Do Arsenal have Premier League’s BEST left back?

I know that stats do not tell the whole story by any means, but after the news that Arsenal were set to reward our Spanish left back with a pay rise and a new four year contract, I thought I would have a little look at how Nacho Monreal compared to some of the Premier League’s top performers.

Stats do have value and they are increasingly used in modern football but we must realise that they can be misleading and can be used selectively to show some players to their best and others not. So I have chosen a wide range of stats from the comparison tool on and put Monreal up against Baines of Everton, Rose of Spurs, Clichy and Azpilicueta, as Liverpool and Man United have been playing three at the back. I also evened out all the results over 90 minutes.

The stats show that Baines just pips Monreal into second on overall score but when you look deeper it is clear that is because of his amazing attacking stats. Don’t forget that Baines takes corners and free kicks. When you look at the defensive side of things, Arsenal’s man is well on top with Clichy second. Baines and Monreal are tied for first on pass completion so the Spaniard is not just about defending, although it is clear that this is his real strength, with more blocks, clearances and interceptions than his rivals as well as winning an amazing 62 percent of his aerial duels.

Monreal does create a chance every other game but it is clear that he and Wenger are happy to leave this to the more creative players in our team with the left back providing defensive cover to give us a solid platform in games. So while we may not be able to claim the best left back in England, Monreal is right up there and you could say that he is the best defensively.

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  1. Monreal has settled in brilliantly this season and delivered in pretty much in every position and every game. We’ve now got two very complimentary, high quality, left backs.

    I’d add that I think the same will be said of Bellerin in the next season or two. Massive potential.

  2. I think the time at CB has taught him a lot, he may not be a great CB but he has picked up a few of the CB qualities and transfered them to the LB amazingly well.

  3. Who would’ve thought? The unknown guy from malaga is now one of the best in the league.
    Nice work wenger

  4. Him and Debuchy on either side of Mert and Boss should provide alot of stability esp for the chelsea game. I have a feeling that Bellerin is too inexperienced to mark Hazard

  5. Arsenal is moving positions with
    months going, December= 6
    January=5 February= 4 March= 3
    April=2 and we have got only May to
    go with all hope and belief +
    mathematically the title is going to
    be our’s come the final day!
    wake me up after am done dreaming. fellow gooners
    🙂 🙂 🙁

  6. not good enough….Baines world class wanted by every top club…big name big tag and experience

    1. Hafiz if baines was that good he would’ve left Everton a long time ago. He doesn’t perform on the elite stage imo

  7. The defence don’t mess around since Gabriel joined. No one wants to lose a finger.

  8. MONREAL is top top top!!! I like we have nearly two top top top player for each position. Just need a top top top for Le Coq i.e. Shcneiderlin and Cech!!! But if I dream, also RUES!!!

  9. Nacho monreal has improved very much, and i hope his improvement continues and he goes from strength to strength for arsenal fc! Coyg!

  10. Hahahaha Diaby getting there, i just red, he was the best player on pitch today, just give him one year of injury free and he will torment EPL, i really hope wenger will give him one year extansion, i know many would disagree but i really want him to do something special, i know he is capeble, he was just unlucky, and with Shad in our team it seams Diaby time to shine has come, CMON DIABY

  11. There aren’t really any top left backs in the league anymore now that Cole and to some extent Evra have left. Hated both, but they were good players. Azpilicueta looks decent. Monreal has been good, but everything about him is just so unexciting, which I guess is why he’s so underrated. He’s not very strong, quick or skilful, but lately he’s been a very solid left back. I’m not saying a fullback has to be strong, quick or skilful. Lahm is the best fullback around and he’s not particularly exciting either, just my theory toward why no one really rates Monreal too highly.

  12. To be honest, if there was one position in defence that could be strengthened I realistically think it would be LB. Monreal is solid (and I do feel more at ease when he is in the team) but he’s not getting any younger, and I don’t think Gibbs is good enough for our ambitions – he quite often runs awol and gets caught out in the wrong position. He has shown promise, but even at his highest promise he was never really been at the level you would expect from a player in a top team.

  13. OT..ADRIAN DURAM…this guy hates arsenal so much yet every week he sits and talk about us…ill give it to him he’s consistent cuz he’s always negitive but damnnn man get off our bruhh..he remines me of moreeen talking all the time about wenger…we get it u dont like us…how about u go praise united and off…….arsenal fa life from jamaica

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