Do Arsenal need to wise up with referees?

I would much rather see the Arsenal team play in an honest way and win our games fair and square, but it simply does not seem to be a realistic way to get on in the Premier League. The fact is that cheats do prosper and so I wonder whether Arsenal need to get smarter about how we deal with officials.

When Gabriel got his red today it was clear that Mike Dean had not seen the flick of his foot but after Costa and the rest of the Chelsea players surrounded him and created havoc he asked the assistant who must have seen something.

My question is, why were we not doing the same about Costa´s outrageous behaviour before that? He was pushing and slapping at Gabriel and that was after his two red card offences against Koscielny. If the Arsenal players had acted as the Chelsea cheats did, might Costa not have seen red before the incident with Gabriel even had a chance to happen?

I don´t think Koscielny even complained and so I don´t think the ref even consulted his assistants. I think there has to be something to this because there have been so many times when Arsenal have had good reasons to complain about the decisions during a game.

Other teams know how to influence officials it seems, so is it a case of if you can´t beat them, join them?

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  1. No don’t ever join them. I honestly think though by swarming a ref it can influence their decisions. It should never come down to it though. We all saw the replay of what Costa did well before Gab did his back heel. Why can’t there be an official in the booth with a buzzer saying what Costa did deserves a red. Blow the whistle. Everyone go to mid pitch and it I’ll be straightened out.

  2. Ok we know that the Ref was so and so and he screwed big time but one of the frailty has always been the lack of physicality in the team to bully the opponents. Sadly we only had one in the side today and none of the team mates backed him up! Even worse was shaking hands with the bunch of cheats after the match…absolute zero winning and seize mentality…Wenger sort it out or F’OFF!

  3. Who ever is still crying about the Gabriel red card should just snap out of it.. Gabby was so naive, he forgot about the team and only thought about his own ego with fellow brazilian Costa..

    There was no need for what he did, Kossy got assaulted by Costa but he was more calmer as he understood what Costa wanted to happen.

    I was screaming at the TV, “”Pleeeeease Gabriel, please it it go, don’t fall for it, look at Kossy, he is the one that got assaulted but he just let it go””.

    We are so naive. Cazorla was on a red but went in so carelessly… Giroud in midweek, he was on a yellow card but made a stupid naive tackle that was never on.. Gabby cocooned himself into a situation that he did not need to get that deeply involved in..



    1. Where was Wenger? Could he not tell his players to watch out before the game? Where was Santi the captain when the Ref started to lecture Paulsita. Gabriel knows no english and the captain or some others players needed to be there and have a word with him, to cool him down, but nothing happened.

    2. My thought exactly, that I got criticized for in another thread. Yes, Costa should have been sent off – twice even – as Wenger said, but our players should have been much wiser. We shouldn’t have fallen for his tricks! Everyone knows how Costa plays, and this should have been discussed with the team prior to the game. Luckily, referees are likely going to be much more strict with Costa now after this latest controversy. Sadly, we were really looking in good shape until the sending off. Even at 1-0 down, we had lots of opportunities to make it 1-1.

  4. Are we hoping to win prizes for the quietest and nicest players on the pitch? I don’t want us to stoop to costas level but there are certain games where we need to lean on the refs a bit more, complain in mass abd the odd verbal slur with mouth covered hand baxk at Costa today wouldnt have done any harm. You can be sure that if wilshire, flamini and even arteta were on the pitch there would have been a little more bite. Ramsey, ox, walcott, cazolra and even sanchez are lacking that fierce confrontational edge. Don’t even get me started on ozil, he can be genius at times but my gran could beat him up, big girls blouse. Oh for a couple of sol campbell, lauren, keown, viera, adams etc characters. Vant wenger see we need a protector for our small skillful midgets? ! Krychowiak would have been great.

    1. 100% agreed, this is what I try to tell Wilshere haters. When he’s on the pitch Arsenal don’t lack character, remember the United game a few years ago ? He was the only one that displayed his anger at the thought of losing against them, we need more players LIKE HIM, players that play with PASSION ! Sanchez is tired and he needs a Wilshere to help him turn up again.

  5. Hey Football League Bosses watch some rugby world cup. When Mike Deans went over to the first situation rather than pulling out random yellow cards he should have asked for a video replay and would have seen that the instigator was Costa and given him a Red card. Even if he only gave a yellow it would have diffused the situation and Gabriel would have stayed on. Get with it FA. You and your referees are donkey years behind technology and ripping us fans off. You allow and encourage cheats like Costa to flourish. Take a look at yourselves. That was appalling refereeing yesterday. Why would I want to watch a game where gamesmanship and cheating are encouraged.

  6. With our greatest fear of le coq getting injured happening, no one capable enough to fill his shoes, what now mr wenger?

  7. I think generally with referees and decisions things do come and go. Today the referee had a shocker, a truly terrible performance that has been condemned by pundits and even howard webb a fellow professional referee. But at some point we will get a decision our way. I dont think swarming the referee or trying to corrupt the game is correct, at some point this will be stamped out or even result in the referee just getting sick of our players causing the revers of the desired effect.

    Mike dean was terrible and really ruined a truly good game of football, he will probably not change his mind on the decisions or be punished for bad officiating which is really the worst thing here. Video replays anyone? Also what does the 4th officical do? He nodded in acknowledgement that the first red was a baffling one but he couldnt do anything about it? insane….

  8. Arsenal need.

    The board to wise up.
    The manager to wise up.
    The players to wise up.
    The fans to wise up.

    At the moment nothing is right at Arsenal. Every game, against small or big team, are like finals to us, that poor we are playing.

  9. U know what thats called “CHEATING” all that surrounding the ref, showing imaginary cards after you have dived n rolled about like you have been hit by a bus then get up run on like its nothing is a disgrace in football. Arsenal to be fair have principles and a philoshophy of playing brilliant football. Yes may not win mosta time but would rather support a true honest footballing side like Arsenal than a dirty down right disgusting excuse of a team and club like Chelski bus company.

    1. Chelsea are hated because they have no honour and will never have it. They would rather depend on pub tactics to win CL and use 20th century football to win games. Disgraceful if you’re a top team representing one of the most famous leagues. FA claim they want their national team to be like Germany or Spain, well got some news for ya, if they keep on kissing Mourinho’s @ss English football will never flourish.

  10. Knowing our luck, all our player’s would have all received a yellow card if they would have surrounded the ref ?
    It’s always a no win situation when it comes to our lot and referees!

    I’m just waiting to see what the FA do with Costa and what about moaningHO for praising the player for what he did,
    Its a joke!

  11. Let me be frank – the referee made a disgusting mockery of the game. Gabriel was naive but our team should not cheat, not now, not ever.

    In that 1 period of play Costa made 2 elbows, 2 face pushes, a chest barge, a scratch (to the neck at that) and if we’re pedantic a slap on the back and a swipe. At least 6 counts of violent conduct. The reason he wasn’t sent off is because the referee was not watching. It was beyond abysmal refereeing. The worst part being that at least 4 of the offences made were in direct eyeline that he chose to ignore.

    Gabriel was shown a straight red. No second yellow. This means the ref considered a little flick more aggressive and violent then an elbow or chest barge which were in clear eyeline. That is a referee choosing to change the rules. I’m sorry but nobody can do anything if the ref decides to be lenient to one team and punish the other.

    Costa also elbows chamberlain. The referee saw it. You can watch him looking at it. He chooses to allow it. The referee made a decision that Costa is aggressive and deserves leniency. He made a mockery of the game.

    Do not EVER suggest Arsenal should become cheats to accommodate a referee who has actively seemed to be biased during the game. Yes, I am calling him biased because he changed a rule. It’s an absolute mockery.

    1. Okay, the ref chose not to see any of the incidents,
      But thetes no excuse for all the other official’s not to see them either?

      1. A referee is the only official with the power to make decisions on red cards, time keeping and fouls. The other officials are there to help. In this situation he chose to make the decisions he deemed were the right ones to make – i.e. those best suited to hurting Arsenal. Having looked at Mike Dean’s history with Arsenal including the celebration of a Spurs goal against us, I have no issue with seeing he is anti-Arsenal and should be thrown out of the league for this disgusting display of deliberate cheating. I have a go at ref’s alot, usually just calling them bad, but Dean I feel has stepped beyond that to the point of being an outright cheat.

    1. His best position is in CB and with his composure this is the right time for him to learn from Koscielny. But knowing Wenger, Mertesacker will be used the minute he’s fit

  12. No we shouldn’t but with the injustice in the match a lot of our own faults are being overlooked. Now I’m not suggesting we don’t have every right to feel aggrieved BUT we were still at 0 – 0 and very much in the game.

    We were then undone by the usual suspects, lapse of concentration and a set piece. Koscielny played everyone onside, Monreal and Sanchez allowed Zouma a free run and it wss a poor goal to concede. If we want to win the league we can only worry about what we can control and as much as we were robbed we contributed to our loss.

  13. Who does not side with Gabriel on this one is as deluded as Le Prof………..we looked liked a bunch of kids bullied by these goons commanded by the dirtiest Manager in the History of the game……..this being said enough is enough this mockery of a manager needs to leave and that is right now, we were not winning this game, as much as I support our players especially Walcott he looked like a child against the CHELSHIT defense, it was a BENZEMA of sorts that could bullied and done some damage to this Bus……..WENGER GO you frigging Dinosaur you are destroying your legacy and the team that I love……..

  14. Yesterdays game, you also saw how much of a cheat Fabregas has become. Everytime we fouled a Chelsea player he is one of the first to go to the ref to try and get that player booked.

    1. It won’t be. BUT Arsenal should put in an official complaint about the referee as his conduct was disgusting. The fact of the matter is he changed the rules mid game. He chose to ignore several very obvious, to his face, offences. The worst of which, IMO, is that after he books both players Costa slaps Gabriel on the back, Gabriel responds in turn and Costa swipes at him. This is all in front of the referee who waves it off. The next action is the red card. If you give Costa “One more chance” for violent conduct, you can’t then produce a straight red for a similar offence (no contact was made with the kick bare in mind). The referee was a cheat. Simple as. BUT Gabriel committed violent conduct, so it will stand.

  15. This isn’t the first time that Dean has shown his bias towards Arsenal . It has been happening for many years. I can’t help thinking that had this happened, say five years ago to Man Utd, Dean would never have refereed at Utd again. In fact like so many others his career would be over now. I feel sad for Gabriel who until that incident had probably our best player.Can anyone imagine if Costa had been up against Keown’ he would have left the ground horizontal. Brace yourselves for the return of Mertesacker just to add insult to injury.

  16. Like many other supporters my comments come from frustration and even anger. Once this
    settles down `reality` kicks in. The reality is we don`t have a centre forward and Walcott is a winger.
    The reality is Ozil is an under performer and should be penciled in for transfer. The reality is Sanchez has blown a fuse and needs weeks of rest. The reality is there are hundreds of professional teams all over the world, all have a centre forward, and yet there isn`t one better than Giroud, if there were Wenger would have signed him! His words, not mine. The reality is there are many players on Arsenal`s books who will never play and go to training just to justify their wages. Must confess I looked at Fabregas and wondered: “what the hell are you doing at Chelsea”?

  17. Having a bit of a rugby background I find it hard to see players take all kinds of physical punishment and have no redress apart from accepting the decision of an often biased referee.
    In rugby there is the unwritten law of “getting square” but not under the nose of the ref.. Young players are indoctrinated to `get square` on the Blind Side (of the scrum where the ref. finds I hard to see). Play it as hard as you like but play it fair. Hurt the little guy and you`ll get your just desserts. In rugby a thug is a loser.(eventually).

  18. Our players are all naïve less for Gabriel. Costa should’ve seen red the moment Koscienly was chest-butted.

    Koscienly SHOULD have STAYED down!!! Yes, call it cheat, dirty or thumb me down. I don’t care. Truth is we were so scared because we were playing Chelsea. Even the Oscar went instantly to retaliate on a tackle on him.

    Mike Dean or Howard Webb, the situation would still had been the same because the chelsea players all surrounded and influenced the Ref decision. But what did our players do? Nothing! They just stood there looking lost. Barcelona we imitate will never have fallen for such blackmail, to win the league, you’ve to stand and own up. WIN DIRTY.

  19. Dean is so One sided that If we protested about their fouling game plan he would of booked every player wearing red and white he and this line men are PAID to SEE fouls OR IS NOT SEE fouls , photos ,videos and a world wide audience saw all but Dean and comrades saw Nothing Please Explain

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