Do Arsenal really want Jack Wilshere to stay?

Arsene Wenger has been telling Jack Wilshere that he will sit down for contract talks since the Englishman came back from Bournemouth in the summer. First of all he said he wanted Jack to prove his fitness but he would definitely talk to him before the end of December when Wilshere would be free to talk to foreign clubs if he wished, but now we are one day away from the transfer window opening and Wenger still hasn’t made an offer, or even started negotiations. In fact Wenger last said: “The situation is that we will sit down with him. The beginning of January it’s planned.”

Does that sound like he is keen for the 25 year-old to stay? According to Jack he hasn’t even been told anything about when talks will start yet, although he publicly maintains that he still wants to stay at the Emirates. The Sky Sports pundit Alan McInally thinks that the way Wenger is handling this seems like he is not really interested in keeping Wilshere, and he thinks that the club will offer a reduced wage after Jack’s continued injury problems. Wenger recently admitted that the wages might be a problem when he said just three days ago: ” I will sit down with him, yes. I believe that, if we can meet a point of agreement financially, he will want to stay.”

But this is what McInally thinks about Wilshere going on loan last season: “You’ve got to admire him for actually saying he wants to stay at Arsenal considering Arsenal basically showed him the door,” the ex-Celtic striker said. “You’re not going to be playing, get yourself a club’.

“Whether he was injured for a long time or not, and had the opportunity with Eddie Howe to get his fitness back up, play games, and obviously comes back to Arsenal.

“He gets in the team and it’s astonishing, astonishing.

“I’m thinking to myself ‘seriously Jack, they don’t want you. I don’t think they want you’.

“Because if they’re offering him £2000-a-week and he should be on £430,000-a-week then they’re saying to you again ‘I don’t think we really want you’.”

I doubt very much that Arsenal will offer Jack 2000 a week, but do you think they will give him a wage on parity with players like Walcott or Ozil, because they have paying those sums for the last two years without Wilshere even playing for us. Do you think Wenger would have started talks earlier if he really wanted Wilshere to stay?



  1. Hass says:

    That has to be one of the most ill thought out, idiotic statement I’ve heard in a while. Wilshere didn’t stand out at Bournemouth, though one could argue that the average fan doesn’t pick up on the intricacies of what he does, and I’ll have to accept that could be possible.
    He was sent on loan after not playing regular football for a couple of season and his career did look to be following the path of diaby. Now with a 3/4 season last year and a chance to earn a contract through Ramsey injury, he is playing well and Wenger has been sufficiently impressed to change his mind and offer him a new contract. The $2000 – $430,000 is just an odd thing to say. I get alan is trying to say that if he is being underpaid then he should leave?? Let’s be honest what’s jack worth? We’ve already pumped millions into his account while he’s not played, he’s given us 20 odd matches at Bournemouth and 3-4 matches this season for arsenal and we spose to offer parity with ozil and Sanchez? Use your fucking brain alan you fool

  2. jon fox says:

    My rule of thumb with Wenger which has been for many years past too, from bitter experience, is to decide for myself what a proper manageR would do and then expect Wenger to do the opposite. Or often to do absolutely nothing except make cryptic public comments that amount to doing nothing.That principle tells me that Wenger is too stupid to know a gifted real tryer and dyed in the wool Arsenal loving player, when he sees one. Most mentally normal players , which Jack is, naturally want to know they are wanted and to make plans which affect them and their families future. They have kids at school etc who may have to be uprooted if the player moves. OR IS FORCED TO MOVE. So , having thoroughly proved his fitness, form and desire to stay, he would naturally expect an honourable and sane man to keep his word and open talks with him just as his(Wengers) public statements said, which we all heard, in December. As I write, December has 24 hours to run and no talks. Fellow Gooners, this is how Wenger man manages players, how he “motivates” them , how he treats them; as one would a rabid dog. And this man believes he is the best manager in the world to manage Arsenal. This man should not be put in charge of a whelk stall, so my friends, at this dawn of a New Year for us all and the club we love, please say a prayer to whatever you believe in for that deity -or just fate , if you prefer – for something, ANYTHING, to remove this screwball manager from our club . And deliver us from evil.

    1. Normally am on the Wenger out brigade and go along with most Wenger bashing but I have to disagree with you on this one. Wenger has been extremely patient with Wilshere. The guy has literally been earning a free salary for sitting in the injury room for years and now Wenger is fed up with him! If Wilshere was at any other team he would have been shown the door a hundred times over..just look at Ibrahimovic at man utd…even with all his goals and status he was kicked out as soon as he was sidelined with his longterm injury. At Bournemouth Wilshere was sent back packing as soon as he got injured. If you think Wilshere has been treated like a rabbid dog by Wenger, I am here to assure you Mourinho would treat him like a cockroach. Anyway, why would you even want Wilshere to be rewarded with a new improved contract? What has he done to deserve it? Stay fit? Is that the basis for giving out contracts these days?

      1. jon fox says:

        Your thinking would have some credence if Wenger had made a decision with Wilshere , long before now, in fact well before he went on loan to Bourmemouth, to let him go. And stuck to it. In my view to let him go would have been the wrong decision as I maintain events have proved. One could say much the same in his not making a decision for having let the tragic Diaby leave far sooner, saving the club millions in wages and consequent stagnation of midfielder forward planning. Many , almost all, judging by regular comments on social media, would have preferred that the totally ineffective and ineffectual Walcott was moved on , ages ago. These and other ways of “managing” show that Wnger hates making decisions and that he usually puts off making them, thus harming our club. THERE IS A MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE TO THIS EFFECT GOING BACK YEARS AND YEARS. It is an legal fact that all injured players, no matter whom , no matter where, continue to collect all their contracted wages, whenever they are injured. The art of good management is to make the correct call with what to do about constantly injured players. Mostly Wenger gets this wrong and at his level this is intolerable. What you see as “patience” many of us see as dithering and putting off a necessary decision. Great managers make vital decisions without undue delay; they realise the importance of a sense of direction and of having a plan. I SAY WENGER DOES NO SUCH THING and my above several posts have given ample reasons as to why I AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OTHER FANS, (who are not fools, by the way, even though the club and manager treat us a such) THINK THE SAME.

        1. The debate is not Wenger’s managerial competence, it is whether or not Wilshere deserves a new contract. I for one understand Wenger’s perceived reluctance to commit to Wilshere …even the national team dumped Wilshere anyways..too unreliable! I know I will get a lot of hate for saying this and I don’t care, Wilshere deserves nothing more than a hard kick in the backside out through the door.

          1. GunnerJack says:

            Jack is arguably our third best player at the moment, after Mesut and Alexis. They are our only CLASS players. If Mesut does leave then Jack could step in to his position no problem – after all he’s already wearing the no. 10 shirt. And who else could do it? Ramsey? He doesn’t have the vision for that position but could get on the end of Jack’s passes. Iwobi? Ha! Ha! Ha! absolutely hilarious. Can’t think of anyone else but maybe you guys & gals have some ideas (without buying).

          2. Eat Pie says:

            I’m with Quantic Dream.

            3 or 4 good games and all of a sudden he deserves an improved contract.

            Irrespective of what Wenger said on the media 3 games is not enough to prove you are past your injuries.

            A one year contracts on a reduced wage , maaaaaybe, but would that send out a worse message than waiting another month?

            Wenger has waited for Wilshire for years, years, if Wilshire can’t wait another month or two then he is no loyal goober.

          3. Lance says:

            How long did Wenger wait on Diaby and his 40 injuries?

    2. jon fox says:

      Further to my above comments, we all remember last season and Wengers own contract “will he stay or will he go” long running farce which so destabilised the club and morale, not to mention our own sanity by having to suffer his inaction and dithering. He even finally admitted publicly that his own wrangling had caused internal problems with team morale, which affected the team. We all remember that we lost out to Liverpool for the fourth CL place only on goal difference and you may well conclude that Wengers idiocy cost us at least that extra point which stopped us playng in CL this season. Or you may believe ,as I do, that it did far more harm than just that one point; to team morale, to the clubs long term reputation for doing things the “Arsenal way”. To just being honest, decent and transparent and treating all our fans, players and the game itself with the respect we all deserve, in fact. With that experience in mind, would a sane and organised forward thinking manager with some foresight, (which we might expect from a man so long in management at top level) do precisely the same with the Sanchez and Ozil contact situations? I say NO, a sane man would not . But Wenger has embarked on a longer running farce than is seen and enjoyed by many in the West End. That there are still some, admittedly only a very few, fans out there who actually believe this man should be allowed to continue destroying our great club, is deeply depressing . Depressing to our very soul! As a decent man , which I try to be, I never wish personal harm on anyone , save perhaps terrorists, dictators and certain USA Presidents. I therefore have to wonder right now , if the thoughts running through my head- and I am surely not alone in this – disqualify me from decency, where Wenger is concerned. Surely I need not spell them out in print! Just GO Wenger, if you have a shred of sanity and honour left.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    I would imagine Wenger would want to keep him, seeing as it was he that brought Wilshere through at Arsenal, and especially because all of his other British players have flopped. Wilshere has only ever been the one with that technically ability good enough to play at the top. In regards to any potential contract, it HAS to have an injury clause, otherwise it’s no deal for me!

    I don’t mind admitting when I am wrong as well. A few months back I felt even a fully fit Wilshere may not be good enough, but he’s been performing extremely well, and I think he could fill Santi’s boots, as long as he can stay fit. My big worry is Ramsey. Wenger seems unhealthily obsessed with Ramsey. Even when he’s consistently under performing, he’s the first name on the team sheet, in any position going! Wilshere’s only getting a chance right now because of Ramsey’s injury, so it’ll be very interesting to see what Wenger does when Ramsey’s back, because no way can he replace Wilshere right now. He also cannot replace Xhaka, because Wilshere, and a Ramsey central midfield pair will not work. Our defence has almost no protection as it is with Xhaka, but it will be absolutely ZERO protection with Wilshere, and Ramsey. Ramsey also cannot replace Sanchez, or Ozil, so it’s going to be interesting!

    1. GO says:

      I agree with you completely as to the fact that Ramsey cannot replace Xhaka, but its not trus that we can have midfield pivot of Ramsey and Wishere. We actually can and it will only boil down to one thing: DISCIPLINE. I am beginning to see that discipline with Wilshere. He restricts himself from going forward most times especially when Xhaka pushes forward. Wilshere can be our quintessential deep lying playmaker just the same way Henderson is for Liverpool.

  4. sfgunner says:

    hope jack stays, hope west brom is sanchez last match for arsenal so we can move on. alexis will be a small fish in a big pond at city,

    1. Eat Pie says:

      Alexis will go to City and be a bench warmer.

  5. Salmonella says:

    Davidnz, Hafiz Rahman, Fatboy, Remember Resource, Kev … Are you guys alive

  6. AndersS says:

    Wilshere could be over most expensive player if you were to look at how much a player is paid per match he is actually available to play. I think Arsenal have every right to wait and see more than a few decent games and also to negociate a contract, which pays less if Wilshere gets injured again. He is probably also more expensive to insure.

    1. jon fox says:

      Surely that “honour” must be won , and by a mile by the “ferocious and over my dead body style”(NOT) of the weakling Walcott. Even when he turns out it is often hard to spot him on the field. Unless, of course you look FAR AWAY from the action and all that nasty rough and tough behaviour done by players with committment to their clubs. And committment to actually EARNING their salary. Both Jack and sweet, polite little Theo have been much injured during their time at Arsenal. Surely the KEY DIFFERENCE is the attitude and will to win when they do play. I realise Walcott still has some, albeit only few, supporters on here. Such is life in that perceptiveness is not given to all. But he has been languishing for some time now in PREM GAMES, hardly used at all , while still trousering £110000 a week. No fool, is he! I think most of us would appreciate money for no, or virtually no, work. Lets be honest with ourselves; ALL Prem players are obscenely overpaid but we can be expected to stomach this obscenity in life(esp when compared to people who do REAL jobs, nurses, bus drivers, agricultural workers etc, etc) ONLY when those fortunate players bust a gut , every game, for the club who employs them. If they do NOT, like Walcott , then they are sponging off those who indirectly pay their wages; US LOT. Jack cares , deeply, Theo clearly cares only for his pocket.

      1. AndersS says:

        I have nothing against Wilshere, and I agree, that he seems to care a lot for the club. It still doesn’t mean, that he is worth the money, he has been paid. Simply because he has been so much out of action due to injuries. If Arsenal are to win big titles, you can’t decide which players you have out of sympathy. You have to look at how they actually can contribute to the cause. In my opinion Wilshere is a bit of a lottery ticket. He may come really good, but history shows, he could also be an expensive liability on the books. So waiting a little bit to see more, and possibly negotiate a contract, where he isn’t automatically paid quite as much seem like a good plan to me.

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