Do Arsenal really ‘need’ Olivier Giroud? Or should he go to West Ham?

There have been many many Arsenal transfer rumours this summer linking us to top quality strikers. I am sure that Lucas Perez will be moving back to Spain after hardly getting a look in last season, but Oli Giroud was also unsatisfied with his lack of game time despite scoring many important goals including the Goal-of-the-Season scorpion effort.

Just a couple of weeks ago Giroud admitted his frustration publicly in the light of the rumours surrounding Alexandre Lacazette and Kylian Mbappe. He said: “Obviously, I’m not going to be happy with another year of playing so little,”

“I’m going to have to think about it with those close to me and my advisors.”

Strangely enough, considering the amount of players that Arsenal have nearing the end of their contracts, Arsene Wenger gave Giroud an extension to his current deal this season, and now he has made it clear that he did that for a reason. Le Prof said: “It has been a frustrating season for him because he has not played a lot. And when he has played well, he has not always played the next match.

“He has won us a lot of points when he has come on because he has scored lots of times. He has qualities that our team need.”

It certainly seems to suit Oli in the role of supersub, and he invariably scores when brought on late in the game. But if West Ham are willing to give us 20 million to take him off our hands and guarantee him to be first choice, should we keep him or let him go?



  1. Wenger will buy a lone striker who has physical strength and able to hold the ball up well. We missed this in games when Giroud was either lacking or not available in the big games.
    We also missed a left sided attacker, which showed last season with having to do with make shift left sided players who were too predictable when they had to turned back and cut in on their right foot or play it back across the midfield.
    The french names touted would be a welcome addition, but this will only happen if we sell ozil or santchez due their high price tag and wages.

    1. Yes, I hope Arsenal can get another striker with Welbeck’s stature, stamina and speed. He should also be endowed with Suarez’s skills and finishing. The problem is I think only Aubameyang fits the criteria, since he has been one of the top goalscorers in a top European league.

      If Arsenal still plays with the same system they have been using in the last three years, they will always need a tall saviour with a strong heading, like Giroud. I am not talking about the formation, but the whole training, strategy, recruitment, deployment, rotation, etc.

      Arsenal has not moved on from their football level, but unfortunately the formation change surprised many teams in the last season. The same teams will not be surprsed anymore, Arsenal will struggle to score and this would be where they need a strong and tall target man like Giroud.

      Personally I want Arsenal sell Giroud, despite his performances for France, because now Arsenal should improve their football level. A top European club should not use predictable tactic like using tall target man. And a team that is managed by the same manager for more than twenty years should be able to set a strong system like Barcelona and the La Masia.

  2. I’ve always maintained my stance that Arsene Wenger loves French players in his team than any other players.No matter how average you are once you’re French and once you’re in the first team he tends to give you so many chances to prove yourself.I can start mentioning them if you want me to but I know you know them.If Lucas Perez was French he wouldn’t have been out so early believe me.I just don’t know where to begin.Was Giroud bought to become a super sub or to be the leading striker?Having giving us many sesons of failure people are now content with him being a so called super sub.A player like Giroud is not built for that kind of role.He ws a super sub in 99% of those matches because he was not played when he was supposed to and we needed presence in the air.The funny thing is people are using only this season to label him as a super sub.There were so many matched that Wenger should have started Giroud but for some reason didn’t start him.I only see Arsenal as the top club who’d be crying over Giroud.If a good offer comes we should sell.

    1. Couldn’t have said any better! Giroud in the time he has been at Arsenal has never scored 20 goals in a season. This is a poor statistic given the chances that he’s given to him. He’s only in the team because he’s French. He’s not world class and NEEDS to be sold!

      1. One would have to wonder if Wenger has the guts to sell him.The guy was not bought to be a super sub and people forget that he’s also the second option.Should in case the new striker we’re getting is out with a long long injury then who do we rely on?The club has compromised in many aspects.I would not even go to the other positions.The earlier we start thinking like winners the better for us all.Compromising will only lead to our downfall.Arsenal should sell but should demand more from West Ham.

      2. Giroud has scored 16 PL goals twice, that’s only 4 goals from 20 and 24 total goals 2 seasons ago. And 98 total goals in 5 seasons. That isn’t bad

        He is still well worth keeping

        1. But will he accept to be 2nd choice? That is the problem, he is not good enough to be our 1st choice striker in most of our opinion but in his opinion too good to be 2nd choice.

    2. I even thought top clubs were in for him.Some three or 2 seasons back many here were debating why he should be our main striker.As soon as you mention any other strikers name people would come out with stats and many things defending him.Even Wenger has defended him blindly in the past.People say Wenger’s stubborn yeah.But don’t we know that there’s a reason why everything happens?Honestly speaking he’s the reason why Arsene Wenger has failed to sign a top notch striker because he still believes in him.The funny thing is we signed Welbeck at that time who to me did nothing before to be the main man here.People keep saying Welbeck is hardworking and that he works his socks off.But the question is was that our reason for signing him.Welbeck being signed to challenge Giroud tells me a lot about Giroud’s quality.Even Walcott(no offence to him) who has zero CF qualities was even chosen over him for a string of games and all in all I think he did well but has too many defeciencies for that role.We’ve compromised as a club and it’ll come back to bite us.

  3. Depends who you go out and get. It is true he has scored some beautiful goals for us and also some important as a supersub leading to draws and wins instead of losses.
    But that is about it. He never replaces the void left by Van Persie. And as good of player as he is he isn’t a world class player, one that you expect ro score 25-30+ goals a season across competitions along with a few passes here and there. In my opinion with Welbeck and maybe one player from the academy we should be covered.
    Selling him to West Ham or Marseille will fetch a price that we will likely never get again. An amount that can be used and reinvested maybe not on mbappe but a player like Aubameyang who ny the way has scored 31 goals in 31 games. He brings pace, strengh to play back to goal, good in the air, can create for himself and above all is clinical and 27!!
    If parting ways with Giroud means getting a player of that caliber I am all up for it! But Wenger we will end up with the same team give or take.

    1. I still don’t see how he is a super sub.He’s labelled as a super sub just because of this season.Those matches when he scored he was supposed to be played because we needed an aerial presence.A lot of those matches had he started we could’ve won because we needed aerial presence.But the thing is that his abilities don’t suit him as a super sub.I mean he holds up the ball well and is great in the air and that’s just about it.He’s actually the one one who needs service and who needs players around him to open up defences for him to receive the pass and not vice versa.Super subs actually provide they are not the one’s to be provided for.In Giroud’s case he was supposed to start in those in matches as Sanchez was not up to the task in aerial battles.Giroud will not be able to affect a match if the opponents are as good in the air.

  4. I’d be surprised if Giroud goes anywhere.

    We’re not getting Mbappe. or Lacazette, or Aubameyang, or any other well-known established and highly sought-after centre-forward. We’ll hear about how they were “Almost signed” in a few years, and how “Nobody was available” despite all our competitors somehow managing to strengthen their teams.

    It’ll be Giroud up-front next season, MAYBE with somebody that doesn’t threaten him too much brought-in as back-up… Probably on deadline day, for a bargain price, and already injured.

    We’ve seen this movie before Gooners!

  5. Rather sell Walcott than giroud
    Walcott gibbs jack Debuchy Campbell jenkinson

    That’s 80 mill plus that list

    1. I prefer Cambell to stay, Wallcott, Giroud, jenkinson, Chambers, Debuchy can go even if it’s the likes of Henry Onyekuru that comes in.

  6. Giroud is a key player because he’s arguably the best plan B out there, but he’s clearly no plan A for the way we play. Wenger used him for four and half seasons as our main striker, and it never really worked. Giroud would suit Chelsea a lot more because of the way they play, whilst we thrive on pace, and movement upfront instead.

    I think Wenger will keep him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Giroud was our main striker yet again for next season, considering how Wenger usually performs in the transfer windows, coupled with his unwavering loyalty to certain players.

    1. I think some people need to look at the new backroom staff and read about what they will most likely be doing, we have hired a Fahmy and from reports it is to help push transfers over the line after Ivan Gazidis and Dick Law has opened communications.

      You can blame Wenger all you want.

      the fact is Wenger wanted Lacazette last year and AFC didn’t have the funds available to him and as a result Wenger ended up with Perez who was never shown the trust in Wenger compared to say… Ozil who Wenger wanted.

      In 2007 AFC hired Gazidis and he was going to be responsible for transfers, since his appointment AFC and Wenger got the reputation of being tight fisted, coincidence? =.=

      Coincidence that change talked about was getting Fahmy in to deal with contracts and to push transfers over the line along with Burgess who from reports will be having an influence in transfers?

      As for unwavering loyalty, that started to happen when we lost our powerhouse in transfers, before Dein left it was unlikely a player over 30 would be given a new contract. Loyalty didn’t save them did it?

      That unwavering loyalty has been wavering, Wilshere being loaned out last season? Theo being dropped in the new formation? Giroud being benched for Welbeck who has more mobility?

      Seems the more options Wenger has that he trusts in, the less dependant on players he likes to be… Transfers shape what type of players come in. 2 new backroom staff by reports will be having an input on transfers seems like a change.

      Time will tell if it works or not but I think the common held beliefs need to be relooked at.

  7. The rumours are bad enough as it is, ?? but when the mommy-forkers start twisting & turning their original bull? around, I start getting dizzy ?? yesterday Wenger supposedly said ” Giroud can leave” and today Wenger is begging Lampy to stay! ?? I guess the old fart probably can’t find a striker then? ?

    Man, these transfer tactics and mind games could win a War lol
    The club & Wenger have obviously planned to keep the same team together with the added freebie here and there, of course.
    First they mug us up by announcing the £150 million kitty then follow it up by under bidding for Mbappe and Lacazette, yet at the same time they put the fear into fans that our own players will be leaving/sold- Bellerin, Sanchez, Ozil, The Ox and Giroud, but in the end they will all end up staying ?? The fans will be so happy & relived with that ?? that they won’t be too bothered when Wenger doesn’t spend a sausage on new signings ?? what a gameplan ???

    1. I get what your saying.But if your correct then if we start poor than i expect things to turn nasty very quick, There is no way wenger and co will get away with it this season, This transfer window will be pivotal to how our season will be off the field.

  8. I find the timing of Fahmy being hired and Aulas saying he has received a very nice bid from Arsenal and no other… interesting.

    A legal professional with experience in getting contracts sorted and reports indicate he will help push transfers over the line…

    At a time where Lacazette deal is dragging on YET AGAIN…

    People can say there is no connection but can they prove it? I can’t prove there is a connection but the appearance of a connection is strong.

    Time will tell and I am curious, is this the change we need, if so then happy times could be around the corner.

    As for article, keep Giroud, he offers us a Plan B as someone mentioned and he has a great goal ratio for a sub. Any new CF can not be expected to hit the ground running, we want them too but we need someone to bring on who knows the league and able to get goals.

    Also it could make it easier to drop Ozil if he is underperforming.
    Front 3 of Alexis/Ozil/Lacazette and Ozil performance poor, sub him for Giroud and play 2 CF with Alexis as sole ACM.

  9. Lacazette and Mbappe like the ball played to their feet, they possess no aerial ability and have no hold up play at all. If Mr Wenger decides to buy any of these two Olivier Giroud has to stay. Lacazette is an upgrade of both Walcott and Welbeck but not by much, his going to experience the same problems that Lucas Perez suffered from in the premier league. That is, lack of present in the box, because his overall game and size is very similar to Perez.

    I personally believe the best option would be to go for a striker who is a cross between Olivier Giroud and Aguero. Arsenal need a focal point striker someone who could operate in tight spaces, lean into defenders hold the ball up with skills and control allowing his wide players like Sanchez and Walcott to make runs into the box and hence sustain pressure on the opposition. This is one area of Arsenal game which has fall apart over the years.

    Therefore, Arsenal should go for Mario Balotelli, he possesses all these skills in abundance and he has premier league experience. His buy would end both Walcott and Welbeck chances of playing as a striker and effectively bring Olivier Giroud Arsenal career to a conclusion. So yes if Arsenal buy Balotelli there is no need to keep Giroud he could go to West Ham.

  10. Or, now Arsenal are visibly slipping under Wenger, can he afford to have West Ham and Spuds
    better than Arsenal by the end of next season
    (In a nutshell he’s running scared of everyone else)

  11. Don’t forget even if we get a Top striker like Lacazette, Lukaku, Aubemeyang, we still need strong back up in case they get injured

    Giroud is an excellent SuperSub in my opinion

  12. Giroud is a good player, but Arsenal will not win the Premier League with players like him. He’s not at that level. To win the league we need a deep squad and better players. At the moment our squad is too weak. Last season, except for the cup final, and a couple of other games we were very poor, and looked it. If we want to win the league we need to strengthen big time. Giroud is way, way, too inconsistent.

  13. I think Giroud is a good player, not a world class player, but he can be extremely effective when used in a system that suits his strengths. He plays so well for France because they play a 4-4-2, with Giroud and Griezmann up top, meaning Griezmann does all the running round and Giroud focuses on getting into the box. Moreover, Sidibe, Mendy, Payet and Pogba all have fantastic deliveries and cross the ball for him frequently. Our system does not suit him, meaning he has not scored excessive goals.
    Giroud is a good plan B for us and has proved it on numerous occasions however if he wants first team football and an offer of £20m plus comes in then Arsenal should let him go. It is a world cup year and he will not want to lose his place in the French XI. If he does go to West Ham I could see him doing extremely well as their style of football is perfect for Giroud.

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