Do Arsenal need to buy any new players in January?

Most Arsenal fans spent a tortuous summer expecting Arsene Wenger to splash the cash on a new super-striker and another beast of a DM, but our stubborn boss refused to spend a penny except for adding Petr Cech and a bunch of youngsters to the academy.

Now in five weeks time we will be entering the January window, and Le Prof rarely enters the market in the winter (except to bring in Gabriel as an urgent need last January) so can we expect another barren window for Arsenal fans?

Jack Wilshere is adamant that Wenger will not be brandishing his chequebook, especially as Danny Welbeck, Tomas Rosicky and, of course, Jack himself should be returning to fitness around Christmas.

Jack said: “Defensively we look good. We’ve got Gabriel [Paulista] who has really grown up. Last season, he was settling in. He is really suited to the Premier League,”

“We’ve also got Calum Chambers, who if needed, is there. We’ve also got myself and Danny Welbeck who should be back round January and make the team stronger.”

When asked directly if he thought Wenger would be in the market, he said: “I don’t think so.”

Wenger thought at the start of the season that he thought the current squad would be good enough to win the title, so I agree with Jack that it is unlikely Arsene will be buying anyone at all, unless of course we get a terrible injury to one of our starting XI in the near future of course.

So who thinks we still need a new DM or a striker in January?

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  1. We can’t trust the injury prone Jack wheelchair and Danny not so WELLbeck!
    We do need to add some Quality to our squad,
    Especially if we’re still in every competition,
    Because at moment our subs bench looks rather weak and bare.

    1. January buying will be determine by the squad conditions in that month. Arsene will push to buy if one or two key players get injure. Nonetheless, I can’t see he’ll use the window.

    2. Yes Fat-boy if we listened to your wisdom we would have no A Ramsey or F Coquelin luckily they have a man who gave them time and meant it when he said I believe in your qualities. Danny can come back and play a very important role in this race as he will be fresh and bagged full of energy when most players are waning. Jack too even if its only the final two or three months, Wenger constantly makes people eat their words so lets hope these lads get well and give something towards a successful season for AFC.

    3. Er admin, unless your clocks gone forward a MONTH, I make it NINE weeks till January not FIVE.

      Let’s not get everyone wound up with TWO MONTHS to go till then pls.

      1. LOL don’t blame me (well for the maths you can) but it was Jack Wilshere who started it, not me! I only report whatever Arsenal stories are put in front of me…..

  2. I think to win the PL, if Wenger gets the opportunity to sign a big player, then he should take it. However, it’s highly unlikely to get someone in January especially since Wenger didn’t get an outfielder in the Summer

    It’s not going to happen. Move on!

  3. things are looking encouraging at the moment.To me the most important area is still DM. Just imagine where we would be if Coquelin did get injured or banned both of which are possible because of his committed style and (considerable skill as it happens).So I see if nothing else we need another class, footballing DM (who is busting a gut to play for us) not to replace but augment,rotate and play alongside Coquelin as required in what will be a hard fought season. Dear old Flamini and Arteta are 3rd choice back up and not the answer. Such a player will help the defence, get the ball back to the forwards to create more and give us more tactical options to keep the opposition guessing as to how we are going to play.

    1. My worry isn’t only on Coquelin backup. No man at the team can match Santi Cazorla abilities as deep lying playmaker (DLP). Two closest candidates, Jack and Rambo (if they are fit), don’t have enough patient to stay deep while eyeing accurate long pass to those attackers. Santi and Coquelin are alone out there. One injury to any of them will ruin our title shot.

  4. Our progress in UEFA campaign will as well determine the action in the window. At times getting players that aren’t going to play in it gets tricky. Never the less, I still see the need for a striker and a holding midfielder. Who doesn’t like the fight for starting place in the midfied, defence and yes the goal keeping? Competition brings out the best in people and offers players some needed rest. Ask OG

  5. The Nacho man was gotten in the winter window!………who says u can’t find quality then?



    That being said, there’s nothing wrong with making QUALITY additions to this squad, if the opportunity arises, why shouldn’t we take it????

  6. goalkeepers-cech ospina
    rightbacks-chambers debuchy bellerin
    centrebacks-gabriel koscienly chambers mertz
    leftbacks-monreal gibbs
    dms-le coq flamini arteta
    cms-cazorla wilshere ramsey
    rw-wilshere ox ramsey
    am-ozil cazorla rosicky
    lw-welbeck sanchez walcott
    st-walcott giroud welbeck sanchez
    now if there is a place that needs strengthening its the dm position.I know I am going to be slated for this but i agree with wenger that buying isnt the problem nor the answer.With players like sanchez ozil le coq bellerin and monreal always improving I will say buying inteferes witg thw teams understandinf and personal improvement of players

  7. Not going to happen unless there is a real opportunity to sign some quality player regardless of price. Otherwise in the summer when we should get some big name. I think we can pull this one off.

  8. Need to strengthen the depth in the defensive mid role. Someone with height would be good. Wouldn’t say no to another wing/forward either, Especially if they have an eye for goal. I think the GK and defense positions are fine and back ups are ok as long as there’s no serious injuries. Hopefully he adds 1 or 2 to give us that bit more security and depth throughout the season. COYG

  9. It’s never a bad idea to strengthen the team.

    Arsene never said ebwpildnt buy he said he couldn’t find anyone to improve the team bailable.

    Who knows….he’s got the team in a good position so maybe someone can be available in Jan and he goes for it

  10. we r in a very good position and will only get better when Rosicky Wilshere Welbeck all returns. thats two more CM and one FW.
    and i bliv that ll set us up for a grand finish.

    Plus we have Gnabry Iwobi Beliek as smaller backup.

  11. Off sub.
    The men in white coats are on allert to take Morinho away in a white van never to be seen again. He’s almost snapped, not long now.
    Peace at last Peace at last,thank God peace at last.

    1. Hope he stays, we got robbed of our first chance at a league defeat over mourinho and I want us to get another chance. As well if we are to lift the crown come may, I want him and his losing team to be there and to walk onto pitch with announcement of chelsea v the current reining champions Arsenal FC.

    1. Carvalho is serverly injured. If we buy him now then he will not play the whole season. It is insane to do that with the stress fracture he had. Maybe he will play some role in the end of the season. In any case, I would rather have Carvalho than Aubameyang. Aubameyang in means Ox out because is hard to believe Sanchez or Walcott/Giroud will be benched. And what about Iwobi and Jeff? Should we play them as well?

  12. I think we need a player or two, only in case of injury though. Some experience coming off the bench would surely aid us in winning this title. Having said that however, we have some very keen and talented young men in our under 21 squad and I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing one or two of them joining up for a spell.

  13. backup player is always on the bench… stop dreaming to buy top player to fill the bench warmer.
    flamini & arteta are backup player as they are. fake spender kill the talent.

  14. Wenger did not get a big name Outfielder this summer, so no guarantee he will get one next summer let alone January

    Dumb gamble by Wenger
    City will have too much for us to beat because of their summer signings

  15. one crap article and tansfer fever starts here. Transfer window starts in Jan so it is still 9 weeks away. Also we will have jack roscisky and welbeck like a new signing.

  16. Those ‘bunch of youngsters’ include a certain reine_adelaide n yacine fortune. Not exactly chop liver. Anyway the youngsters are a big part of what makes us ‘The Arsenal’. I think arsene can buy any player he wants. If messi became available 4 around 60-70mil he’d go 4 it. His recent buys sanchez ozil petr suggest he doesnt think dybala or aubameyang are much better than theo. Fact that he bid 40…+1 for suarez shows the kind of cs he’s goin for. My team for mickey mouse cup: cech…debuchy…gabriel…chambers…gibbs flamini…kamara(bielik)…adelaide…ox…campbel(iwobi)…giroud. Good enuf methinks.

    1. Wenger has never made a stupid bid of £40mil and £1, that was the board.
      Have a look at Wengers history and tell me when he has ever messed about with a SINGLE FREAKING POUND!


      Learn to think for yourself FFS!

  17. No good strikers in Jaunary ever so we’ll probably have to stick with waht we got. Another CDM again is a must. If Coquelin gets injured our title chances are 100% gone. Unfortunately Wenger never does the obvious thing in transfer windows and I expect nobody coming in.

  18. Yep we need some signings,Ronaldo on d right, messi on d left ,lewandoski in d middle, arsen wenger could sign Guadiola by touch line in case he(wenger) gets injured or delelops the flue. Money in d kitten well utilised. Lol

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