds on Chelsea, who have endured a poor run of pre-season games that has not seen them win or score many goals.

And now that they have been held to a draw by Swansea at Stamford Bridge, people are really beginning to question their ability to retain the EPL crown. But that does not mean that Arsenal will win it, even if we finish above Mourinho´s team.

I have a feeling that our strongest challenge will come from elsewhere. Do not expect Man City to be as sloppy as last year, especially if Raheem Sterling settles in and starts to play as he can. They face West Brom on Monday and then host Chelsea next Wednesday, who will be without the red carded Courtois.

So although we will enjoy it if Chelsea struggle, Arsenal may have bigger hurdles to overcome, with Manchester United and Liverpool also potential title winners. Who do you think will be our biggest rival?

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  1. I predicted Man City to win the title a month ago and as of now I still stand by that. That is pending however as I still have to see what we (Arsenal) do in the remaining days of the transfer market.

    The media and pundits are high on Chelsea winning and Arsenal finishing 2nd (even without signing a CF/ST yet which is puzzling) but its like they forget that City finished 2nd last season and for MOST of the season were the ONLY REAL THREAT to Chelsea. I feel that Man City without the pressure of being the main favourites, the squad they have and their willingness to still get quality players (which they most likely will still do) whether its this window or January will see them win the title.

    Talk about a stick! It looks like I might be getting a lot here soon. Hold on, let me get my shield and sword.

    1. They will give a good fight for 4th with Man Utd as they stand. I think they probably nick 4th.
      The table with the teams as they are right now come the end of May will be:
      1. Man City
      2. Chelsea
      3. Arsenal
      4. Liverpool
      5. Manchester United

      1. Liverpools problems last season stemmed from their defensive shortcomings along with their striker issue. Some good defenders but just not a unit. Harass Per if people wish to but he is apart of a strong unit, especially himself and Kos. Liverpool have not signed any who will improve drastically their solidarity/solidity at the back.

        Manu on the other hand have made some very good signings in the middle and at back. They will need time but a clever manager could still do quite well with all those new individuals as well as last seasons players.

        I reckon Manu will finish above Liv in fourth. I reckon in third place Man city. First and second, I don’t have a clue who will win but AFC and Che will duke it out best guess.

        Also I believe the top four will be closer to one another than anytime in recent history. Maybe eight points at most separating fourth and first.

        1. Its funny how you casually write off Man City and expect us to duke it out with Chelsea when we didn’t even duke it out with them last season. We haven’t duked it out for the title since the 07/08 season.
          Arsenal were 6 points behind Man City and 12 points behind Chelsea. Man City were 6 points behind Chelsea. Man City are the most threat to Chelsea. They also have a squad that are comparable in quality and proven quality to that of Chelsea. Not to mention they won the league 2 years ago and have finished in the top 2 since the 2011-2012 season. They also have a forward capable of 30 goals in the league. It is rather oblivious to think that they are a less of a threat than us.

          I will believe we will challenge for or could win the EPL when we have Benzema or whoever this top CF/ST if not a reality check is ahead for people expecting us to win with this squad. Best this squad can do is 2nd.
          In reality, we are 3rd. And this is me being as optimistic as possible and expecting that Man Utd will struggle again this season.
          If Man Utd and Liverpool click and we stay the same squad without any additions, it could well be a struggle for 4th place here at the emirates again. We are more closer to that than we are to the title if us as fans are being as objective as possible.
          I am but I can bet you most are not. And its ok to a respectable degree. Its ok to hope and believe. I used to do that but right now I will not until I am certain the squad can actually challenge.

        1. I am smoking what Wenger was smoking when he bid 40M + 1 pound for Suarez.
          Wenger and I are on the same sh*t.

  2. Arsenal will be champions come May 2016. I can’t remember the last time I had so much belief in this team. Call mi optimistic fan or plain mad but I believe we will challenge and will be champions!!!

    1. Nothing wrong with believing my friend. To be honest I had a little excitement and became jittery when I heard the latest rumours with Benzema. But I smacked myself back to reality and declared no blind optimism until I see him in an Arsenal shirt or it is confirmed on sky sports that we have signed him.
      I will join you in optimism ONCE we have our CF/ST the team has been dying for for the past 3 seasons.

      1. The bit that I don’t get is he seems to be tipped for Arsenal move even before Real recruitment gets going. Unless they do really need the money.

        1. Maybe they already have a replacement in mind. Plus Real Madrid can get any forward in the world except maybe for Barca’s front 3. But when they want a player, they will get their player. Like they did with Bale.

      2. You are probably going to be disappointed. Read AW’s latest words:

        “I heard Thierry Henry say if we buy Benzema we would win the title by a margin. I respect his views but football has evolved and the game has changed since he played here. The out-and-out strikers are no longer there. Tactics have changed. You do need somebody to score goals and I think Olivier Giroud will not be far from 20 this season. Theo Walcott will be up there too. We have to develop our game and depend less on one player. I truly believe we can win the league. We look like we can score plenty of goals.”

      1. Obviously just repeating P Morgan and Arsenal shareholder as well as Italian dude and a couple more thus pretending to be in the know/loop.

  3. Im just so elated that chelsea dropped points, it would have been great if man u lost or drawn also!

  4. Tomorrow shall reveal plenty. Will Benzema be in London. Will Arsenal take an early lead on Che or will we bottle the chance.

  5. I say we don’t worry bout who might be a threat, i say we hit the pad and don’t hit brake till season ending.. finally glad EPL is starting tomorrow. #winks_if you know what i mean

  6. Benz won’t come.why all de negativity.I still believe G-rude will fire us to de year of OG12

  7. The most common sense answer to “who is our biggest rival” at this point is actually “ourselves”. Before we can judge who we are going to be most competing with, or who is going to be most likely to win the premier league, we have to first worry about our own game. If Arsenal do what we do best, we can win the league. If we don’t, we won’t.

    If you had to force my hand and ask which other teams will challenge I’d say Chelsea and City. I honestly think Man Utd have bought well but ANOTHER major shuffle will probably leave them short of being genuine contenders. That said, I think they’re nailed on for top 4 (probably fourth) and so we must ensure we DO play well. If we slipped up bad this season I think this would be the one where we fell out of everything. We’ve got enough quality to go all the way, but alot of other teams have got to the point of top 4 quality. It’s a matter of ensuring we play our game, rather than looking at others though.

  8. Swansea looks pretty good yesterday. But why did they seems to have pull on the brakes after getting the 2nd goal and playing against 10 man Chelsea when they we’re attacking and creating chances before that? I really hope that Arsenal will be more ruthless time. Always remember Monaco 1st leg during CL last season…never take anything lightly and they’re good to go all the way in all competitions.

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