Do Arsenal need a BIG favour from Chelsea?

I am not talking about Arsenal getting a refund on the Petr Cech transfer and am really not worried about his opening day nightmare despite all the gloating and rubbish spouted by the chavs in the last few days. And I can hardly believe I am saying this but I am actually hoping that Chelsea do well in their next Premier League game.

That is because it is against Manchester City and after watching the likes of Silva, Toure and Kompany cruise to a comfortable away win over the usually difficult West Brom of Tony Pulis, I am worried that Manuel Pellegrini and his players will be the team to beat this season.

If Man City do beat Chelsea on Sunday, and with the game being at the Etihad and with Courtois suspended after his red card it is a strong possibility, then they will be off to a flying start and in dangerous form. It could be like Chelsea themselves last season who had the title almost wrapped up before the Gunners had woken from our stupor.

A draw would be the perfect result for us of course, but failing that I think a Chelsea win would be the next best option. Do you agree that City could be the biggest obstacle in front of Arsenal in this season’s Premier League race?

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    1. Right… I’ll take any points either of them can drop anytime, because that’s what will make a difference in the end. So a draw may well be the best result!

  1. Man City are very much like us, they can pummel anyone and lose the next game just like that.

    The title will have to be won against the big teams and that is were we failed in the recent past.

    We don’t need a favour, we need to wake up and play every ball of every game the best we can.

  2. I think when the league is about 20games in u can start to worry about what other teams are doing. But for now we must only worry about winning on Sunday a defeat would really be bad and not even worth thinking about. OT-apparently we had scouts at the barce Sevilla game watch kryckowiak tonight release clause of 21.8m this would be very good business but obviously there’s a massive chance that it’s all BS

  3. City looked good but West Brom was making it easy for them. I would not hand City the title just yet after only one match any more then I am throwing Arsenal to the relegation zone just because they lost their opener. I was gutted by the West Ham result but not surprised. I actually said just after one of Giroud’s missed chances now watch they will get one chance and put it in the back of the net minutes later it was 1-0 West Ham. All the signs of a Arsenal defeat were brewing early possession fullbacks all bombing forward careless passing and no discipline in positioning. Oh and after my bad mood last Sunday my wife has banned me from watching the games if Im going to take it out on her. 🙂 BUT… we have seen this all before and then they go on a streak of wins. So someone mind letting me know what happens I can’t watch (but I will even If I am nervous as hell about Sundays match Crystal Palace looked capable of giving us a game.)

  4. The odds on Arsene Wenger being sacked by Arsenal have been slashed after a surge of bets following the Gunners’ 2-0 defeat to West Ham United on Sunday.

    Arsenal kicked off their Premier League campaign with a disappointing home loss against the Hammers and it was reflected in the betting on the next manager to leave their post this season.

    Wenger was priced at around 100/1 to leave Arsenal before the loss on Sunday but can be found as short as 21/1 to end his 19 years with the Gunners.

    Arsenal fans were quick to get on Wenger’s case after the defeat and urged the 64-year-old to spend some money in the transfer market, having only added Petr Cech to his squad this summer.

    Read more:

    1. Wouldn’t get too excited – he is still equal lowest priced odds with nearly all bookmakers along with LVG and Mourinho to be the next manager to leave. 17 other PL managers lined up to go before him.

  5. Westham is gone
    tantrums over
    focus on Palace now.
    Things can change real quick.
    Beat Palace away, Liverpool at home
    and suddenly we will be right back up there 🙂

    1. Agreed. We were nowhere near the level of what this squad is capable of. Defeat’s usually give us a solid wake-up call in which we usually respond quite well. Need to lift

  6. 6th paragraph: (I CAN* understand why…)

    Sorry for the long text, guys. It’s my first post after years visiting this site and I really needed to express some of the things I’ve been thinking during this time.

    1. Heavy Metal football, the Germans and their weird sense of humour. If anyone played heavy metal football ..its Tony Pulis in Stoke hotseat.

      I feel your pain all the same. I too a while back started to wonder if Wenger had lost something throughout those barren years, that maybe the yardstick being lowered has given him some nasty habits. I thought it with our players too who have been here since teenagers, that mentally being a third or fourth place finisher for such a long time is too difficult a mentality to break out of. I must admit though that finally winning something has helped me dispel allot of that, then another season breaking a record at the same time I feel I can be genuinely more optimistic these days. Its not going to be easy for these players to reach that title line, but we do have a manager who has done it before. He has his flaws, some very annoying ones, but I know he has the best interests of Arsenal at heart. Now that he has got a taste of winning again well I don’t think well be scraping fourth place every season to be the norm. I will be surprised if come feb/march if pundits as well as chelsea and manc are not either fearing or tipping an Arsenal charge.

  7. The premier league isn’t won or lost after just 2 games
    This is a marathon, just incase you forgot ?

  8. We need to get our act together and respond against crystal palace on the weekend! Playtime is over its time to get serious! Coyg!

  9. wow… the couple of goals Akpom have scored for Hull have been class!!
    Wonder how many goals it’ll take before certain fans admit the choice between Afobe and Akpom may not have been as simple as they initially thought?
    In reference to City v Chelsea.. Will be very interesting how Chelsea set up. Will Mourinho play for 1pt or 3?

  10. What a pathetic article just one game in!
    If we need to worry about any team it’s our own.

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