Do Arsenal have enough strength in depth this season?

Having a big squad is vital for any manager – especially if you have ambitions on challenging for titles. And, when we say a big squad, we are not talking of players who just make up numbers. Having two or three individuals to fight for one starting spot is always a sign that the club is doing something good.

Hector Bellerin is one part of that successful squad. The young Spaniard broke into the Gunners main team last year. His introduction came after the then regular choice Mathieu Debuchy suffered an ankle injury. The youngster then went on to make 28 appearances in all competitions. The roles seem to have reversed this season for the two right-backs. Bellerin is quietly pushing his case to be considered as the first choice ahead of Debuchy. And going by his words, he is enjoying the competition. “I think the competition in every single position in the team is really strong”, the youngster told the club’s official website.

His confidence also stems from the fact that Wenger seems to have been impressed with Bellerin’s presence on the right side of his defence. Debuchy is back to full fitness but the Spaniard has already started two of the three Premier League matches so far.

For Arsenal to win the title this year, a well-rounded squad is pretty much needed. Of course it gives headache for the manager but Wenger isn’t complaining a bit. The importance of a big squad is well documented. When they won the title, Manchester City and Chelsea proved the advantages of it.

The competition for places will be a pleasant surprise for all the fans. Having seen injuries derail title runs at various crucial junctures, it is a welcome change to have options. We have already seen the problems in defence if both your regulars at the heart of the defence do not start. With fit bodies at his disposal, Wenger would be chuckling to himself, although he may start getting worried if our injury list continues growing again…


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    1. We need a Lewandowski but we’re gonna get a Zigic, we need a Vidal but we’re gonna get a Diarra, we need a Kompany but we’re not gonna do anything about it. How to be an Arsenal fan ? Forget your expectations and lower your standards.

  1. I just hope Wenger So called Panic buys are Work this time around and he gets us Quality Additions. We need DM, ST and possibly a CB. And he has to stop playing players in the wrong position. COYG, Hoping and praying for LEWANDOSKI, JAVI MARTINEZ AND VAN DJIK

      1. @Cappieee….keep Hoping we get Lewy and Javi (did u knw we’ve been drawn with Bayern in the same group?)….Here’s to u hoping they’d happily weaponize us… #Raised glass#….. And VirgiL van Dijk is off to Southampton this summer….. Humbly post another List sir!

    1. come on – u really wanna ask that question.
      u do realise have the ppl on here think fifa 15 is real life.

  2. Not sure if this UCL draw gonna change Wenger’s mind on signings this summer
    Fingers crossed he sees what we fans and other genuine experts see that is additions on CDM & Striker

  3. We desperately need more competition up front. I like Giroud, but you cant always have 4 or 5 chances to put one away. sometimes in modern football you only get 1 maybe 2 chances. That striker we need is out there somewhere. Where i do not know. lets hope Wenger knows where he is.

    OT for all those supporters saying we have to sign Benzema, Cavani and all the other top strikers about just now. Firstly, they have to be available to buy, and secondly they have to want to join Arsenal. If we dont sign one of these 2, it does not mean Wenger has not done his job. Just maybe these players do not want to come to Arsenal (ever thought of that)

    So get off Arsenes back, and let him do his job. If a top striker becomes available and would like to join Arsenal. Im sure Arsene will be there chq book in hand. If not, we will run with what we have.


    1. Good points there. It’s the fact that there were strikers readily available who left their clubs this summer, who are a level above Giroud, yet we still neglected them, why? There has to be more to it than favouritism etc. I’m baffled

      1. Benteke maybe? but who else has been bought that you would prefer to Giroud. Dont get me wrong, im not saying Giroud is so great. But he aint that bad. yes id love Lewandowski, Benzema, Cavani or even Martinez. What imsaying is, if these players are happy where they are, or would prefer another destination. Is that Wengers fault?

        1. We all love the Arsenal, and most of us feel, why wouldnt they wanna come play for our club. Love is blind. Foreign footballers dont love Arsenal like we all do. To us, Arsenal is the number one destination. To others, even Man City is a big club now. We all know its wrong. But that is a fact now. Some clubs we all know are fly by nights, are attractive to foreign stars. keep faith gooners, we are doing all we can im sure

        2. every player who can move with the ball is better than giroud
          every player with a football brain is better than walcott
          every player with a killer instinct ia better than ozil
          every player who has influence on the final third is better than wilshere and ox
          thats the anthem of every mind on this site
          also not to forget any flexible manager ( that buys and rotates squad) is better than wenger.
          its very rough to be an arsenal fan

          1. Cavani, Lacazette, Draxler, Gotze. These players are capable of producing their own goal scoring chances unlike our midfielders. Wenger can bid for these guys but won’t because he’s too afraid of managing star players and causing unhappiness cause he lost his balls 10 years ago.

    2. #Gooner bri , of course we blame Wenger for not doing anything this summer. He only bought Che for 10 M but sold a bunch, and released a lot the net is plus for greedy owners. Why only Wenger have difficulty getting top class player? Mourinho got Pedro in less than a week from the jaws of MU !!!! Are you kidding yourself or playing dumb or plain stupid. If there is a will there is a way. This guy is disaster for Arsenal and must be kicked out ASAP.

      1. Because Mourinho has a record of winning trophies that include CL !! Until we win the PL, no big player is coming to us unless their club doesn’t want them.

      1. Well there has to be someone who does that to ensure that we aren’t the mad ones that do not see blatant improvements in our squad.

  4. Euuuuhhh! NO!

    Strength and depth?

    Coquelin gets injured, we are f*cked right there… How is that for strength and depth?
    Giroud gets injured, we are f*cked (he needs to be more clinical, he has shown he can)… Walcott is not a striker and Welbeck can’t score for sh*t!

    Koscielny and Mertesacker were out against Liverpool (only Koscielny matters. I think the pair Koscielny/Gabriel is or will be our best) and we saw what happened…!!

    Strength and depth? WE HAVE ZERO OF IT, NONE, except may be when we talk about offensive midfielders.

  5. cavani, icardi(inter)…. this strikers r av available for d ryt price(slightly inflated but payable) ..its not as if others don’t do it….de bruyne(€80m) l, sterling(£49m) otamendi, Torres, fellaini, benteke, Carroll…..those players where bought for above their worth…..some will pay off…..others wldnt….take a risk…………

  6. Sridhar I agree with you
    Arsenal in general has a
    strong well balanced squad.
    For several years Wenger struggled to
    put the invincible era out of his mind.
    The squad became bloated with dead wood
    as a confused Wenger struggled or refused
    to adapt to the fact that City and Chelsea had arrived.
    But to be fair these past 3 seasons Wenger has
    begun to knuckle down and sign quality.
    Our squad is much much stronger than 3 seasons ago.
    He has also recognised the need for a tougher defensive quality.
    I believe we only need a solid (not necessarily mega buy)
    DM and a STRIKER/ATTACKER and we are fine.
    Other teams will encounter problems so if we stay settled
    and believe in our systems it is only injuries which
    stand between us and the title.

    The pundits and so called football specialists in this country (none are) were the one qualifying us as league potential winner.

    As a matter of fact, every season, we don’t really know what are the objectives of the club until toward the end of the season when it goes c*ck up… And it is, miraculously, becoming top four.

    As for the CL, we will finish second and collapse after the group stage because we will pick up one of the group winner kicking us out of the competition.

    Sadly seasons seemed to resemble each other… Tired and sick of this shite….!

  8. Strength in depth or players for all postions? Yes. Top quality players in depth simply no! I still have a strong feeling we will sign a striker and likely a dm player on deadline day or before. Wenger’s playing the media, fans, pundits etc. I think his targets are sown up already and he’s lying to everyone. So so so hope this is this case. If he indeed proves to be inept, stingy or simply deluded with his current sqaud well I just won’t know what to think or say anymore! If this happens akb’s should run and hide. Buckle up tick tock!

  9. Am no longer gonna stress my self out unnecessarily for arsenal. Because the club lacks ambition, just gonna sit back and expect less in the transfer window. As for the games u can’t tell which arsenal will turn up and am too young to die. Let Wenger continue to do what he thinks is right for the club. COYG

  10. Having two or three players vying or one spot sounds great, in practice it does little for morale unless we have a working rotation system in place and these players are of a standard to slot in.
    We do NOT use a `rotation` system and we don`t have twenty odd players of high standard, so all we have is a massive wages bill.

  11. We need to get rid of wenger,let us fan do something.thats buffon n his love child akb ass lickers dont care about this club.

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