Do Arsenal have real option to Ozil after Wilshere return?

I know that this was his first appearance in the Arsenal first team for some time and Jack Wilshere did not even start the game but came off the bench after 68 minutes. His introduction was not the turning point either, even though we were still level with FC Cologne when Arsene Wenger made the decision to bring the England midfield star on.

It was while Jack was stood on the touchline ready to enter the fray that Alexis Sanchez produced his moment of magic to give Arsenal the lead which we never looked like giving up afterwards. Having said that, I do think that Wilshere’s entrance did change things and Arsenal looked a much better side with him in the middle.

His passing was crisp and accurate and just like with Mesut Ozil the whole team seemed to play better and look more fluent and full of invention with the 25-year old. Of course it is way too early to get too excited,. Gooners, but it was very encouraging.

Staying fit is a massive issue for our injury hit star, we all know that and probably nobody more than the player himself, but he must be feeling good about his impact off the bench in a tough game against Cologne because I am and I cannot help but wonder what will happen from now on.

One major factor for me is the competition that an in form Wilshere can offer to Ozil and the extra options it gives our manager in his team selection. Have Arsenal now got a real and viable option in that crucial creative midfield role?



  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Like a new signing!

    Jack wheelchair needs to play more than one match to be seen as a viable option me thinks..

    1. gotanidea says:

      Wilshere is not like a new signing, but of course most fans have missed him. Wilshere compared to Ozil is:
      – Several years younger.
      – Able to communicate better in English with his teammates.
      – Has a point to prove.
      – Does not afraid to take on the opponent’s defenders.
      – Is more willing to defend to help his teammates.
      – Has driven personality like Wayne Rooney.
      – Has better close control because of his center of gravity.
      – Has been with Arsenal since he was very young (since 2001).

      Because of those factors, Wilshere is more suitable as Arsenal’s central attacking midfielder. Ozil’s playing style is not suitable for Arsenal, he could be better in other team.

      But Arsenal would need more skillful midfielder than both of them to dominate the midfield area. A player in the league of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi (in their primes).

      1. khangunners says:

        Haha ozil is miles ahead of wilshere in terms of ball control and technique. Only part wilshere wins he more a fighter than ozil but stats never lie and if we look at chances created and no of assists its so wrong comparing ozil to wilshere. It will be like comparing henry to theo

        1. gotanidea says:

          In achievements, yes. Because Ozil played for teams with more resources in his prime, whereas Wilshere has been with Arsenal for almost two decades.

          But when both of them play for the same team, we all can see that their abilities are similar. It is a matter of who is more suitable for Arsenal, it doesn’t mean Wilshere is better.

          Rather than always making decisions based assumption, Arsenal should try to use either Wilshere or Iwobi in Ozil’s position for at least five matches, then compare the results. If they cannot perform better, put Ozil back, he would be pumped up to regain his position.

        2. Luke bratzi says:

          I’d rather a fighter than a Prima donar.Ozil is good only when given the ball in a space he never when tackled tries to get it back. Wilshire is a more stronger when running with ball and in 50-50 tackles. As it has been a long time for Jack to be back Ozil now has to be more harder but that is not his game. Wenger will still use Ozil until Jack can hold his own in his temper,which again is what Uniteds Kean had that Fergi loved. A Battler with jam on his bread rather than ham and cucumber. CB

      2. jon fox says:

        I too would prefer a fit (in flying pig land) Wilshere to the bone idle Ozil but I find your reasons a little oddly expressed. ALL players have a point to prove in every match they play and had we a proper real professional manager instead of one who favours lazy players like Ozil and Weed Walcott (11 years here and still hating him), the players would ALL be aware of this truth, Conte/ Fergie/ Mourinho/ Klopp/ Pochettino/ Guardiola style. The “better in English” comment is hilarious and your liking his personality to that of Rooney is fine but you omit to say both are pig headed, low in IQ AND HAVE NO CONTROL OF THEIR EXCESS OF TESTOSTERONE. Both are prone to trouble in their personal lives and Jack at least has not the discipline to live right and avoid bad company. He has already wasted his first half of his career. Ozil though lazy has a football brain and huge talent , which he largely wastes through lack of fight and workrate. If you could mix the best of Ozil and Wilshere and bin the worst you would have a world class superstar, but the flying pigs are still there. I still like Wilshere but only wish he had a brain, with some extra IQ, which might stop him (as a titch,) diving into tackles when losing the ball and getting constantly injured. But far more key than ANY of this is getting Wenger / Kroenke/ Gazidis OUT OF OUR CLUB!!!

        1. Luke bratzi says:

          Oh, he has a brain alright other wise he couldn’t play. If you mean he hasn’t the ability to judge in tackles well that can be addressed just like in Holdings case. The great George Best Marradona and Zidane did bad things and even Gascgoin couldn’t handle his talent They all had brains but just didn’t have the right people to keep them on the right road, Wenger you have to say has that part under his belt. CB

    2. John Westlake says:

      My hope is that, when Wenger brought Wilshire on yesterday, it was to put him in the shop window. Wilshire was never the quickest player, and in the premiership today, you have to be quick to survive – Just look at Everton.

      1. JJPawn says:

        Yes. Wenger should hopefully sign Jack for a longer term deal and sell him on.

  2. Milton John says:

    Ozil needs an excellent manager off the pitch and a strong captain on the pitch which arsenal doesn’t either. Look what he did for Germany recently. About Wilshere he is another Diaby in making. So in short we are a laughing stock for the entire world and a pain for all of us. Let’s hope someday something will happen positively.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Ozil needs players able to score in front of him. He creates more chances than most players in his position.

      Now he has Sanchez and Lacazette… need another quality winger.

  3. Rkw says:

    He is not an option for ozil replacement but for Ramsey as he is a forward minded player who can carry the ball from deep midfield up to Sanchez and ozil and we have missed that since carzolas injury.. ramsey is lateral at best lacks basic ball control and strays too far forward …if carzola cannot get back to fitness have to hope wilshere stays injury free and focused .. but sadly wenger failed to combine Wilshire ozil and carzola when all were fit because of his stupid favoritism so not optimistic about prospect

  4. Vlad says:

    No. He hasn’t changed a bit. The way he plays is like he’s trying to get hurt. Best thing he can do is give Ozil number 10 jersey (which he should’ve done a long time ago), and retire while he still has both legs.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Ouch! Impaled by Vlad!

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    No. If we had got Lemar or Mahrez then they would have pushed Ozil and even possibly benched him. They would have been good competition

    I’m glad to see Wilshere but I think he will play at the back of Central midfield. We have to wait and see if Wilshere’s body holds up though

    1. JJPawn says:

      It is not his “body.”

      Wilshere holds on to the ball too long and delays that pass. (Opposite of Ozil). What happens next is a tough tackle on Jack and soon he is playing hurt. That is why he got into a fight last game.

      Can Jack change? If so, he is worth keeping. Otherwise sign him long term and sell him.

  6. Vlad says:

    Anyone seen KM lately? He hasn’t spewed his hate around here, I mean posted anything, since we beat Bournemouth. He was posting pretty much daily after our losses to Stoke, and Pool so I’m genuinely worried that something bad happened to one of the most productive members of our Arsenal community. I really hope he hasn’t gone to the dark side, aka Le Grove. Konstantin, if you read this, come back, I forgive you 🙂 .

    P.S. What a muppet that guy is. Can’t even show his face around after a positive result. SMH.

    1. Jan says:


    2. GB says:

      Yes Vlad he’s a ✊️

  7. The barrel says:

    Wishere has positive attitude, not like Ozil. If anyone gives Ozil more than 170k/week, then I’ll support those who say Wenger has lost it. Wilshere has to control himself off field. Been t on field he is better than Ozil. If Ozil plays good against Bournemouth, the whole world says Ozil is back to his best form. Just watch the game on Sunday, and write your column afterwards

    1. JJPawn says:

      No worries, Ozil be at ManU next season thanks to “fans” like you who have no idea of what Ozil does.

  8. John says:

    Got to just love our jack. He is mr arsenal. Next season new captain the animal yes the man is a great signing. TBH if Ozill wants out nothing we can do and then baby that wants to go Man City let him go in Jan coz I don’t give a f“`?

    1. JJPawn says:

      And, you want to win trophies… with Jack?

      Ha! Ha! What an incredible bunch of “fans”!

  9. Arsene woke up in a new Bugatti says:

    They play different positions…….

  10. TongaBull says:

    You can call him wheelchair or any other fu*+$king name you want but JW loves arsenal and gives it all his best efforts. Oil on the other hand thinks he is doing us a favor playing for us. If I were AW I would give JW all the chance he needs on earth to get back to his old self. I was happy to see those cute touches yesterday and I look forward to more. COYG

    1. JJPawn says:

      Wenger has given Jack every chance, including the 10 jersey. Jack is simply not good enough to even be in Ozil’s shadow.

  11. oduli benard says:

    Wilishere is a flop, you may dream and dream and dream and he will still be a flop, he couldnt match ngolo kante, or fabregas, or emre can or coutinho, basically his being still at arsenal represents wenger is failures to accept to let go.

  12. KaTs says:

    Özil and Wilsher in to PL, Ramsey and Xhaka out to UEFA league

  13. GFL says:

    Wilshere went to Bournemouth to revive his career. He flopped and was benched. A person who could make the grade at such a small team can not play for Arsenal. Putting Wilshere in the same line with Ozil is unfair for Ozil. Ozil is on of the best no 10 in the world and he is not called king of assists for nothing. Stats do not lie. Ozil always create chances but without quality strikers the chances are wasted.

  14. The barrel says:

    I’ll be happy if Ozil leaves Arsenal. His attitude is bad for sports, that’s the reason Maurinho benched him at Madrid. He should be followed by Giroud and Debuchy.
    At least Jack is showing interest in what he is doing

    1. JJPawn says:

      Jack and the barrel, happily drenched and in a stupor. Ah, the wonders of English football…!

  15. Simon says:

    Think Ramsey (better further up pitch) and Ozil should fight for the same role-

    I think Wiltshire fights with Xaka / Coq for that deeper role

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