Do Arsenal really need to buy any more defenders?

From what we have seen under Arteta, can you predict his preferable defenders?

Hello once again everybody. We are not going to be watching Arsenal for a while, so we may as well discuss other aspects of football to take our minds off the spreading Coronavirus pandemic. So, while working at the office yesterday, I came across an article on a blog site. The writer, from his choice of words and argument, is obviously an Arsenal fan.

In the said article, the writer believes that Mikel Arteta may have found the players he needs to play for him in the defence next season. According to the writer, the players Arteta intends using next season are already at Arsenal. He predicts that Arsenal may not really need to buy defenders next season, as the defenders they have right now are showing signs of improvement under Arteta. This entertaining writer believes Arteta would sign Pablo Mari on a permanent deal, while he will offer Mustafi and Sokratis a new contract. According to him, he expects Mari and Mustafi to be the central defenders next season, while David Luiz and Sokratis remain to act as emergency backups.

Well, he is entitled to his opinion and his opinion is valid. However, if I am to choose Arteta’s first choice central defensive pairing, I will stick with David Luiz and Sokratis. These are my reasons.

David Luiz and Mustafi are starting to form an understanding: When defenders play side by side in almost all the games, they start to build the chemistry and understanding found in great defenders of old. They can trust each other’s judgment; cover up for each other’s mistakes and even venture forward in some cases to help in the attack. They can do all these because they believe one will cover for the other in times of attacks from the opponents. In recent games, Mustafi has been playing well because of the leadership and experience of David Luiz, while Luiz has been able to venture forward to support the attack because he is confident of Mustafi being a good cover.

Both have a lot of Premiership experience: To compete in the league, we need people who have been playing in the league for a while now. It will be easier for them to cope with the rigours of the league and to be able to predict the moves of the attackers who play in the Premiership, because they must have played them several times in the past.

Both are winners and leaders: Despite Mustafi’s mistakes in the past, I have always respected him due to the singular fact that he played actively in a world cup competition and won it. Luiz, in his career has won several trophies in the clubs he played for before coming to Arsenal. These players have the experience and it will come handy in due time.

So guys, here we have it. Who do you think would make Arteta’s defence among the current defenders we have? We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. AMN, Louis, Mustafi, Tierney
    Also a DM of either Partey/Torreira and Arsenal will be strong in the defence. Also remember the defensive work starts right from the forward line and our forwards/wingers should contribute in our defending. Up the Gunners!

  2. Socratis, Mustafi,Luis, Soares,Kolasinac ,simply not good enough if we aim for the top four.To add to the pot, Bellerin seems to have lost a hard of pace which was his main strength and neither Holding nor Chambers have developed as we had hoped.So we don’t need new defenders?

  3. Please Don Raul, go bring modern day defenders like Upamecano,Djene Dakonam, Nathan Ake, Tarkowsky etc to complement William Saliba and Pablo Mari, we have conceded 36 goals already, it’s too too obvious that Socratis, Mustafi,Luis, are not good enough they’ve either past their prime or their legs are tired, Leicester city are on top of the table because they have Wilfried Ndidi and Caglar Soyunku, a player scouted by @Arsenal before Leicester moved first and signed him up, @Arsena have to be proactive, the less goals we concede the better our chances of qualifying for the champions league or even winning the premiership!

  4. Where does this leave Saliba then Sylvester, you haven’t mentioned him at all. I thought he was the great new hope?

  5. Sell the old ones and buy new! Buy players like Upamecano, Tah, Ake, Kurzawa, Fernandes (CSKA). And on top of all, Thomas Partey (best on the pitch against Liverpool 11/3). Then we can start collecting clean sheets. Defence is all. Even in football. Diego Simeone proved it at Anfield. So much smarter than herr Klopp. And when Atletico had to score after Liverpools second goal – they did. Thrice! That’s quality.

    HE OPTS FOR sOKRATIS(LAUGHABLY( AND LUIZ(ONLY A TAD LESS LAUGHABLY). He then gives his reasons” for choosing Sokratis” BUT proceeds to big up Mustafi, who he does NOT choosem, whilstcompletely ignoring the reasons he would pick Sokratis by not further even mentioning him. Boy, is ths Sylvester person confused! I have given up taking any of his comments seriously, as his intellect is,IMO, only matched by my own opinion of ALMOST all of our current defenders, ie useless!

    My own choice of next seasons CB, assuming we sign no one else, is Saliba and Mari.

    1. Agree with you Jon. All our currents have failed to impress when given chances. Mari hasn’t seen enough action yet, and Saliba offers more with a potential huge upside as he gains experience.

      Sell Sokratis, and Mustafi if good offer comes in, otherwise Mustafi can be a 3rd or 4th choice.

      Waiting to see how Mavro comes along, and I’d rather see Saliba and Mari 1st choice with Mavro and Mustafi as backups.

      I think Chambers is better as back-up DM, but we’ll see how Arteta handles him.

    2. Jon Fox, you really need to get off my back! If you are you so good in writing and you think you are better than others, then write an article and let people read! You seriously need to grow up and stop insulting others for no good reasons. Admin really need to tame this loose dog called Jon Fox now

      1. Well Sylvester the solution is in your own hands and own brain. If you stop writing tosh, as in this current article I will stop criticising your articles. I have on four occasions priased your articles including one yesterday whenyour comments have made sense. I am not a “loose dog”, which is a juvenile and unworthy insult by the way, but a pro writer myself who is trying my level best to keep the standard of article high.

        You are writing perhaps more articles of late than everyone else put together and have you properly thought through whether or not you have enough of quality to add before penning yet another one?
        I t seems to me and manyothers have said similarly , that most , not all but most of your articles lack real thought.
        For example, in this current article, will you please address my pertinent comment(above) on why you chose Sokratis and Luiz as your pair but then proceeded to big up Mustafi, who you did NOT choose, whilst ingoring any mention at all of Sokratis’s supposed talents? Is that because you could not think of any he has?(Other than wrestling!!) That I could well agree with. Care to reply in adult manner, as one might expect of a writer , an honourable profession BTW, and thus gain respect and answer my specific question, PLEASE SYLVESTER?

  7. Qoute: Arsenal shouldn’t be scared of making controversial swoop on 32-year-old Spurs player.* Unquote. Unbelievable! He is a true fox, José.

    *The player is Jan Vertonghen!

  8. What is TBR View? It seems to be something/ someone who is working against Asn’l interests.

  9. Yes, but we must sell first. Looking at our midfield we may have to priotitise that over our defense once again though. There is zero talent in our current MF, while we can still squeak by on the average defense we currently have. RB and one CB needed.

    1. Quality must be given priority over quantity.
      Areas to be addressed CB (Saliba needs to hit the ground running), DM (Partey would be great) and an ACM who provides a goal threat.

  10. We need a #10 Pablo Sarabia type of midfielder, Will like to keep Ceballos as a #8, and add another DMF

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