Do Arsenal really have to win v Chelsea to win BPL title?

On the face of it, you could say that it should not really matter if Arsenal and Arsene Wenger cannot end the run of games against the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho without a victory. That run stretches over the Portuguese manager´s two spells at Stamford Bridge and although it is annoying, the two league games between us are only worth six points.

So you could say that even if the Gunners had won both of them last season, instead of losing away and drawing at home, we would still have finished behind them in the Premier League table. The reason I am writing this is because of a Sky Sports report today in which the former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino declared that Arsenal, or Man City for that matter, would have won the title with Mourinho in charge last season.

Cascarino said, “I believe that if Mourinho was manager of Arsenal, he’d have won the league. Likewise with Man City. That’s the quality he brings.

“John Terry said Petr Cech is worth 15 points. Maybe so. Mourinho is worth more than that to Chelsea.

“We saw two Chelseas in the season. We saw a very entertaining one and then, when it got tight, they became tight and didn’t give too much away. That’s to do with the manager.

“How did they win the league? By being tactically brilliant. It’s no coincidence that in the last two years none of their major rivals have been able to beat them.

“That’s a massive disadvantage for them; he’s hurting every one of his rivals every time they play.

“Chelsea are the ones to beat. Arsenal and City have got to be better tactically. United is interesting because of the big kitty they have to spend but they’ll still have to gel that group together if they bring in new players.

“All the things that other teams have to do – sort their tactics out, gel together – Chelsea have already done. All they’re doing now is what United and, before that, Liverpool used to do: add one or two to a group that was being successful to refine it.

“If you want to win the league next season, you’ve got to beat Chelsea.”

His theory is that Mourinho´s tactics, which have seen Chelsea avoid defeat to any of their big rivals since his return, is the difference. Now while I do agree that these big games are important, I also think that Arsene Wenger has got his head around this after the heavy defeats the Gunners suffered the previous season with an over adventurous game plan.

The boss put that right and we saw the value of this in the second half of the season, but could Mourinho really have done much better with Arsenal in the early stages, when we were ravaged by injury problems and had players like Ozil and Mertesacker woefully short of their best form?

And if getting the tactics right against your main rivals is the key to winning the league, why did it not work for Chelsea the previous season? Do you think Arsenal would have finished top with Mourinho in charge last season? And do we really have to defeat them on the pitch this time around?

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  1. its obvious….. Justarsenal is running outta quality articles….. And bob ain’t helping matters

        1. Boy, I’d look for some club in the Indian FOotball League to suPport all my life, if Maureen were to manage Arsenal.

      1. Fukkkkk mourinho, would never accept him as our manager. And be sure guys that we will beat Chelsea this season and we will start with the community shield match. If we can get cech/Vida/benzema and maybe itamendi we will rape any team in the bpl.

    1. Too true. A daft question, of course we don’t. Chelsea never beat City last year but won the PL. City lost twice to Chelsea in 2014 but won the PL. Man U lost to City and Chelsea in 2013 but won the PL……..etc etc…….Arsenal never beat United in 2004 but won the PL.

  2. Thr are only two legs against a team in one BPL season……of what use is beating Chelski home and away if one cant beat teams away like stoke, soton,pool etc……huh?….how does that win us the league?

  3. however Sky sport just confirmed we are not close to signing Vidal. we always get too excited with every shiiit rumor. Lols

  4. 1. Because they didn’t acquire enough points compared to Man City, & 2. Yes & 3. yes.

    Next rumour please?


  5. There’s no doubting mourinio would be able to manage any team in the world with some degree of success but it comes at a cost. The man has no class no respect for his rivals, peers or understudies.

    The results may improve overall but at a cost of class and entertainment. Take an example of the fa cup final. Would mourinio have set our team up like wenger did to win it? I think his approach would of been a bit more pragmatic and although he would of still won I don’t think us arsenal fans would of been as entertained by what was a master class performance by the professor.

    As for class wenger has his odd moment of madness but compared to mourinio his a saint. I love the way wenger speaks with respect and class. When mourinio opens his mouth it’s usually to disrespect someone else. Us arsenal fans would cringe with him in charge trust me.

    Let’s really get behind our manager and team this season and with new top quality signings surely now imminent I think we’ve got a better chance for the title this year.

    COYG 🙂

    1. Mourinho is probably
      the most successful
      club football manager
      in the world as far as results are concerned.
      I think he has a quite normal personality
      even being open and has a good sense of humour.
      Those who hate Mourinho are just jealous losers.

      1. I take it your Portuguese and a closet Chelsea fan then m8y??? You might of mentioned his personality but I was mentioning his lack of respect for others. I think most arsenal fans would agree the blokes generally a twat!

  6. 2 league wins over Chelsea = them dropping 6 points, and us gaining 6 points. A 12 point swing in the title race is massive.

  7. Technically no but
    in all probability yes.
    The matches between
    Arsenal Chelsea City and Utd
    are like a Champions league group stage.
    They probably determined last seasons result.
    Last season was 1 from Man U,
    1 from Chelsea and 4 from City.
    6 from 18. Chelsea attained 12 from 18.
    In the games v the other big 3, away draws
    and home wins must be absolute minimum.

    1. It’s not going to happen, and was never going to happen, as the reports are fabricated/enlarged due to media whispers.

  8. and if Cech is not announced today…….u will have to face the fact that your skysports source is a fake A*s rumour promoter…… They have less than 12hrs to break the News

  9. its been a while since we last beat chelski and i can’t wait for arsenal to beat them with a big score line as a bit of revenge for our 6-0 loss at the bridge. this coming season is the right time to do that just to shut those chelski fans calling us ar6nil or arsixnil.

  10. Answer to the title question: no.
    It’s nice to beat them…it would be nice to best Mou….

    To win the league we need to win most of the games. If we bets them and lose say 12 points losing to stoke Swansea crystal palace and hull……then what’s the point.
    I still remember seasons where we best all of the big teams and still didn’t win the league

  11. Think we should get Carvalho, what you lot make on garay rumours, he is an amazing cb but I would like to see Gabriel and kos partnering most of pre season so they can play regular together in the season unless we get rid of mertersaker

  12. Q: Do Arsenal really have to win v Chelsea to win BPL title?
    A: Yes. Not just to win the title. ..but to literally break the Maureen jinx.

    1. I won’t answer your question but what I will say is would you rather beat Chelsea in every game we have against them this season. This includes any cup games, CL and the upcoming community shield and not win the BPL or any other major trophy?

      Or would you prefer we lose in all games vs them this season but were champions of England still at the end?

      I know what I’d prefer 😉

  13. We need sell artreta sell flamini, they are useless. Buy HQ middlefielder, preferbly Defensive who can play also ataking middlefielder.
    Sell Welbeck , buy beter strikers definatly.

    Dont sell Kosielny even for 35milion, Witout him we are nothing.

  14. Mouriho is a good coach no doubt but saying he would have won at Arsenal or man city is an overstatement! however,Arsenal do not need to beat chelsea to win EPL.

    Beating chelsea becomes imperative simply because of Wenger’s pathtic records against him. had we not experienced so much bad and successive injuries to our key players and not lost so many point in our early matches, we will have a stronghold on the title race.

    Making sure that no or fewer points are lost to the mid-table teams and top six is a must to win the title. season before last,chelsea beat man-city home and away but could not win the title,they had double on liverpool, while they took four points from us and man-utd. But faltered and lost to the lower teams.

    It will be okay if we beat chelsea but not do or die as beating them alone cannot win us the title.

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