Do Arsenal, Man Utd and all EPL clubs get raw deal from UEFA?

I know that there are Arsenal fans all over the world and those from countries other than the UK may not have the same feeling about this as we Brits do, but there is a sense that we do not get a fair crack of the whip from UEFA or FIFA at either club or international level.

Whether it be our attempts to host a tournament and it going somewhere crazy like Qatar despite all their problems and our brilliant infrastructure, or other aspects of the game, I get the sense that they do not like us. And on the pitch I have though for years that Arsenal and the other British clubs are constantly getting a raw deal from the officials.

Just this week we were denied a clear penalty that may just have helped the Gunners to the record breaking comeback that Barcelona managed, with a little help from the referee who gave them two penalties that were softer than the one on Walcott.

We have seen harsh sendings off, a la RVP against Barca and that daft one for the Man United winger Nani against real Madrid. Just this week UEFA showed some real disdain for United and their complaints about the awful state of the pitch for their Europa League tie in Russia. One official apparently suggested that because the players were insured it did not matter if they picked up an injury.

Am I being paranoid here or does the Barcelona game and the UEFA reaction to United’s complaints prove that Arsenal and the other EPL clubs are not treated fairly in Europe?



  1. Wayne Barker says:

    Uefa has never liked english clubs. Platini being the best example,still remember him celebrating messi’s goal against Manchester united. Platini wanted Barca to win.

  2. Budd says:

    FA should wake up and realize that having a winter break is actually making or breaking your European ambitions. Unless you draw a comfy opponent there’s no way you can play level with Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern,Dortmund etc.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I was more upset with the Lehmann and RVP sending offs when we were close to winning the tournament. Yes I do think there is a big chance of getting referees that have issues with British teams. Not all of them would be a little biased (whether they know it or not). Certainly the administration itself have their favorites and then all the others. I don’t think Arsenal are good enough to win this tournament so it’s a bit of a mute point.

  4. sanmi.marvellous says:

    English teams are highly overrated.
    No hate there pal.

    When we defeated Madrid en route to our UCL final in 2006, there were many incidents that made Madrid’s players to surround referee for penalty claims, which referee rebuffed vehemently.

    When you defend for larger parts of 90 minutes, with Gabriel at centre back, conceding only 2 penalties means the referee is not is Spurs spirit of Mike Dean.

    We play rubbish nowadays, not referee at all !!!

    1. lord wafflebury says:

      Hey guys, just face it…as a nation we are not loved in Europe…uefa, brexit/eu, the french…hell even the eurovision song contest lol…we always seem to be conspired against!
      Is there a conspiracy..maybe, maybe not…hot balls,cold balls anyone !

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