Do Arsenal need to take more risks in front of goal?

Matt Le Tissier has claimed that Arsenal never seem to take on long shots, claiming we simply try and walk the ball into the net.

The Gunners limped to a 1-0 win over Newcastle United today, picking up those all-important three points, but the win wasn’t enough to spare our side from criticism.

Former striker Le Tissier has moved to criticise our lack of attempts from outside the box, and insinuates that manager Arsene Wenger has tasked his players to only shoot inside the box.

“Do you know what I think the problem is, and it has been a problem for a while, they try and walk the ball into the net,” Le Tissier said.

“They try and walk the ball in.

“There are so many times where they have chances to shoot from the edge of the box because they have that much possession and the teams will drop off and they play, play, play but they want to go and do the little one-twos in the box and make it a worldy goal every time they score one.

“Sometimes you have to take a chance from outside the box.

“Football isn’t all about scoring lovely intricate goals from inside the six-yard box.

“You’ve got to take a pot from outside the box once in a while and they just don’t do it.

“I watch a football match and it’s almost like the Arsenal players have been told ‘do not shoot until you are in the 18-yard box’.


Do our players need to take more shots on from outside the box? Have our players been told not to shoot from outside?

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  1. Sue says:

    Hell yes!! It’s so frustrating watching them trying to walk the ball in all the time!!! Just shoot!!!!!

  2. tatgooner says:

    we need welbeck and walcott to start matches we need runners in the team

    1. tatgooner says:

      we reallly are that bad.
      And welbeck walcott and holding are becoming options to consider

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Welbeck and Walcott are becoming options to consider… putting on the transfer list. Then use the money to buy a proper player – Lemar comes to mind, better than both of them put together!

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    When was the last time an Arsenal player went on the outside of a defender, and just blasted the ball across the face of the goal?

    1. Sue says:

      What I’d give to see that Friday night against Liverpool!!!

      1. Ivan says:

        I think you are right as I believe we cross the ball in to the box the least in the whole division so that is another avenue of attack that is wasted currently.

        1. lcebox says:

          Players are so used to not getting crosses they dont bother going in there all but Ramsey do not make runs in behind or in the box expecting it to be delivered

    2. Jakedala says:

      Too right. We are becoming boring and oh so predictable. We push forward until we reach the final third, then we pass across, pass back, forward, across, back ad infinitum, eventually losing possession, allowing the opposition break forward, while our defence lies too far forward and we either concede or make a last gasp interception. We play well in maybe 1 match in every 6 (like against the spuds). The other 5 matches we are both predictable and boring and ineffectual. I’m fed up with the failed Wenger brand of football and listening to the same excuses year after year. There was supposed to be a sea-change in the way the club is managed this season, in the recruitment policies, in the way we play, in match results, leading to a push for the title. All pure fantasy. Nothing will change while Wenger rules.

  4. Real Bishop says:

    It’s a ‘5 a side’ approach on a big field… The romanticism of Wenger style football is a thing of the past… The game is more tactical & robust… Two things Arsenal lack… Too predictable & no plan B.

  5. nero says:

    this article is spot on…this has been the issue ,,,i believe the players salaries are cut when they shoot outside the wenger fines them…almighty barcelona shoots outside the box..what more arsenal.its a total waste with all that ball possession, if you watch most of these premier leauge goals scored by other teams, they are outside shots, or shots parried by the keeper etc, when a shot is taken, it creates tension, which could lead to a penalty etc, but at arsenal, its a different case…thats why we do all the ball possession and pressing, then when teams like watford get one or two chances..they take these shots from outside the box, and its a goal, while we press to no avail…wer Just our own worst enemies at arsenal…but something needs to change, either the management changes or wenger changes his style

    1. jon fox says:

      “Either the manager changes or Wenger changes his style.” Hilarious! As if EITHER has a cat in hells chance of happening at this corruptly run club. I F ONLY!

  6. Nothing changed says:

    I don’t think taking shots is our problem. We have taken plenty of shots. Didn’t we have more than 30 against Man U? We chose poor moments and locations for our shots and don’t put them on target most of the time.

    1. Ivan says:

      In some games we do have a lot of shots but they are wild and off target. Our shots on target are low. The key is creating chances and that involves putting the ball in the box a bit more and just mixing it up in general so we are not so easily predictable.

  7. Clive says:

    Absolutely correct.
    that’s one of Arsenal problems,too much passing trying to walk d ball into d net.
    Sometimes u need to take chances when teams sit deep.always want to play fantastic football without end product.
    Rubbish,is so frustrating watching those too many passes without shooting.
    Wenger’s philosophy.

  8. Shortboygooner says:

    @tatgooner I agree. I would like to see walcott especially. I think he works well with ozil. His pace and finishing are good. His pace and ozils vision is scary. Last season walcott was amazing. I really wish fans would support him. I know he can be so frustratingly bad at time. But he can come very good. Sanchez ozil walcott behing lacca. Then at 70 mins if its not working chuck giroud on. Walcott will stretch the play and utilize the wings unlike ozil or iwobi.

    Alternatively I maybe play with giroud and lacca upfront.

    1. jon fox says:

      So you think “Walcott is amazing.” They say there is always one. You , my deluded friend are it!

  9. jon fox says:

    Do we need to take more shots , the man asks! Yes, for the whole of the last ten years! In every BL…Y game!

  10. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    What is happening to Laca, he looks do lost in our games, No physical presence. We need goal scorers , I can’t blame those who r asking for Theo, bcos no matter how he plays he scores, but his form now is terrible. Why can’t we play laca n og12 togeda to increase our chances of scoring. One striker use ball well the other play dirty n up ball expert

  11. Lance says:

    I recall an interview in which Elneny said he had been instructed to curb his shooting.

  12. TW14-TH14 says:

    Our problem is not whether we shoot from outside the box or not, after all same can be said of City whose goals come from inside the box. The issues we’re having can be summarized thus:

    1. Too many missed CHANCES. Arsenal has created more chances than any other team in the Premier League this season including the high flying city. Our finishing hasn’t been great. Yesterday the game should have been over much earlier but for our profligacy in front of goal.

    2. Tame shots. We have had many shots but so many of them are tame and rarely trouble the goalkeepers.

    3. Belerin and Sanchez and the lack of genuine width. Belerin has been very poor. He gets into interesting positions game after game but most times the opportunity goes begging. He rarely makes a decent cross nor dribbles past the opposition defender. On the other side of the left, Sanchez gets on the end of other moves but feels that none of his team mates is good enough to pass to so he decides to take on the whole of the opposition by himself. Of course you know what happens – he runs himself into a brick wall. This has cost us clear cut chances and negated our counter attacking threat. Unlike Arsenal, City has used their width well with Sane and Sterling orchestrating their attack from the flanks.

  13. TW14-TH14 says:

    I forgot to add the fourth issue.

    4. We don’t populate the centre of the box enough when we have the ball on the edge of the box. Most times we have one player in the middle of the box against 3 opposition defenders. We’re not making enough runs into the box to create options for a pass.

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