Do Arsenal need to keep Lacazette and Aubameyang together?

So, it seems that everyone is getting happy that Lacazette has hinted that he is going to stay at Arsenal beyond this season!

Of course, he is going to stay! Why would he want to leave a team that have just won the FA Cup and Community Shield and who seems to be on the road to something special..

In actual fact why would he want to leave his beloved Aubameyang, forget the team, his brother should be the main reason why he would want to stay!

Let’s be honest one isn’t the same without the other one. They have their trademark celebration and such a good relationship on and off the pitch, so much so it has filtered to the rest of the team. Spirits are clearly high, and togetherness is more apparent now than it has been in a long long time.

Would we really want to lose that as a club? As fans, it is nice to see the togetherness after the roller coaster of a season we have had, and hopefully we can take that into the next season and build on that because we know we are capable of doing that.

Although Lacazette can be rather quiet on the pitch at times, his presence does help those around him, especially when he holds up the ball, and nearer to the end of the season he was producing some assists in key moments of the game.

It would be a shame to see Lacazette leave, as it would also be a shame to see Aubameyang go. Let’s hope that BEFORE the season begins we get to hear that Aubameyang is actually going to sign and stay with us and so too Lacazette, where he will continue his journey with this ever progressing and changing club.

Shenel Osman


  1. We need both Auba and Laca, for their partnership is reaping benefits for Arsenal. Also Nketiah and Martinelli are still not fully ready to take on the no.9 spot from Laca. They will equie at least another full season to develop and till that time, Laca can thrive in the no.9 position. Let us remember he was injured during the last season and still came back to do well.

  2. I still believe in Lacazette as a good striker. He just needs an injury free season to deliver a good consistent performance

  3. Aubameyang one more season then try and get 20m for him because on his salary he will be hard to sell in two seasons. Lacazette is not as prolific but younger. Again on his salary we wont get 20m in two seasons time for a then 31 year old. Sanchez Ozil and Ramsey are three players we lost heavily on recently. We have Nketia and Martinelli plus 70m Pepe so it makes sense we should cash in on one of Auba or Laca now. Depends on whether we would get near the 60m for Auba or 55m we paid for Laca during covid . If someone offers 40m for either we should sell one.

  4. If Lacazette (and Pepe) would be a lot more clinical with the chances that fall to them, we’ll have a front line most teams would dread facing. I believe Lacazette helps draw defenders away, which leaves space for Aubameyang to deal the damage. That’s why he’s important to the team. But he has to up his game and get about 15 PL goals per season (same goes for Pepe), and our attack can be confidently described as formidable. With our defence and attack sorted, all that’s left is to strengthen the midfield, and we can be sure of a great season ahead. COYG!!
    OT. I read Luiz would be out for six weeks, due to a neck injury…. I’m thinking we’ll be fine, but I still feel we need Luiz to help Gabriel and Saliba settle into their roles properly.

  5. The simple as is no, we need another striker that will complement aubamayang, we need a striker that can score 15 goals, and sadly Lacazette is not the one. Martinelli can do it.

  6. Lyon have apparently approached Lacazette to broach his returning to that Club. He said no at the moment and also discussed how it took him longer than he expected to recover from his injury last season. This was supported by his improved form and goal scoring at the end of this season
    Another issue in my view has been how deep Lacazette has had to drop to receive the ball. Upgrading Arsenal’s midfield, plus a fitter Lacazette should increase goal scoring across the front line this season.

  7. Are we playing 442 this season? Because am having difficulty finding a formation to accommodate all four of Pepe, lacca, AUBA, Willian

  8. Both players should stay because they compliment each other on and off the field. Lacazette have been dropping deep to collect the ball because of lack of creativity in midfield, but if a creative midfielder is signed or other players too can improve their creativity, then you will see a brand new Lacazette. 15-20 goals will be guaranteed.

  9. Wouldn’t it be a big risk taken by Arsenal if they were to sell Aubameyang this summer for £60m and above in transfer fee? Which I believe Arsenal will instantly get a buyer if they transfer listed him this summer window.

    But will Arsenal quickly get another striker of equalled capacity to Aubameyang at the market as replacement to replace him in the team? For, strikers of Auba’s caliber are not easily available to get to sign.

    And even if Arsenal happen to find one of the same quality grade or more than Auba has, the club may not be able to afford his signing fee which could be very high despite this summer transfer window in the Covid-19 impacted players transfer market that has forced cost of players transfer down considerably.

    That aside, but despite that both Auba and Laca are in good harmonious relationship at the club, which is of a strong help to the team especially when both players are on the field playing for Arsenal.

    But this strong friendly relationship that is existing between the duo Arsenal strikers does not mean the club cannot afford to do away with one of them. More so, if the club is in dire straight of needing money to do an incoming transfer business to strengthen an under-strength department area in the team.

    And for this purpose, it Arsenal decided to offload one of the pair strikers for hard currency collection, the onus to do the offloading is looking will fall on Lacazette to take him to the transfer market for sale this summer window.

    But in doing this, Arsenal must have to sign a senior striker replacement to Lacazette. Who should be of better quality than he his.

    What are us Gooners been talking about? I think us have been saying to Arsenal to do 3 top quality grade signings of a holding midfielder who is currently unavailable in the team, a central attacking midfielder whether Ozil still remains at the club or not and a striker of 20 top League goals per season scorer kind to replace Lacazette if he leaves or not. Nketiah or Martinelli who both cannot guarantee scoring 20 top League goals in a season for Arsenal should be offloaded on a season-long loan to further go out in the of Nketiah to improved on their quality of playing football for Arsenal. Which is currently yet to be of top quality grade Arsenal PL football playing standard in my own critical analytical view.

  10. That’s a tough question keep both and have a great chance to win. Or sell them both get lots of money buy some fake trophies and put them in the cabinet and hopefully people don’t realise they are not real. But seriously it makes too much sense to keep them both unless you expect midfielders and defenders to score the goals. Read how many times I wrote both in this comment I guess that’s my thoughts on that. I know midfielders and defense are important but how good will they be without great strikers?. Why improve midfield and defence and mess up the strikers?.

    1. Darren, I agree, why weaken a strength, when other players are surplus to requirements and can be moved off the wage bill?

  11. Brentford have sold Watkin’s, a striker who has never played in the EPL, for £38 million to Aston Villa. However, whoever is “handling” Arsenal’s transfer business can only move out Sam Greenwood for a gift £1 million to Leeds United. Arsenal haven’t managed to sell players to generate income, and continue to procrastinate on buying players to strengthen an obviously deficient midfield.
    Why can Wolves, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Brentford and Everton, let alone Chelsea and Manchester United do business, while Arsenal staff sit on their hands?
    The Club will finally announce the re signing of Aubameyang on the eve of the Fulham match and everyone will shout with glee, without realizing he is not a new signing will still get no assistance from midfield.
    Remind me again why Arsenal left Highbury, spent a fortune building the Emirates to compete with not only the best clubs in the EPL, but the best in Europe?

  12. Apparently according to Ornstein, Aubameyang has signed a new contract at Arsenal for 3 years at £375,000 per week!!!!!
    If that’s the case, forget about any further transfers in, particularly Partey quality central midfielders, or Arsenal has more money than anyone thinks.

  13. Arsenal have spent £36m (plus wages) in the window so far in Mari & Gabriel. Have brought in 2 Free transfers in Soares & Willian. That was probably what we had to spend anyway, so we need to sell to raise funds.

    Outgoing has been Dino & Mhiki both on loan so we have brought no money In as of yet, just wages to pay the wages of the free transfers.

    To follow;

    That will only pay for Thomas Partey. If we manage to sell Guendouzi then Aouer could maybe be purchased giving Stan helps with the last few million.

    Let’s see what happens but next is Aubas new deal and hopefully Lacazettes or sell him now to get a good price. I’d rather keep all our attackers for the season.

    1. Sean, Mhikatarian apparently bought his contract out for £1 million, plus his wages of £200k per week are removed. Arsenal also sold Sam Greenwood to Leeds United for £1 million, not much for a very good prospect.

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