Do Arsenal need leadership and Hart?

Arsenal have been accused of lacking leadership following their self-destruction in midweek, and their lack of permanent captain is proving frustrating.

Dean Saunders this week claimed that the Gunners are most in need of a leader, who can demand more from his fellow players on the pitch, much like he has witnessed first-hand from Patrick Vieira previously.

Our side imploded last Wednesday following the loss of Laurent Koscielny to injury, which left Kieran Gibbs to wear the armband, an occurrence which left many bemused.

Petr Cech would likely have received the armband had he not been on the bench for the tie, but would the former Chelsea man have been able to rally the troops?

One goalkeeper who has certainly been seen giving some famous fired up battle cries is Joe Hart. The 29 year-old has been discarded by new Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola this season, and is claimed to be available in the summer for a reasonably priced £20 Million.

The England Number One is currently spending the year with Torino in Serie A on loan, but is too good between the sticks to be left in lurch, and a move appears likely, especially if his parent club have decided on a price for him.

Our current first-choice Petr Cech has come under-fire in recent weeks, even before his devastating performance against former side Chelsea in the Premier League, which has all but ended our possible title hopes this term.

Those calling for Ospina to displace him in the league may now have to reconsider their stance having watched the Colombian ship five goals last Wednesday, and the reaction may now be to demand a new goalkeeper this summer, and Hart looks a great place to start the search.

The likelihood that Liverpool could be our biggest rivals for his signature should also prove a boost, with our club surely looking a much more attractive prospect.

Do Arsenal need Hart? Could he bring the much-needed fight and leadership that we lack?

Pat J

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  1. Gworm says:

    Nice idea, but did you see the goals scored by Roma against him this week? Apparently he has a weakness low to his left which Edin Dzeko (and now the rest of the world) knows about having played at Man C.

  2. tweety says:

    for me the way hart reads the game are better than those of ospina. i watched some matches he played for torino and the way he connect with players he nevered played with before suggests that he is a leader. in italy he improved and he could be a good a
    good buy. i will cech and ospina leave and keep Martinez as no 2 = gooner for ever

  3. HA559 says:

    In the past week Gibbs and Walcott were given Captaincy, enough said.

  4. HA559 says:

    More important than getting top striker is getting top defensive player including GK, DMF, LB and CB in that order.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      May I echo the comment above which said:

      ‘All we need is Wenger out’

  5. LutenantDan says:

    I don’t know why everybody outside of Arsenal and some the ex Arsenal players keep going on about needing a leader on the pitch.

    When George Graham was at Arsenal he had a team / squad that was picked and played football based on a particular methodology and, as a result it was easy for him to appoint a single leader on the pitch in the form of Adams that would oversea that playing methodology during games. Hence, with a singular albeit, perfunctory style of football it was easy for Graham to control his players and the way they went about their on pitch business and stuck to the method of play. This was also reinforced by Adams.

    So it was a simple set up. Graham dicated how we played and picked the team to do that. The players knowing exactly what was expected of them and not to act autonomously stuck to the regime and Adams whipped them back into shape should there be any on field lapse or forgetfulness.

    Nowadays it’s much different, especially in the last decade. Arsenal are a much more experimental team with players being allowed too much creative licence to do what they want which results in the team being unbalanced with many of the players pulling in their own direction.

    In the past you had players like Diaby always wanting to hold the ball and do one trick too many before losing it, this is still prevalent in Ozil and Reine-Adelaide. You had Bendtner who was meant to be a striker, was never in the box because he thought he’d enjoy doing what Diaby was doing and came looking for the game in midfield. Again, this is similar to how Giroud plays his game. Doesn’t want to be a straight forward target man / striker, but wants to enjoy arsing around outside the danger area of the oppositions box. You saw last night with Ospin, who I do like messing around and not just clearing the danger as he should but instead, trying to play the ball from his own goal line, into the midfield as if he was an outfield players. And that’s not the first time he’s forgotten his role and tried dragbacks and flicks in his own 6 yard area !

    Now if he’s out there doing his own thing as a goal keeper, you can see why Arsenal face the dilemma they do and come in for much criticism. It’s not becaused they are a bad footballing team, however, they’re not a very disciplined or scholarly team and too many players without that rigorous discipline are able plow their own furrow as opposed to working as a team.

    There are players at Arsenal who are honest, earnest and comitted players but because Wenger is adamant that he’s going to succeed with his football revolution he often picks players based on that whimsical notion and plays an all too familiar expansive and fluid game which the opposition are well aware of…………even opposition from the lowest quarters of football.

    If you don’t have a particular and worthwhile plan to overcome the opposition and fail to pick players on merit to facilitate the job, then there is no point in having a ‘leader’ on the pitch as no one is going to listent to him as they’ve already been given too much creative licence to do their own thing by the manager !

    Koscielny, Mustafi could both be excellent captains and leaders on the pitch but could you really see Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud and some others taking orders from them ?

    In a nutshell, we’re not short of capable leaders at Arsenal but what we are short of is a defined method of playing the game and the right selection of disciplined personnel that can achieve that end.

    I don’t want Wenger to go but I would like to see him put aside trying to turn Arsenal into Barcelona and use what he’s got to it’s full potential. Once he’s realised and achieved that end it would be no problem appointing an on field leader.

    As for the case of Hart being at Arsenal, I wouldn’t particularly feel any more secure with him between the sticks, he’s too flash for my liking and would probably be just as irresponsible as the type of player that I’ve been moaning about above !

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      GG was my favourite manager, I liked his strictness, no nonsense manner and it’s a shame his Arsenal career ended on a greedy note (Bung)
      Wenger has the 49 games unbeaten run but for me nicking the title from the scousers with that last minute winner from Michael Thomas at Anfield, well that has to be my most memorable moment as an Arsenal fan.
      What a glorious night that was ?

      1. Admin says:

        Wasn’t it just! One of the best memories of my life!

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          Absolutely amazing Boss ?
          That Buzz was better than any drugs that I’ve ever (not) taken ???

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    A part of the weakness which Joe Hart reportedly has which Gworm has pointed out above, I think the compelling uncertainty managerial situation at Arsenal is the bigger need to be sorted out first before that of the signing of another goalkeeper for Arsenal could be addressed I perceive.

    Haven put Sutton aside yesterday night, but for this our present team at Arsenal to make a remarkable progress in their next 3 games away to Liverpool and home to Bayern Munich and Leicester which I consider will be pivotal to our recovering our PL & UCL season’s campaign which are looking to be faltering presently, I think we the Gooners should be advising the Gunners correctly in their individual player and in their collective players as a team to be upholding whatever be the strong talent any Gunner has and improved on it. Also, he should jettison any wayward playing in his game that will make him to look to be in comfort zone.

    The Ox looks can be a Gareth Bale for Arsenal in the nearest time of time as he looked to be one in the making for Arsenal against Sutton yesterday night when he collected a pass from the Arsenal’s half of the field and audaciously paced with the ball down by the edge of the left touchline to the corner touch line shrugging off his maker in the process before crossing the ball to the arriving into the box Walcott who missed to score which was a disappointment. But for the height and finishing which Bale has, Oxlade Chamberlain looks to have the 2 attributes of the strength and pace which Gareth Bale of Real Madrid has as he mostly finishes off the moves he has made. And that what I want to see the Ox do for Arsenal in our next 3 PL and UcL games whenever the Ox makes such an audacious move again in these upcoming Arsenal games. He should endeavour to be finishing off his audacious move by himself instead of him to pass or cross the ball to Walcott who is well known for his late arriving in collecting the ball or even missing the target. However, the Ox should not be selfish not to make a pass or cross the ball when do so is the preferred option he should choose to do.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I hope Wenger gives Ox a chance in these upcoming fixtures, in the middle, and not out wide. He’s been playing well in there against lesser opposition, so let’s see what he can do against the big boys. Also, I really hope to see Perez start against Bayern and L’pool, although I am sure he’ll be benched again for playing well.

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The team needs Heart… Not Joe Hart ?

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Monaco will beat City tonight lol ?
    And laughing stock Leicester will carry on progressing in the champions league ??

  9. Watching the man city game i give Wenger 50% an the players 50% of the blame the decision making of our players is lacking dribbling skills control+ shooting mental strength I remember growing up in Jamaica I used to play for a very weak team we have one player who dribble on shoot t ball very hard when we play with him even when we know we are not very good we played better because of him because we recognize is quality on long as he on the field we think there is a chance for us to win

  10. arsenal players don’t believe in the there fellow team mate on themselves. they don’t see quality among themselves

  11. Vlad says:

    Admin, please ban this clown. One time is funny, then it was slightly amusing, now it’s just down right ridiculous.

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