Do Arsenal need to beat Liverpool to prove our title credentials?

Despite having won 6 out of 7 League games, and flying high at the top of the League, there were many pundits predicting that Arsenal were still unlikely to secure a place in the Top Four, having not faced anyone of any consequence except when we faced Man United and lost at Old Trafford, and they fully expected Tottenham to burst our bubble in the North London Derby.

But the Gunners showed their class once again and now have 7 wins in 8, but we face yet another massive test this weekend when we fcome up against Liverpool, who have been a bogey team to the Gunners in recent years, and there will be many more pundits saying it is a step too far for our young Gunners.

But the fact is that Jurgen Klopp’s side have not been in the best form so far this season, and the Arsenal legend Ian Wright thinks that a win over Liverpool will finally prove that Arsenal are serious contenders for the Top Four. He told The Metro: ‘Liverpool is going to be a big test because you saw against Manchester United, a couple of mistakes and they were beaten, that’s how small the margins are.

“Liverpool, defensively they can be got at, but can you sustain it against that team because Liverpool have got the type of players that offensively can hurt you.

‘I don’t believe that Arsenal should go into that game feeling like you’re at home you should be beating this Liverpool side the form they are in at the moment, that’s how you should be approaching the game.

‘What I saw of Liverpool this is the time to play them. So Arsenal, with the belief, everyone is buzzing, no injuries at the moment, this is the type of game where, at home, they’ve got to go and beat Liverpool if we’re serious about trying to get where we want to be which is the top four and pushing Man City as much as you can.”

What do Arsenal fans think. If we finally beat Liverpool, will everyone finally take us seriously?

Darren N.

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  1. If we beat Liverpool, I think we’ll be the favorite to finish as a runner-up

    Similar to Spurs, Liverpool also have world-class attackers who usually don’t waste chances. But they’d likely try to dominate us over the ball possession and that’s going to be a big test to our playing style

    1. Favorite to runners up?. .. so if the title already decided then just give it to city or Chelsea or spurs..

      1. Man City’s consistency, bench players’ qualities and attacking abilities have made them the main title challenger. We bought two of their squad rotation players and they haven’t missed their ex-players at all

          1. I hope so, to make us clinch the title. Unfortunately, the Sheikh could easily solve the problem by signing new players in January

        1. Then this premier league become bundesliga,Ligue 1,la Liga ..we expect the same team win every year..farmer league they said

          1. If Liverpool form is so bad why not us challenging for the title.still early talk but this team built to challenge for the title ..I pretty sure we are nail for the top 4..why cannot us go for the title..I’m positive and believe in this team progress..

          2. EPL is unfortunately becoming a boring league as the ones you mentioned, if we pay attention to Man City’s final league positions in the last five seasons. But the owners of some big English clubs are richer than Man City’s, so I expect a shift of power when Guardiola leaves

            I also wish Arsenal consistent enough to win EPL, but we still have to play against many big teams. It’d be better to lower the expectation, so the players won’t be overburdened

            Even Arteta refused to talk about EPL title, because it’s still too early

            1. There is a World Cup and January transfer window to come. Those two events may determine what happens. The small teams will not be our problem. It is beating all the top clubs at least once. Believe me if we do that we will win the EPL. It may sound far-fetched but it is actually not. The Liverpool match is a must win game. It will count a lot at the end of the season.

              1. I agree that World Cup might affect Man City, Liverpool and other big clubs badly, since their key players would likely get more game time in World Cup than ours

                But beating all top clubs at least once won’t be enough to win EPL, if Man City keep their consistency. I think they have more depth than other big teams

                1. City are competing for the UCL which is the difference. We can sacrifice Europa to an extent if we find ourselves in the title race but City can’t sacrifice UCL and they are likely to go further in the competition. Beating top clubs at least once will definitely do it. The small teams are not our problem. Our pressing and possession has surprised them which is why we’ve triumphed at stubborn grounds.

                  1. Makes sense, hopefully Man City get overwhelmed by the qualities of the big teams they have to play against in UCL

                    1. Man City is not only consistent but they are playing on different level…
                      I have started to feel new invincible on their way

                    2. Man City can’t go unbeaten this season. Newcastle should’ve beaten them if they took their chances and even Palace exposed them. We can beat them and there are also other teams that can beat them.

                2. I strongly bliv that beating a top team like liverpool(irrespective of their present form) is the best thing that can happen to the team and the manager as a whole.
                  The confidence will be high and it will give the team a huge morale boast for weeks to come !
                  So yeah, beating them matters …ALOT

        2. Players returning from the WC will determine where the title goes, anything can happen, and injuries will happen

  2. At home and considering Pools form, I think this is our best chance to win in a long time.

    However nothing comes for free. Need to give 150% to win.

  3. Jesus – NÚÑEZ
    Martinelli – DIAZ
    Odegaard – ALCANTRA
    Saka – SALAH
    XHAKA – Henderson
    PARTEY – Fabinho
    Zinchenko – ROBERTSON
    Gabriel – VAN DIJK
    SALIBA – Matip
    White – ARNOLD
    Ramsdale – ALLISON

  4. They have more quality players than us but our players are on a good form now.

    A win against Liverpool on Sunday would make me believe we can only finish 1st or 2nd. Nothing lower in the table.

    We have won them at home before in 2020, although they had won the league already prior to that match.

    We are on a steady rise than them now, so winning at home is possible.

  5. We lose our top spot for now if we fail to beat Pool, plain and simple, a draw will not help. However the league is won over 38 games. We have been outstanding this season, even at Manchester, so I’m confident of a win. Our toughest test lies at the Etihad, rest every match is a tough test.
    The prophets of doom were out crying when we hired GJ for some 40M+ and very excited when the senile one hired Laca for the similar transfer fee, the difference is clear as night and day! Respect Mikel!

    1. I agree with your point but you do talk some trash about Wenger though. Just because he failed with some transfers don’t make him senile. You must’ve forgotten our past mediocre finishes in the league.

  6. We can beat Liverpool but I hope Arteta will play his best players and be quick to make the right substitutions when a player is performing poorly. We are in the league to win it. It can only happen if we can best all of the top teams at least once. As for the small teams our efficient pressing and possession will surprise them. This match is a must win game.

  7. I don’t consider us to be title contenders purely because we are too thin in crucial areas in our squad. October is the first month with a full fixture list, we’ll see how we manage.

    If Partey/Saka/Jesus/Saliba get mid to long term injuries that’s our title chance over.

    1. You can say that for every team in the league. Injuries to Harland, Debruyne, Foden end it for City too.

    2. I believe we are title contenders this season purely because I believe in this team.. if you don’t believe just give the title to city..end..

  8. The Liverpool game is of course important, and we have a good chance of getting something out of it.
    But, win, loose or draw, then the next game is the important one.
    We have proved we have strength, but I doubt we have enough to truly challenge City.

    1. Exactly. Liverpool is a big game but it doesn’t make or break our season. Title credentials aren’t earned or lost over one game and no one should be jumping to any conclusion on Monday regardless of the result.

  9. It will be interesting match of tactics, there high press against our compact possession. I can’t see either side modifying there style. Our defences control on the ball and linkage with midfield and the flanks will determine the outcome. If it succumbs to the pressure of Pool we could be in for a long afternoon. But if we can get through there press and get in behind there midfield, they are vulnerable. Passing and positioning of Gabriel, Saliba and Partey is key along with converting our chances.

  10. No one should take us seriously! We should be taking ourselves seriously don’t you think so ? Let’s focus on us. Get the 3 points ,whatever others think makes no sense.

  11. The senile one ?? is that Wenger ? imo he was bored and
    lacked ambition, we have a good chance of winning the
    scousers with a bit of luck and taking our chances..

  12. Liverpool is beatable. The important thing is for us to remain focused. Win, draw or lose will not determine our fate this season. My only worry is our two center backs. They should avoid playing high lines, joining attacks at the same time to avoid counter attacks using Salah. Big teams are taking note of our rise. Beating Pools will confirm their fears.

    1. They adjust the highline slightly after mu spurs game saliba stay a few yard from gabriel.they learn from the mu game..

  13. We don’t have to prove anything to anybody!!!
    Days after painting North London red, the players will be on such a high, I wish it was city we were playing!!!

    Are we now saying it’s just a two horse race and diminishing the work MA has done, just as it was with AW?

    If we lose to pool, as we did to manure, the club will dust itself down and start again.

    If we win, the media will find some way of diminishing the result – Oh to be a Gooner!!!

    1. Ken1945, they’ll probably say it’s an out of form Liverpool. And of course we have nothing to prove to anyone

  14. There is nothing that incenses me more than some elements who claim that the best we can be is top 4. Who decreed that only Man city, Liverpool and Chelsea should be champions? I believe the problem is the dominant generation which came of age after 2010. These ones have only seen the money clubs of Chelsea and Man city. They have no clue about the time of Man U/ Arsenal dominance. That was the time of values in football. It was the time when the best team won.
    Back to the Sunday game, I feel Liverpool owes us a good beating because of the arrogant way they behave after beating us. Their negative attitude needs to be brought to an end.

    1. DR, I think what you meant to say was that we owe them a beating and NOT what you did say, that they owe us a beating.


  15. Liverpool seem more beatable now than any recent times. Their form is down, give up goals too easily, and so far don’t instill the fear that they did with Sane in the lineup.

    I’d love to see them take a good beating and us have a clean sheet as well.

    But I’m realistic enough to realize Klopp’s talent, and we are a perfect opponent for him to resurrect his flailing club.

    Best believe pool is looking forward to this match, and will come out guns blazing trying to create momentum and find their lost form.

    I hope we are up for the challenge; get in their faces and force them back on their heels. Their defense is their weakness, so make Arnold and Robertson defend against Saka and Martinelli and I like our chances.
    2-1 to The Arsenal

  16. The law of average dictates we will win this, our form and confidence will ensure we not only win but win in style.

    This games is going to be a classic, hope Ken again will share the experience.
    I expect Klopp to start his mind games early, I expect atleast one controversy moment in the match, hope there is no red card to spoil a beautiful game .

    Most of all I hope we prove Frank wrong with some good officiating

    Yes a win would not just send Pool back to Merseyside with tails firmly between legs, it will also develop a fear factor to the rest of league

    1. Sorry Gunsmoke, but I’m afraid my wife booked a holiday six months ago, that sees me missing this game, along with two European games!!!

      We are just about talking to each other now, so perhaps Herr Drier, who I know has a season ticket, could describe his experience?
      Over to you HD.

      My next game will be Nottingham Forest, so look forward to giving you a run down on that game.

  17. If Liverpool pretend to come out guns blazing they will be completely routed. They will only stand a chance if they start slowly and build the tempo. I don’t believe the Liverpool team can outpace us anymore nor can they intimidate us to into submission. If they try the tactics of last year we might repeat Aston Villa’s torment of Liverpool two season’s ago. I am not unduly worried about Liverpool. This game is ours to lose. As long as our boys come ready for it, avoid careless mistakes and are not victims of biased refereeing we shall win the game convincingly. I further hope Arteta will select the team wisely and will not make erratic substitutions as he did with Man U.

  18. We need to beat Liverpool to help keep them low down the table. The more we keep these big teams that are still on the beach from the summer the better. They are playing some of the worse football they have for a good few years, at the moment. We are at home, we are in good form and they are not. We need to kick their backsides.

  19. We don’t need to beat them but we shouldn’t lose against them.
    So worse case it is a draw and we keep the 11 point gap.
    So far 8 games gone and a step.closer to finishing in the top 4
    If we hold it together then possibly 3rd maybe 2nd and if we are within striking distance come the end of the season with a few games left then we dream the dream and who knows what can happen.
    Contrary to some on here who find it hard to beleive we are a totally different beast then last season , attitude, belief, maturity, composure and Will only get stronger as time ticks on
    4-1 Sunday and klopp will head back north knowing his season is already done when it comes to the league

  20. A win would be huge but not the end of everything should Arsenal lose this opportunity. I am confident our lot can get there. I’ve watched a few of Liverpool’s games and they are not as bad as everyone thinks but also far from rock solid. One worry for me is that Arsenal are the side where out of form teams and players too often rediscover their mojo. That would be the biggest disappointment from an Arsenal fan’s perspective.

  21. This is not a match that defines Arsenal as title challengers but it may show that we probably aren’t there yet if we don’t win.

    Looking at the games played, if we win at home vs Spurs and ‘Pool and lose away to MU then there are still a LOT of games vs top 6 to play, most of them away from home.

    The results away to Spurs & Liverpool – and City & Chelsea to play both home and away… that’s a lot of football to be played.

    And in the meantime, staying in contention on points by continuing to win the so-called “should win” games… that’s a long road.

    Worth noting that there’s a difference between being “title contenders” and finishing second… if you’re 10-15 points adrift most of the way and come 2nd then you’re not really “contending” for the title.

  22. SJ, I like your Gunners vs Reds comparisons list. Who are likely going to start and play in our home big game match against Liverpool in the EPL on Sunday. Gid’s willing.
    And I think and believe that Arsenal will for our sakes to remain at the top of the League after the match is played, will in the match encounter get the desired win result for us over Liverpool done to keep us on top of the table. Which the Gunners, Arteta and us Gooners are desiring to get over them Liverpool to remain aboves Man City for that matter.
    Going in into the 9th game of this season’s EPL campaign to be played this weekend, I totally believe that after Arsenal have at home delt DODO a very big blow in the Europa League. The Gunners will switch their focus to Liverpool in the EPL to delt them a similar DODO blow defeat. To thus prove to their doubters that their challenging this season to win the Premier League title is surly for real. But not just to finish in the top-four place at season’s end as being imputed by many football followers in and out of Arsenal.
    Without missing my words but emphasize them. Arsenal beating Liverpool in the EPL this weekend, to me, is a foregone happening that will happen at the Ems on Sunday.
    By which Arsenal will show their pessimists their title winning credentials as they beat Liverpool no matter what’s happen in the match. But if any one says Arsenal will not, such a person is not only suffering from delusion, but he or she is enemy to Arsenal.

  23. We should not be giving credence to the utterly wrong notion put about by our rivals that we are getting above ourselves. This season is about who will occupy the three spots behind Man City, and any suggestion that we can challenge them is pie in the sky. This season is about qualifying for the Champion’s League, with things like finishing above Spurs a nice little bonus.

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