Do Arsenal really NEED another centre-back?

Do Arsenal really need another Center-Back?by SE

Thomas Vermaelen’s departure from the Emirates has left the void for another possible addition in the heart of Arsenal’s defence. Calum Chambers has been snapped up from Southampton for his versatility, and not for a ‘specific’ role. But the Englishman has featured at the heart of Arsenal’s defence in all the three games he has played for the Community Shield victors, which could be taken as an implication of how Wenger sees him. From that point of view, despite the departure of Vermaelen, Arsenal still have 3 very good Center-Halves. But do they really need another Center-Back? And can they buy a good one without needing to win some jackpots on

For me, the big question is who serves as the backup for Mathieu Debuchy at Right-Back? Hector Bellerin was very impressive against Benfica in the Emirates Cup. He over-lapped on a consistent basis, and provided an assist for Campbell’s first goal. More than that, it was his buccaneering runs forward that caught many an eye that evening.

But, even as a modern Right-Back, who is expected to do so much in an attacking sense, your primary objective is to keep the opposition from scoring. So it remains to be seen whether Bellerin can keep up with the high-tempo and physical nature of the Premier League, as, if and when he gets to feature for Arsenal at Right-Back.

And, if Wenger deems Bellerin ‘good enough’ to be injected into the Arsenal senior XI at 19 years of age, that would be one welcome move from the Frenchman, who has already taken shrewd steps in this transfer window to make sure that Arsenal are one of the serious title contenders for the Premier League this season.

It becomes straightforward then. Bellerin becomes an automatic backup choice for Debuchy at Right-Back, while Chambers can continue playing at the heart of Arsenal’s defence whenever the need arises.

However, the vigor with which Wenger is weighing up his options at Center-Back, it wouldn’t surprise me if he brings in one, and keeps Chambers’ versatility, to play at Center-Back, Right-Back and Holding Midfield, open.


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    1. We would never get both. Hummels isn’t for sale either. What part about him being made captain and Klopp saying he would eat a broomstick if he is sold don’t you or the media get?

      1. Dortmund is already getting hit hard from fans and media regarding the ease with which they seem to sell their best players. Lewandowski is a big loss and Dortmund just got hammered by Liverpool in a pre-season game – it was not pretty.

        Hummels is likely their best player right now. Imagine what the fans/media would do if they now sold him?? It would only make sense if they could command a HUGE price for him and that does not sound like Wenger to me.

          1. Dortmund have been really busy in this transfer window. It looks like Reus and Hummels are staying. But they did get 3 new attacking players, Ciro Immobile, Adrian Ramos and Dong-Won Ji. Not to forget Ginter (Sunotic still injured), Bonmann and they made the Sahin loan permanent. They really want to win the Bundesliga this year and try and compensate for losing Lewandowski.

            And yes, we really need another CB. It would be good getting another CB AND someone like Carvalho or Javi Martinez or Blind who can cover two positions.

        1. Subotic could be available he is an excellent centre back plus papodopulous starts with hummels and they just got Mathias Ginter and another centre back.

          1. Hummels and Subotic is one of the best defensive partnerships in the world. When they are back fit obviously. Klopp would not want to break that up. And Sokratis really stepped up when Subotic got injured. Sorry to say, but we won’t get either of them. Ginter is a clever buy because he covers CB and CDM, since this will be Kehl’s final season with the club, Ginter is the future.

      2. i totally disagree with you…everyone has his/her price its just that u need someone who must be willing to pay that price..

      1. explain me y hafiz got thumbs down for wanting hummels and howedes..i dunt see nything negative from that untill and unless u r spuds in disguise

  1. We need another CB. look we all admire Chambers for his versatility and his performance for us so far. but he is ONLY 19 years old. surely we cant play him more than what his body can take. his body will still be growing and thus knowing that he can play in all those positions, its better not to stress a potential good player at Arsenal.

  2. Yes we certainly need other. All you wrote is true, yet it’d be quite risky to not sign a center back considering that chambers can also get injured, and he is very young his physique still needs development even though he is already great and performs as an experienced player. I’d love to see humbles, but it might be very unlikely… Howedes is a very interesting signing, can cover all defense positions. And, I think we also need a DM, flamini is not enough considering that is time that the Arsenal start amending the latest UCL results against B. Munich and the 12 men team barshitlona.

  3. Chambers played brilliantly. He has already proved that he can play in the defense.

    Wenger will either get a right back on loan and keep using Chambers as a center back and sometimes as a holding midfielder OR will buy a new center back and use Chambers as a right back and sometimes as a holding midfielder.

    The versatility that Chambers has will only help the team. This lad will turn to a world class player for Arsenal. COYG

    1. Does it make sense that Wenger would loan out Jenks only to acquire a different RB on loan? I have serious doubts Wenger is looking for a RB, loan or otherwise.

      1. We are better off promoting Bellarine (sp) than getting another RB on loan. As for Chambers, as much as I love his versatility I would rather for his 1st season especially we play him in a more specialized position (be it RB / CB / or DM). For a young player constantly playing him in different positions week in week out will only hinder his development. Wenger needs to decide this young lads best position at the club and help him develop to been the best in that position, other aspects of versatility will follow through we maturity.

        ( A good example of this would be Lahm)

      2. yes it make sense if we need right back only for cover up and dunt want to promote hector..why waste jenko on bench loan him…get someone on loan

  4. Most likely Arsenal need a CB. It depends on how Chambers will be used and now much Wenger trusts Bellerin or even Miquel. But it seems that Arsenal need another defensive type player.

    For example, what if Debuchy gets injured and Wenger is relying on Chambers to fill in. That leaves a hole at CB. Or if Wenger decides to use Chambers primarily as DM. Here again CB will be needed.

    Or if Miquel is used as an emergency CB it would then be prudent to have very solid DM providing cover. But I don’t believe Wenger really wants to rely on Miquel. And I would not trust Monreal to do the job in very competitive games.

    Most scenarios necessitate adding a CB. It seems like a must to me.

      1. And so much can happen. I still remember 3 or 4 seasons back when Arsenal had all 4 FBs and 1 CB injured all at the same time. Djourou was playing RB, Verm LB, and I think Song was playing CB. And Arsenal actually had many more defensive backup options at that time.

        Injuries like those now would decimate the defense. Furthermore that was during a season when Arsenal were satisfied with the annual 4th place trophy. We are now supposedly gunning for the title, right??

  5. I have voiced my opinion of Nastasic and I have highlighted the many examples of his poor play including his play in the Comm Shield. Others also share my thoughts on this.

    During halftime of the Comm. Shield, Fox Sports TV Analyst and former Newcastle defender Warren Barton described Nastascic’ play like this:

    “Nastasic had the worst performance I have ever seen at Wembley. It was Awful.”

    I agree absolutely. I am glad the ugly rumors about this CB have now faded away.

  6. Hi Guys,.. How are you? Excited for the weekend.. Is Boscielny ijured for the weekend’s match?

  7. i for one, think that wengers last business is a cb, too many signings disrupt the balance of the team.
    btw, where is diaby?? is he injured again?

  8. Has anyone seen the weekend referee assignments? This can be as important as the opponent. (I refer you to Anthony Taylor and Mike Dean).

  9. RB: Debuchy, Chambers, Bellerin, Flamini
    LB: Gibbs, Monreal, Flamini
    CB: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Chambers, Monreal, Miquel

    Tl;dr – we need another CB, preferably someone who can also play LB like David Alaba (he can also play DM).

  10. If the Olympiakos guy we are linked with is any good lets throw in Ryo as a sweeter or loan them Gnabry for the season (they worked miracles with Campbell maybe this could help too).

    All in all we need a CB asap!!!! Preferably some who can push Mert for that starting spot.

  11. Was a top CB like Kheidra
    and a top striker like Cavani
    really the first targets?
    Perhaps Wenger got caught up in World cup fever
    and became infatuated with Chile and Columbia.
    So he changed tack and signed 35 mill Sanchez
    and GK Ospina.
    He replaced Sagna with Debuchy and then
    purchased 19 yr old Chambers for 16 mill
    despite Arsenal already having
    a very promising 19 yr old RB Bellerin.
    Now Arteta has been made Captain?
    Last season the team needed a DM and STRIKER
    and signed an old Flamini and injury prone Sanogo.
    Under pressure from fans after the Villa defeat
    Wenger buckled and signed a 42 mill
    CAM Ozil who the club actually did not need.
    Not saying we are in panic mode again
    but is there ever a plan?
    Ten years and counting would say no.
    But hope springs eternal and this could
    be the breakthrough year.
    Fingers crossed.

    1. CB like Kheidra Wow you never stop amusing .
      Just thinking though it does shoe the level of football knowledge you have

    2. CB like Kheidra Wow you never stop amusing .
      Just thinking though it does shoe the level of football knowledge you have

    3. “Was a top CB like Kheidra” – haaha, I stop reading from there. Why so serious bra, we have a far better squad in years and yes if Wenger would sign a CB / DM / and possibly a WC striker that would guarantee major trophies definitely.

      The general feeling though is that if we can sign a CB and DM before the end of the transfer window, that would represent one of our most successful transfer windows ever. I can live with that.

  12. What sort of a question is dat? Of course we do + A DM; looks like. We don’t understood how light we are at the back?two injuries n we r toast

  13. Yes. Yes we do need another CB. Someone younger who wants to fight for first team game time.
    We still need the illusive DM.
    And I still want Reus. But hey I’m just being greedy right?

  14. There is no good defender on this earth who would want to come and be a backup! I am really surprised why people are not discussing about Isaac Hayden, to me he has been always impressive when given an opportunity to play and I wouldn’t mind him as a 4th choice after Chambers and Bellerin as a backup!

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