Do Arsenal stay solid or go on attack at Aston Villa?

Arsene Wenger has a big tactical decision to make as Arsenal prepare to travel to Birmingham to face Aston Villa. The Gunners desperately need a morale boosting wing after what happened in Germany on Tuesday, but another defeat would leave us well adrift of the league leaders and even shorter on confidence.

Wenger set Arsenal up to attack Dortmund and to be fair to the Frenchman, the injury and illness situation did not leave him a lot of choice. But with Calum Chambers and Mathieu Flamini available for selection again, the boss could put out a side designed, first and foremost, to be solid and give nothing away.

Wenger has reason to be wary of Villa as well, because Paul Lambert’s men have made a flying start to the season, with three wins and a draw from their four Premier League games. But when you look more closely, you see that the games have not been the hardest, with Newcastle and Hull at home and Stoke and Liverpool away. Of course that result at Anfield has us worried, but the Reds were off colour and failing to threaten much after the Villans had grabbed an early lead.

Villa’s form has been based on their defence, conceding just one goal so far, but they have not been scoring many. So while I am not saying Arsenal should forget about defending, I think we can afford to be a bit adventurous. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. I’m not a coach, but I know Arteta and Mertz are slow… My point is I don’t care how or who we line-up, we will only be just OK until those two are sitting on the bench!

    1. I know this might sound crazy but i really think Ox can be a really good DM for us, until we get someone new. He tracks back and breaks up play with the best of them. Tell him to play pivot with Ramsey or Jack but with Defense as a priority. I honestly think it would work. Energetic, fast, tough, young. Give it a go.

      It cant be worse than playing Ozil on the wings!

      1. Your right it sounds crazy maybe it’s the jim beam talking.
        But I can’t stand this talk of moving ox to the middle he doesn’t have the technique or the vision (yet) to play there and he is an awesome winger. He’s one of the few players to put his head down and take people on and drive to the by line.

        I want ox to take after Ribery and replicate/imitate his style

      2. Yes mate I agree I can see the ox in the DM role he is physically strong and has pace let’s hope he gets a chance today !

    2. Agree completely. If those two continue in the side the team will collapse and lose their will to fight Two passengers in such vital positions with responsibilities that neither are able to meet will destroy our team. Young Chambers should take over NOW. As for DM I haven’t got a clue except anyone but Arteta. After such a recommendation they should both get new contracts ! When Wenger watches these two what does he actually see. For me I can only cringe and pray that he will surely one day open his eyes…

  2. Sadly, we all know wenger will do a 4-14-1 with this starting lineup
    CC21. PM4. LK6. KG3
    AS17. AR16. JW10 (if fit) MO11

    this will bring the worst out of Özil and Ramsey but the best out of Wengers golden boy Jack. I’m still clinging on to the hope that these 3 can coexist in a formation and be able to play at the top of their game.

    Prediction: 2-0 to the gunners.


  3. We need to attack but not go all out cause they will catch us on the counter but also we shouldn’t need to sit back against villa. I really hope wenger plays ozil or rozza as the #10, poldi or Campbell on the left, ox or Alexis on the right and Welbeck or Alexis up top.

  4. the way I see it, Arsenal defense is not so good at the moment, and the best way to reduce pressure on them is to focus on our attack more and pressurise AV defense. and I think maybe Ospina should play as our GK..

    but this is armchair manager opinion. dont know if it works in reality :/

    1. I agree I want ospina to play, szczesny was at fault for the Leicester goal and the 2nd city goal to me at least. Benching him might be the best thing for him right now

      1. I agree a confident Szczesny is a poor Szczesny he loses concentration like in the Man City game he was played a simple back pass but instead of clearing the ball he dilly dallied and was almost dispossesed

  5. You want a fast paced Arsenal team and great attacking football and pressure?

    Sanchez Ozil Rosicky/Ox
    Wilshere Flamini
    Gibbs Kos Mert Chambers
    It really is that simple…

  6. Playing 5 number 10s and comparing to 1970s Brazil squad….

    he thinks it can be done…..

    We think a new manager would be preferred

  7. Easy answer to the question posed. Go on the attack our defense is sh*t house. Just try to score more. A draw is the best Arsenal can hope for.

  8. Hmmm. Arsene Wenger and tactical descision………. I didn’t know he made any haha
    We will play exactly how we play every single other game. Plan A! Attack!!!

  9. “The Gunners desperately need a morale boosting wing”. Crap! It is a ‘win’ not ‘wing’. Who bays for your blood when you are writing? You seem to be in a hurry always! Take time and reread your work before posting it.
    Stop being a let down, and I am not your grammar teacher.

  10. Both. Attack through the front players but dont commit men forward from the back and only one of the rb and lb push forward at a time.

  11. I don’t think AW to go as much as he needs a number 2 that will take over from him. This not knowing how to play a holding game is beyond me. If he keeps doing the same things then yes go. And players with 42 mill tags round there necks need to stand up and say I AM or leave. AW stop loving yr players and make them work

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