Do Arsenal stars just want this sorry season to end?

I have no idea how Arsene Wenger is going to get the Arsenal players up for the final few games of the Premier League season, but the Frenchman needs to find a way to inspire the Gunners and be quick about it, or the campaign could end not only in disappointment but disaster if we crash out of the Champions League for the first time in the reign of the prof.

After looking like winning the EPL title altogether about halfway through the season, this would really bring everyone at the club crashing down to earth with a bang and could have serious repercussions in the summer transfer window if the top players that we need are reluctant to play in the Europa League next season.

You would hope that this would be enough to motivate the Arsenal side but there has been precious little sign of any desire or drive from us in the last two games. And if things go against us (what do I mean if? WHEN things go against us) this week then we could go into the game against West Brom on Thursday needing three points just to stay level with third placed Man City and with Man United just a point behind us with West Ham only another three behind that.

I can understand why the life has gone out of our performances but there are 15 more points to play for and we might need a lot of them to stay in the top four. Can Wenger get the Gunners over the line or will this season be his worst ever as the boss of Arsenal?

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  1. From all that is happening recently at the club its the Empty sits at the emirates that give something to cheer up, that’s what they should have done long time ago for us to be heard. Thanks for the effort fellow gunners. And I guess as I said before that Totenham finishing ahead of us will only favor us because it will turn even most of the AKB’s against the management and even the person who knows best. #ChangeWeNeed

    1. Arsenal announced a sell out or close to sell out. It’s the money that Arsenal board will miss, they couldn’t give two hoots about atmosphere, guess fans and board do have something in common after all.

      1. @Trevor, yeah you are right of curse but at least this is a beginning of something, who knows what will the fans will do next if this doesn’t work?? It just has to start from somewhere.

  2. We have a chance now to go two points ahead of city again. I didn’t even know they were playing last night till I seen the scoreline, so I was a little happier now we can come back to third before the week is out. It is getting close, with utd right behind us, it should never have come to this. I like many others just want the season to finish and we get our place in Europe. I know it might be hard to think about next season for some people but trust me when we are going all summer without league football, we’ll be itching for the madness of it all.

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