Do Arsenal have just TWO real title rivals?

Wow Arsenal fans, how much fun is it seeing Man United continue to suffer? And their troubles are showing no signs of getting better after they hit a new low with an amazing 4-0 pasting at the hands of the League one club MK Dons in the Capital One cup last night.

So after their shockingly bad start to the season, I think we can safely say that Arsenal do not have to worry about Louis van Gaal somehow leading United to the Premier League title. And hopefully, the same can be said of Liverpool. The arrogant scousers seemed to think that they would just carry on where they left off last season, despite selling their best player and the main reason they came so close last season, Luis Suarez.

There was a good reason for Arsene Wenger passing up the opportunity to sign Mario Balotelli this summer and the fact that his Italian club AC Milan were so keen to sell him tells it’s own story. Milan was his boyhood club and if he can not do the business for them, I very much doubt that he will suddenly turn his career around for Brenda.

They were shown up at Man City, who the Gunners beat in the Community Shield, and they have not even started to feel the effects of midweek Champions League games yet, so I reckon that Arsenal have only got two real rivals for the BPL title, Chelsea and Man City. As long as we can cope with the injury to Olivier Giroud that is. What do you think Gooners?

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      1. I always wanted wenger to stay. (but i wanted guardiola though!! Lol) We should replace him with klopp or simeone. Should not repeat the same mistake of man u. Joachim leow,rudi garcia, conte are also contenders.

    1. We are the outsiders for the title, have to accept the fact that chelsea and shitty have better squads than us, but we can make that right by signing carvalho and falcao

    2. You guys watch out on Everton and the spuds. They are more threatening than Liverpool FC. Personally I did not put MAN U in the picture even after acquiring VAN GAAL. I have been predicting the table to look like this come may 2015:

      1 Man city
      2 Chelsea
      3 Arsenal
      4-6 Everton, Liverpool and Spurs in any order.
      Now that spurs have started well and we failed to beat Everton five times in a row, then our position as no. 3 is in a major threat!

  1. So just because they had 2 bad games they are sh!t?just 2 games.Its not like we also performed upto expectations,our performances have been relatively…”substandard”,that is if we are also “Contenders”

  2. As much as I’d love to agree with this – I can’t….at least not 100% anyway. It’s still early doors in the season, and we already know how unpredictable the Premier League is. The same could be said about us haha. We’ve already started raking in injuries to our a first team players, as we usually do.

    But more to the point, I wouldn’t totally rule out Liverpool and United. Although I doubt either them will be winning the league. I reckon we have more of a chance than both of them, but hey – you never know.

  3. we aint title contenders.

    its between city and chelsea

    we r fighting liverpool. united .everton and spuds for 3/4 as usual

    3 signings needed. wenger does it we contend if not, he hasnt kept his promise

    1. Man U for 7h.

      LVG does NOT have a plan. After spending another 100 million he will be gone.

      1. Yeah. It was not the fault of moyes. Fegusen is the reason. He left a weak n ageing squad for moyes!! In that context we are lucky. Even after 2-3 Years we will have players at their prime so a new manbafter wenger can work with a good squad

  4. @dougs112
    is completely right, the EPL is way too unpredictable to write off teams. Remember a couple years ago when we had a horrible start and somehow came back up? Anything can happen in this league and that’s why it is the best. Even the Spuds look more like a team now and have been playing decent football so far. City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Everton and even the Spuds have a shot at the title. I will not underestimate anybody.

  5. I don’t think Manchester City or Chelsea will face much competition for the title if we don’t sort our striker situation out!

  6. This article is borderline trolling. Liverpool have played TWO matches so far just like us. They would be stupid to panic over the City loss, its the beginning of the season and City were simply more prepared and more clinical than them. Liverpool, City, Chelsea will challenge, no doubt and we need to keep up. United were never going to challenge honestly, british papers just hyped up Van Gaal. They will be lucky to get 4th, which i doubt they will.

    1. And as much as i hate to say it, Pochetino may be the coach spuds have been long searching for after they unreasonably fired Harry. I still think we can finish above them, but we should watch our backs, same with Everton. Competition is high again just like last season.

  7. Its ridiculous to use these early results to determine who is going to win tHe league, a good indication on each team ability would be about the tenth game.
    Right now more concern about who coming in arsenal

  8. COMPLACENCY from fans again!!!

    Pool and Utd have strengthen heaps…

    not to mention we fail to beat them last season as well

    1. Yes, united are a team to be feared. They way they destroyed MK Dons proves it. Also they have the best manager in the world. Did you know he subbed a goalkeeper in the world cup? Sure are title contenders.

        1. Man U are too weak defensively to challenge for the title although they are capable of challenging as high as 3rd they could easily finish 7th again

  9. Spuds are top, therefore it shows its too early to assess who will be title contenders. They will flop as usual.

    Anyways a MASSIVE preformace from the guys today. In particular Sanchez, wilshire, debuchy, the ox and cazorla! Cazorla was immense. Especially when tracking back.
    Play ozil through the middle or leave him on the bench. Doesnt make sense to have him on the wings.

  10. We can’t get too far ahead of ourselves, yes united are weak but they can still mess up our chances at winning anything, even finishing in the top four this season. Everton, Liverpool and Spurs have strengthened to some degree, and our near second defeat to everton over the weekend speaks volumes. It’s such an unpredictable league and that’s why i love it, but we have to be careful not to slip up. TWO Signing at least, a CDM and a striker, both were needed in the game tonight.

  11. Personally I think the major rival
    for Arsenal is Arsenal.
    Injuries are already hitting hard
    with 7 players injured . JW, Ox, Rosicky
    and Podolski are injury prone too.
    Sanchez is running himself into the ground
    and must be spelled v Leicester.
    I think the club has enough mid / goal scorer options.
    I woud prefer we bought Kheidra and another CB option.

  12. If we beat the big boys we will win the league. To beat the big boys we need two of the below players:
    Cavani, Falcao, Vidal, Carvalho, Reus, Hummels,

    If not Chelsea and City have much better squads. Liverpool, Manu, Everton and Spurs will challenge us for 3rd or 4th place.

  13. i think right now wenger needs to realize that:
    cazorla ozil are both best at CAM, can’t have both of them at the same time.
    wilshere and ramsey are both box to box players with drive to push forward, can’t play both together.

    i rather have ramsey + ozil, and wilshere + cazorla alternating as the CM+CAM combo throughout the season.
    On the other hand , the LW problem can be solved if there is a good dribbler or crosser with great pace to keep the opposition in check and unwilling to commit down our left.
    If Ozil’s work rate can improve, it might work better, but i still don’t think he fits the bill.
    he’s also very lazy today and needs to get pick himself together somehow.

    A while back, wenger did hinted on wilshere taking on the DM role. He actually has the vision needed to be a deep lying play maker, but he needs to be in form 1st. next he needs to shape his game to be more efficient with the passing, better time tackles, and overall a cooler head to not over commit in games that are frustrating.

    he will be the DLP in another 2 seasons and maybe can play with ramsey together then, but until then, keep him or ramsey in the same position and let them compete to improve each other.

    1. I agree with everything apart from jack he proved last night that he is the perfect player to challenge aron for the box to box role.
      I think wenger will avoid buying a dm because we have two in flamini and arteta plus coqulan

  14. I don’t understand why is Ozil playing lw. He is the best CAM in the world. If Fabregas was played
    at lw he would have struggled.

  15. Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Arsenal are very strong title contenders.

    But just below them there still Spuds, MU as very potential title contenders.

    There is no time for complacency.

    Honestly, if you really watch carefully our current performance, we really need to improve, because our current performance are definitely not good enough.

    Sadly, the FACT, in our last four matches, we still have a very serious problem in beating the likes of Crystal Palace, Besiktas, and Everton.

    It is not a bad result, but definitely a serious problem in terms of performance and a warning for title challenges.

    I hope we can significantly step up our performance, when facing other strong title contender likes Chelsea, City, Liverpool.

    Or they can defeat us again just like our last season result.

    (Heavy) Defeats: Chelsea 6-0, City 6-3, and Liverpool 5-1

    1. we’ll get there, we just need to keep playing and gel together more. Real Madrid, PSG, also having slow starts. World Cups effect pre-season too much. I was surprised the season started so soon. Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll have our head on straight. But result wise, its been positive. I’ll take an away point against Everton any day.

      1. @RSH

        Completely agree with you, result wise, its been positive. Just a little bit concern about quality of our performance.

        I really hope you’re right that by the end of the month we’ll have our head on straight.

        By the way, as an alternative solution, I also hope player like Rosicky, Campbell, Sanogo, or maybe Podolski will be given a chance to play by Wenger at next games. I think that they have something to offer. Something different. Maybe they can give alternative solution or extra dimension to our game performance. I think, they deserved a chance to proved their worth.

  16. momentum, seizing momentum is crucial,
    if we get the best out of it and prepare for when it isnt there,,,
    right now we re getting the results needed, but we need a striker now with Giroud out,
    and a dm and a versatile defender.
    I am sure wenger knows it but i also unvesrtand he cant bring just anyone, even if I die to see Cavani as a gunner, if for example he nakes wengerunderstand that he will put the ground rules….chemistry broken…not good for us in any way

  17. I have a question. Why does Wenger insist on playing Ozil out wide? Can he not see that he is ineffective. Currently Ozil adds nothing to the Arsenal squad. Nothing that Rosicky or perhaps Campbell could provide. Watching him play for Arsenal with that confused look on his face looks like a really expensive mistake. I love Wenger but the man is too way to set in his ways. Also…Ozil doesn’t look to want to change. His deficiencies from last term are still evident. Not wanting to do the dirty work (the Coleman goal and the quite attrocious attempts at defending against Besiktas). We’re obviously playing with one man less with Ozil out wide. I love Wenger but seeing him persist with this tactic is infuriating. Oh and…I’ve been a Gunner all my life but we won’t win the league. We’ll be up there but winning it is beyond us. The club really does miss the necessary bite. The number of times you see Sanchez asking the midfiled to press the opposition with hiim only for them to ignore him is annoying. I want Arsenal to do well and I want them to do well with Wenger but…I don’t think we can.

  18. Sad to say, and I have to say that the way Arsenal have been playing up to now, and with the state of quality and depth, I am not convinced that we are a legitimate EPL title contender. At this point it time, I believe we are competing with 6 teams for top 4 status. Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, Tottenham, Man United. The first two are legitimate title contenders, the rest are competing for the next 2 places. I don’t know that AW will strengthen enough to win the EPL. I hope I am proved wrong.

  19. The title race is a 2 way affair and City and Chelsea are each easily 10 points better than our current squad. We are not title contenders without buying 3 more players. And that is just to get into contention. With the current squad, we are not even a long shot. The purchases won’t be made (Wenger probably buys one CB). Indeed, we have serious problems that call into question whether we will finish in the top 4. There is plenty of talent but it is all stacked in certain positions. We have no striker and no CDM. We lack defensive depth. And we don’t have a player who can play LW and track back and defend (a must against good teams). We have problems finding the proper formation (the new one sucks, IMO) and are stuck playing our best players out of position. It is still early days but I see no reason to be dissing rival teams who have actually tried to be proactive in the transfer market. We needed bad officiating to beat a third rate team from Turkey so let’s worry our own house before throwing stones at rivals.

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