Do Arsenal really need to invest in January? Are you for or against?

We are almost getting to mid-season, and the time of the year when teams assess their season performances, strategize the way forward, and probably check out if there is a player or two they would love to either sell or buy.
Every January transfer window has been a window whereby teams go to sign immediate impact players, who can help them push further in their quest for honours in the ongoing season. In season’s past, Arsenal has been known to dive into the January transfer window, only if there is need for reinforcement in any department of the team. However the question I would love to ask is, looking at the brilliant stuff Arteta has been doing with this team in recent weeks, wouldn’t it be wise if we let this transfer window slide?
Unless their is an immediate need for reinforcement, Arsenal is okay with the squad they have right now. Well, I got into an argument with a Arsenal loving friend recently, we had argument on whether Arsenal should utilize the January transfer window or let it slide. My friend was in total support of Arsenal being active in January, while yours truly kicked against it.
My argument
The team is starting to enjoy playing together, and the bond and untiy in the team right now can be felt, even beyond this planet! We look like a team who can boast of at least two players in each position right now! They may be quality players to you or not, but as far as they are in the team, they will work for their wages when the time comes. Arsenal is a team that has maintained a good financial status for a long time, and isn’t the club that may wish to sign up a player just for the sake of it. Arsenal are participating in fewer competitions this season, and so should be able to persecute the season well with the players currently in the team. And yes with this team, we will qualify for Europe next season.
My good friend’s argument
Any serious team should always have a position they will want to strengthen, and they do that every transfer window. Arsenal is finding it difficult scoring goals despite winning games, is this the Arsenal you know? How many games have we ended with more than a goal lead this season? Are you okay with that? The strikers we have in the team are old and not scoring as much as Arsenal is known for! The younger strikers are not pushing hard enough for playing time. So what other options do we have, if we intend having a wonderful season? We are enjoying some defensive stability at the moment, we can also enjoy watching seeing our team score beautiful goals in football games. Please, Arsenal should spend that money in January and sign a striker who is ready to give the other strikers in the team a run for their money.
Enough said.
So guys, here you have the two sides of the argument, do you think we need to utilize this January transfer window or let it slide?
We are Arsenal and proud.

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    1. Lacca in my opinion is integral in Arsenal’s line up, if he left, then I want to see a striker coming in.
      The other players are in and out of the squad, so replacing them is less vital, may be except for Leno.
      As much as I like Aaarin R. we cannot have the whole 2nd half of the season with one senior keeper.

  1. We look light in midfield. With a settled back 5 and good cover with guys like Tavares, Holding, Chambers, Mari and Cedric, we look fine defensively. We should sign a striker only if Laca leaves.

  2. Ideally, we replace our senior CFs with a better one

    Realistically, Lacazette and Aubameyang would most likely stay till next summer

      1. We need to slowly replace him, because he’ll be 33 years old next year. But I don’t agree that he’s almost finished, because he still puts a shift in pressing and aerial duels

  3. Until we can unload the likes of Mari, Koalasinac,Torreria, Guendouzi and perhaps Xhaka and Elneny, I don’t think we will spending any more this season.Looking further down the road, I watched Spain v Sweden yesterday with a view to running the rule over the much vaunted Issac, and ended up being far more impressed with Dejan Kuluseveski who is a real handful.Tall, powerful, quick and skilful and someone who is apparently an Arsenal fan?I have heard that Liverpool are interested in him and he would certainly provide a physical presence up front which we lack at present.Pretty versatile individual who can play as a conventional right winger or through the middle.

    1. Juventus would gladly have Lacazette for Kulusevski, a deal Arteta should consider,

      While Pepe/Nketiah would be a great swap for Dennis Zakaria,

      In my opinion, we don’t need cash, just exchange in January,

  4. I think we are okay like this..
    we should start performing with what we have instead of constant and unending rebuild..
    Already competition for places is fierce, why bring more? Secondly we have a big squad already, and we don’t have much to play for bar the league

    Plus we need alot of momentum, understanding and rythm l among themselves,
    If we should recruit that should be in the summer, we need center forwards badly, am not in the keeping Lacazette school of thought, his simply not productive Enough, Auba needs to leave as well, his obviously declining even a blind man can see that…

    So summer for me

  5. i agree with others that it largely depends on outgoings and who would be available in Jan. I think we can get maybe one player out in January, like Elneny. I expect most of the action to take place in the summer. Lots of money was spent in August so I dont expect anything major this Jan.

  6. Arsenal need to buy no.8 Odgaard needs to developd,we need bagup no. 2, party can not play frequently he need replacement,and a winger who can play both 10 and 11,sterling can do and a striker no.9

  7. We want midfield depth for January and more scoring. The scoring might come from ESR and Saka as they grow, or from Balogun or Martinelli or Nketiah or Pepe, if they get their chance and seize it.

    The midfield depth is for when Partey and Elneny will be away. But if Xhaka is back, we might get by with him and Maitland-Niles and Lokonga as defensive midfielders.

    Letting Lacazette go is taking a chance. He seems important to the feeling of the team and the confidence of the younger men. And the feeling of the team is especially important right now, when it is in the process of making a revolution.

    So, on balance, if we do nothing I’d be okay with that. But if there’s someone there, especially in midfield, whom the boss would want long-term, who would be as much of a winner as White, Tomiyasu, Lokonga, Tavares, Odegaard and Ramsdale seem to be, then go for it.

    Having a strong backup keeper is important. We should only let Leno go if we can get someone who will be dependable if Ramsdale is injured or runs into a bad spell.

  8. If we want to be the best, there is no doubt we must invest. If the players we need to go up a notch are available, then we must invest. We are aiming to challenge a the top level of the EPL…..and why not Europe too? ‘If you don’t shoot you don’t kill’….an old East End villain once explained to me. It’s time to shoot.

  9. Assuming we get NO injuries in a hectic December schedule, we have, in my estimation,

    Odegaard who will struggle against the top teams.

    Lokonga, AMN and Xhaka will struggle against the top teams (assuming that Xhaka is even match fit for January).

    Auba, Partey and Elneny will be off to Africa in January, when we play Man City at home, Spurs (with Conte) away and Burnley at home.

    I think a top quality DM is a must. if we have any hopes of a top 6 finish!!!

  10. My rational view is that any Gooner who willingly passes up the opportunity to strengthen in Jan must be out of his or her tiny mind.
    That would include Sylvester, it seems.

  11. Assuming Arsenal make it into Europe next season then Arsenal will need more players…..and those players will need some time to integrate with the team……so get a few players in the next transfer window……they will also help us get into Europe……!

  12. We need a proper DM, a CF and if Lenno leaves, another GK to support Ramsdale. Personally I am not in support of letting Laca and Lenno leave. Both are integral to the thought process and ethos of Arsenal and have been here long enough to understand what playing for Arsenal means to them. Also, senior players are very much required to guide and mentor the youngsters.

  13. Without any hard feelings, I would prefer Aubameyang leaves in January, while we get a CF on loan to play in front of Lacazette,

    We could also trade Nketiah and Elneny for Dennis Zakaria,

    Just my thought.

  14. With the African Cup coming up during that crucial new year period, we are set to lose 3 important players in Partey, Auba, Pepe and Elneny. We definitley need to compensate, especially in the midfield that still looks a little light. Zakaria or Sanches from Lille seem like great upgrades on the likes of Elneny and AMN and would put less pressure on Sambi to perform at top level. Plus looks like Leno is leaving so he would need to be replaced as well…

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