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Do Arsenal really need to make loads of signings in the summer?

It is being reported today that Arsenal will be looking to sign as many as six new players in the summer transfer window and while on the face of it that may seem like good news, it may not necessarily be the best thing to do.

We can all name at least six players that we want to sell but we are not the only club that thinks like that, speak to a Tottenham fan or a Man Utd fan or even a Man City fan and they can name six players that they want to be sold as well.

Bringing in six new players can really unsettle things and some will argue that is what we need to do but at what price?

Would we be prepared to sacrifice another season so that all these new players can integrate into the team because it will not happen overnight?

Then you have to assume that all six new players will not be successful, I have yet to come across any team that has brought in a high influx of players and every single one works out.

Then there is what position needs strengthening.

The six new players story has originated with BBC reporter David Ornstein and while he is closely associated with Arsenal football club it is still his opinion and is not necessarily club policy and if you narrow down his comments it kind of goes from six new signings to two priority signings.

“There is interest in bringing in a left back and possibly a right back, but again those are secondary to the centre-half and box to box midfielder.” Ornstein said

Now that I do agree with, we do need a centre half and a box to box midfielder and all the other so-called required signings are secondary.

As an example, Ornstein says this about Eddie Nketiah

“As a sort of secondary brief they’d be looking for a wide forward and in January came close to a deal for Ivan Perisic, and had interest in Yannick Carrasco. Possibly a centre-forward with Danny Welbeck leaving, and Eddie Nketiah would go on loan if they did bring a centre-forward in.

Really? Send Nketiah out on loan?

Why would we do that, why not give him a proper run in the team, why do we always have to go and buy established stars and ignore our youth, especially when we already have two world-class forwards.

I agree we need new signings but I do not agree we need wholesale changes and I would rather see a couple of expensive world class signings complimented by promotion from the youth academy.

Same sort of thing Jurgen Klopp did last summer with Liverpool and look how that has worked out.

20 thoughts on “Do Arsenal really need to make loads of signings in the summer?

  1. Joe Jackson

    We need a number of signings to compete with the best. The priority areas should be a left back, center half, box to box mid, and a winger. In a dream world, I would propose the following:
    Nicolas Tagliafico- left back
    Kouliably-center half
    Doucoure- box to box mid
    Nicolas Pepe- winger

    1. Patrick_G

      And surprisingly none of those 4 players play for a top club in England or Spain league.

      So realistically, its an upgrade to come to Arsenal.

      But then again, our club previously shown how poor we are in transfer windows and to identify talent. And to get deals over the line.

      1. Joe Jackson

        Yes. But they would require astronomical fees to sign, especially Pepe and Kouliably. Alternatively, we can look for unhidden gems, and hope that they come good. Say, like what Ajax are doing.

  2. ThirdManJW

    At a minimum we need: CB, LB, DM/CM x2, RW.

    The reason we need two in central midfield is because Ramsey is gone, Elneny will probably go, but only good enough as squad player if he stays, Xhaka needs to go asap, which would just leave us with Torreira, and Guendouzi as realistic options. AMN is an option, but has very little experience there in the first team (although it is his natural position), and possibly Willock, but only as cover or for cup games.

    1. Joe Jackson

      I don’t think we can afford to sell Xhaka at this point. Emery clearly rates him if you judge from the minutes he has played him this season. Plus, we need squad depth even if we sign players.

      1. GunnerJack

        Joe – on the contrary I don’t think we can afford to KEEP Xhaka. Maybe UE will watch some of of his many famous videos and finally realise the truth about Xhaka – and then get rid and sign a proper player.

        1. Kenny Rolfe

          When he pulled the Brighton player back and cost us any hope of Champions League football that was the last straw for me. Get rid of him ASAP.

  3. Fico

    We don’t need to make too many signings that could unbalance the team. Just a few astute additions and sure improvements.. But a raft of sales is absolutely needed.

  4. Francis

    Does anyone know how Krystian Bielik did during his loan spell at Charlton? Is he good enough to play for Arsenal next season?

    1. Gunner22

      No, only Chambers and Emeliano Martinex(GK) may make it to the bench or the league cup. Ospina may be transferred, Reiss Nelson maybe another loan spell. The rest of those on loan,let Emery decide – release/transfer/loan. Urgently required left back, central defender, winger and Box-box player and we can challenge next year. One of the 4 can be from mid table team, rest need to be top notch or else will continue accumulating non performers or one season wonders. Holding will be back (like a new signing) Sako, Willock and Eddie on the fringes of the first team, wish them best of luck as they are talented players, hope Emery gradually integrates them with first team.

    2. Gingerin

      Bielik has been one of Charlton best players. He played CB and DM for them. I have to say he will surely be a better cover as DM than Elneny.
      He’s the better passer and can also dribble pass players but that it’s also his weakness.
      Due to his height and built he will also add some muscles in midfield as well as in defence.
      He’d also be a good fit at the back in cup games as the centre of the 3 since he is not bless with pace. I really like what I saw and if he stays fit and improves he could be in the first eleven in a year or two.

      1. Gunner22

        Charlton are two steps below the EPL level, next year he should go an attacking philosophy type of Championship team before he makes it AFC reserves. Future seems bright for some of the reserves

        1. ozziegunner

          Gunner22 i agree with you that the future looks bright for some of the academy players, plus some players on loan like Nelson, Bielik and Martinez. It should be remembered that Arsenal’s U23’s and U18’s won their respective competitions. This coming season they will be older and who knows how well they may perform if given opportunities.
          It amazes me that many neglect Arsenal’s academy players, but want the club to run out and buy some young player from another league or lower division, particularly when cash is limited by the board.

  5. Quantic Dream

    Haha. I believe in 2010/11 we only needed to sign a defender, Chris Samba, £10M to challenge for the title. Everything else was perfect. Wenger refused. Now we have a shopping list of positions that need be addressed for hundreds of millions.

  6. Goonster

    Just because we need about 6 players the same as the likes of Spurs, City, United, Chelsea etc does not mean we are all going for the same 6 players.
    We are not going in for a striker, goal keeper, DM etc. Every club is looking at different positions to fill / strengthen. The positions we might need to strengthen might not be the position Liverpool, City etc are looking to strengthen etc.

    There are 1000’s of players around Europe and South America to satisfy everyone. The question is, do we have an owner that is willing to compete?

  7. Tobee

    Manolas, Barella, Chiesa, Brandt, Doucoure, Under, Suso, De Vrij, Tielemans, Pepe, Ndombele, Klostermann, Orban, Schulz, Ricardo Pereira, Wan Bissaka, Fraser. I honestly think if this club is serious and want to compete on all grounds come next season they should be going all out for players like these who will definitely add quality to the side and most won’t cost much, of course some deadwood who add nothing to the team must leave to create space. There should be some sort of healthy competition so that some people don’t get too comfortable in positions(especially Xhaka). Not saying they should sign virtually everyone on that list but if fans could easily watch top European games throughout the seaaon and are able to identify diamond in the rough then why can’t this club that spend resources on scouting players not able to do so and bring in the necessary reinforcements. Hope they act wisely this summer.

  8. Mndeni

    I think we need 4 signings. CB, LB, CM, Winger. I’d love to see, Maguere/Mtiti, Chillwell/Tagliafico, Neres, Modisson. Bring back Nelson, promote Eddie and Willock.


    I believe there is some wisdom in David’s sentiments. its true given our BUDGET we MUST not miss at least (2) world-class players, that is CB & CM. But for depth sake we need what he termed “Secondary” signings (LB, RB, AM & LW). Whereas his remarks are OK, we should stress the importance of rebuilding our squad and improving its competence or else we are contented with mediocre. I personally feel we need these positions to be considered SERIOUSLY if we to challenge for anything without fear next season. We must indeed break the bank for 3 positions (CB, AM & LW), then make improvements on the other 3 positions (RB, LB & CM).
    I suggest we rope in Koulibaly (CB), James Rodriguez (AM), Pepe (LW)…..then Rabiot (CM), Lala (RB), Alaba (LB). PLUS…Fraser. We can start talking of the league now! What a Dream!


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