Do Arsenal need at least six players with a winning mentality?

Petit: Arsenal in danger of acquiring ‘loser’ image by AT

With Arsenal having a largely disappointing season after failing to achieve the bare minimun of Champions League qualification, there is certainly no shortage of football pundits with strong opinions on what is going wrong at the club, the latest of whom is Emmanuel Petit. The former Arsenal man claimed that the Gunners are in danger of acquiring a ‘loser’ image and highlighted the mentality of some players as a major factor.

As quoted by the Daily Mirror, petit said: “I know Arsenal have won two FA Cups [recently] and there may be a third to come, but they need to spend money to go to the next level. They are in danger of having a loser image. I have been frustrated by some players’ mentality. They need at least six players with a winning mentality.

“There are some players at Arsenal who have been at the club for ages and there is never a surprise from them. They are sitting on lengthy contracts, on big money, but you have to do more. Look at Chelsea. Look at how Conte has come in and instilled a winning mentality and encouraged his players to trust their team-mates. That hasn’t happened at Arsenal this season.”

Well, you have admit that Petit has hit the nail on the head here. Players like Walcott, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Ramsey, Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain have all been at the club for a long time and earn good money but haven’t contributed significantly to Arsenal’s cause. While the Ox has improved this season, the same cannot be said for the others. You would expect more than just a few good games every season.

The comparison with Chelsea is also a great reflection of the ‘loser’ image we are acquiring. When things were not going right, the Blues had the nerve to sack their most successful manager and after finishing tenth last season, they were not afraid to change things. Antonio Conte was brought in, the club made some big-money signings and they were able to climb back to the summit of English football, in less than a year!

Petit’s suggestion is to bring in at least six quality players with a winning mentality. But with Wenger confirming that he will be signing just ‘one or two’ players in the summer, you would know that the club is heading in the wrong direction. With both Kroenke and Wenger looking likely to stay put, some star players looking likely to leave and no change of philosophy in the offing, you cannot help but fear for the future of this club.



  1. Paul says:

    I do agree with this article in the sense that we need 5 or 6 new players with a winning mentality to influence the team! Theres so much riding on this transfer window its unheard of. New owner, new manager, best players leaving were in turmoil atm. If wenger is staying on he has to keep sancez and ozil getting there signatures on new deals will feel like 2 world class signings anyway! For me allowing Fabregas to goto Chelsea defined how lost Wenger is in his failing philosophy. We need to keep united as a club and support the players who do give there all, we do have a good team but not a world class team. Mentailty is 90% of the battle look at Leicster last season…. Do whatever it takes to keep sanchez and ozil plus the addition of a couple of worldies and next season Wenger or not we will be challenging

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Ozil has reportedly held (not so) secret talks with a Turkish clubs officials in London. If his wage demands (£350,000) are met, he will force the move.

    In all the while our club is owned and run by the same bunch, I doubt that even a squad full of players with winning mentality would make much difference, let alone just six.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Perfect! He can stroll around in turkey and make an assist now and then there.

      1. Frank says:

        Haha 100% ArseOverTit, I can’t wait to see him go. He frustrates me more than any other player. The disrespect he shows his teammates by not defending and then he expects a pay rise, for what? Hiding in the big games. He is so overrated, he isn’t a leader on the pitch, is lazy and is holding the club to ransom.
        The training field bust up earlier this year was over Ozils commitment and Sanchez had enough of his attitude.
        Another thing is of all the players, Ozil is the only one the refuses to attend the team dinners and bonding between the players. So in short, he is a c#%t.

        1. Frank says:

          I don’t understand why people think Ozil is so good, he was a Madrid bench player, that’s why he was available.
          The 4 teams in front of us have better number 10’s, Payet was better and so was Sigurðsson. This is just from the PL without including Messi, Isco etc.
          And he definitely isn’t better than our last two number 10’s, Bergkamp or Fabregas.

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            Could not agree more!

        2. gede says:

          people complain of Ozil not defending, look how many assists n how many goals he created and scored the compare with others. As a player you can’t f everything on field. Look at CR7 he doesnt defend, messi,neymar too they wait for the team to recover and give them ball then t check at the net, Ozil is making his in world class wat is giroud and welbeck going? They can’t score even a tap in welbeck missed two last game..give Perez and Walcott those changes n check the net. Arsenal season went wrong wen Wenger brought welbeck and benched Walcott ,go chech the stats then changed Sanchez from number 9 to winger then brought giroud. He you saw those games their body language said everything and Henry said it b4 Euros you can’t win anything with giroud as your main striker, French tried and fail look at Arsenal..poldosky was clinical than him Wenger sold him. Campbell outscored ox Wenger loaned him. he’s better than ox. this team was well organised wen it played, Cech, koncienly,mustafi,berellin, Monreal**, xhaka,elneny, Ozil,iwobi,Walcott, Sanchez,….those players fit to win 99%.. there’s another group only play for fan Ramsy,Ox,Wilchere,Ospina,Szchesny, Chambers,Gabriel, jenkinson, Gibbs,Giroud,Welbeck, cech too…there is another group willing to give everything but no chances are given Perez, ,Debuchy, Campbell, Holding, Martinez,Toral,Per,Beilik, Niles, Akpom, Adelaide, Zalalem, Mavididi, Willock if you can promote like Monaco and Ajax did then clear that second group you’ll see change…. the leader of second group is Wenger and Kroenke these two can’t win major trophy.. Wenger says he wants another contract for wat and he’s failed for last 13yrs nonsense old man..look fans if Wenger quit and a new coach like Allegro, Joardin or Simeon will win premier or champions league. Or let Steve bound take control and Henry be deputy..Wenger should not make an excuse of stadium, Tot n Chels are building theirs too, is he the manager there? he did nothing becoz he never used he money from his pocket. open your eyes fans.
          Any these so called legends are blind folding him he should go. Even b4 that FA cup. He we not change anything at arsenal bcoz already he’s said he wants only one to two players and he doesn’t need keeper.. then Pickford will be bought by mancity already cabalerro is gone and become world class then Wenger will start those old stories I was to buy him… he said he went to mbappes home then who was with him? he’s a liar he plays with minds of fans as even he knowns everything in football and he cannot win champions league like all big coaches namely Ferguson, Pep, mourhino, Ancellot, Benitez,Zidane, Mateo, , he’s hear talking how he has been in football for many years for what.. bye Wenger..

    2. stubill says:

      It’s Fenerbache who are interested in Ozil, but he won’t go there, they can’t afford him, or his wages. Even with RVP leaving, that only frees up around £84k per week.

      I know his parents are turkish and muslims, but honestly, who would want to live in a sh1thole like turkey!

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        There’s even ? holes in Barbados but that doesn’t mean that the whole country is a ? hole lol
        I live across the drink from the south of Turkey and I can tell you that there are some amazing places there. Some would even go as far as calling it paradise ?

        1. Frank says:

          And to add to that Istanbul is a historically beautiful city with good food and nice weather.

  3. ks-gunner says:

    The loser image we have already earned a long time ago

    Losing to 8 goals, losing to 6, getting trashed by the likes of loser teams like psv and monaco in the cl

    L, city beating us to the leauge

    broke cl record in being the first eng team who lost against zagreb and olympicos ( no offence te them) if i am not mistaken

    F,,ing Vardy rejecting us, and and and the list is endless

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    “In danger” of becoming known as losers.
    I think we have earned that title for some years now.

    Unless winning is finishing 4th in the PL and getting knocked out early in the UCL. As we know apparently Stan sees that as success whilst the cash tills still ring from TV, season tickets, sponsorships and merchandise.

    That is our biggest problems. It causes apathy and settling for mediocrity which includes keeping a manager who is long past his use by date.

  5. Sean says:

    I dont see how the hell the fans cant get this man to sell up if he refuses Usmanovs 2nd bid that is coming soon hopefully! He has to of heard the fans singing to get out of our club on Sunday, if not needs to be reminded in the FA CUP FINAL win or lose!! Wenger also needs to go but if we win he should just leave on a high as the most succussful manager in FA CUP history as in the league, UCL & soon to be EL we are an absolute joke! In all honestly i see us losing that match as Chelsea are superior in every dept.

    Bad season after season this one being the worst in all honesty its time for change. Usmanov needs to up his offer n become owner then Wenger needs to leave as his power is limited & tbat wint go down well, so might as well walk on out the door n await a statue of some sort outside the Emirates with maybe a part of the stadium named after him like “Wenger Wing”… Section dedicated to him n thats the chapter of Arsene & Stan closed at AFC, on to bigger & better things with Usmanov n Co.

    1. Atid says:

      If we win we should enjoy it, until the players shake hands with the chairman who usually sits in the royal box, then let kroenke shake all the players hands, lift the trophy, do the main photo, then let kroenke know how we feel.

      If we lose, we should stay and watch Chelsea then try and out sing them with “get out of our club” and “are u watching Stan Kroenke” “or feck of kroenke, you tight Sheeny cnut”

  6. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    How long will it take for all of Arsenal sponsors to start thinking ?? “Hey! We can’t being dealing with this loser club, it’s bad for business” ?
    I don’t think Stan would hang around when that happens.

  7. Kedar Damle says:

    Nothing gonna happen unless board granting money to Wenger to spend in the market and granting funds in the hands of Kronke as his the owner of the club because he is the major shares of the club… So as said by Wenger he is going to buy only 1 or 2 signings this season…. One would be Sead Kolasinac who is for free and 2nd will Henry Onyekuru for 7 millions… So this is our transfers this season…

    1. funkyrith says:

      He does not know how to spend the money, or shall I say he forgot spending by helping the club build the stadium. 70% of all the players he bought are garbage last 3-4 years. Either they were bad from the start or they never lived up to reputation because never played at the right place at the right time

    2. RSH says:

      uhh, we spent close to £90mill last summer. Nobody can say Kroenke is not giving Wenger money. Too bad 33mill of it was spent on Xhaka who has been disappointing, 17mill on Perez who didn’t play, 35mill on Mustafi, who was only great half the season. None of these players are bad, but Wenger can’t put together winners. He hasn’t done so in over a decade. It’s pretty obvious he has no idea how to inspire any team to win anymore. Not only that, he takes ages to get players we need in certain positions. We needed a CB and CDM years before we finally got them, and we’re all still waiting on a top striker.

      1. dutchy says:

        And we still need a CDM & CB..

  8. John0711 says:

    Have you all heard the latest interview with wenger you will be gob smacked trust me have a listen on talk sport they keep playing it. The man must be costing kronkie money ever time he talks, he’s becoming indefensible

  9. MPDwn says:

    We need to sign realistic targets that will prove the squad we have. I.e. lukaku, lanzini, michael keane, players that are proven in the league work hard and want to come to arsenal. This may sound like a shit approach but it has more than worked for tottenham. We know big players wont want to come and stay, so get ready to fight with hard workers and promising players.

  10. Juhi McLovin says:

    With Wenger in charge I doubt we would. But anyways if we would get 6 players (we got 4 last summer?), then we should go for:

    LB Kolasinac
    LW Onyekuru (seems already likely)
    CM Naby Keita / Leon Goretzka (latter won’t be playing in Europe next season with Schalke)
    ST Belotti / Icardi / Lukaku / Lacazette (last one unlikely, but surely we can offer more money than Athletico?)
    CB Manolas, Tah? They’ve played well.
    CAM Cazorlas old and fragile, Özil can bugger off. Hakim Ziyech? Isco? (Unlikely)

  11. RSH says:

    We already have a bad image. You hear players like Vidal saying Sanchez needs to come to a top club and compete with the best. Bayern laugh at us and dont take us seriously. Same with Chelsea even. And other EPL clubs know we will never come close to winning the title either, because we never push ourselves and settle for top 4. Arsenal’s reputation will continue to go down the toilet, especially with Wenger in charge, and Kroenke’s carelessness and using Arsenal as a money making machine will also just continue to damage the club.

  12. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal are only ‘one or two’ signings away from challenging for the Premier League title next season. How deluded is this Man he needs a Brain transplant. He must go if Arsenal are to move up he can’t keep hiding behind the last 20 years that is the past News Flash Mr Wenger we are in the Present. Please do everyone a favour just go now.


    sincerely speaking both Stan and Wenger their all enemy of progress and they can not change from there stupid philosophy. the man Wenger is not ashamed at all if a club like Leicester can win league and a coach like conte come in a season and win league. my surjection is dat all d fans should stop watching their man at least a month.

  14. Imran says:

    I would say if stan doesn’t sell to usmanov his shares and Wenger don’t leave then no fan must buy tickets. It’s a simple solution to biycott. no club is created by individuals or personalities rather it’s all about fans. I wish this boycotting tkts happen for this fall cup only which can be a demo for the next season as we fans must boycott tkts purchase.

  15. Village Williams says:

    6 players?

    Wenger runs Arsenal
    He created the sink hole that the club is in and has the audacity to point the finger at the fans and others.

    This is the man who repeatedly lies, yes blatantly lies to the fans year in year out about just about everything from transfer targets to injuries. He has for the past 10 years undoubtedly shown that he is incapable of building or inspiring a team of champions. You could give him £200 mill to spend and it would make no difference. Why? Because wenger would again show his indulgence and ineptitude in the transfer market and waste good money on average players (Xhaka and Mustafi) or as we already see look to sign 19 yr old wonder kids who the club invariably loan, sell, then destroys​. In fact if you look at his record of dealings since 2006 it only makes woeful viewing as the talent clearly is moving in the opposite direction. Whilst at the same time the likes of walcott, Ramsey, et al continue to underachieve at an astronomical rate, yet are held up as stars. Problem Arsenal have now is that no A list players are going to want to comr to such a duff team with a manager on the wane, living if past glories.

    You will need more than 6 players to turn that squad of mediocrity around. Try 8 and a new manager to start with.

    1. John0711 says:

      Bang on comment

  16. Who is the best? PAC, Vanpayslip and BIG says:

    A manager with a winning mentality would be nice!

  17. Joseph says:

    Whatever! But my greatest prayer and support goes to Usmanov. Please help us. You have my 360 degrees support to offload this stingy fella Kroenke, plz don’t get tired have some comply he loves Money more than devil.

  18. Janssen says:

    I thought Wenger had come out and stated he only needed one or two players? That he was happy with the squad?

    Is there any point in talking about what we need as long is Wenger is in charge?

    Can’t disagree with Petite’s assessment we do lack a winning mentality that obviously starts with the manager who also lacks a winning mentality.

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