Do Arsenal now have the advantage in the title race until the World Cup?

Arsenal are currently at the top of the Premier League table, and whether we can go all the way is a matter for debate.

But right now, starting today, all of the top teams that are in Europe are set to have a gruelling schedule of two games a week until the middle of November when the World Cup begins.

Six of Arsenal’s games in that time are in the Premier League, and the rest are in the Europa League, and as we proved last night, we are able to rest most of our top players for those games and are still on top of our EL Group.

Not a bad line-up for a team of reserves! LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 06: The Arsenal team pose for a team photograph before the UEFA Europa League group A match between Arsenal FC and FK Bodo/Glimt. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Arteta admitted yesterday that we are now going into uncharted territory and no-one knows how things are going to work out. “Well, we know that the fixtures that we’ve been given have no precedence in this league because of the World Cup and with everything that we have to play in between. And then every team is different, every squad is different.

“And if you start to risk, you make the situation much worse. If everybody’s available and you have robot players that can play every three days, life is much easier! So it’s something that we have to experience and test, because at the moment, we don’t really know how it’s going to play out.”

But one thing we do know is that our main rivals for the Top Four, i.e. Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham, are having to play vitally important Champions League ties in their midweek games, and will be unable no name completely changed teams (except maybe Man City!) but Arsenal will be able to mostly have rested first teamers fresh for our League games.

It is vital that we take advantage of this and try to build a cushion at the top of the table, to give us something to defend when the League returns in late December…

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Arteta talks about proving we are on Liverpool’s level, and the fixture congestion.

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  1. After playing against Liverpool, there is only one big team we’ll need to meet before World Cup. So the fixtures look good for us this year

  2. Let’s first overcome the Liverpool hurdle. It will be a statement win.
    As for Man City, we can still stop Haarland. the midfield is key to sopping him. Our backs should be able to deal with the long balls efficiently.

  3. It seems no statistics is going to work for mancity this yr. It’s even hard to imagine if any team can defeat them once. Yes they had some sloppy moments but mostly when they are 3-0 or 4-0 up. We almost play like mancity but in final third the difference in huge. We are yet to make football look so simple, we are yet to create simple chances and easy goals. Most of our goals are hard fought goals and come another day we may remain goalless. So this yr is mancity record breaking yr. If we can remain close to them it will be no less than great. I still wish that I got this wrong and may we topple mancity. Having such expectation is great in itself though and shows our progress. Regarding Lpool game whatever will be the result will be happy if we play positively with good performance.

    1. Exactly… it seems new invincible on their way now after 19 years of wait
      Pép need to achieve 3 things in Man City now..
      Quadruple by wining League cup, FA cup, PL and CL..
      2nd at least win CL as he hasn’t done with City and last is being PL champions as invincible….
      I thing this is their best chance to Achieve this year
      Next year we will be even stronger, Liverpool will come back so as Chelsea…
      This year except Arsenal Everyone is struggling at the moment… so this is their year to achieve everything…

  4. I believe this season is quite different as we see players doing great on the pitch and the spirit of team work has somehiw returned. About our game against liverpool my hopes are positive that we pick the 3 points no matter what it takes God will work ut out for us. Big up Arteta keep moving forward

  5. Arsenal are where they are, because they deserve it – we could even have been unbeaten ourselves if MA had not gone gung ho against manure.

    We have such an important game tomorrow, especially after today’s results and I would rather be playing City than pool, but I still think we will beat both of them at home… at this moment in time.

    As a club, we have the bit between our teeth and I, personally, fear no one coming to The Emirates.

    1. KEN I am curious WHY you would prefer we play City, rather than the surely more beatable Pool at this time?

      I’d have thought the “easier”(relatively, of course) the opponent, while we are riding high, the better.

      I suppose your final line however explains your thinking. But I still prefer Liverpool, myself.

  6. Yes Arsenal has a slight advantage until the 12th of November.
    One of the reasons being our toughest opponents we face at home.

    We play Pool tomorrow with our tail high in our back, the law of average dictate we win this one, it will be an open game, can’t see less than three or four goals scoring in this one.

  7. Stating the obvious once again but this is a big game for both teams. In Arsenal’s case a win means they will convince themselves and their doubters that they are the real deal. Equally Liverpool need the win to prove that they have kick started their season after a sluggish start. Failure for either team will be a serious setback, although Arsenal’s goals this season are slightly more modest than Liverpool’s. Having to said that I believe Arsenal will win a game which could be in the balance till the final whistle.

  8. Along with many others who care deeply about challenging and beating evil corruption , both financial and otherwise, I will be ignoring and shunning this sham of a WC , disgracefully awarded for greed sake alone!

    FIFA is widely known throughout the decent football world to be corrupt and non humane. Like wise QATAR! Add deliberate cruelty to that too.
    I only WISH that ALL other football fans, worldwide, had the conscience and morality to so the same.

    That it happens at all in THAT small, county size , but oil rich “country,” is a stain upon proper humanity1

  9. Yes. Arsenal will get that cushion and sit on it before the Qatar world cup kick starts.
    As for our today’s big Epl game home match against Liverpool. I believe Mikel Arteta and his Gunners team he’ll play in the match are not only fully battle ready for the big game match encounter. But also know everything that they need and needed to know about the Liverpool team and their manager’s thinking who they will take on in the match today Sunday.
    The match is expected to be cruelsomely fought for a win by both teams.
    In particular, Liverpool’s Epl season which is in danger of falling away but saves, if the Reds manager urgently takes the necessary steps to save it from falling away, with one of the steps he looks to take to get Liverpool’s season back on track is to beat Arsenal today and Man City next weekend.
    Therefore, Arsenal who Man City have overtaken in the table yesterday to go first on the log but albeit by playing a game more than Arsenal.
    But notwithstanding, the Gunners have to find a way out in their today’s match against the Reds to thump them to the collection of all the points in the match. And find that way and thumb them absolutely collecting all the points to the bag for Arsenal to return to the top of the League.
    Thus, negating the aims and objectives of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool managed team to get their season back on track by using beating Arsenal today to kick start achieving his mission.

  10. One other factor on OUR timing of games; ie on Thursdays compared to the CL, played onWednesdays, is that our top level Prem opponents have an extra day to recover before we play them on Sundays.
    That extra day is often of crucial importance in fatigue level, even accepting this articles point, as I DO, that we can often play ALMOST two differenent squads.

    However, that may no longer be so, once we have a run of more serious injuries.
    Therefore, much is down to luck OR bad luck with injuries and THAT factor is, IMO, of key importance!

  11. Not always we agree Jon Fix, but regarding FIFA’s immorality, the WC and how it has ended up in Qatar you are on the mark. It’s going to be a long six weeks for me as well, waiting for the EPL to recommence.

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