Do Arsenal need to sort their priorities out?

Arsenal appear to be working hard in the transfer window at present, but there are a number of question marks already in the first-team squad that could do with being answered.

Our side have moved swiftly to bring in top-level striker Alexandre Lacazette so far this month, and his capture looks a huge one as we look to move forward, but their is a huge cloud of doubt which needs to be addressed.

Alexis Sanchez remains as the biggest worry, with only one year remaining on his current deal, and his agent seems to be pushing for a move. Manchester City are the bookmakers favourites to sign him should he quit our club, while Arsene Wenger has tried to rule out letting him join a rival.

Our problems delve much further than just the potential exit of our star player, with Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs all out of contract next summer, while fringe players Wojciech Szczesny, Carl Jenkinson and Joel Campbell are also into their final year.

The German international is the only one who has spoken out, and looks like he is convinced that he will be staying beyond the current window, but the Ox and Ramsey are ongoing and worrying sagas.

The England international is claimed to be open to a move to league rivals Liverpool, while Ramsey is believed to be a possible target for Barcelona. I’m yet to see either talk about their futures since the end of the season, and I’m not seeing any talk of ongoing discussions over deals either.

The duo enjoyed a great end to the season in the new formation, and could finally be set to play a hugely important role in our first-team, and it would be disastrous to lose them just as they are finally excelling and meeting their true potential.

Is our club missing a trick with our current crop? Have the players told the club that they will consider their futures unless a stronger squad is in place? Are the contract talks just happening in private?

Pat J

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  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Well according to Wenger he is not leaving regardless of whether he signs an extension or not so let’s see.

    IMO the club need to look beyond the money and just keep him even if he doesn’t sign. It would be a huge risk to have fans turn if we don’t hit the ground running and losing our best player would make it harder to do that.

    1. funkyrith says:

      At leas AW should sort Ramsey/Ox out asap, if they want to leave then sell them, we need replacements in time to prepare. Alexis saga will go on till the last day I presume.
      James went to BM for pittance, we could have used him for that money, his salary is low too at 120k. The sooner we sort out most of the contract rebels, the faster we can decide whom we bring in

  2. Guneal says:

    Yeah we at that point when we feel So excited about the coming season.

  3. Janssen says:

    Ramsey to Barca? That has got to be a joke. Ramsey is going nowhere he has it too good as one of Wenger’s favorites and is virtually guaranteed of a starting role.

    I have high hopes for Ox as a wingback but if he doesn’t want to play in that role, what some interviews suggest, he becomes less valuable. I don’t think he is particularly spectacular on the wings and Wenger prefers Ozil in the creative central role.

    I know some fans don’t like to hear it but as far as right wingers go after Sanchez, Theo is our bast attacking the right wing player who can both score and assists, Ox doesn’t bring that to the same extent Theo does. Theo needs to work on his defending but to be honest he did show some improvement in that department last season.

  4. Kojima says:

    Sigh, the Sanchez thing has gone on way too long, I don’t think it’s Wenger or the board that are delaying this, the decision lies solely with Sanchez and his willingness to play for us. He also has to answer questions too, I for one will like to know his purpose for joining us, he left Barcelona to sign with arsenal so what really did he expect? We were always going to be a step down as we had not won the league in years and were always getting dumped from the CL so trophies wasn’t surely his priority, I thought he wanted a team where he will be appreciated and he has literally been deified at arsenal, so why doesn’t he want to sign??? He should have just stayed in Barcelona in the first place! That being said if he does leave replacing him might not be as hard as in the past with departure of VP as there are loads of quality lying around almost begging to be signed. Big admirer of the guy but he really should be a man a state what he wants, are u staying or not bro, if so that’s great if not say so so we can move on with our lives.

    1. Janssen says:

      Wenger sold Sanchez a story about his vision for winning the PL and building a title contending squad. Sanchez promptly signed despite warnings from RVP, Henry, Cesc, and Nasri) and Wenger rewarded him by not buying single outfield player the following season. That is why Sanchez doubts the ambitions and chances of winning a major title with Wenger.

      Let’s not doubt Sanchez desire to win. Only a few months ago more than 75% on this board didn’t think Wenger is the man to take us forward, so let’s not blame Sanchez if he has doubts to.

  5. Samij says:

    From wat i av heard from wenger’s press conference it is totally obvious Wenger and d board av done their best to persuade Sanchez to sign for us.. I don’t no y he is becoming stubborn ..He should remember dat immediately he joined us he was priviledged to win a continental cupt 2 consecutive times ..He should remember dat Arsenal gave him the privilege to become a Household name supposing he was stil warming d bench @ barca by now sanchez would av bin a forgotten name Just Like SONG…I don’t know y ppl treat Arsenal Unfairly…

  6. Sal says:

    Sanchez left barca because he wants to be a star and have people talk about how good of a player he is, which he is, you also you don’t stand out when you play alongside messi with exception of Neymar or Suarez, yes those two players mentioned would also instantly replace Sanchez and make us forget all about him. I would be upset but wouldn’t lose sleep if he went to city for 80 mil plus. It’s a WC year not the best time to switch teams and city have loads of talent on their hands they are gonna have a bunch of unhappy players or happy mercenaries whichever way you want to look at it. So go if you want Sanchez you might win a trophy or two but you’ll get the curse ( the only player exempt from that is cashley, unfortunetly leaving us to Chelsea was the right move) like our other superstars that faded away just ask fabregas, hleb, adebayor, nasri, overmars, song, Sagna, van Persie, even Anelka to some extent. You can leave but you won’t be the same player you are here, history repeats itself Sanchez and us fans are used to it by now, so choose wisely buddy do you want to be a player that’s loved by the fans or just another number the decision is yours. If or when we get Lemar I would be even more relaxed about the Sanchez situation, so let him be if this saga drags on it only strengthens our position. He’s staying or leaving for mad money that is all!!

  7. Sal says:

    Ramsey a target for barca I highly doubt it , from verratti to Ramsey I really don’t think so, but hey if they want him for 50 mil I’m a happy gunner, the list of players to replace him is huge he’s no cazorla. He’ll sign for sure I’m convinced of that, hope he has a stellar season as well and if he gets sold to barca/real/PSG for 80-90 million the following year that would still be ok.

  8. Samij says:

    I can perceive how dis season gona be… We will add d best and result will come forth.. If sanchez livs mbape will replace him Plus Lemar and carhvaho we Gona tek d EPL by storm..Mark my word dis gona b one of our best season

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If we lose Alexis and don’t get a suitable replacement, we will be back to stage one. We must have a Top class winger AND a Top class striker. At the moment we have both which is great.

    As long as we have Alexis we will challenge for the PL. If we lose him, we will need to get Lemar, Mbappe, Rodriguez, Draxler or some Top winger

    Hopefully, we will keep Alexis.

    I’ve Read that Wenger is interested in Van Dijk. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe Wenger will pay that much for a defender. I don’t consider that a priority.

    With Cazorla and Wilshere injury prone and Ramsey/Coquelin not having a good season, We need another CM in my opinion. Either a defensive Midfielder or a box to box midfielder. ie Goretzka, Keita, Brozovic, Gueye, Nainggolan, Carvalho etc.

    So assuming we keep Alexis, get a Top CM as a priority and perhaps another top winger.

    If Alexis goes, A top winger and Top CM as a priority

    Also, sort out sales of Debuchy, Jenkinson, Lucas and future of Ox.

    We are Nearly there. We are so close I can taste the trophies. Let’s get a couple more good signings.

  10. Kape says:

    Where is Re Sauce? Dude has gone amiss, anymore credible rumours?? Fatboy??

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Mbappe is and always has been Wenger’s main target. If the boy chooses Arsenal then Wenger will do whatever it takes to get the deal done.

  11. shabbirali says:

    i dont think that aw wl pay that huge amt for mbappe eventhoug he build for the future
    He can invest that amt to bring to qualified player an attacking and CB I think all is tactical
    movement to cover his real target and it wl suprise all of us
    There few signing caming in the next few days and at the same time he wl sort out players
    demed surplus for us .Alexi if he dos’t want to stay let he go wherever is like even to rival club
    Arsenal is strong with or without it -Foza gunner forza aw.

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