Do Arsenal have to win the Premier League to prove that Ben White is good enough for England?

Ben White is having his finest season in an Arsenal shirt, despite playing in a different position, which has warranted his £50 million move to the Emirates. White was acquired to bolster Arteta’s central defence, but with the return of William Saliba from loan last summer, his versatility saw him try out at right back, where he has impressed.

At the present, the former Brighton man is a reliable right back and a reliable centre back in one, which is why Kevin Campbell, like many other Arsenal fans, is surprised that Gareth Southgate did not recall the Arsenal defender to his Three Lions squad.

Yes, there is speculation about White having a spat with Steve Holland, one of the Three Lions technical bench members, but shouldn’t the approach of reconciling them behind the scenes be championed and, in turn, have the 24-year-old re-link with the national team?

In reaction to White not being in the England squad when he has been high-flying, like his brilliant performance last weekend against Crystal Palace that saw Just Arsenal’s Peter Doherty give him a 7 over 10 match rating, Campbell criticises why Eric Dier makes it to the England squad and White doesn’t.

“If you’re playing in this team and you’re playing well, you deserve your spot. You’re at the top of the league. Eric Dier is being included, and that’s no disrespect to Eric Dier, but for me, Ben White is a much better player, he’s a much better player, and he doesn’t get a look in. I don’t blame Ben White, and that’s why these players have to win the league this season, because if they do, nobody can question them,” Campbell said on Highbury Squad Youtube.

It is sometimes preferable to have the best and make the most of what you have rather than deprive yourself of the best. I’m curious why Southgate can’t push for reconciliation between White and Holland, or with whom he clashed during the World Cup. As Campbell points out, if Arsenal wins the Premier League, leaving White out of the England team would be an error of judgement.

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  1. I don’t get the Article argument,he’s not playing because he obviously fell out with Southgate or his staff ,that’s plain to see even though we do not know the ins and out of it .
    He’s been one our best players this season ,if he’s not getting picked it’s not because of his talent on the pitch .

    1. DK I agree andI also hope White is not picked for England. More fatigue and injury chance to worry about.

      It does not help Arsenal if White plays for England but it helps us if he does not

      Dont understand why any PROPER GOONER would even want him to play. It makes no sense!

      But then I care nothing for international football, though others will!

  2. Southgate was never going to make many changes for these games, there are only a few days and we have a tough away game in Italy. White may get a chance in the summer but England are not short of right backs. It would be easier for him if he were still playing centre back.

  3. Winning the PL, will not solve the problem that Ben White has with Southgate and Holland – if there is one of course.
    Seeing the players that Southgate chooses, I think it’s him who has the problem identifying top players.

  4. As a human being Southgate has his limitations. Let White hold for an opportunity with the next England manager

    1. Arsenal is playing to lift the league trophy. Definitely will need every player to be injury free. For him not being used by England is thumbs-up to Arsenal.

  5. Happy that he is not picked for England. Fewer Arsenal players picked translates to less fatigue and less chances of injury. Would be great if England chooses to rest Saka as well.

  6. England will rue this missed opportunity but what is my own left to me all our performing players right now should not play for any national team to reduce changes of injury

  7. It would seem wise to England use the successful white/saka combination on the right wing as Arsenal does , this combo has brought in a lot of goals for us and brought out the best out of both players this season. But as a Gooner, I am very pleased this has flown over the head of south gate and benwhite is allowed to get the weekend off. Saliba and Tomi are both injured God forbid Ben gets injured as well. Let Gareth South gate use all the spurs players and man city players all he wants .

  8. The fact that Southgate sees fit to choose the likes of Maguire,Dier and, incredibly, Kalvin Phillips who has played less than 2 hours for Man City this season speaks volumes for his loyalty but not for his competence as England’s Manager.As for Ben White,I get the impression that he is not particularly concerned with regard to his England future under Southgate but more about winning the League with Arsenal.England’s loss is Arsenal’s gain.

    1. I was about to comment that White may have made it clear that he had no interest in playing for England again, and you went and said it for me.😏
      He’s a bit of an odd one isn’t he when it comes to his relationship with football.

  9. Seeing the type of person White is don’t think it will bother him one bit if he never plays for England again the guy plays his games and switches off from football completely doesn’t watch any games on TV ever so don’t think it will bother him one bit if Southgate calls him or not!

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