Do Arsenal need to start with Walcott AND Giroud?

After Arsenal were scoring for fun in the first four pre-season games (I am not counting the Community Shield as the Wenger/Mourinho feud made that an important game against Chelsea), it is hard to believe how badly the Gunners have struggled to find the back of the net ever since.

We know that Arsenal can create and score goals but for some reason it is just not happening for us right now. Arsene Wenger suggested this week that these things can come in cycles and before you know it we could be raining goals, but something needs to happen to open those flood gates.

I do think that the manager was unlucky at Newcastle today, because his decision to replace Giroud with Walcott looked like a good one as we dominated the opening proceedings of what was shaping up to be an open game. There was space in behind for Walcott to use his pace and movement, or at least there was until Mitrovic saw red in the 16th minute. After that Theo’s space was gone and it seemed increasingly like we could have done with the physical presence of Giroud in the box.

My question, however, is why not play both of them, with Walcott on the right and Alexis Sanchez on the left of the big man. It might sound simplistic but when you are desperate for goals, would it not make sense to play the players most likely to score? Why not have pace and movement as well as power and hold up play?

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      1. re scoring for fun: dont forget we’ve had refs steal 2 goals from us: ramsey last week and the not-given penalty today.

        1. Chelsea were also robbed of penalty, Man city also had a disallowed goal. I dont like
          those excuse.

          1. currently, the ref makes the truth. video shoiuld make truth. i am confident that if we had video, that we’d benefit more than lose. these are valid reasons not excuses. yes, those other things should also have been given if we are to hew to the truth rather than the ref’s fallible picture of it.

    1. No more Debates……….. A WC striker and a DM is needed……… Above all, Wenger needs to take a bow!

  1. Walcott cant play as CF, Giroud cant score against team which park the bus. Walcott as RW
    and Giroud up front sounds good in league cup or FA cup. Need Cavani or Icardi.

    1. Walcott CAN play as a CF, just not against teams that sit deep. Giroud has had similar or even more disappointing performances as Walcott had today.

    1. WTF you fake fans who gave me thumb down want Mertesaker should be first choice pathetic
      4th place mentality.

    1. Wenger “We have Wilshere and Welbeck to come back so goals will come. We dont need any
      striker. “

      1. This is not a joke. Wenger said before, that he plans to use even Wilsher on the wings. Just imagine. Big head Ramsey on the right. Wilsher aka snap City on the left. Overkilll

  2. Really gave up fellow gunners,same old story every transfer window “we are looking careful for special ones” yeah are ya kidding me? Draxler just went to Juve for 25 million pounds..Benzema played tonight WENGER ARE YOU KIDDING US? I have backed you since Gilberto left to find a DM with pedigree.a 25.30 goals ST and every year same lame excuses..they’ve been taken or WE HAVE ENOUGH DEPTH AND BELIEVE AND BLA,BLA same old story on Deadline date..YOU HAVE FAILED US,WE,THE ONES WHO PAY YOUR HUGE SALARY..By the way goners,i’m not shouting..I’m in angiuish to seeHOW LOW OUR BELOVED CLUB IS GOING.HELP ANYONE?

    1. AKB’s and Wenger have ruined us. Same story every season DM and ST still needed for the last 3 years. We have money why is this idiot Mr Bean not wanting to spend ?

    1. @moneytalks
      Just watched a 7:30 vid on of Gabe n Kos in action today…The Dynamic Duo

  3. Now I know why Sterling left Brenda, and why Brenda said West Ham were much more a threat than Arsenal.

  4. I think for once some of our irrational fans, whose hatred for Giroud intimidates Wenger into not playing him, can see their folly. When Giroud is not in the team it lacks power and aerial threat. Our game becomes very flat and predictable. For the sake of Giroud haters, where are the raining goals when Giroud is benched all of? Where is the pace that intimidates teams? Let all of us learn that it is in the interest of the team to avoid undue emotions and for once use more logic than senseless emotions. There is no reason why a true gooner should hate any of our players. Remember how many players were forced out because of hatred: Eboue, Gervinho, Bendtner, Adebayor and others. Also remember our so-called darlings who betrayed us like Van Persie and Nasir. Let us give our players every chance to prove themselves rather than we being responsible for their poor performance due to our hostility towards them as was the case with the above players. This is not about love or hate but results. It is good that Giroud’s hatred is mainly confined to some tabloids and websites and not the fans who regularly attend matches; otherwise he would also have thrown in the towel. It is in our interest to get good players but that does not mean denigrating those we have. A bird in thew hand is worth nine in the air!

    1. @davidrusa……… “A bird in the hand is worth nine in the air”?????……… Keep manipulating the actual quote to suit ur ego…….. Arsenal needs a WC STand giroud ain’t one…. U hear that?????

  5. You know whats sad? A player like Welbeck one the wings is a better option then Walcott. You can disslike this as much as you want, but you know its the truth.

    Another sad thing is this. Players like Chamberlain and Chambers are not progressing under Wenger at all. Not that they dont do, but they are eavern becoming weaker.

    I remember Chamberlain against milan, causing havoc with his speed and dribllings, or him against Evra, nowdays his leggs seem so heavy, and he cant barrely beat his men and he loses the ball way to often.

    As far as i do remember Chambers, he was very good with the ball, and close controll, nowdays, ohhhh moma, i feel sad for the lad.

    1. ox had an off day. but u also have to consider the context: when a team goes to 10 men, they shut up shop. ox is not your best friend in that situation. thats when u need tight space operators.

  6. Hahahaha writer you are very funny.What do you mean by the power of hold-up play?Just funny.Talking about cycles expect this next season until the mental cycle is broken.That inferior and awkward mentality is in our boys.They lack mentality of men to win with authority.Its shameful really how awkward the team looks.

  7. The answer to the article is yes! Let Theo Alexis and OG be our front 3 for a 10 game stretch and I really believe that line up will be one of the best fronts in all of the league.

  8. Lets face it, Walcot is not a CF and he is never going to be that 20-30 goals a season striker we are yearning for. His place is on the right wing and we will get the best out of him playing there, so he should just stick to that wing. And if Wenger will unfortunately not get us the WC striker we badly need, he should go back to playing Giroud as our top striker and Sanchez and Walcot on the wings.

  9. Sad Walcott’s ambition to play as CF is now working against him. He has now fallen to 3rd choice behind Ramsey and the OX for a spot on the RW. It’ll be even worse when Welbeck arrives. His best shot at getting into the starting eleven is to prove that he’s better than Giroud in that position. On the evidence of today’s display, that’ll be very tough!

  10. What I learned from watching Chelsea over the last few weeks (besides the assurance that joozhey is still a horrible person)

    Diego Costa believes that whining, crying, snarling, stomping feet, slapping the playing surface, diving, screaming at the ref, and getting in the face of his nearest opponent…….. are all essential components of playing the CF position.

    His mother must be so proud.

  11. Wellbeck +walcott as duo forward , or yes girod can usefull too as a decoy , drag some defender ,and maybe helping with header . Imo giroud head

  12. Wellbeck +walcott as duo forward , or yes girod can usefull too as a decoy , drag some defender ,and maybe helping with header . Imo giroud finishing header was much better than with foot. I dont know what to suggest, or maybe speculate with akpom/ cAmpbell ??

  13. sometimes am amazed at us arsenal fans,we are our own enemies,we all been crying that if wenger wnt be signing anew cf he should start walcott upfront there.lets face it we are so judgemental on walcott’s yesterday perfomance and this was his 1st time starting agame as acf,og has been starting 4 3gwd ssons wth poor finishing,mayb walcott aint agud cf bt og is te worst,let mi brek t down ts way,ts 2guys hv 1 simillariety 1.they cnt score goals when needed!walcot is nt gud in ahold up game,hs pace cnt allow him 2 score,giroud s gud in ahold up game,he has 2hold on 2te ball b4 he calculates hs moves,he is gud wen buses are parked,2.og is gwd @aerial attacks,cnt & wnt score easily one on one wt the keeper,we all knw walcot is athreat wen one on one wt the keeper,that makes mi agree that its tym wenger should use both of them upfront,they could capitalriz each others weaknes.ts s ma opinion iam nt an expert thats y am jo nd nt wenger critics kip off

  14. TW should start in all games simple. Our French striker just don’t cut it simple. You need to ask would he get to play in the Chelsea team? I think the OXgives U.S. Something very different like a winning mentality. I love the defenders yesterday and tbh I would keep that as it is. BFG needs dropping and I think we have been saying this for a long time. The other thing AW needs to sort a playing captain out a leader and for me it The keeper. Never seen a team without a captain like us

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