Do Arsenal need to buy a new centre-back to replace Mertesacker?

The Arsenal skipper Per Mertesacker announced recently that there are negotiations ongoing with the club for him to take up a non-playing role at the Emirates, something along the lines of business operations. After the high of winning the FA Cup, the German had conceded that he can no longer play three games a week and that he would not want to stand in the way of younger players getting opportunities.

So with BFG not expected to be in the first-team fold for next season, should Arsenal sign a replacement? Well, perhaps the most important factor to note here is that under the new system, the Gunners would need three central defenders on the pitch every game. Looking at the squad now, we have four specialised centre-backs in Koscielny, Gabriel, Mustafi and Holding, with Monreal and new signing Kolasinac also quite adept at moving to the centre should there be a necessity.

But considering our luck with injuries and the fact that the team will play even more games as a result of the Europa League, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to sign another central defender. While I do not believe that Arsenal need a world-beater of a centre-half to come in, perhaps a young prospect like Holding could be brought into the side and be given opportunities during games of lesser significance or when there’s an injury crisis.

Also, Wenger could decide to bring Calum Chambers, who had an impressive loan spell at Middlesbrough, back into the first-team fold. Or do you think Wenger will be bringing in a new top defender?


  1. Play Ozil at th back, he won’t have to run back there then.

    Either that or spend some bloody money and get a player who know that system and who can excel within it.

    Always ‘Making do’ are Arsenal.

  2. I wish the club to give him one more year, play him in either the cup games or restrict him to only the epl games. To me he is the more suited to play in the middle of the back three compared to all our other centre backs. He is calm, organises the defense well compared to koscielny , always present, his height advantage, evidence in the last to matched against Everton and chelsea respectively

    1. Based on his cup final performance I’d agree…. That was only one game though…can he deliver that sort of performance on tap?!

  3. Congrats Giroud and Xhaka scoring yesterday for their countries. Anyone know why Kolasinac didn’t play for Bosnia?

    Aubameyang, Lemar, Tolisso/Goretzka. How fn hard can it be Wenger?

      1. What’s the protest about?

        We were protesting for Wenger out last season..could have done with you then. Too late now, now the ink has dried..

  4. I highly rate Chambers and Holding and they can easily do a job when called upon and in future can form a great partnership for us as well as england

  5. We won’t sign another centre half. Kon, Chambers, Holding, Mon, Mustafi…I thought BFG was going to remain available for selection another year?, and Gab,(although I’d gladly replace him!), oh, and the new Bosnian who can play in the middle as well as wb… and Bielik returning next year from Norwich… That’s 8 players vying for 3 positions!

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