Do Arsenal need a world-class striker like Haaland to win the Premier League?

After a promising start to the 2022–23 season, Arsenal received the worst news possible in December when Gabriel Jesus’ injury was announced. When it became clear that Jesus would be sidelined for some time, many wondered what Arteta would do with his attack, but the Spaniard was confident that Nketiah would fill the void left by Jesus.

As a result, the Hale End Graduate was given command of the attack. There were doubts among Gooners about Nketiah’s ability to lead Arsenal’s attack. And although he has come up big in one or two games like the Manchester United, Brighton, and West Ham games, his goalscoring frequency is not positively impacting Arsenal in their quest to lift the Premier League.

Other than the 3 games highlighted, Nketiah hasn’t scored in the other 5 games he has started in Jesus’ absence. If Nketiah’s form in front of goal doesn’t improve Arsenal’s chances to win the Premier League, their chances are in jeopardy, and Gabby Agbonlahor has an argument about why.

“He’s done totally well, but he’s not a world-class striker,” said Aghbanolar on talkSPORT. “Manchester City had a world-class striker he showed that yesterday with his finish and hold-up play.

“Eddie Nketiah is not a world-class striker. Is he a striker that can go five, six, seven, eight games and fill in for Gabriel Jesus, yes he is?

“But he’s not going to win the league for Arsenal.”

Some Arsenal fans are depressed after the loss to Manchester City; their attack has failed them in their third league game in a row, failing to do what they need to do: outscore their opponents.

But Arsenal can still turn things around, and Nketiah still has a chance to prove he has what it takes to lead Arsenal’s attack.

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  1. on reflection I was of the opinion that most of us believe Eddie is not good enough to lead the line for a long length of time of the season.
    on the other hand Gabriel Jesus is!
    whilst he hasn’t been the most prolific but he gives us bags of energy, create space for others, is a totally handful for defenders and most of all, he defends from the front. GM form has dipped but i believe that is also because GJ isn’t out there giving him space and options.
    we didnt have 2 major key players out there for us on Wednesday and we showed we can scare them to death.
    Come April when and hopefully all our first 11 are fit and able we will turn up at there ground and turn them over.
    the last point is. we seem to be fixated on we lost and were terrible ect. my defence to this for the team and manager is that we are still creating clear cut goal scoring opportunities. on Wednesday night, Eddie should have a least 2 goals and if not goals at least hit the target.
    When we stop creating chances is when we should start panicking and then and only then is when i might be in agreement with some of the comments posted on here.

    onwards and upwards

    1. Yep, agree with that assessment.

      If Eddie wants to be in a top club’s 1st team, he has to bang those chances in.

      What we need is GJ back asap.

  2. We all know the truth. Nketiah is good….BUT not good enough. Missed a simple header. Score that it’s a different game. Trossard must play….so maybe Martinelli down the middle. We CAN still do it but there needs to be a change or we will have been ‘found out’.

  3. No need. We just need two types of CFs, so we can attack with different methods

    Man City have Haaland who’s excellent in aerial duels and Alvarez who’s a relentless high presser. Jesus is a tricky CF and Nketiah is a very good finisher, but both of them aren’t dominant aerially and are inconsistent in hold-up play

    1. Jesus is not a prolific natural goal scorer and yes we need an alternative. That to most is as clear as the nose on our face but we also need a style of play to suit.

    2. I agree we need an imposing CF to gives variations in attack, at some point even Gai, MCity had to use long balls and rely on the physicality and aerial ability of Halland. In my opinion MCity may have draw us bcos he was involved in 2 goals.. manU went for Wofghout hight, Spuds has Harry Kain.. I would prefer Arsenal /Arteta break the bank for Osimehin than DRice. In summer.

  4. Arsenal’s issues in recent games have been at both ends of the field. The reliable defence hss begun to make errors to conceed goals or chances, particularly when faced by strong quick attackers in open play and tall strong players at set pieces.
    In attack Arsenal has missed chances (not half chances either), not seen players in better positions and misplaced passes in the attacking third.. This is not down to just one player loosing form or being fatigued or carrying injuries.

  5. Teams have rough patches, City did then they recovered so far and have overtaken us.

    Gut check for us, time to overcome this rough patch on Saturday, and overtake City in the end.

    Good news is that it is in our hands and what results we can get.

    Tough decisions have to be made though, for the sake of the team. Tactics have to tweak or change, bench players who aren’t producing, and get our mentality back.

    Otherwise, why spend the money on depth? Tomiyasu and Tierney have played so few games despite being healthy, or even gotten chances.

    We needed a striker at the end of last season, and we need a striker now; has to be addressed this summer.

    DM has been an ongoing issue, and there really is not an acceptable excuse 3 years down the road why we have not brought in a backup or competition to Partey.

    Seems we are forever 2 players away from completing the puzzle and competing for top honors.

  6. Haaland is world class because he was given time and proper nurture to develop into one. World class players are not born, they are made. So it’s up to Nketiah to develop himself.

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