Do Arsenal now need to sacrifice FA cup for EPL title fight?

Well it has all gone a bit pear shaped for the Arsenal in recent weeks, as we followed up a fairly fantastic festive period of seven wins from eight games in all competitions with a three game winless streak in the Premier League which culminated in the pretty disastrous London derby defeat by Chelsea.

So where does this leave us? Certainly in a spot of bother but by no means having irrevocably damaged our chances of winning the Premier League title. However, I do feel that we must now redouble our efforts in the league and cannot afford any more slip ups.

Unfortunately that may well mean that the Gunners have to sacrifice a little bit our hopes in the Champions League but those games are some way off. Next up for Arsenal is the next round of the FA cup and much as we would love to win it for a third year in a row, it is a game we could do without.

The fact that we are at home against a Championship side in Burnley makes it easier for Arsene Wenger to rest a few key players but I think he has to rest more than a few. Just three days later we have an EPL clash with Southampton and not only did they hand us a heavy defeat back on Boxing Day, they are coming off a morale boosting win at Old Trafford and are out of the cup so will be nice and fresh to face us.

Losing that or even just failing to win could put a massive dent in the confidence of the team as well as harming our league position, so is it time to risk elimination from the cup to give Arsenal the best possible chance of the trophy we all want most?

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  1. look we dont sacrifice fa cups round ere.
    we only sacrifice goats before each game , with pet shop boys playing in the background…
    plz can we see elneny play, give iwobi a spin ,
    sanchez can get another 25 to refresh himself

    “if you support arsenal, you support life”
    – Napoleon bonaparte

  2. No, if Arsenal want to be a big team they should learn to persevere on ALL fronts instead of picking and choosing what trophy will ease pressure from fans and make money for the board. END THE MEDIOCRE AMBITIONS

  3. We can still win on both fronts, the key is if proper rotation of our players is utilized! The fa cup is very important to me as we have the chance of a 3 peat! Coyg!

  4. When a club lacks ambition and transfers it unknowingly to the fans.
    Those fans will keep celebrating everything that comes their way including toping the league for 3 or 4 weeks…
    Arsenal fans are paying the most expensive ticket seat in the all wide world… Why?
    It is not like we are playing the most attractive football and winning trophies at an insane rate…!!
    So what is it?
    Can we win the league?
    Of course we can, but it will despite Wenger… Players like Ozil, Sanchez and Cech don’t need guidance, but the rest needs to follow under the direction of Wenger and this is where the all thing gets f*cked…!!

    Anybody knows that Mertesacker is a utter liability… The rest of the defence makes him look good (he should have retired 2 years ago).
    Walcott will never be a striker and is basically an average player with a bit of pace…
    Welbeck was/is a “f*ck you” too from Man United after the RVP transfer.
    Wilshere is, and we can all agree, useless and not needed (should be sold as British players are so overvalued and get someone who will actually play).
    Gibbs, well, he is a pale substitute for Monreal.
    OX, getting worse by every year, typical British player who thinks he already made it (I should have said typical English player).

    If you think that Ozil and Sanchez will hang around if we don’t win something serious (FA cup…!! Please!) soon, you are wank*ng in dreams people…!!

    We have 3 world class player (may be 4 with Koscielny), a bunch of “just” players completing the squad, a reduced bench and a manager who has clearly passed his best…

  5. Of course not

    We can start players like Eleney, Gabriel, maybe Iwobi
    I would also start Alexis so that he can start scoring and get in his groove

    Plenty of quality players. No need to mention Sacrificing anything

  6. A report of Yarmolenko joining us on Russian website…mind you, it not like the Russian media would make something up, is it?

  7. Arsenal seasons in a nut shell:
    1. crush some weak teams in the pre-season and start off a new season aiming for the treble
    2. cheat gullible fans with the dream of wining something and hike ticket prices
    3. cheat then some more by boasting about the ‘war-chest’
    4. a few of wenger’s crooked babies will come back from injury and no new signing hence
    5. then we sacrifice ucl for league and cup in nov
    6. then we sacrifice the cup for the league in new year
    7. and finally we sacrifice winning the league for ucl qualification
    8. put it on repeat

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