Do Arsenal really need a new left-back in January? Ajax defender linked….

Arsenal have had problems with injuries to our defenders this season, especially at left-back, with Nacho Monreal and Sead Kolasinac both out for some time. Then immediately our makeshift substitute Maitland-Niles also went down and we have since used both Lichtsteiner and Xhaka in that role. But now all three of those are returning to fitness as I reported in my Arsenal injury update, but we are still being linked with another left-back arriving in January.

It has been reported……

Arsenal have reportedly joined the race for Ajax defender Nicolas Tagliafico – who was interesting Newcastle in the summer. Calciomercato are reporting that the Gunners are keen on a move for the Argentinian left-back, who jetted off to the World Cup in the summer.

Tagliafico, 26, only joined Ajax in January but has quickly impressed following a string of fine performances – and such displays have naturally attracted interest from elsewhere.

Rafa Benitez was keen on the full-back in the summer but was unable to afford his £8million price tag.

The price tag certainly sounds interesting, and although we have players coming back it must be remembered that Nacho Monreal’s contract finishes in the summer, not to mention the ongoing injury problems for Kolasinac as well, and we may be planning for the future.

Should Arsenal go for another left-back?



  1. We need to shore up our defense as a matter of urgency in my opinion, if we want a shot at Top 4.

    January is supposed to be used for emergencies

    Our defense is not terrible but we need a consistent PL Experienced CB on loan or purchase. We can’t rely on Koscielny. 5 (maybe 6) teams have arguably better defensive lines than us. The last successful CB pairing was Koscielny and Mertsacker. Mustafi and Sokratis are not the answer and Holding needs more experience

    Also we could use another fullback.
    We can’t just assume Monreal and Kolsanic will be fit for the rest of the season

    Again just my opinion

      1. Kolsanic is back-up to Monreal
        You can’t play 2 LB at the same time
        3 would be enough
        Getting another fullback who can play lb or both right/left ideally will be a better alternative than to play Xhaka or Niles at LB.

        Another option is get a CB who can also play fullback.

        Anyway its up to Emery not you or me. Let’s see what he does

          1. While we are at it, why don’t we buy eleven new left backs so we are sure we will have left back cover throughout the season!

  2. Seems to me we’ve been a bit unlucky with all left sided options injured at same time though to believe that will be case in sthe cond half of season … I would prefer a quality right back tbh bellerin can’t defend ichsteiber can’t defend at our level and jenkinson … Well nut said … But either way when you compare our options in both these positions to other contenders we are sorely lacking in quality and need a January signing

    1. I would prefer Lichtsteiner to Bellerin as a Defender
      He tackles a lot more

      Bellerin is a good winger

      But I agree ideally it would be nice to get a better RW or a fullback who can play both sides.

      Overall our defensive line needs upgrading to compete with the top teams in my opinion

      Getting Torreira and Guendouzi was a great first step for defending our defenders
      Now we should concentrate on defenders and CM and a winger in my opinion

  3. OT.
    Would like to see Smith-Rowe, Nkteiah, Niles and Mavrapanos play tomorrow

    Also Nelson is doing great in Germany. Just read an article

  4. Of course we need two new and better left backs, one on the other flank too. Plus two proper CB’s, a quality proper and goal scoring left winger , a central goal scoring midfielder to replace Ramsey who does not score or assist enough and is a waste of space and leaving anyway soon. I am happy with the keepers, our two proper strikers who do not need naming, our little tiger at DM(at LONG LAST), Iwobi, Guendouzi, Licht(when he has a chance to prove his quality by playing in his correct position regularly) all the other non regular fringe players like AM-N, SMITH-ROWE, Holding (soon to be a regular ) and such as NELSON when he returns,, Nketiak, Willock and the like. Satisfied with Sokratis , short term, Monreal short term only, frustrated with OZIL and Myki , as they both have huge quality but not enough desire, also Welbeck for the very opposite reasons and, by a country mile, most enraged by KROENKE AND HIS PARASITICAL OWNERSHIP. Love Emery, Sven, Huss and Raul. Esp great to have a proper manager at last who has no favourite players, who coaches intensely and who is be ruthless in selection and subs made when necessary, not ALWAYS in the bl..dy 70th minute, no matter what. I also love thr passion fans show, not least those on here who all love our club. We ALL ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT AND VITAL PART OF every club, everywhere! Any club can survive the loss of any player, manager, coach, owner etc . But NONE can survive without passionate and attending fans!

  5. If only we could find another Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell!!!!

    In my opinion the whole defence needs a re-think just check out our goals against. It’s worrying that we don’t have a single top class defender, at this rate we will concede around 50 goals by end season – not good. Liverpool were leaking goals before they splashed out on Van Dijk and what a difference he has made.

    The simple truth is the Kroenke’s will never make that kind of investment so the onus is on our scouting network to find a few more gems like Matteo Guendouzi.

    1. ANDREW, Though you are clearly right about a new Campbell and Cole, it occurs to me that one might go to Chelsea behind our back and the other walk out at half time. Still no ones perfect. Not even me! CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT A DIFFERENCE THOSE TWO WOULD MAKE TO OUR DEFENCE TODAY!

  6. I agree that our whole defence needs a rethink. If Bellerin improves his defensive duties and continue to play good attacking football at the same time then we have him. For others I am not yet sure.
    To clear the water I would sell Mustafi and see can we trust Kos and his head. I am not yet convinced by Sokratis and Lichtsteiner cos I am afraid they are to slow for the PL. Kolasinac is sadly not a top player although he started very well when he came. Holding and Mavropanos obviously need more time… enigma for me, I hope Emery knows what he will do in the next few transfer windows.

    1. Kolsanic is a fine fullback
      He’s hardly played this season
      Last season he was fine
      The year before he came he was voted BEST LB in the Bundesliga and voted in the Team of the season. So give him some more time to acclimate to the Premier League

      I’m happy we have him.

      Lichtsteiner isn’t slow
      He also is a better defender than Bellerin
      Tackles far more than Bellerin
      Again give him more time. He needs more match play
      Some players are an instant hit and some take time

      1. I beg to disagree on Kolasinac. He is a better built left footed version of Hector Bellerin. Can’t tackle, next to zero defensive nous and very, very left footed.
        Is better going forward and does have a good shot. His crosses are poor and and he commits needless fouls usually because he lacks the ability to disposess the opponent running at him.
        Above all, he has already been out for six months before we signed him on a free with a very seeious knee injury. He has spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch. We need to get rid asap.
        It’s no coincidence that he is still second choice to Monreal despite being bought as a replacement for Monreal. His agent mugged us to offer him that much salary on evidence of videos highlights and seemingly impressive attacking stats in a weaker league.

      1. Good defender, a natural captain but may cost an arm an a leg as he already plays in the EPL. We may have lucky if he has a clause or is in his last year.

  7. Xhaka doesn’t give a f**k about what anyone thinks, does he. “Yes, it was a clear penalty, I stuck my leg out and he went down, that’s football. Something along those lines. For me it was not a stone wall, I can see why the ref gave it, esp a weak ref. And I know our second goal shouldn’t have stood, but that’s beside the point. I reckon he said that after hearing about the death threats and racial abuse which Zaha received afterwards. It was very flippant all the same, almost like, shut up fans and take it on the chin, now move on with it.

    1. YES, NOT THE SORT OF COMMENT THAT WOULD APPEAL TO OUR FANS, esp as most of us thought it a clumsy challenge but still a cheat act by Zaha. He was not brought down but chose to go down. There is a difference, even if daft Xhaka doesn’t recognise it. Xhaka is just not the sort of human being I would ever want around my home for dinner. I don’t think he gives a fig for anyone but himself; an impulsive, undisciplined, hot head by nature without the inate intelligence to be a great player, even if he had the raw ability. Which he most certainly does NOT. But I would have Danny Welbeck round every night , if I could, NOT REMOTELY A GREAT PLAYER BUT A CHARMING , HUMBLE, GROUNDED, HARD WORKING MAN. HE SEEMS TO HAVE NO EGO AT ALL. Perhaps he sent it to Pogba when still small, as he has enough for a whole country.

    2. I agree it was a stone wall penalty. We would feel the same if we were the ones awarded the penalty.
      What Xhaka was supposed to do, was to apologise to the fans and his teammates for his brain fart moment.
      He didn’t have to make that challenge ‘in the box’ and deny the keeper the opportunity to make a save or Zaha missing the shot.
      All he needed to do was stay as close as possible and narrow Zaha’s angle for shooting.
      But hey, it’s Xhaka we’re talking about, the player who concedes at least two penalties per season. So one penalty down, one to go! He still hasn’t earned his customary red card this season (thought he’d surely get it at Leicester)

      1. I’ll say this straight, you’re a blatant liar, two penalties per season, in which matches?
        If you want to criticize a player, use FACTS, not giving OPINIONS from a biased point of view.

        People say he’s too slow and he’s not mobile but how would one be second only to jorginho when it comes to no of touches and passes if he’s so immobile

        People say most of his passes are sideways and back passes, but last season, over 63% of his passes were forward passes, pogba’s percentage was 66%, fernandinho 66%, Henderson 64%, so clearly xhaka’s 63% isn’t poor as people make it out to be

        People say he commits errors, but according to premier, he hasn’t committed any error leading to a goal this season, so where do people get what they say if not from a biased point of view, cos they clearly aren’t the FACTS that happen on the pitch

        And as for ‘customary’ red card, the last time he got a red card was Jan 22, 2017.

          1. I have noted in my long life that only big people ever publicly apologise. We are all flawed but it takes a mature person to admit it publicly.

  8. Looks like we did make an £8 mil bid for him (maybe). He looks good. Right age, bags of stamina
    Hasn’t had many Int caps though
    But I’m excited if true

    I’m not sure if we will make a bid for Dembele though. I hope we do
    We could use a quality LW

  9. If we get Tagliafico, Monreal ll be converted to CB.
    Tagliafico n Kolasinac ll rotate the LB
    ….i prefer Monreal in CB to Mustafi.
    Koscielny Sokratis ll make a good partnership… but we should still move for a CB like Jonathan Tah. Or J. Gimenez … SELL MUSTAFI

  10. OT
    I think Emery underrated the strength of his opponents in setting his line up against Palace. Knowing that their major attacking outlets are mainly the wingers through Townsend and Zaha with injuries to our LBs, the best option would have been to play a 3-5-2. With Holding, Mustafi and Socratis at the back, Bellerin and Welbeck as the wingbacks, Torreira, Xhaka (or Guendouzi) and Ozil at the middle, Laca and Auba upfront. It seems our coach and his crew don’t fancy 3 at back at all.

  11. Good point, but 3-5-2 actually limits our control of the game. The 3rd defender would play at the expense of either Ozil or Iwobi. Welbeck works extremely hard but is no wingback! Zaha and Townsend would easily exploit our wings by playing balls over the top, bypassing our wingbacks (who might already be caught out in the opposition half) that would force our central defenders wide and be easy prey for the speed and trickery of the palace forwards.

  12. I think we need another right back rather than a left back.
    And all those on here asking for Saha can forget it after so called Arsenal fans tweeted racist stuff and threats against his family after winning the penalty against us. We might feel agrieved about the pen but some people are just pathetic.

    1. Good post. I wonder though if some folk who claim to be fans of ANY club actually ARE though. Surely no REAL fan would ever shame their club? Just attaching oneself to a club does not , by itself, make one a proper fan.

  13. £8m? Wanted by Newcastle?

    Surely we can do better than that?

    Monreal only has a year or two left in him and the Emery obviously doesn’t think much of Kolasinac. Therefore we need to be looking at first-team quality. Yes he may be a cheap, hidden gem but do we really want to take the risk?

  14. The fact that this rumour seems to be hardening suggests that Emery does not trust Kolasinac as the long term replacement for Monreal who is still the best full back on our books.In my view Kolasinac is not a long term solution and from what I have seen of Tagliafico he is not in the same class as Chilwell or Tierney.That said he would be an improvement on the Bosnian but can you really imagine Ajax accepting a modest bid of £8m?Nor can I.

  15. I have only watched Nicolas on youtube so I dont know how good he is thus comments reserved. Those of you who have watched him please update us.

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